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Pakistan Journal of Botany - 43 (4), 2011


1. Chromosome number, karyotype analysis and pollen morphology of Turkish endemic Tordylium elegans (Boiss. & Bal.) Alava & Hub.-Mor. (Apiaceae)
Ayşe Nihal Gömürgen, Cahit Dogan, Edibe Özmen, Birol Başer and Haşim Altinözlü

2. Two new species of Euphrasia (Orobanchaceae) from Pakistan and adjoining areas
M. Qaiser, Tahmeena Siddiqui and S. Shahid Shaukat

3. Artemisia sieberi Bess. subsp. sieberi, a new record for Turkey and a delete record for Turkey: Artemisia herba-alba Asso. (Asteraceae)
Murat Kurşat, Şemsettin Civelek, Ismail Turkoglu and Selma Tabur

4. Postembryonic development of Cistanche tubulosa (Schrenk) Wight
Chen Qing-Liang, Jia Ya-Min, Wang Zhi-Fen, Shan Cheng-Gang, Zhu Jing-Bin and Guo Yu-Hai

5. - Relationship among root characteristics and differential potassium uptake and use efficiency of selected cotton genotypes under potassium deficiency stress
Ziaul Hassan and M. Arshad

6. An attempt to conserve Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal - a highly essential medicinal plant, through in vitro callus culture
Jyoti Ranjan Rout, Santi Lata Sahoo and Ritarani Das

7. Significance of different plant growth regulators on the regeneration of chrysanthemum plantlets (Dendranthema morifolium L.) through shoot tip culture
Kashif Waseem, Muhammad Saleem Jilani, Muhammad Jaffar Jaskani, Muhammad Sohail Khan, Mehwish Kiran and Ghazanfar Ullah Khan

8. Ethnobotanical studies on some useful plants of Dir Kohistan valleys, KPK, Pakistan
Gul Jan, Mir Ajab Khan, Farhatullah,, Farzana Gul Jan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Masood Jan and Muhammad Zafar

9. The morphology and anatomy of the haustoria of the holoparasitic angiosperm Cuscuta campestris
Lan Hong, Hao Shen, Hua Chen, Ling Li, Xiaoying Hu, Xinlan Xu, Wanhui Ye And Zhangming Wang

10. Structural diversity, vegetation dynamics and anthropogenic impact on lesser Himalayan subtropical forests of Bagh district, Kashmir
Hamayun Shaheen, Rizwana Aleem Qureshi and Zabta Khan Shinwari

11. Influence of plantation type on ground flora composition and diversity in Gatwala artificial forest plantation
Mansoor Hameed, Ramla Khan, Muhammad Ashraf, Tahira Nawaz, Muhammad Sajid Aqeel Ahmad and Sadaf Mubarik

12. Use of GPS and GIS technology in surveying and mapping of wheat and cotton weeds in Khairpur district, Sindh, Pakistan
Rabia Asma Memon, Shahida Khalid, Arfana Mallah and Ameer Ahmed Mirbahar

13. Potential RAPD markers for population studies in tree legumes
S. Michael Gomez, T. Ramasubramanian and S. Mohankumar

14. Vegetation and species altitudinal distribution in Al-jabal al-akhdar landscape
A.K. Hegazy, L. Boulos, H.F. Kabiel and O.S. Sharashy

15. Allelopathic potential of Populus euphratica Olivier
Zaman Sher, Farrukh Hussain, Bashir Ahmad and Muhammad Wahab

16. Effect of mungbean residue and nitrogen levels on barley
Amanullah Jan, Ihsanullah Daur, Zar Muhammad and Ijaz Ahmad Khan

17. Toxicity and tolerance in Samanea saman (Jacq.) Merr. to some metals (Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn)
M. Kabir, M. Zafar Iqbal and M. Shafiq

18. Monitoring of multiple pesticide residues in some fruits in Karachi, Pakistan
Zahida Parveen, Riazuddin, Sajid Iqbal, M. Iqbal Khuhro, M. Abbas Bhutto and Mubarik Ahmed

19. Application of waste stabilization pond’s effluent on cultivation of roses (Rosa damascena Mill.)
Moazzam Ali Khan, S. Shahid Shaukat, Atif Shahzad and Waqar Ahmed

20. Hyperaccumulators of heavy metals of industrial areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi
Ashfaq Nazir, Riffat Naseem Malik, Muhamamd Ajaib, Nasrullah Khan and Muhammad Faheem Siddiqui

21. Maize response to time and rate of nitrogen application
Hafiz Mohkum Hammad, Ashfaq Ahmad, Aftab Wajid and Javaid Akhter

22. Impact of integrated nutrient management on growth and grain yield of wheat under irrigated cropping system
Khalid Nawab, Amanullah, Paigham Shah, Abdur Rab, Muhammad Arif, M. Azim Khan, Abdul Mateen and Fazal Munsif

23. Effect of neodymium ion on mitochondrial metabolism of rice (Oryza sativa)
Qiming Mei, Rong Xie, Chengyuan Liu and Yingguo Zhu

24. Response of sesame to population densities and nitrogen fertilization on newly reclaimed sandy soils
Ijaz Rasool Noorka, S.I. Hafiz and M.A.S. El-Bramawy

25. Response of candidate wheat variety ‘NIA-8/7’ to different levels/ratios of nitrogen and phosphorus
Muhammad Yousuf Memon, Parvez Khan, Muhammad Imtiaz, Javaid Ahmed Shah and Nizamuddin Depar-

26. Physiological response of autumn planted sugarcane to soil moisture depletion and planting geometry on different soils under arid conditions
Ejaz Ahmed Khan, Abdul Gaffar Sagoo and Gul Hassan

27. Sustainable cotton production and water economy through different planting methods and mulching techniques
Hafiz Muhammad Nasrullah, Muhammad Bismillah Khan, Riaz Ahmad, Saghir Ahmad, Wajad Nazeer and Mamoona Hanif

28. Assessment of adaptability and stability of grain yield in bread wheat genotypes under different sowing times in Punjab
Javed Anwar, Mujahid Hussain, Muhammad Amjad Ali, Makhdoom Hussain, Muhammad Saleem, Ghulam Mahboob Subhani, Javed Ahmad and Muhammad Munir

29. Growth, water status and photosynthesis in two maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars as affected by supplied nitrogen form and drought stress
Zhang Li Xin, Gao Mei, Li Shiqing, Li Shengxiu and Liang Zongsuo-

30. Study of heavy trace metals in some medicinal–herbal plants of Pakistan
Manzoor Iqbal Khattak and Mahmood Iqbal Khattak

31. Correlation between humid thermal ratio and epidemics of Cercospora leaf spot of peanut in Pothwar
Muhammad Ijaz, M.I. Haque, C.A. Rauf, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, Abid Riaz and S.M. Mughal

32. Variation in the resistance of some faba bean genotypes to Orobanche crenata
Zouhaier Abbes, Fadhel Sellami and Mohamed Kharrat

33. Relationship between morphological characters of different aubergine cultivars and fruit infestation by Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee
Humayun Javed, Ata-ul-Mohsin, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Amjad and Tariq Mahmood

34. Inter-varietal variation in the composition of seeds and seed oils from winter melon [Benincasa hispida (Thunb.) Cogn.] fruit
Farooq Anwar, Nor Azizah Mohammad, Fatimah Othman and Nazamid Saari

35. Induced genetic variability in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) III. Frequency of morphological mutations
Tariq Mahmud Shah, Babar Manzoor Atta, Javed Iqbal Mirza and Muhammad Ahsanul Haq

36. In vitro germination of hybrid embryos from interploidal crosses of citrus
Asim Mehmood, Muhammad Jafar Jaskani, Yasar Sajjad, Iftikhar Ahmad and Zahoor Hussain

37. Differential responses of onion and garlic against plant growth regulators
G. Ouzounidou, A. Giannakoula, M. Asfi and I. Ilias

38. Requirement of pro-peptide in proper folding of subtilisin-like serine protease TK0076
Nouman Rasool, Naeem Rashid, Muhammad Arshad Javed and Muhammad Saleem Haider

39. Toxicity of pesticides on photosynthesis of diatoms
Nafisa Shoaib, Pirzada Jamal Ahmed Siddiqui, Amjad Ali, Zaib-un-Nisa Burhan and Seema Shafique

40. Yield stability in bread wheat genotypes
Muhammad Afzal Arain, Mahboob Ali Sial and M. Arif Rajput

41. - Determination of genetic diversity of different barley genotypes grown in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa using RAPD markers
Jehan Bakht, Mehnaz Ghaffar, Mohammad Shafi and Abdul Latif

42. Nitrogen effects on growth and development of sunflower hybrids under agro-climatic conditions of Multan
Wajid Nasim, Ashfaq Ahmad, Aftab Wajid, Javaid Akhtar and Dilbaugh Muhammad

43. Sustaining rice-wheat system through management of legumes ii. effect of green manure legumes and N fertilizer on wheat yield
Zahir Shah, S. Rashid Ahmad and Hidayat-ur-Rahman

44. Morphology and yield of soybean grown on allophanic soil as influenced by synthetic zeolite application
Amir Zaman Khan, H. Khan, R. Khan, S. Nigar, M. K. Shah, S. Wahab, S. Munir, M. Ayub, N. Matsue and T. Henmi

45. Pollen germination capacity of two cultivated species (Jasminum sambuc (L.) Ait. and Nycanthes arbor-tristis L.) of family Oleaceae
Anjum Perveen

46. Effect of different allelochemicals on germination and growth of horse purslane
Muhammad Saeed, Muhammad Ashfaq and Bakhtiar Gul

47. Effect of exogenous supply of boron on nodule development in pea (Pisum sativum L.)
Ferhat Mehmood, Muhammad Qasim, Zaheer ud Din Khan and Syed Hammad Raza

48. Classification of cotton and sugarcane plants on the basis of their spectral behavior
Muhammad Shahzad Shifa, M. Shahid Naweed, Muhammad Omar, M. Zeeshan Jhandir and Tanveer Ahmed

49. Identification of fibers of woody and non-woody plant species in pulp and papers
Vahidreza Safdari, Mohammad Reza Nikseresht Sigarody and Moinuddin Ahmed

50. Influence of salt stress on growth and biochemical parameters of citrus rootstocks
Rashad Mukhtar Balal, M. Yasin Ashraf, Muhammad Mumtaz Khan, Muhammad Jafar Jaskani and Muhammad Ashfaq

51. Performance of high yielding wheat and barley cultivars under moisture stress
Amanullah, Shitab Khan, Shad Khan Khalil, Amanullah Jan, Amir Zaman Khan and Khalid Nawab

52. Interspecific variation of total seed protein in wild rice germplasm using SDS-PAGE
Syed Mehar Ali Shah, Hidayat-ur-Rahman, Fida Muhammad Abbasi, Malik Ashiq Rabbani, Ijaz Ahmad Khan, Zabta Khan Shinwari and Zahir Shah

53. Genetic diversity of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) germplasm from Pakistan using RAPD markers
Fazal Akbar, M. Ashiq Rabbani, Zabta K. Shinwari and M. Shahid Masood

54. Cloning and characterization of peroxidase gene in Phalaenopsis
Xu Chuanjun, Sun Xuzhuo, Chen Dongyin, Lai Yanyan and Li Ling

55. Diversity for seedling vigor in wild barley (Hordeum vulgare L., subsp. spontaneum) germplasm
Kuldeep Tyagi, Hyo Jeong Lee, Chong Ae Lee, Shafiq Rehman, Brian Steffenson, Kui Jae Lee and Song Joong Yun

56. Cloning and bioinformatics analysis of Aspartate aminotransferase gene in Arabidopsis thaliana
Hongying Duan, Xiaosheng Ding, Xinwei Li, Zhiqiang Duan and Yanqing Zhou

57. Detection of sodium azide-induced mutagenicity in the regenerated shoots of Artemisia annua L., using internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of nrDNA
Fahad Al-Qurainy, Fahad M. Al-Hemaid, Salim Khan, M. Ajmal Ali, M. Tarroum and M. Ashraf

58. Marine centric diatom Rhizosolenia Brightwell: its occurrence and distribution in neritic waters of Pakistan
Asma Tabassum and S.M. Saifullah

59. Partial characterization of bacteriocin like inhibitory substance from Bacillus subtilis BS15, a local soil isolate
Syed Iqbal Alam, Muhammad Kamran, Muhammad Sohail, Aqeel Ahmad and Shakeel Ahmed Khan

60. Optimization of cultural conditions for the biosynthesis of lipases by Penicillium chrysogenum (MBL 22) through solid state fermentation
Tehreema Iftikhar, Mubashir Niaz, Zaib-un-Nisa, Asma Tariq, M.N. Khalid and Rukhsana Jabeen

61. Anatomy of Dictyopteris divaricata (Phaeophycota) from the coast of Karachi
Alia Abbas and Mustafa Shameel

62. Process optimization for a potent wild and mutant strain of Aspergillus niger for biosynthesis of amyloglucosidsae
Shazia Malik, Tehreema Iftikhar and Ikram-ul-Haq

63. Role of ultraviolet (UV-C) radiation in the control of root infecting fungi on groundnut and mungbean
Anum Siddiqui, Shahnaz Dawar, M. Javed Zaki and Neelofar Hamid

64. Study of fungi from the contaminated soils of peri-urban agricultural areas
Shazia Iram, Iftikhar Ahmad, Kainat Nasir and Shazia Akhtar

65. antifungal activity of Aloe vera gel against plant pathogenic fungi
Uzma Sitara, Nusrat Hassan and Jawed Naseem

66. Total phenols and antioxidant activities of leaf and stem extracts from coriander, mint and parsley grown in Saudi Arabia
Fahad Al-Juhaimi and Kashif Ghafoor


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