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Kaktusy (Czecho -Slovak journal) - 1-4 + SPECIAL, 2010


Kaktusy (Czecho -Slovak journal) - 1, 2010


Mammillaria geminispina subsp. leucocentra from Rio Verde Area

Wigginsia and Other Cacti from Sierra Lihué Calel (Province La Pampa, Argentina)

Echinocactus grusonii - in the State Zacatecas

Two Similar Species of Pachypodium from South Africa.

Austrocylindropuntia vestita (Salm-Dyck) Backeb. Loves Air and Sun

Pediocactus from Dangerous Cliffs - Pediocactus nigrispinus Hochstätter

How Notocactus neobuenekeri Ritter Grows in Habitat

Melocactus in Puerto Rico -in Guánica Reserve

Eriosyce bulbocalyx (Werd.) Katt. - A Tramp from West


Kaktusy (Czecho -Slovak journal) - 2, 2010


Trichocereus poco Backeberg var. fricianus Cárdenas - a Bolivian Handsome

Villa de García Vallea and Grutas de García, Nuevo León, Mexico

Lobivia ferox Britton and Rose

Gymnocalycium bayrianum H. Till, the Last Member of "Top Three"

Sempervivum marmoreum subsp. matricum (Letz) Hadrava et Miklánek, comb. nova

Notocactus glomeratus Gerloff - a Member of Notocactus scopa (Sprengel) Berger ex Backeberg Complex

Agave albopilosa I. Cabral, Villarreal & A. E. Estrada - Is It Really Unreachable?

Cultivation and Shaping of Trichodiadema densum (Haw.) Schwantes

Striking New Cactus - Pelecyphora strobiliformis cv. "Fluffy White" Cattabriga

Miniatlas - Four Times from Crassulaceae Family

Jubilee ... Congratulation! Rudolf Slaba, 60 Years old


Kaktusy (Czecho -Slovak journal) - 3, 2010


Parodia aureicentra var. omniaurea Ritter or P. rauschii Backeberg?

Briefly - what is Pediocactus peeblesianus (Croizat) L. D. Benson f. menzelii (Hochstätter) M. Hájek

Miniatures in our collections Escobaria hesteri (Y. Wright) Buxbaum

Gymnocalycium kieslingii Ferrari - A rarity from our collections

Again in Huasteca Canyon, Nuevo León, México - Population of Echinocereus armatus Poselger

Notocactus crassigibbus Ritter 40th Anniversary...

Euphorbia monteiri Hooker fil. (1865)

José Arechavaleta and problems around Echinocactus arechavaletai

In succulent prison - Part 2


Kaktusy (Czecho -Slovak journal) - 4, 2010


Looking for True Echeveria setosa

Pelecyphora strobiliformis (Werderm.) Frič & Schelle ex Kreuz.

Eriosyce (Pyrrhocactus) garaventae (Ritter) Kattermann - A Stenoendemite from Central Chile

Two New Taxa in the Genus Sulcorebutia

Echinocereus primolanatus F. Schwarz - An Unique Cactus from Northern Mexico

Variability of Gymnocalycium denudatum (Link et Otto) Pfeiffer ex Mittler

Miniatures in our Collections Copiapoa hypogaea "barquitensis"

Yucca glauca Nuttall subsp. glauca - "Artificial Pollination"

Lobivia chrysantha (Werd.) Backeb. - an Inconspicuous Beauty from Quebrada del Toro

Is It Possibly to Make Appearance of our Collection Plants Better?

Kaktusy (Czecho -Slovak journal) - Special 1, 2010


Cacti of Rio Grande do Sul. Only in the Czech language, without summary in English or German

Kaktusy (Czecho -Slovak journal) - Special 2, 2010


Agave utahensis complex. Only in the Czech language, without summary in English or German.

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