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New Phytologist - 190 (1-4), 2011

New Phytologist - 190 (1), 2011


G-diversity discovered
Roux, Stan J.

The ongoing quest for universal patterns of plant function
Midgley, G. F.

Using log-log scaling slope analysis for determining the contributions to variability in biological variables such as leaf mass per area: why it works, when it works and how it can be extended
Renton, Michael; Poorter, Hendrik

Regulatory mechanisms underlying C4 photosynthesis
Wang, Lin; Peterson, Richard B.; Brutnell, Thomas P.

Units of nature or processes across scales? The ecosystem concept at age 75
Currie, William S.

An elaborate heterotrimeric G-protein family from soybean expands the diversity of plant G-protein networks
Bisht, Naveen C.; Jez, Joseph M.; Pandey, Sona

The phosphoproteome of Arabidopsis plants lacking the oxidative signal-inducible1 (OXI1) protein kinase
Howden, Andrew J.M.; Salek, Mogjiborahman; Miguet, Laurent; Pullen, Margaret; Thomas, Benjamin; Knight, Marc R.; Sweetlove, Lee J.

AtCPL5, a novel Ser-2-specific RNA polymerase II C-terminal domain phosphatase, positively regulates ABA and drought responses in Arabidopsis
Jin, Yong-Mei; Jung, Jinwook; Jeon, Hyesung; Won, So Youn; Feng, Yue; Kang, Jae-Sook; Lee, Sang Yeol; Cheong, Jong-Joo; Koiwa, Hisashi; Kim, Minkyun

Comparative analysis of LEA-like 11-24 gene expression and regulation in related plant species within the Linderniaceae that differ in desiccation tolerance
van den Dries, Niels; Facchinelli, Fabio; Giarola, Valentino; Phillips, Jonathan R.; Bartels, Dorothea

The cauliflower Orange gene enhances petiole elongation by suppressing expression of eukaryotic release factor 1
Zhou, Xiangjun; Sun, Tian-Hu; Wang, Ning; Ling, Hong-Qing; Lu, Shan; Li, Li

Role of the plastidic glucose translocator in the export of starch degradation products from the chloroplasts in Arabidopsis thaliana
Cho, Man-Ho; Lim, Hyemin; Shin, Dong Ho; Jeon, Jong-Seong; Bhoo, Seong Hee; Park, Youn-Il; Hahn, Tae-Ryong

The Arabidopsis ABCG13 transporter is required for flower cuticle secretion and patterning of the petal epidermis
Panikashvili, David; Shi, Jian Xin; Schreiber, Lukas; Aharoni, Asaph

Differential expression and regulation of iron-regulated metal transporters in Arabidopsis halleri and Arabidopsis thaliana - the role in zinc tolerance
Shanmugam, Varanavasiappan; Lo, Jing-Chi; Wu, Chia-Lin; Wang, Shan-Li; Lai, Chong-Cheong; Connolly, Erin L.; Huang, Jing-Ling; Yeh, Kuo-Chen

Ethylene stimulates tracheary element differentiation in Zinnia elegans cell cultures
Pesquet, Edouard; Tuominen, Hannele

Genetic variation of hydraulic and wood anatomical traits in hybrid poplar and trembling aspen
Schreiber, Stefan G.; Hacke, Uwe G.; Hamann, Andreas; Thomas, Barb R.

Dark-leaved willow (Salix myrsinifolia) is resistant to three-factor (elevated CO2, temperature and UV-B-radiation) climate change
Paajanen, Ria; Julkunen-Tiitto, Riitta; Nybakken, Line; Petrelius, Mari; Tegelberg, Riitta; Pusenius, Jyrki; Rousi, Matti; Kellomäki, Seppo

Evidence of a universal scaling relationship for leaf CO2 drawdown along an aridity gradient
Prentice, I. Colin; Meng, Tingting; Wang, Han; Harrison, Sandy P.; Ni, Jian; Wang, Guohong

In situ assessment of the velocity of carbon transfer by tracing 13C in trunk CO2 efflux after pulse labelling: variations among tree species and seasons
Dannoura, Masako; Maillard, Pascale; Fresneau, Chantal; Plain, Caroline; Berveiller, Daniel; Gerant, Dominique; Chipeaux, Christophe; Bosc, Alexandre; Ngao, Jérôme; Damesin, Claire; Loustau, Denis; Epron, Daniel

Ethylene-dependent/ethylene-independent ABA regulation of tomato plants colonized by arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi
Martín-Rodríguez, José Ángel; León-Morcillo, Rafael; Vierheilig, Horst; Ocampo, Juan Antonio; Ludwig-Müller, Jutta; García-Garrido, José Manuel

Do Botanophila flies provide reproductive isolation between two species of Epichloë fungi? A field test
Bultman, Thomas L.; Leuchtmann, Adrian; Sullivan, T. J.; Dreyer, Austin P.

Contrasting the morphology, anatomy and fungal colonization of new pioneer and fibrous roots
Zadworny, Marcin; Eissenstat, David M.

Wind pollination over mesoscale distances: an investigation with Scots pine
Robledo-Arnuncio, Juan José

Where do monomorphic sexual systems fit in the evolution of dioecy? Insights from the largest family of angiosperms
Torices, Rubén; Méndez, Marcos; Gómez, José María

Plasticity and evolution in drought avoidance and escape in the annual plant Brassica rapa
Franks, Steven J.

Cytoskeletal dynamics in interphase, mitosis and cytokinesis analysed through Agrobacterium-mediated transient transformation of tobacco BY-2 cells
Buschmann, H.; Green, P.; Sambade, A.; Doonan, J. H.; Lloyd, C. W.


New Phytologist - 190 (2), 2011


Plants and flooding stress
Perata, Pierdomenico; Armstrong, William; Voesenek, Laurentius A. C. J.

Modeling alternatives for interpreting the change in oxygen-consumption rates during hypoxic conditions
Nikoloski, Zoran; van Dongen, Joost T.

The respiratory down-regulation debate
Armstrong, William; Beckett, Peter M.

Multiple facets of anoxic metabolism and hydrogen production in the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Grossman, Arthur R.; Catalanotti, Claudia; Yang, Wenqiang; Dubini, Alexandra; Magneschi, Leonardo; Subramanian, Venkataramanan; Posewitz, Matthew C.; Seibert, Michael

Physiological and cellular aspects of phytotoxicity tolerance in plants: the role of membrane transporters and implications for crop breeding for waterlogging tolerance
Shabala, Sergey

Natural variation of submergence tolerance among Arabidopsis thaliana accessions
Vashisht, D.; Hesselink, A.; Pierik, R.; Ammerlaan, J. M. H.; Bailey-Serres, J.; Visser, E. J. W.; Pedersen, O.; van Zanten, M.; Vreugdenhil, D.; Jamar, D. C. L.; Voesenek, L. A. C. J.; Sasidharan, R.

Aquatic adventitious roots of the wetland plant Meionectes brownii can photosynthesize: implications for root function during flooding
Rich, Sarah Meghan; Ludwig, Martha; Pedersen, Ole; Colmer, Timothy David

High sensitivity of Lobelia dortmanna to sediment oxygen depletion following organic enrichment
Moller, Claus Lindskov; Sand-Jensen, Kaj

Crassulacean acid metabolism enhances underwater photosynthesis and diminishes photorespiration in the aquatic plant Isoetes australis
Pedersen, Ole; Rich, Sarah Meghan; Pulido, Cristina; Cawthray, Gregory Robert; Colmer, Timothy David

Aerenchymatous phellem in hypocotyl and roots enables O2 transport in Melilotus siculus
Teakle, Natasha L.; Armstrong, Jean; Barrett-Lennard, Edward G.; Colmer, Timothy D.

Identification of genes expressed in maize root cortical cells during lysigenous aerenchyma formation using laser microdissection and microarray analyses
Rajhi, Imene; Yamauchi, Takaki; Takahashi, Hirokazu; Nishiuchi, Shunsaku; Shiono, Katsuhiro; Watanabe, Ryosuke; Mliki, Ahmed; Nagamura, Yoshiaki; Tsutsumi, Nobuhiro; Nishizawa, Naoko K.; Nakazono, Mikio

Aerenchyma formation in the rice stem and its promotion by H2O2
Steffens, Bianka; Geske, Thomas; Sauter, Margret

Do tropical wetland plants possess convective gas flow mechanisms?
Konnerup, Dennis; Sorrell, Brian K.; Brix, Hans

Reasons for the presence or absence of convective (pressurized) ventilation in the genus Equisetum
Armstrong, Jean; Armstrong, William

Zero methane emission bogs: extreme rhizosphere oxygenation by cushion plants in Patagonia
Fritz, Christian; Pancotto, Veronica A.; Elzenga, Josephus T. M.; Visser, Eric J. W.; Grootjans, Ab P.; Pol, Arjan; Iturraspe, Rodolfo; Roelofs, Jan G. M.; Smolders, Alfons J. P.

Fitness consequences of natural variation in flooding-induced shoot elongation in Rumex palustris
Chen, Xin; Visser, Eric J. W.; de Kroon, Hans; Pierik, Ronald; Voesenek, Laurentius A. C. J.; Huber, Heidrun

Involvement of plasma membrane H+-ATPase in anoxic elongation of stems in pondweed (Potamogeton distinctus) turions
Koizumi, Yayoi; Hara, Yoshinao; Yazaki, Yoshiaki; Sakano, Katsuhiro; Ishizawa, Kimiharu

Experimental and modelling data contradict the idea of respiratory down-regulation in plant tissues at an internal [O2] substantially above the critical oxygen pressure for cytochrome oxidase
Armstrong, William; Beckett, Peter M.

Hypoxia responsive gene expression is mediated by various subsets of transcription factors and miRNAs that are determined by the actual oxygen availability
Licausi, Francesco; Weits, Daan A.; Pant, Bikram Datt; Scheible, Wolf-Rüdiger; Geigenberger, Peter; van Dongen, Joost T.

Molecular characterization of the submergence response of the Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Columbia
Lee, Seung Cho; Mustroph, Angelika; Sasidharan, Rashmi; Vashisht, Divya; Pedersen, Ole; Oosumi, Teruko; Voesenek, Laurentius A.C.J.; Bailey-Serres, Julia

Comparative analysis between plant species of transcriptional and metabolic responses to hypoxia
Narsai, Reena; Rocha, Marcio; Geigenberger, Peter; Whelan, James; van Dongen, Joost T.

Alcohol dehydrogenase and hydrogenase transcript fluctuations during a day-night cycle in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: the role of anoxia
Whitney, Larisa Angela Swirsky; Loreti, Elena; Alpi, Amedeo; Perata, Pierdomenico

Transfer of the barrier to radial oxygen loss in roots of Hordeum marinum to wheat (Triticum aestivum): evaluation of four H.?marinum-wheat amphiploids
Malik, A.I.; Islam, A.K.M.R.; Colmer, T.D.


New Phytologist - 190 (3), 2011


The New Phytologist Tansley Medal 2010
Ian Woodward, F.; Hetherington, Alistair M.

Moving magnesium in plant cells
Waters, Brian M.

Climate, leaves, and the legacy of two giants
Burnham, Robyn J.; Tonkovich, Gayle S.

Can publication bias affect ecological research? A case study on soil respiration under elevated CO2
Dieleman, Wouter I. J.; Janssens, Ivan A.

Pathways to meiotic recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana
Osman, Kim; Higgins, James D.; Sanchez-Moran, Eugenio; Armstrong, Susan J.; Franklin, F. Chris H.

Strigolactones are regulators of root development
Koltai, Hinanit

Regulation of the molecular response to oxygen limitations in plants
Licausi, Francesco

Heat perception and signalling in plants: a tortuous path to thermotolerance
Saidi, Younousse; Finka, Andrija; Goloubinoff, Pierre

Ca2+ conduction by plant cyclic nucleotide gated channels and associated signaling components in pathogen defense signal transduction cascades
Ma, Wei; Berkowitz, Gerald A.

Winter leaf reddening in `evergreen' species
Hughes, Nicole M.

Magnesium transporters, MGT2/MRS2-1 and MGT3/MRS2-5, are important for magnesium partitioning within Arabidopsis thaliana mesophyll vacuoles
Conn, Simon J.; Conn, Vanessa; Tyerman, Stephen D.; Kaiser, Brent N.; Leigh, Roger A.; Gilliham, Matthew

Cellular pH measurements in Emiliania huxleyi reveal pronounced membrane proton permeability
Suffrian, K.; Schulz, K. G.; Gutowska, M. A.; Riebesell, U.; Bleich, M.

Negative reciprocal interactions between gibberellin and cytokinin in tomato
Fleishon, Shay; Shani, Eilon; Ori, Naomi; Weiss, David

ABA signalling modulates the detection of the LM6 arabinan cell wall epitope at the surface of Arabidopsis thaliana seedling root apices
Talboys, Peter J.; Zhang, Hanma M.; Paul Knox, J.

Selective lignin downregulation leads to constitutive defense response expression in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)
Gallego-Giraldo, Lina; Jikumaru, Yusuke; Kamiya, Yuji; Tang, Yuhong; Dixon, Richard A.

Regulation of jasmonate metabolism and activation of systemic signaling in Solanum nigrum: COI1 and JAR4 play overlapping yet distinct roles
VanDoorn, Arjen; Bonaventure, Gustavo; Schmidt, Dominik D.; Baldwin, Ian T.

CMPG1-dependent cell death follows perception of diverse pathogen elicitors at the host plasma membrane and is suppressed by Phytophthora infestans RXLR effector AVR3a
Gilroy, Eleanor M.; Taylor, Rosalind M.; Hein, Ingo; Boevink, Petra; Sadanandom, Ari; Birch, Paul R. J.

Arabidopsis VILLIN4 is involved in root hair growth through regulating actin organization in a Ca2+-dependent manner
Zhang, Yi; Xiao, Yingyu; Du, Fei; Cao, Lijuan; Dong, Huaijian; Ren, Haiyun

Extensive metabolic cross-talk in melon fruit revealed by spatial and developmental combinatorial metabolomics
Moing, Annick; Aharoni, Asaph; Biais, Benoit; Rogachev, Ilana; Meir, Sagit; Brodsky, Leonid; Allwood, J. William; Erban, Alexander; Dunn, Warwick B.; Kay, Lorraine; de Koning, Sjaak; de Vos, Ric C. H.; Jonker, Harry; Mumm, Roland; Deborde, Catherine; Maucourt, Michael; Bernillon, Stéphane; Gibon, Yves; Hansen, Thomas H.; Husted, Soren; Goodacre, Royston; Kopka, Joachim; Schjoerring, Jan K.; Rolin, Dominique; Hall, Robert D.

Modelling photo-modulated internode elongation in growing glasshouse cucumber canopies
Kahlen, Katrin; Stützel, Hartmut

Testing hypotheses that link wood anatomy to cavitation resistance and hydraulic conductivity in the genus Acer
Lens, Frederic; Sperry, John S.; Christman, Mairgareth A.; Choat, Brendan; Rabaey, David; Jansen, Steven

Sensitivity of leaf size and shape to climate: global patterns and paleoclimatic applications
Peppe, Daniel J.; Royer, Dana L.; Cariglino, Bárbara; Oliver, Sofia Y.; Newman, Sharon; Leight, Elias; Enikolopov, Grisha; Fernandez-Burgos, Margo; Herrera, Fabiany; Adams, Jonathan M.; Correa, Edwin; Currano, Ellen D.; Erickson, J. Mark; Hinojosa, Luis Felipe; Hoganson, John W.; Iglesias, Ari; Jaramillo, Carlos A.; Johnson, Kirk R.; Jordan, Gregory J.; Kraft, Nathan J. B.; Lovelock, Elizabeth C.; Lusk, Christopher H.; Niinemets, Ülo; Penuelas, Josep; Rapson, Gillian; Wing, Scott L.; Wright, Ian J.

Drought alters carbon fluxes in alpine snowbed ecosystems through contrasting impacts on graminoids and forbs
Johnson, David; Vachon, Jérémie; Britton, Andrea J.; Helliwell, Rachel C.

Carbon reserves and canopy defoliation determine the recovery of Scots pine 4?yr after a drought episode
Galiano, L.; Martínez-Vilalta, J.; Lloret, F.

Little change in the fir tree-line position on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau after 200?years of warming
Liang, Eryuan; Wang, Yafeng; Eckstein, Dieter; Luo, Tianxiang

Interpreting tree responses to thinning and fertilization using tree-ring stable isotopes
Brooks, J. Renée; Mitchell, Alan K.

A meta-analysis of plant responses to dark septate root endophytes
Newsham, K. K.

Distinct seasonal assemblages of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi revealed by massively parallel pyrosequencing
Dumbrell, Alex J.; Ashton, Peter D.; Aziz, Naveed; Feng, Gu; Nelson, Michaela; Dytham, Calvin; Fitter, Alastair H.; Helgason, Thorunn







New Phytologist - 190 (4), 2011


Sketches of fire
Ian Woodward, F.

Plant reproduction: does size matter?
Nieuwland, Jeroen; de Graaf, Barend H. J.; Cheung, Alice Y.; Bosch, Maurice

Aquaporins: for more than water at the plant-fungus interface?
Maurel, Christophe; Plassard, Claude

Sequencing the fungal tree of life
Martin, F.; Cullen, D.; Hibbett, D.; Pisabarro, A.; Spatafora, J. W.; Baker, S. E.; Grigoriev, I. V.

Modulation of plant growth by HD-Zip class I and II transcription factors in response to environmental stimuli
Harris, John C.; Hrmova, Maria; Lopato, Sergiy; Langridge, Peter

The role of the pod in seed development: strategies for manipulating yield
Bennett, Emma J.; Roberts, Jeremy A.; Wagstaff, Carol

Complex pigment evolution in the Caryophyllales
Brockington, Samuel F.; Walker, Rachel H.; Glover, Beverley J.; Soltis, Pamela S.; Soltis, Douglas E.

Crosstalk between the nodulation signaling pathway and the autoregulation of nodulation in Medicago truncatula
Saur, Isabel M. L.; Oakes, Marie; Djordjevic, Michael A.; Imin, Nijat

Spores before sporophytes: hypothesizing the origin of sporogenesis at the algal-plant transition
Brown, Roy C.; Lemmon, Betty E.

Stigma/style cell cycle inhibitor 1 (SCI1), a tissue-specific cell cycle regulator that controls upper pistil development
DePaoli, Henrique C.; Brito, Michael S.; Quiapim, Andréa C.; Teixeira, Simone P.; Goldman, Gustavo H.; Dornelas, Marcelo C.; Goldman, Maria Helena S.

Inactivation of the ELIP1 and ELIP2 genes affects Arabidopsis seed germination
Rizza, Annalisa; Boccaccini, Alessandra; Lopez-Vidriero, Irene; Costantino, Paolo; Vittorioso, Paola

Involvement of miR169 in the nitrogen-starvation responses in Arabidopsis
Zhao, Meng; Ding, Hong; Zhu, Jian-Kang; Zhang, Fusuo; Li, Wen-Xue

Three metallothionein isoforms and sequestration of intracellular silver in the hyperaccumulator Amanita strobiliformis
Osobová, Michaela; Urban, Václav; Jedelský, Petr L.; Borovička, Jan; Gryndler, Milan; Ruml, Tomas; Kotrba, Pavel

The aquaporin gene family of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolor: lessons for symbiotic functions
Dietz, Sandra; von Bülow, Julia; Beitz, Eric; Nehls, Uwe

Declining foliar and litter ?15N diverge from soil, epiphyte and input ?15N along a 120?000?yr temperate rainforest chronosequence
Menge, Duncan N. L.; Troy Baisden, W.; Richardson, Sarah J.; Peltzer, Duane A.; Barbour, Margaret M.

Transitory effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on fine root dynamics in an arid ecosystem do not increase long-term soil carbon input from fine root litter
Ferguson, Scot D.; Nowak, Robert S.

Patterns of activities of root phosphomonoesterase and phosphodiesterase in wetland plants as a function of macrophyte species and ambient phosphorus regime
Rejmánková, Eliška; Sirová, Dagmara; Carlson, Emily

Carbon and nitrogen dynamics during forest stand development: a global synthesis
Yang, Yuanhe; Luo, Yiqi; Finzi, Adrien C.

Rapid changes in ?13C of ecosystem-respired CO2 after sunset are consistent with transient 13C enrichment of leaf respired CO2
Barbour, Margaret M.; Hunt, John E.; Kodama, Naomi; Laubach, Johannes; McSeveny, Tony M.; Rogers, Graeme N.D.; Tcherkez, Guillaume; Wingate, Lisa

Impacts of drought on leaf respiration in darkness and light in Eucalyptus saligna exposed to industrial-age atmospheric CO2 and growth temperature
Ayub, Gohar; Smith, Renee A.; Tissue, David T.; Atkin, Owen K.

How do bryophytes govern generative recruitment of vascular plants?
Soudzilovskaia, Nadejda A.; Graae, Bente J.; Douma, Jacob C.; Grau, Oriol; Milbau, Ann; Shevtsova, Anna; Wolters, Loes; Cornelissen, Johannes H. C.

Adaptation to drought in two wild tomato species: the evolution of the Asr gene family
Fischer, Iris; Camus-Kulandaivelu, Létizia; Allal, François; Stephan, Wolfgang

Differential contributions to the transcriptome of duplicated genes in response to abiotic stresses in natural and synthetic polyploids
Dong, Shaowei; Adams, Keith L.

Sex ratio and subdioecy in Fragaria virginiana: the roles of plasticity and gene flow examined
Spigler, Rachel B.; Ashman, Tia-Lynn

Cell-specific visualization of jasmonates in wounded tomato and Arabidopsis leaves using jasmonate-specific antibodies
Mielke, Kati; Forner, Susanne; Kramell, Robert; Conrad, Udo; Hause, Bettina


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