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QUEPO - 25, 2011

1.1 Gardens. Madeira's Botanic Garden.
Pamela Puppo.

1.2 Succulents from Yemen and Socotra.
Mildred Canales.

1.3 Categorizing the Cactaceae (IUCN).
Jose Roque.

1.4 Cactus and Climatic Change.
Carlos Ostolaza.

1.5 The planet is sick.
Debora Mac Donald.

2.1 Art.
Andrés Zevallos. ŤCrasoť.

2.2 Art.
Julio Camino Sbnchez. ŤCrasoť.

2.3 Literature. Bethoven Medina.
Orlando Granda.

2.4 Literature. Iris Zollner.
Debora Mac Donald.

2.5 Philately. Stamps with cacti.

2.6 Report. Xlll Conabot 2010.
Carlos Ostolaza.

3.1 Succulents. New Crassulaceae from Peru.
Guillermo Pino.

3.2 Succulents from Tenerife, Canary Islands.
Pamela Puppo et al.

3.3 Succulents. Euphorbia pteroneura.
Miguel Chazaro.

3.4 Cactus. Neowerdermmania peruviana.
Daniel Montesinos.

3.5 Cactus. After Dr. Rose's footsteps.
Carlos Ostolaza.

4.1 Confidential.

4.2 Abstracts. English summary of all the articles of this Quepo issue.

4.3 Books. '101 Cactus del Peru' This is a review of all the cactus genera and half of the species from Peru in a large format book with more than 250 pages.
'Cactus del extremo norte de Chile'. This beautiful book reports 19 cactus species from Arica and Tarapaca in northern Chile.

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