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Pakistan Journal of Botany - 43 (6), 2011


1. Screening of salinity tolerant jute (Corchorus capsularis & C. olitorius) genotypes via phenotypic and physiology-assisted procedures
Hongyu Ma, Ruifang Yang, Zhankui Wang, Tian Yu, Yuying Jia, Hanyan Gu, Xiansheng Wang and Hao Ma

2. Growth and ions (Na+, K+ and Cl-) accumulating pattern of some Brassica genotypes under saline– sodic field condition
Muhammad Ubaidullah Shirazi, Muhammad Tahir Rajput, Muhammad Athar Khan, Muhammad Ali, Shaikh M. Mujtaba, Aisha Shereen, Saba Mumtaz and Mukhtiar Ali

3. Comparative salinity responses among tomato genotypes and rootstocks
Golgen Bahar Oztekin and Yuksel Tuzel

4. Salt tolerance of Physalis during germination and seedling growth
Ertan Yildirim, Huseyin Karlidag and Atilla Dursun

5. Pre-sowing application of ascorbic acid and salicylic acid to seed of pumpkin and seedling response to salt
Noman Rafique, Syed Hammad Raza, Muhammad Qasim and Naeem Iqbal

6. Seed priming improves salinity tolerance of wheat varieties
Yousaf Jamal, Mohammad Shafi, Jehan Bakht and Mohammad Arif

7. Response of barley genotypes to salinity stress as alleviated by seed priming
Shazma Anwar, Mohammad Shafi, Jehan Bakht, Muhammad Tariq Jan and Yousaf Hayat

8. Assessment of salt tolerance of some newly developed and candidate wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars using gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence attributes
Hina Kanwal, Muhammad Ashraf and Muhammad Shahbaz

9. Sodium chloride tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.) at early seedling growth: Genotypic variability, identification and selection
Abdus Salam, Zulfiqar Ali and Muhammad Aslam

10. Enhanced proline synthesis may determine resistance to salt stress in tomato cultivars
Syed Ghias Ali, Abdur Rab, Naqib Ullah Khan and Khalid Nawab

11. Use of low quality groundwater for reclamation of saline-sodic soil by growing rice and wheat crops
M.J. Qamar, A. Ghafoor, G. Murtaza, Saifullah and M.Z. Rehman

12. Genetic variability and correlation analysis of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) accessions
Muhammad Mohibullah, Malik Ashiq Rabbani, Shah Jehan, Zakiullah, Adnan Amin and Ghazanfarullah

13. Population genetics of invasive weed Mimosa pigra L. (Mimosoideae) in Thailand
Pairot Pramual, Suttira Khumkratok and Komgrit Wongpakam

14. Genetic stability evaluation of Quercus suber L., somatic embryogenesis by RAPD analysis
Pedro Fernandes, Armando Costa Cristina Rocha and Conceiçao Santos

15. Assessment of heritability estimates for some yield traits in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Muhammad Khalid, Iftikhar Hussain Khalil, Farhatullah, Abdul Bari, Mohammad Tahir, Shahid Ali, Sajjad Anwar, Amjad Ali and Muhammad Ismail

16. Genetic divergence in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) landraces based on qualitative and quantitative traits
Fazal Akbar, M. Ashiq Rabbani, Zabta Khan Shinwari and Shah Jehan Khan

17. Identification of resistance source in potato germplasm against PVX and PVY
Nadeem Ahmad, M. Aslam Khan, Nasir Ahmad Khan, R. Binyamin and M. Azam Khan

18. Genetic divergence and association among polygenic characters in Gossypium hirsutum L.
Maryam Bibi, Naqib Ullah Khan, Fida Mohammad, Rozina Gul, Abdul Aziz Khakwani and Obaid Ullah Sayal

19. Impact of industrial effluents on germination and seedling growth of Lens esculentum varieties
Azra Yasmin, Sofia Nawaz and Syeda Maria Ali

20. Three new combinations in the genus Cephalophilon (Meisn.) Spach (Polygonaceae)
Muhammad Qaiser and Anjum Perveen

21. Further insights and new combinations in Aylostera (Cactaceae) based on molecular and morphological data
Stefano Mosti, Nadeesha Lewke Bandara and Alessio Papini

22. Factors influencing seed germination of wild onion and chickpea cultivars
M.I. Khan, G. Hassan, I. Khan, M. Saeed, A.A. Khakwani, M. Idrees And K. Nawab

23. Relationship between germination and seed size in alpine shrubs in Tibetan plateau
Wu Gao-Lin, Li Wei and Du Guo-Zhen

24. Evaluating the potential of seed priming techniques in improving germination and early seedling growth of various rangeland grasses
Ihsan Qadir, Z.H. Khan, R.A. Khan and Irfan Afzal

25. Allelopathic effects of Acacia tortilis (Forssk.) Hayne subsp. raddiana (SAVI) Brenan in North Africa
Zouheir Noumi and Mohamed Chaieb

26. Effect of adding inorganic, organic and microbial fertilizers on seed germination and seedling growth of sunflower
M. Jalaluddin and Maria Hamid

27. Effect of GA and ABA on germination behavior of black raspberry (Rubus coreanus Miquel) seeds
Shafiq Rehman, Heh-Ran Choi, Muhammad Jamil and Song Joong Yun

28. Floristic composition, communities and ecological characteristics of weeds of wheat fields of Lahor, district Swabi, Pakistan
Zaman Sher, Farrukh Hussain, Lal Badshah and Muhammad Wahab

29. Surveillance of microbial indicators and physicochemical parameters to investigate pollution status of Lahore canal
Arifa Tahir, Fariha Kanwal and Bushra Mateen

30. Pollen flora of Pakistan –LXVIII. Dipsacaceae
Anjum Perveen and Muhammad Qaiser

31. Determination of macro-and micro-nutrients and nutritional prospects of six vegetable species of Mardan, Pakistan
Javid Hussain, Najeeb ur Rehman, Abdul Latif Khan, Hidayat Hussain, Ahmed Al-Harrasi, Liaqat Ali, Farhana Sami, and Zabta Khan Shinwari

32. Over expression of rice phytochrome A in Arabidopsis: diverse role in multiple physiological responses
Chunfeng Chen, You Chen, Qing Zhang, Benwen Chen, Chengwei Yang and Ya Qin Wang

33. Aminolevulinic acid-induced changes in yield and seed-oil characteristics of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) plants under salt stress
Nudrat Aisha Akram, Muhammad Ashraf and F. Al-Qurainy

34. Ecophysiological responses of rice (Oryza sativa L.) to hexavalent chromium
Maqsood Ahmad, A. Wahid, Sheikh Saeed Ahmad, Zahid Ali Butt and Maryum Tariq

35. Effects of soil proprieties on water and mineral nutrition of Beta macrocarpa Guss.
Sameh Sassi-Aydi, Samir Aydi, Kamel Hessini, Chedly Abdelly, Mokhtar Lachaâl and Abdelaziz Soltani

36. Role of nitrate nutrition in alleviation of the adverse effects of drought stress on maize cultivars: Biomass production and antioxidative capacity
Lixin Zhang, Kai Wang, Xifeng Zhang, Lixia Lu, Yunfei Li, Mei Gao, Cuiyun Wang, Jinjiang Hu and Zongsuo Liang

37. Fraction of intercepted radiation of cotton responds to irrigation and integrated plant nutrition
Muhammad Saleem, Mahmood-ul-Hassan, Syed Sarwar Alam and Asif Javaid

38. Bio-reactive properties of citrus waste: an investigation of antioxidant and tyrosinase inhibitory activities
Musarrat Akhtar, Lubna Iqbal, Mehreen Lateef, Bushra Nawab, Muhammad Saleem and Nighat Afza

39. Morpho-physiological comparison of cut rose cultivars grown in two production systems
Iftikhar Ahmad, M. Shafique Khalid, M. Aslam Khan and M. Saleem

40. Influence of defoliation and deblossoming on the vegetative and reproductive growth of guava (Psidium guajava L.) cv. ‘Gola’
Ahmad Sattar Khan, Muhammad Rehman Gul Khan, Aman Ullah Malik, Basharat Ali Saleem, Ishtiaq Ahmad Rajwana and Iftikhar Ahmad

41. Seminal root of maize varieties in relation to reduction in the substrate moisture content
Asad Shah, Rabia Gohar, S. Khalid and Mohammad Akmal

42. Impact of boron fertilization on dry matter production and mineral constitution of irrigated cotton
Niaz Ahmed, Muhammad Abid, Fiaz Ahmad, Muhammad Aman Ullah, Qaisar Javaid and Muhammad Arif Ali

43. Effect of phosphorus fertigation in wheat on different soils varying in CaCO3 levels
Muhammad Yousuf Memon, Javaid Ahmad Shah, Parvez Khan, Muhammad Aslam and Nizamuddin Depar

44. In vitro evaluation of anthelmintic activity of essential oils of different parts of Skimmia laureola (DC.) Zucc. ex Walp., Var. Nair
Ferhat Mehmood, Muhammad Qasim, Zaheer-ud-Din Khan, Naeem Iqbal, Shahid Mehmood and Phool Shahzadi

45. Optimizing water and nitrogen requirements in maize (Zea mays L.) under semi-arid conditions of Pakistan
Hafiz Mohkum Hammad, A. Ahmad, F. Azhar, T. Khaliq, A. Wajid, W. Nasim and W. Farhad

46. Effect of mineral nitrogen fertilization on growth characteristics of lucerne under induced water deficiency stress
Viliana Vasileva, Ognyan Kostov, Emil Vasilev and Mohammad Athar

47. Relationship of plant available sulphur with soil characteristics, rainfall and yield levels of oilseed crops in Pothwar Pakistan
Rizwan Khalid, Khalid Saifullah Khan, Zahid Akram, Rahmatullah Qureshi and Muhammad Gulfraz

48. In vitro growth of Melaleuca alternifolia Cheel in bioreactor of immersion by bubbles
Gessiel Newton Scheidt, André Luís Lopes Da Silva, Yohana De Oliveira, Jefferson Da Luz Costa, Luiz Antonio Biasi and Carlos Ricardo Soccol

49. Effect of ethanolic plant extracts on three storage grain pests of economic importance
Farkhanda Manzoor, Ghazala Nasim, Sadia Saif and Saadiya Asma Malik

50. Grain yield stability in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) across environments
Ahmad Bakhsh, Lal Hussain Akhtar, Shahid Riaz Malik, Asif Masood, Sh. Muhammad Iqbal and Ramatullah Qureshi

51. Accumulation of heavy metals by lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) irrigated with different levels of wastewater of Quetta city
Abdul Kabir Khan Achakzai, Zahoor Ahmed Bazai and Safdar Ali Kayani

52. Crop burning practice-a threat to arbuscular mycorrhizal biodiversity
Ghazala Nasim

53. Effect of maturity on comparative nutritive value and fermentation characteristics of maize, sorghum and millet silages
Sohail Hassan Khan, Atiya Azim, Muhammad Sarwar and Abdul Ghafar Khan

54. Isolation and characterization of peptide(s) from Pisum sativum having antimicrobial activity against various bacteria
Saima Rehman and Azra Khanum

55. Isolation and characterization of Ralstonia solanacearum from infected tomato plants of Soan Skesar valley of Punjab
Zubeda Chaudhry and Hamid Rashid

56. Peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase activity, protein profile and phenolic content in tomato cultivars tolerant and susceptible to Fusarium oxsyporum f.sp. lycopersici
Gyanendra Kumar Rai, Rajesh Kumar, J. Singh, P.K. Rai and S.K. Rai

57. The effects of seed treatments with fungicides on stem rot caused by Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc., in peanut
Davut Soner Akgul, Hulya Ozgonen and Ali Erkilic

58. Removal of Pb(II), Cu(II) and Cd(II) from aqueous solution by some fungi and natural adsorbents in single and multiple metal systems
Amna Shoaib, Taskeen Badar and Nabila Aslam

59. Production of cellulases from Alternaria sp. MS28 and their partial characterization
Muhammad Sohail, Aqeel Ahmad and Shakeel Ahmed Khan

60. Phytotoxic potential of bark extracts of Acacia nilotica and Syzygium cumini against Parthenium hysterophorus
Khalid Mehmood, Hafiz M. Asif, Rukhsana Bajwa, Shazia Shafique and Sobiya Shafique

61. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) associated with the rhizosphere of Mentha arvensis L., and M. longifolia Huds.
Tanvir Burni, Farrukh Hussain and M. Sharief

62. Evaluation of rice germplasm against Xanthomonas oryzae pv oryzae causing bacterial blight
Muhammad Afzal Akhtar, Fida Mohammad Abbasi, Habib Ahmad, Muhammad Shahzad, Mehr Ali Shah and Azhar Husain Shah

63. Cytotoxic potential of fungi associated with rhizosphere and rhizoplane of wild and cultivated plants
Shamim A. Qureshi, Hira, Viqar Sultana, Jehan Ara and Syed Ehteshamul-Haque

64. Assessment of antibacterial activity of in vitro and in vivo grown garlic (Allium sativum L.)
Aneela Fatima, Tauqeer Ahmad, Shaista J. Khan, Farah Deeba and Nasreen Zaidi

65. Demographic studies of Ipomoea sindica Stapf., a desert summer annual
Seemi Aziz and Syed Shahid Shaukat

66. Biological characterization of Pakistani isolates of cucumber mosaic cucumovirus (CMV)
Shomaila Iqbal, Muhammad Ashfaq and Hussain Shah

67. Bioconversion of drifted seaweed biomass into organic compost collected from the Karachi coast
Tooba Haq, Farooq Ahmed Khan, Razia Begum and Alia Bano Munshi

68. Bioactive assessment of selected marine red algae against Leishmania major and chemical constituents of Osmundea pinnatifida
H. Sabina and R. Aliya

69. Taxonomic study of some euglenoid algae along G.T. road between Shahdara and Gujranwala
A. Zarina, Syed Tariq-Ali, Masud-ul-Hasan and Mustafa Shameel

70. The dinoflagellate genus Prorocentrum (Prorocentrales, Prorocentraceae) from the North Arabian Sea
Sadaf Gul and S.M. Saifullah


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