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Kew Bulletin - 65 (4), 2010


Plant Conservation for the Next Decade: A Celebration of Kew’s 250th Anniversary

Plant conservation for the next decade: a celebration of Kew’s 250th anniversary

Stephen D. Hopper

A brief history of conservation at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Ghillean T. Prance

Using the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation to guide conservation implementation in the UK Overseas Territories

Colin Clubbe, Martin Hamilton and Marcella Corcoran

Species-richness of the living collections of the world’s botanical gardens — patterns within continents

Ingrid Parmentier and Marco Pautasso

Policies for plant diversity conservation on a global scale: a Nitrogen driver analysis

Cristina Cruz, Teresa Dias, Pedro Pinho, Cristina Branquinho and Cristina Máguas, et al.

Ecological skills: mind the gap(s)

Jill Sutcliffe and Clare O’Reilly

The possibilities and challenges of in vitro methods for plant conservation

Valerie C. Pence

Importance of in vitro technology to future conservation programmes worldwide

Viswambharan Sarasan

Genetic Resources of Cynara spp. an AGR GEN RES European Project CYNARES

M. A. Pagnotta

A global approach to crop wild relative conservation: securing the gene pool for food and agriculture

Nigel Maxted, Shelagh Kell, Álvaro Toledo, Ehsan Dulloo and Vernon Heywood, et al.

The socio-economic importance of wild vegetable resources and their conservation: a case study from China

Xiaobo Zou, Fengqiu Huang, Limin Hao, Jiewen Zhao and Hanpin Mao, et al.

Aliens or natives: who are the ‘thugs’ in British woods?

R. H. Marrs, M. G. Le Duc, S. M. Smart, K. J. Kirby and R. G. H. Bunce, et al.

The contribution of the Millennium Seed Bank Project to ex situ plant conservation in Chile

P. León-Lobos, M. Way, M. Rosas, A. Sandoval and H. W. Pritchard

Cycad propagation by rural nurseries in Mexico as an alternative conservation strategy: 20 years on

A. P. Vovides, M. A. Pérez-Farrera and C. Iglesias

An ecosystem approach to restoration and sustainable management of dry forest in southern Peru

Oliver Q. Whaley, David G. Beresford-Jones, William Milliken, Alfonso Orellana and Anna Smyk, et al.

Ex situ conservation of some endemic and protected plant species in Georgia

Tsira Mikatadze-Pantsulaia, Tinatin Barblishvili, Clare Trivedi, David Kikodze and Manana Khutsishvili

Criteria for assessing Italian ex situ collections of threatened plants

G. Bedini and A. Carta

Partnering conservation actions. Inter situ solutions to recover threatened species in South West Western Australia

J. A. Cochrane, S. Barrett, L. Monks and R. Dillon

Conservation of native plant diversity at the Yerevan Botanic Garden, Armenia

J. A. Akopian

The evolutionary analysis of human behaviour: its potential to increase plant conservation success

Roger D. Smith

‘All netted together’: is there a need for cultural consilience in the face of extinction?

Dawn Sanders

Conservation of some rare and endangered plants from Peninsular Malaysia

L. G. Saw, L. S. L. Chua, M. Suhaida, W. S. Y. Yong and M. Hamidah

Amazon vegetation: how much don’t we know and how much does it matter?

William Milliken, Daniela Zappi, Denise Sasaki, Mike Hopkins and R. Toby Pennington

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