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Journal of Arid Environments - 76-77, 2012

Journal of Arid Environments - 76, 2012


Editorial Board

Nutrient resorption based on different estimations of five perennial herbaceous species from the grassland in inner Mongolia, China
J.Y. Huang, H.L. Yu, B. Wang, L.H. Li, G.J. Xiao, Z.Y. Yuan

Rare drought-induced mortality of juniper is enhanced by edaphic stressors and influenced by stand density
M.A. Bowker, A. Munoz, T. Martinez, M.K. Lau

Environmental modulation of the seasonal cambial activity in Prosopis flexuosa DC trees from the Monte woodlands of Argentina
M.A. Giantomasi, F. Roig-Junent, D. Patón-Domínguez, G. Massaccesi

Maternal fecundity does not affect offspring germination – An empirical test of the sibling competition hypothesis
A. Eberhart, K. Tielbörger

Population structure of two dominant gypsophyte shrubs through a secondary plant succession
M. Eugenio, J.M. Olano, P. Ferrandis, E. Martínez-Duro, A. Escudero

Effects of livestock on the feeding and spatial ecology of Geoffroy’s cat
J.A. Pereira, R.S. Walker, A.J. Novaro

Habitat selection by European badgers in Mediterranean semi-arid ecosystems
C. Lara-Romero, E. Virgós, G. Escribano-Ávila, J.G. Mangas, I. Barja, X. Pardavila

Dorcas gazelle and livestock use of trees according to size in a hyper-arid landscape
O. Attum, T. Mahmoud

Historical and ecological determinants of dung beetle assemblages in two arid zones of central Mexico
G. Halffter, J.R. Verdú, C.E. Moreno, V. Halffter

Recovery of soil and vegetation in semi-arid Australian old fields
A.J. Scott, J.W. Morgan

Habitat associations of a semi-arid fish community in a karst spring-fed stream
Kristy A. Kollaus, Timothy H. Bonner

Land abandonment effect on N mineralization and microbial biomass N in a semi-arid calcareous soil from Iran
F. Raiesi

Micro-scale post-fire surface cover changes monitored using high spatial resolution photography in a semiarid environment: A useful tool in the study of post-fire soil erosion processes
F. Pérez-Cabello, A. Cerda, J. de la Riva, M.T. Echeverría, A. García-Martín, P. Ibarra, T. Lasanta, R. Montorio, V. Palacios

Developing a model framework for predicting effects of woody expansion and fire on ecosystem carbon and nitrogen in a pinyon–juniper woodland
B.M. Rau, R. Tausch, A. Reiner, D.W. Johnson, J.C. Chambers, R.R. Blank

The influence of Acacia tortilis (Forssk.) ssp. raddiana (Savi) Brenan presence, grazing, and water availability along the growing season, on the understory herbaceous vegetation in southern Tunisia
F. Abdallah, Z. Noumi, A. Ouled-Belgacem, R. Michalet, B. Touzard, M. Chaieb

Land use in the dry subtropics: Vegetation composition and production across contrasting human contexts
G. Baldi, E.G. Jobbágy

Root colonisation by AM fungi differs between gypsum specialist and non-specialist plants: Links to the gypsophile behaviour
S. Palacio, D. Johnson, A. Escudero, G. Montserrat-Martí

Cohort establishment on slopes: Growth rates, demographic patterns, and the relationship to volcanic eruptions
C.J. Donnermeyer, T.D. Drezner

Antimicrobial activity of natural products from the skins of the semiarid living lizards Ameiva ameiva (Linnaeus, 1758) and Tropidurus hispidus (Spix, 1825)
I.J.M. Santos, H.D. Melo Coutinho, E.F. Ferreira Matias, J.G. Martins da Costa, R.R. Nóbrega Alves, W. de Oliveira Almeida

Soil-living nematodes of a savanna community in Botswana: A preliminary report
D.L.C. Procter


Journal of Arid Environments - 77, 2012


Editorial Board

Participatory environmental assessment in drylands: Introducing a new approach
S. Whitfield, M.S. Reed

Grassland gap effects on Elymus dahuricus Turcz. seedling emergence, survival and growth
M.Y. Zhang, D. Huang, K. Wang, Y.J. Zhang, C.J. Wang, R.C. Wang, Y.L. You

Leaf-level physiological responses of Tamarix ramosissima to increasing salinity
J.M. Carter, J.B. Nippert

Patterns of plant diversity in ironstone ranges in arid south western Australia
N. Gibson, R. Meissner, A.S. Markey, W.A. Thompson

Crossing the desert barrier: Migration ecology of the Lesser Whitethroat (Sylvia curruca) at Eilat, Israel
P. Zduniak, R. Yosef

Co-occurrence and potential for competition between wild and domestic large herbivores in a South American desert
P. Acebes, J. Traba, J.E. Malo

Evaluation of NDVI to assess avian abundance and richness along the upper San Pedro River
T.M. Mcfarland, C. Van Riper III, G.E. Johnson

Expansive fire in Mojave Desert shrubland reduces abundance and species diversity of small mammals
K.J. Horn, B.R. McMillan, S.B. St. Clair

Assessing bias in diet methods for the Long-legged Buzzard Buteo rufinus
D.E. Bakaloudis, S. Iezekiel, C.G. Vlachos, V.A. Bontzorlos, M. Papakosta, S. Birrer

When bulk density methods matter: Implications for estimating soil organic carbon pools in rocky soils
H.L. Throop, S.R. Archer, H.C. Monger, S. Waltman

The evaluation of PM10, PM2.5, and PM1 concentrations during the Middle Eastern Dust (MED) events in Ahvaz, Iran, from april through september 2010
A. Shahsavani, K. Naddafi, N. Jafarzade Haghighifard, A. Mesdaghinia, M. Yunesian, R. Nabizadeh, M. Arahami, M.H. Sowlat, M. Yarahmadi, H. Saki, M. Alimohamadi, S. Nazmara, S.A. Motevalian, G. Goudarzi

Post-cultivation recovery of biological soil crusts in semi-arid native grasslands, southern Australia
A.L. Briggs, J.W. Morgan

Contribution of soil fauna to litter decomposition in Songnen sandy lands in northeastern China
W.D. Xin, X.Q. Yin, B. Song

Millet (Pennisetum typhoides) yield and selected soil attributes as influenced by some tree types of the semi-arid tropics of Sudan
A.R. Mubarak, M.H. Abdalla, S. Nortcliff

Micromammals and paleoenvironments: Climatic oscillations in the Monte desert of Catamarca (Argentina) during the last two millenia
P.E. Ortiz, M.C. Madozzo Jaén, J.P. Jayat

Mid- to Late Holocene pollen and alluvial record of the arid Andean piedmont between 33° and 34°S, Mendoza, Argentina: Inferences about floodplain evolution
L.D. Rojo, A.E. Mehl, M.M. Paez, M.A. Zárate

Effects of land conversion on the regeneration of Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum and its consequences on the population dynamics in northwestern Mexico
D. Morales-Romero, H. Godínez-Álvarez, J. Campo-Alves, F. Molina-Freaner

Forage resource use by cattle or goats at an Indian protected area: Differences and implications for conservation
J.L. Müller, M.M. Babu, P.L. Saklani, A.C. Mayer, S. Marquardt, M. Kreuzer

Application of distance–decay models for inferences about termite mound-induced patterns in dryland ecosystems
G.W. Sileshi, M.A. Arshad

Behavioural flexibility in foraging mode of the spotted sand lizard (Pedioplanis l. lineoocellata) seems to buffer negative impacts of savanna degradation
J. Blumroeder, J.A. Eccard, N. Blaum

Evaluation of Jatropha macrocarpa as an oil crop for biodiesel production in arid lands of the Dry Chaco, Argentina
D. Wassner, A. Larran, D. Rondanini


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