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Fire Ecology - 7 (1-3), 2011


Fire Ecology - 7 (1), 2011


Special Issue: 4th International Fire Congress: Fire as a Global Process
Francisco Seijo, Robert W. Gray, and Sandra Rideout-Hanzak

Australia - A Model System for the Development of Pyrogeography
David M.J.S. Bowman and Brett P. Murphy

Speculations about the Effects of Fire and Lava Flows on Human Evolution
Michael J. Medler

The Use of Fire in the Cerrado and Amazonian Rainforests of Brazil: Past and Present
Vânia R. Pivello

The Present Status of Fire Ecology, Traditional Use of Fire, and Fire Management in Mexico and Central America
Dante Arturo Rodríguez-Trejo, Pedro Arturo Martínez-Hernández, Héctor Ortiz-Contla, Manuel Román Chavarría-Sánchez, and Faustino Hernández-Santiago

Personal Perspectives on Commercial Versus Communal African Fire Paradigms when Using Fire to Manage Rangelands for Domestic Livestock and Wildlife in Southern and East African Ecosystems
Winston S.W. Trollope

Burning at the Edge: Integrating Biophysical and Eco-Cultural Fire Processes in Canada's Parks and Protected Areas
Clifford A. White, Daniel D.B. Perrakis, Victor G. Kafka, and Timothy Ennis

Your Fire Management Career - Make It Count!
Dale D. Wade


Fire Ecology - 7 (2), 2011


Message from the Editor
Jan W. van Wagtendonk

Giant Sequoia Regeneration in Groves Exposed to Wildfire and Retention Harvest
Marc D. Meyer and Hugh D. Safford

Seed Bank Changes with Time-since-Fire in Florida Rosemary Scrub
Jennifer J. Navarra, Nancy Kohfeldt, Eric S. Menges, and Pedro F. Quintana-Ascencio

The Effects of Conifer Encroachment and Overstory Structure on Fuels and Fire in an Oak Woodland Landscape
Eamon A. Engber, J. Morgan Varner III, Leonel A. Arguello, and Neil G. Sugihara

Fire Frequency, Area Burned, and Severity: A Quantitative Approach to Defining a Normal Fire Year
James A. Lutz, Carl H. Key, Crystal A. Kolden, Jonathan T. Kane, and Jan W. van Wagtendonk

Vegetation Responses to Changing Fire Regimes in a Rocky Mountain Forest
Thomas A. Minckley and Robert K. Shriver

Wildfires Alter Rodent Community Structure across Four Vegetation Types in Southern California, USA
Cheryl S. Brehme, Denise R. Clark, Carlton J. Rochester, and Robert N. Fisher

Comparison of Burn Severities of Consecutive Large-Scale Fires in Florida Sand Pine Scrub Using Satellite Imagery Analysis
David R. Godwin and Leda N. Kobziar

Landscape-Scale Vegetation Change following Fire in Point Reyes, California, USA
Alison B. Forrestel, Max A. Moritz, and Scott L. Stephens

Amphibian Responses to Wildfire in the Western United States: Emerging Patterns from Short-Term Studies
Blake R. Hossack and David S. Pilliod

Burn Severity and Non-Native Species in Yosemite National Park, California, USA
Kristen M. Kaczynski, Susan W. Beatty, Jan W. van Wagtendonk, and Kristin N. Marshall


Fire Ecology - 7 (3), 2011


Message from the Editor
James K. Agee

The Relation of Forests and Forest Fires by Gifford Pinchot, with an Introduction by James K. Agee
Gifford Pinchot

Post-Fire Growth Strategies of Resprouting Florida Scrub Vegetation
Andrea J. Maguire and Eric S. Menges

A Summary of Fire Frequency Estimates for California Vegetation before Euro-American Settlement
Kip M. Van de Water and Hugh D. Safford

Fire Effects on Perennial Vegetation in the Western Colorado Desert, USA
Robert J. Steers and Edith B. Allen

Long-Term Post-Fire Effects on Spatial Ecology and Reproductive Output of Female Agassiz’s Desert Tortoises (Gopherus agassizii) at a Wind Energy Facility near Palm Springs, California, USA
Jeffrey E. Lovich, Joshua R. Ennen, Sheila V. Madrak, Caleb L. Loughran, Katherin P. Meyer, Terence R. Arundel, and Curtis D. Bjurlin

Historical Stand-Replacing Fire in Upper Montane Forests of the Madrean Sky Islands and Mogollon Plateau, Southwestern USA
Ellis Q. Margolis, Thomas W. Swetnam, and Craig D. Allen

Short- and Long-Term Effects on Fuels, Forest Structure, and Wildfire Potential from Prescribed Fire and Resource Benefit Fire in Southwestern Forests, USA
Molly E. Hunter, Jose M. Iniguez, and Leigh B. Lentile

Book Review
Prairie Fire: A Great Plains History
Jan W. van Wagtendonk


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