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Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution - 62 (3), 2012


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Suprageneric systematics of flea beetles (Chrysomelidae: Alticinae) inferred from multilocus sequence data

Deyan Ge, Jesús Gómez-Zurita, Douglas Chesters, Xingke Yang, Alfried P. Vogler

Systematics of snow voles (Chionomys, Arvicolinae) revisited

Glenn Yannic, Reto Burri, Vladimir G. Malikov, Peter Vogel

Phylogeny of Cercis based on DNA sequences of nuclear ITS and four plastid regions: Implications for transatlantic historical biogeography

Peter W. Fritsch, Boni C. Cruz

Molecular phylogeny and morphometric analyses reveal deep divergence between Amazonia and Atlantic Forest species of Dendrophryniscus

Antoine Fouquet, Renato Recoder, Mauro Teixeira Jr., José Cassimiro, Renata Cecília Amaro, Agustín Camacho, Roberta Damasceno, Ana Carolina Carnaval, Craig Moritz, Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues

Mountain-associated clade endemism in an ancient frog family (Nyctibatrachidae) on the Indian subcontinent

Ines Van Bocxlaer, S.D. Biju, Bert Willaert, Varad B. Giri, Yogesh S. Shouche, Franky Bossuyt

A multilocus phylogeny of Asian noodlefishes Salangidae (Teleostei: Osmeriformes) with a revised classification of the family

Cuizhang Fu, Li Guo, Rong Xia, Jun Li, Guangchun Lei

Neogene climatic oscillations shape the biogeography and evolutionary history of the Eurasian blindsnake

P. Kornilios, Ç. Ilgaz, Y. Kumlutaş, P. Lymberakis, J. Moravec, R. Sindaco, N. Rastegar-Pouyani, M. Afroosheh, S. Giokas, S. Fraguedakis-Tsolis, B. Chondropoulos

Internal consistency as a method to assess the quality of dating estimates using multiple markers

Francesco Nardi, Antonio Carapelli, Francesco Frati

Demographic processes in the montane Atlantic rainforest: Molecular and cytogenetic evidence from the endemic frog Proceratophrys boiei

Renata Cecília Amaro, Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues, Yatiyo Yonenaga-Yassuda, Ana Carolina Carnaval

Molecular phylogeny of Gavilea (Chloraeinae: Orchidaceae) using plastid and nuclear markers

M. Amelia Chemisquy, Osvaldo Morrone

Geographic isolation trumps coevolution as a driver of yucca and yucca moth diversification

David M. Althoff, Kari A. Segraves, Christopher I. Smith, James Leebens-Mack, Olle Pellmyr

Speciation in an avian complex endemic to the mountains of Middle America (Ergaticus, Aves: Parulidae)

Alfredo O. Barrera-Guzmán, Borja Milá, Luis A. Sánchez-González, Adolfo G. Navarro-Sigüenza

Effect of genetic convergence on phylogenetic inference

Pascal-Antoine Christin, Guillaume Besnard, Erika J. Edwards, Nicolas Salamin

A phylogeny of Delphinieae (Ranunculaceae) shows that Aconitum is nested within Delphinium and that Late Miocene transitions to long life cycles in the Himalayas and Southwest China coincide with bursts in diversification

Florian Jabbour, Susanne S. Renner

Phylogeny and cryptic diversity in geckos (Phyllopezus; Phyllodactylidae; Gekkota) from South America’s open biomes

Tony Gamble, Guarino R. Colli, Miguel T. Rodrigues, Fernanda P. Werneck, Andrew M. Simons

The Great American Biotic Interchange in frogs: Multiple and early colonization of Central America by the South American genus Pristimantis (Anura: Craugastoridae)

Nelsy Rocío Pinto-Sánchez, Roberto Ibánez, Santiago Madrinán, Oris I. Sanjur, Eldredge Bermingham, Andrew J. Crawford

A phylogeny of the northern temperate leafy liverwort genus Scapania (Scapaniaceae, Jungermanniales)

Jochen Heinrichs, Andrea Bombosch, Kathrin Feldberg, Hans-Peter Kreier, Jörn Hentschel, Jan Eckstein, David Long, Rui-Liang Zhu, Alfons Schäfer-Verwimp, Alexander R. Schmidt, Blanka Shaw, A. Jonathan Shaw, Jiří Váňa

Opsin gene duplication and divergence in ray-finned fish

Diana J. Rennison, Gregory L. Owens, John S. Taylor

Is the COI barcoding gene involved in speciation through intergenomic conflict?

Shiyang Kwong, Amrita Srivathsan, Gaurav Vaidya, Rudolf Meier

Evolutionary history of the genus Trisopterus

Elena G. Gonzalez, Regina L. Cunha, Rafael G. Sevilla, Hamid R. Ghanavi, Grigorios Krey, José M. Bautista

A mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of the endangered vipers of the Vipera ursinii complex

Václav Gvoždík, David Jandzik, Bogdan Cordos, Ivan Rehák, Petr Kotlík

It’s a family matter: Molecular phylogenetics of Atheriniformes and the polyphyly of the surf silversides (Family: Notocheiridae)

Devin D. Bloom, Peter J. Unmack, Atila E. Gosztonyi, Kyle R. Piller, Nathan R. Lovejoy


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