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Pakistan Journal of Botany - 43 (3), 2011


1. Determination of genetic diversity in the Vicia L. (section Vicia) by using SDS-PAGE
Irfan Emre

2. Molecular and morphological characterization of selected Mentha species
Zabta Khan Shinwari, Sidra Sultan and Tariq Mahmood

3. Petiole anatomy of some Lamiaceae taxa
Öznur Ergen Akçin, M. Sabri Özyurt and Gülcan Şenel

4. Ethnobotanical studies of some plants of Chagharzai valley, district Buner, Pakistan
Zaman Sher, Zaheer Ud Din Khan and Farrukh Hussain

5. Medicinal folk recipes used as traditional phytotherapies in district Dera Ismail Khan, KPK, Pakistan
Sarfaraz Khan Marwat, Fazal-ur-Rehman, Mir Ajab Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Muhammad Zafar and Said Ghulam

6. Assesment of iron, cobalt and manganese in soil and forage: A case study at a rural livestock farm in Sargodha, Pakistan Asia Fardous, Kafeel Ahmad, Sumaira Gondal, Zafar Iqbal Khan, Abid Ejaz and Ehsan Elahi Valeem

7. Effect of cadmium on growth, protein content and peroxidase activity in pea plants
Khadijeh Bavi, Bahman Kholdebarin and Ali Moradshahi

8. Effect of nitrogen application on yield and yield components of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Mohammad Shafi, Jehan Bakht, Fazal Jalal, Mohammad Aman Khan and Sabir Gul Khattak

9. Impact of municipal wastewaters of Quetta city on some oilseed crops of Pakistan: Effects on biomass, physiology and yield of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
Saeed-ur-Rehman Kakar, Abdul Wahid, Rasool Bakhsh Tareen, Siraj Ahmad Kakar and Rukhsana Jabeen

10. Effects of different photoperiods on flowering time of qualitative long day ornamental annuals
Jalal-ud-Din Baloch, M. Munir, M. Abid and M. Iqbal

11. Morphochemical response of chaksu (Cassia absus L.) to different concentrations of indoleacetic acid (IAA)
Khalid Hussain, Mumtaz Hussain, Khalid Nawaz, Abdul Majeed and Khizar Hayat Bhatti

12. Wheat seed enhancement by vitamin and hormonal priming
Muhammad Bismillah Khan, Madhia Aman Gurchani, Mubshar Hussain, Shoaib Freed and Khalid Mahmood

13. Combined effects of pectic enzymes on the degradation of pectin polysaccharides of banana fruit
Guiping Cheng, Yueming Jiang, Yulong Chen, Shaoyu Yang, Shenggen He, Hong Liang and Xuewu Duan

14. Effects of stratification at different temperatures on the embryo differentiation and development of Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis seeds
Yu Ye, Shu-Ying Chen, Li Wang, Yan-Qiong Yang and Chang-Ling Zhao

15. Foliar application of some essential minerals on tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) plant grown under two different salinity regimes
Mohammad Azeem and Rafiq Ahmad

16. Physiological and biochemical responses of the leaves of Verbascum wiedemannianum Fisch. & Mey. to cadmium
Yasemin Ozdener and H. Güray Kutbay

17. Drought tolerance indices and their correlation with yield in exotic wheat genotypes
Javed Anwar, Ghulam Mahboob Subhani, Makhdoom Hussain, Javed Ahmad, Mujahid Hussain and Muhammad Munir

18. Influence of phytohormone on the organogenesis of sugarcane
Nighat Seema, Fateh Chand Oad, Imtiaz Ahmed Khan, Shamssuddin Tunio, Mohammad Aquil Siddiqui, Shafquat Yasmin, Abdullah Khatri and Sajida Bibi

19. Relationship of coleoptile length and plant height in winter wheat accessions
Žilvinas Liatukas and Vytautas Ruzgas

20. Purification and characterization of extracellular lipases
Tehreema Iftikhar, Mubashir Niaz, Rukhsana Jabeen and Ikram-ul-Haq

21. Evaluation of iron content in a potential fodder crop oat (Avena sativa L.) grown on soil treated with sugarcane filter cake
Zafar Iqbal Khan, Kafeel Ahmad, Shahneela Kashaf, Muhammad Ashraf, F. Al-Qurainy, Muhammad Danish, Asia Fardous, Sumaira Gondal, Abid Ejaz and Ehsan Elahi Valeem

22. Root zone temperature influences nutrient accumulation and use in maize
Shahid Hussain and Muhammad Aamer Maqsood

23. Growth comparison of exotic species for green forage
Mohammad Akmal, Uzma Farid, M. Asim and Farhatullah

24. Compositional studies of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) cultivars commonly grown in Pakistan
M. Zia-ul-Haq, S. Ahmad, M. Aslam Shad, S. Iqbal, M. Qayum, A. Ahmad, D.L. Luthria and R. Amarowicz

25. Sustaining rice-wheat system through management of legumes: I. Effect of green manure legumes on rice yield and soil quality
Zahir Shah, S. Rashid Ahmad and Hidayat Ur Rahman

26. Generation mean analysis of yield components and yield in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
Jasmina Zdravković, Nenad Pavlović, Zdenka Girek, Milka Brdar-Jokanović, Dubravka Savić, Milan Zdravković and Dejan Cvikić

27. Effects of grape (Vitis labrusca B.) peel and seed extracts on phenolics, antioxidants and anthocyanins in grape juice
Kashif Ghafoor, Fahad Al-Juhaimi and Yong Hee Choi

28. Modulation of plant growth, water status and antioxidantive system of two maize (Zea may L.) cultivars induced by exogenous glycinebetaine under long term mild drought stress
Zhang Li-Xin, Gao Mei, Li Shiqing, Li Shengxiu and Liang Zongsuo

29. Evaluation of antidepressant-like effects of aqueous extract of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L. ssp. turkestanica) fruits in experimental models of depression
Farhat Batool, Aisha Kamal, Madiha Sattar, Asad Hussain Shah, Syed Dilnawaz Ahmed, Zafar Saied Saify and Darakhshan Jabeen Haleem

30. Impact of different mulches on weed flora and yield of maize
Ijaz Ahmad Khan, Z. Ullah, G. Hassan, K.B. Marwat, Amanullah Jan, S.M.A Shah and Sheraz A. Khan

31. Impact of tillage, plant population and mulches on weed management and grain yield of maize
Bakhtiar Gul, Khan Bahadar Marwat, Muhammad Saeed, Zahid Hussain and Haidar Ali

32. Diversity in major seed storage proteins of rice landraces of Pakistan
Zahida Hassan Pervaiz, Sadia Tehrim, M. Ashiq Rabbani, M.S. Masood and Salman A. Malik

33. Authentication of Ruta graveolens and its adulterant using internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA (Please include my this paper in this issue)
Fahad Al-Qurainy, Salim Khan, M. Ajmal Ali, Fahad M. Al-Hemaid, Mohamed Tarroum and M. Ashraf

34. Is photothermal quotient determinant factor for spring wheat yield?
M. Ahmed, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, Abdul Razzaq, M.N. Akram, M. Aslam, S. Ahmad and M. Zia-ul-Haq

35. Effect of planting methods on growth, phenology and yield of maize varieties
Jehan Bakht, Mohammad Shafi, Habib Rehman, Razi Uddin and Shazma Anwar

36. Phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of peanut’s skin, hull, raw kernel and roasted kernel flour
Mar Mar Win, Azizah Abdul-Hamid, Bablishah S. Baharin, Farooq Anwar, Mandumpal C. Sabu and Mohd S. Pak-Dek

37. Growth promoting activities of different Rhizobium spp. in wheat
Ijaz Mehboob, Zahir Ahmad Zahir, Muhammad Arshad, Asif Tanveer and Farooq-e-Azam

38. Salinity tolerance in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.): Effects of varying NaCl, K+/Na+ and NaHCO3 levels on cultivars differing in tolerance
K. Mahmood

39. Certain growth related attributes of micropropagated banana under different salinity levels
Ikram-ul-Haq, Faheeda Soomro, Nazia Parveen, Muhammad Umar Dahot and Ameer Ahmed Mirbahar

40. Salinity induced metabolic changes in rice (Oryza sativa L.) seeds during germination
A. Shereen, R. Ansari, S. Raza, S. Mumtaz, M.A. Khan and M. Ali Khan

41. Isolation and characterization of phosphate solublizing bacteria from rhizosphere soil of weeds of Khewra Salt Range and Attock
Humaira Yasmin and Asghari Bano

42. Vegetation analysis and winter season carrying capacity of sub-tropical, sub-humid rangelands of Dhrabi watershed, Pakistan
Sana-ul-Haq, S.N. Mirza, S.M. Nizami, A. Khaliq Chaudhry, I.A. Khan and Rahmatullah Qureshi

43. Canonical correspondence analysis of the relationships of roadside vegetation to its edaphic factors: A case study of Lahore-Islamabad motorway (M-2)
Sheikh Saeed Ahmad

44. Floristic inventory of Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Research Farm at Koont and its surrounding areas
Rahmatullah Qureshi, G.R. Bhatti and Ghulam Shabbir

45. Convolvulus scindicus: Conservation assessment and strategies to avoid extirpation
Haider Abbas and Muhammad Qaiser

46. Breeding and characterization of Homokaryotic heteroplasmic male sterile lines in rice (Oryza sativa)
Qiming Mei, Rong Xie, Chengyuan Liu, Xichang Zhou and Yingguo Zhu

47. Inheritance of lodging components in mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek)
G.S.S. Khattak, I. Saeed and S. Rehman

48. Combining ability and heterotic studies through line × tester in local and exotic upland cotton genotypes
Huseyin Basal, Oner Canavar, Naqib Ullah Khan and Cem Serdar Cerit

49. Reaction of exotic and indigenous Capsicum genotypes against Pakistani isolates of chili veinal mottle virus
Hussain Shah, Tahira Yasmin, Muhammad Fahim, Shahid Hameed, Irfan-ul-Haque, Muhammad Munir and Khalil Ahmed Khanzada

50. Genetic potential and heritability studies for some polygenic traits in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
Mushtaq Ahmad, Naqib Ullah Khan, Fida Mohammad, Sheraz Ahmed Khan, Iqbal Munir, Zarina Bibi and Salma Shaheen

51. Combining ability analysis in intra-specific F1 diallel cross of upland cotton
Sheraz Ahmed Khan, Naqib Ullah Khan, Fida Mohammad, Mushtaq Ahmad, Ijaz Ahmed Khan, Zarina Bibi and Imdad Ullah Khan

52. Virulence / aggressiveness testing of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryza isolates causes BLB disease in rice cultivars of Pakistan
Rukhsana Jabeen, Tehreema Iftikhar, Muhammad Ashraf and Iftikhar Ahmad

53. Correlation and path analysis of grain yield and morphological traits in test–cross populations of maize
Zorana Sreckov, Aleksandra Nastasic, Jan Bocanski, Ivica Djalovic, Mirjana Vukosavljev and Bojan Jockovic

54. Novel protocol for albumin and globulin detection in Pisum sativum genotypes using Sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE)
M. Nisar, A. Ghafoor, M.R. Khan, Saddrudine Siddiqui, Nasrullah Khan and Muhammad Faheem Siddiqui

55. Evaluation of Pakistani wheat germplasm for bread quality based on allelic variation in HMW glutenin subunits
Aqsa Tabasum, Nayyer Iqbal, Amjad Hameed and Rubina Arshad

56. Selection index based on performance and hybrid vigour over four generations and its relationship with diversity in eleven crosses of Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper
Abdul Ghafoor and Muhammad Arshad

57. Bearing fruit by male Carica papaya similar to that of a female plant provides a potential source for understanding Homo sapiens evolution
Rajput Muhammed Tariq

58. Utilization of Cyanobacterium phormidium sp. to produce immobilized hybrid disc biosorbent for the removal of Cd2+ from aqueous solution
Muhammad Iqbal and Asma Saeed

59. Diversity of the genera of Chlorophyta in fresh waters of district Swat N.W.F.P. Pakistan
Asghar Ali, Zabta Khan Shinwari and Muhammad Khan Leghari

60. Bacterial and toxic pollutants in lakes of river Indus
Humerah Bano Shafiq, Munazza Ajaz and Sheikh Ajaz Rasool

61. Antimicrobial screening of some plants of medicinal importance
Mehjabeen, Mansoor Ahmad, Noor Jahan, M. Zia-ul-Haq, S. Mehboob Alam, Asma Wazir and Saeedul-Hassan

62. Checklist of agarics of Kaghan valley
Kishwar Sultana, Chaudhary Abdul Rauf, Abid Riaz, Farah Naz, Gulshan Irshad and Muhammad Ifran ul Haque

63. Diversity in arbuscular mycorrhizal morphology in some medicinal plants of family Lamiaceae
Tanvir Burni and Farrukh Hussain

64. Quick decline of mango in Pakistan: Survey and pathogenicity of fungi isolated from mango tree and bark beetle
Asad Masood, Shafqat Saeed, Silvaldo Felipe Da Silveira, Chrysantus Nges Akem, Nazim Hussain and Muhammad Farooq

65. Detection of phytoplasma from diseased potato samples
Shamim Iftikhar and Fauqia Fahmeed


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