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Biogeosciences - 9 (1), 2012


Semi-annual carbon and nitrogen isotope variations in the water column of Lake Bled, NW Slovenia
A. Bratkič, M. Šturm, J. Faganeli, and N. Ogrinc

Effects of climate variability and functional changes on the interannual variation of the carbon balance in a temperate deciduous forest
J. Wu, L. van der Linden, G. Lasslop, N. Carvalhais, K. Pilegaard, C. Beier, and A. Ibrom

An investigation of the calcification response of the scleractinian coral Astrangia poculata to elevated pCO2 and the effects of nutrients, zooxanthellae and gender
M. Holcomb, A. L. Cohen, and D. C. McCorkle

Corrigendum to "Integration of remote sensing data and surface observations to estimate the impact of the Russian wildfires over Europe and Asia during August 2010" published in Biogeosciences, 8, 3771–3791, 2011
L. Mei, Y. Xue, G. de Leeuw, J. Guang, Y. Wang, Y. Li, H. Xu, L. Yang, T. Hou, X. He, C. Wu, J. Dong, and Z. Chen

Methanotrophic activity and diversity in different Sphagnum magellanicum dominated habitats in the southernmost peat bogs of Patagonia
N. Kip, C. Fritz, E. S. Langelaan, Y. Pan, L. Bodrossy, V. Pancotto, M. S. M. Jetten, A. J. P. Smolders, and H. J. M. Op den Camp

Spatialized N budgets in a large agricultural Mediterranean watershed: high loading and low transfer
L. Lassaletta, E. Romero, G. Billen, J. Garnier, H. García-Gómez, and J. V. Rovira

Linear trends in seasonal vegetation time series and the modifiable temporal unit problem
R. de Jong and S. de Bruin

Exploring the "overflow tap" theory: linking forest soil CO2 fluxes and individual mycorrhizosphere components to photosynthesis
A. Heinemeyer, M. Wilkinson, R. Vargas, J.-A. Subke, E. Casella, J. I. L. Morison, and P. Ineson

Oceanic controls on the primary production of the northwest European continental shelf: model experiments under recent past conditions and a potential future scenario
J. Holt, M. Butenschön, S. L. Wakelin, Y. Artioli, and J. I. Allen

Chemical composition of modern and fossil Hippopotamid teeth and implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions and enamel formation – Part 1: Major and minor element variation
G. Brügmann, J. Krause, T. C. Brachert, O. Kullmer, F. Schrenk, I. Ssemmanda, and D. F. Mertz

A new concept for simulation of vegetated land surface dynamics – Part 1: The event driven phenology model
V. Kovalskyy and G. M. Henebry

Alternative methods to predict actual evapotranspiration illustrate the importance of accounting for phenology – Part 2: The event driven phenology model
V. Kovalskyy and G. M. Henebry

Mapping tropical forest biomass with radar and spaceborne LiDAR in Lopé National Park, Gabon: overcoming problems of high biomass and persistent cloud
E. T. A. Mitchard, S. S. Saatchi, L. J. T. White, K. A. Abernethy, K. J. Jeffery, S. L. Lewis, M. Collins, M. A. Lefsky, M. E. Leal, I. H. Woodhouse, and P. Meir

The strength of the biotic compartment in retaining nitrogen additions prevents nitrogen losses from a Mediterranean maquis
T. Dias, M. A. Martins-Louçao, L. Sheppard, and C. Cruz

Contrasting biogeochemistry of nitrogen in the Atlantic and Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zones
E. Ryabenko, A. Kock, H. W. Bange, M. A. Altabet, and D. W. R. Wallace

Seasonal and inter-annual variability of plankton chlorophyll and primary production in the Mediterranean Sea: a modelling approach
P. Lazzari, C. Solidoro, V. Ibello, S. Salon, A. Teruzzi, K. Béranger, S. Colella, and A. Crise

A dynamic model of wetland extent and peat accumulation: results for the Holocene
T. Kleinen, V. Brovkin, and R. J. Schuldt

Spatial and temporal CO2 exchanges measured by Eddy Covariance over a temperate intertidal flat and their relationships to net ecosystem production
P. Polsenaere, E. Lamaud, V. Lafon, J.-M. Bonnefond, P. Bretel, B. Delille, J. Deborde, D. Loustau, and G. Abril

Corrigendum to "Stand age and tree species affect N2O and CH4 exchange from afforested soils" published in Biogeosciences, 8, 2535–2546, 2011
J. R. Christiansen and P. Gundersen

Intercontinental trans-boundary contributions to ozone-induced crop yield losses in the Northern Hemisphere
M. J. Hollaway, S. R. Arnold, A. J. Challinor, and L. D. Emberson

A comparative study of biological production in eastern boundary upwelling systems using an artificial neural network
Z. Lachkar and N. Gruber

Pteropods from the Caribbean Sea: variations in calcification as an indicator of past ocean carbonate saturation
D. Wall-Palmer, M. B. Hart, C. W. Smart, R. S. J. Sparks, A. Le Friant, G. Boudon, C. Deplus, and J. C. Komorowski

Fire, drought and El Nino relationships on Borneo (Southeast Asia) in the pre-MODIS era (1980–2000)
M. J. Wooster, G. L. W. Perry, and A. Zoumas

EMP and SIMS studies on Mn/Ca and Fe/Ca systematics in benthic foraminifera from the Peruvian OMZ: a contribution to the identification of potential redox proxies and the impact of cleaning protocols
N. Glock, A. Eisenhauer, V. Liebetrau, M. Wiedenbeck, C. Hensen, and G. Nehrke

Nitrogen balance and fate in a heavily impacted watershed (Oglio River, Northern Italy): in quest of the missing sources and sinks
M. Bartoli, E. Racchetti, C. A. Delconte, E. Sacchi, E. Soana, A. Laini, D. Longhi, and P. Viaroli

Day and night warming have different effect on root lifespan
W. M. Bai, J. Y. Xia, S. Q. Wan, W. H. Zhang, and L. H. Li

Nitrogen compounds emission and deposition in West African ecosystems: comparison between wet and dry savanna
C. Delon, C. Galy-Lacaux, M. Adon, C. Liousse, D. Serça, B. Diop, and A. Akpo

Annual emissions of CH4 and N2O, and ecosystem respiration, from eight organic soils in Western Denmark managed by agriculture
S. O. Petersen, C. C. Hoffmann, C.-M. Schäfer, G. Blicher-Mathiesen, L. Elsgaard, K. Kristensen, S. E. Larsen, S. B. Torp, and M. H. Greve

Land use change and the impact on greenhouse gas exchange in north Australian savanna soils
S. P. P. Grover, S. J. Livesley, L. B. Hutley, H. Jamali, B. Fest, J. Beringer, K. Butterbach-Bahl, and S. K. Arndt

Modelling LAI, surface water and carbon fluxes at high-resolution over France: comparison of ISBA-A-gs and ORCHIDEE
S. Lafont, Y. Zhao, J.-C. Calvet, P. Peylin, P. Ciais, F. Maignan, and M. Weiss

North American CO2 exchange: inter-comparison of modeled estimates with results from a fine-scale atmospheric inversion
S. M. Gourdji, K. L. Mueller, V. Yadav, D. N. Huntzinger, A. E. Andrews, M. Trudeau, G. Petron, T. Nehrkorn, J. Eluszkiewicz, J. Henderson, D. Wen, J. Lin, M. Fischer, C. Sweeney, and A. M. Michalak

Climate impacts on the structures of the North Pacific air-sea CO2 flux variability
V. Valsala, S. Maksyutov, M. Telszewski, S. Nakaoka, Y. Nojiri, M. Ikeda, and R. Murtugudde

Biogeochemical factors affecting mercury methylation rate in two contaminated floodplain soils
T. Frohne, J. Rinklebe, U. Langer, G. Du Laing, S. Mothes, and R. Wennrich

The impacts of climate, land use, and demography on fires during the 21st century simulated by CLM-CN
S. Kloster, N. M. Mahowald, J. T. Randerson, and P. J. Lawrence

Biomass burning emissions estimated with a global fire assimilation system based on observed fire radiative power
J. W. Kaiser, A. Heil, M. O. Andreae, A. Benedetti, N. Chubarova, L. Jones, J.-J. Morcrette, M. Razinger, M. G. Schultz, M. Suttie, and G. R. van der Werf

Diagenetic alterations of amino acids and organic matter in the upper Pearl River Estuary surface sediments
J. Zhang, R. Zhang, Q. Wu, and N. Xu

Plant-driven variation in decomposition rates improves projections of global litter stock distribution
V. Brovkin, P. M. van Bodegom, T. Kleinen, C. Wirth, W. K. Cornwell, J. H. C. Cornelissen, and J. Kattge

Water-table height and microtopography control biogeochemical cycling in an Arctic coastal tundra ecosystem
D. A. Lipson, D. Zona, T. K. Raab, F. Bozzolo, M. Mauritz, and W. C. Oechel

Effect of mosaic representation of vegetation in land surface schemes on simulated energy and carbon balances
R. Li and V. K. Arora

Localising the nitrogen imprint of the Paris food supply: the potential of organic farming and changes in human diet
G. Billen, J. Garnier, V. Thieu, M. Silvestre, S. Barles, and P. Chatzimpiros


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