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Physiologia Plantarum - 143 (1-4), 2011

Physiologia Plantarum - 143 (1), 2011


MiR398 and plant stress responses (pages 1–9)

Cheng Zhu, Yanfei Ding and Haili Liu

The impact of long-term water stress on relative growth rate and morphology of needles and shoots of Metasequoia glyptostroboides seedlings: research toward identifying mechanistic models (pages 10–20)

Yanxiang Zhang, Maria Alejandra Equiza, Quanshui Zheng and Melvin T. Tyree

Genome-wide transcriptional changes and defence-related chemical profiling of rice in response to infestation by the rice striped stem borer Chilo suppressalis (pages 21–40)

Guoxin Zhou, Xia Wang, Feng Yan, Xia Wang, Ran Li, Jiaan Cheng and Yonggen Lou

The hypoxia responsive transcription factor genes ERF71/HRE2 and ERF73/HRE1 of Arabidopsis are differentially regulated by ethylene (pages 41–49)

Natalia Hess, Mathias Klode, Marco Anders and Margret Sauter

Net cadmium flux and accumulation reveal tissue-specific oxidative stress and detoxification in Populus × canescens (pages 50–63)

Jiali He, Jingjing Qin, Lingyun Long, Yonglu Ma, Hong Li, Ke Li, Xiangning Jiang, Tongxian Liu, Andrea Polle, Zongsuo Liang and Zhi-Bin Luo

Deep sequencing of grapevine flower and berry short RNA library for discovery of novel microRNAs and validation of precise sequences of grapevine microRNAs deposited in miRBase (pages 64–81)

Chen Wang, Xicheng Wang, Nicholas K. Kibet, Changnian Song, Changqing Zhang, Xiaoying Li, Jian Han and Jinggui Fang

Promotion of flowering in azaleas by manipulating photoperiod and temperature induces epigenetic alterations during floral transition (pages 82–92)

Mónica Meijón, Isabel Feito, Luis Valledor, Roberto Rodríguez and María Jesús Canal

Cloning and characterization of barley caryopsis FCA (pages 93–106)

Santosh Kumar, Shiling Jiang, Sravan K. Jami and Robert D. Hill


Physiologia Plantarum - 143 (2), 2011


Alterations in the metabolic fingerprint of Cladonia portentosa in response to atmospheric nitrogen deposition (pages 107–114)

Sabine Freitag, Erika J. Hogan, Peter D. Crittenden, Gordon G. Allison and Simon C. Thain

Evidence against sink limitation by the sucrose-to-starch route in potato plants expressing fructosyltransferases (pages 115–125)

Ellen Zuther, Imke I. Hoermiller and Arnd G. Heyer

Proteome analysis of maize seeds: the effect of artificial ageing (pages 126–138)

Xia Xin, Xin-Hai Lin, Yuan-Chang Zhou, Xiao-Ling Chen, Xu Liu and Xin-Xiong Lu

A high-resolution portrait of the annual dynamics of photochemical and non-photochemical quenching in needles of Pinus sylvestris (pages 139–153)

Albert Porcar-Castell

Stomatal factors and vulnerability of stem xylem to cavitation in poplars (pages 154–165)

Adriana Arango-Velez, Janusz J. Zwiazek, Barb R. Thomas and Melvin T. Tyree

Slowly developing drought stress increases photosynthetic acclimation of Catharanthus roseus (pages 166–177)

Jongyun Kim and Marc W. van Iersel

Variations of DNA methylation in Eucalyptus urophylla×Eucalyptus grandis shoot tips and apical meristems of different physiological ages (pages 178–187)

François Mankessi, Aubin R. Saya, Bénédicte Favreau, Sylvie Doulbeau, Genevieve Conéjéro, Marc Lartaud, Jean-Luc Verdeil and Olivier Monteuuis

Transcriptional responses to cantharidin, a protein phosphatase inhibitor, in Arabidopsis thaliana reveal the involvement of multiple signal transduction pathways (pages 188–205)

Joanna Bajsa, Zhiqiang Pan and Stephen O. Duke


Physiologia Plantarum - 143 (3), 2011


Functional genomics of a living fossil tree, Ginkgo, based on next-generation sequencing technology (pages 207–218)

Xiaohan Lin, Jin Zhang, Ying Li, Hongmei Luo, Qiong Wu, Chao Sun, Jingyuan Song, Xiwen Li, Jianhe Wei, Aiping Lu, Zhongzhi Qian, Ikhlas A. Khan and Shilin Chen

The purine-rich DNA-binding protein OsPur? participates in the regulation of the rice sucrose synthase 1 gene expression (pages 219–234)

Jui-Che Chang, Yi-Chun Liao, Chien-Chih Yang and Ai-Yu Wang

Comparative iTRAQ proteome and transcriptome analyses of sweet orange infected by “Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus” (pages 235–245)

Jing Fan, Chunxian Chen, Qibin Yu, Ronald H. Brlansky, Zheng-Guo Li and Frederick G. Gmitter Jr

The significance of glutathione for photoprotection at contrasting temperatures in the alpine plant species Soldanella alpina and Ranunculus glacialis (pages 246–260)

Constance Laureau, Richard Bligny and Peter Streb

Temporal variation in epidermal flavonoids due to altered solar UV radiation is moderated by the leaf position in Betula pendula (pages 261–270)

Luis O. Morales, Riitta Tegelberg, Mikael Brosché, Anders Lindfors, Sari Siipola and Pedro J. Aphalo

Investigation of a His-rich arabinogalactan-protein for micronutrient biofortification of cereal grain (pages 271–286)

Wan M. Aizat, James M. Preuss, Alexander A.T. Johnson, Mark A. Tester and Carolyn J. Schultz

ABA treatment of germinating maize seeds induces VP1 gene expression and selective promoter-associated histone acetylation (pages 287–296)

Lu Zhang, Zhengming Qiu, Yong Hu, Fei Yang, Shihan Yan, Lin Zhao, Bo Li, Shibin He, Min Huang, Jun Li and Lijia Li

The family of maize D-type cyclins: genomic organization, phylogeny and expression patterns (pages 297–308)

Manuel Buendía-Monreal, Ilenia Rentería-Canett, Octavio Guerrero-Andrade, Carlos E. Bravo-Alberto, León P. Martínez-Castilla, Elpidio García and Jorge M. Vázquez-Ramos


Physiologia Plantarum - 143 (4), 2011


Enhancing the scopolamine production in transgenic plants of Atropa belladonna by overexpressing pmt and h6h genes (pages 309–315)

Xirong Wang, Min Chen, Chunxian Yang, Xiaoqiang Liu, Lei Zhang, Xiaozhong Lan, Kexuan Tang and Zhihua Liao

?-Tocopherol methyltransferase from the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: functional characterization and expression analysis (pages 316–328)

Gregorio Gálvez-Valdivieso, Rosa Cardenosa, José Manuel Vera, Manuel Pineda and Miguel Aguilar

Exophiala sp. LHL08 reprograms Cucumis sativus to higher growth under abiotic stresses (pages 329–343)

Abdul L. Khan, Muhammad Hamayun, Nadeem Ahmad, Muhammad Waqas, Sang-Mo Kang, Yoon-Ha Kim and In-Jung Lee

Characterization of upregulated genes associated with high phosphorus accumulation in cucumber (pages 344–354)

Priya Padmanabhan, Perumal Venkatachalam and Shivendra V Sahi

Overexpression of SsCHLAPXs confers protection against oxidative stress induced by high light in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana (pages 355–366)

Cai-Hong Pang, Ke Li and Baoshan Wang

Factors controlling plasticity of leaf morphology in Robinia pseudoacacia: III. biophysical constraints on leaf expansion under long-term water stress (pages 367–374)

Yanxiang Zhang, Maria Alejandra Equiza, Quanshui Zheng and Melvin T. Tyree

Involvement of the abscisic acid catabolic gene CYP707A2 in the glucose-induced delay in seed germination and post-germination growth of Arabidopsis (pages 375–384)

Guohui Zhu, Yinggao Liu, Nenghui Ye, Rui Liu and Jianhua Zhang

PPIase activities and interaction partners of FK506-binding proteins in the wheat thylakoid (pages 385–395)

Peter J Gollan, Mark Ziemann and Mrinal Bhave

Mitochondrial alternative oxidase pathway protects plants against photoinhibition by alleviating inhibition of the repair of photodamaged PSII through preventing formation of reactive oxygen species in Rumex K-1 leaves (pages 396–407)

Li-Tao Zhang, Zi-Shan Zhang, Hui-Yuan Gao, Zhong-Cai Xue, Cheng Yang, Xiang-Long Meng and Qing-Wei Meng


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