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Plant Biology - 13 (4-6), 2011

Plant Biology - 13 (4), 2011



Plant cation/H+ exchangers (CAXs): biological functions and genetic manipulations (pages 561–569)

M. Manohar, T. Shigaki and K. D. Hirschi


Does facilitating pollinator learning impede deceptive orchid attractiveness? A multi-approach test of avoidance learning (pages 570–575)

N. Juillet, C. C. Salzmann and G. Scopece

Reproductive biology of Trichocentrum pumilum: an orchid pollinated by oil-collecting bees (pages 576–581)

E. R. Pansarin and L. M. Pansarin

Reproductive biology of two Himalayan alpine gingers (Roscoea spp., Zingiberaceae) in China: pollination syndrome and compensatory floral mechanisms (pages 582–589)

Z.-Q. Zhang, W. J. Kress, W.-J. Xie, P.-Y. Ren, J.-Y. Gao and Q.-J. Li

Actin-dependent deposition of putative endosomes and endoplasmic reticulum during early stages of wound healing in characean internodal cells (pages 590–601)

A. Klima and I. Foissner

Pollen and stigma morphology of some Phaseoleae species (Leguminosae) with different pollinators (pages 602–610)

J. P. Basso-Alves, K. Agostini and S. de Pádua Teixeira

Regulatory interplay of the Sub1A and CIPK15 pathways in the regulation of ?-amylase production in flooded rice plants (pages 611–619)

N. P. Kudahettige, C. Pucciariello, S. Parlanti, A. Alpi and P. Perata

An insight into functional genomics of transgenic lines of tomato cv Rio Grande harbouring yeast halotolerance genes (pages 620–631)

N. Safdar, A. Yasmeen and B. Mirza

Physiology and proteomics of drought stress acclimation in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) (pages 632–642)

S. Fulda, S. Mikkat, H. Stegmann and R. Horn

Influence of physico-chemical parameters of the aquatic medium on germination of Eichhornia crassipes seeds (pages 643–648)

E. Albano Pérez, T. Ruiz Téllez and J. M. Sánchez Guzmán

Over-expression of gsh1 in the cytosol affects the photosynthetic apparatus and improves the performance of transgenic poplars on heavy metal-contaminated soil (pages 649–659)

L. A. Ivanova, D. A. Ronzhina, L. A. Ivanov, L. V. Stroukova, A. D. Peuke and H. Rennenberg

Geographic variation in the flood-induced fluctuating temperature requirement for germination in Setaria parviflora seeds (pages 660–666)

F. P. O. Mollard and P. Insausti

Genetic population structure, fitness variation and the importance of population history in remnant populations of the endangered plant Silene chlorantha (Willd.) Ehrh. (Caryophyllaceae) (pages 667–777)

D. Lauterbach, M. Ristow and B. Gemeinholzer

Genetic variation in Mediterranean Helichrysum italicum (Asteraceae; Gnaphalieae): do disjunct populations of subsp. microphyllum have a common origin? (pages 678–687)

M. Galbany-Casals, J. M. Blanco-Moreno, N. Garcia-Jacas, I. Breitwieser and R. D. Smissen


The protective shell: sclereids and their mechanical function in corollas of some species of Camellia (Theaceae) (pages 688–692)

W. Zhang, X.-Q. Wang and Z.-Y. Li

Development of glutathione-deficient embryos in Arabidopsis is influenced by the maternal level of glutathione (pages 693–697)

B. Lim, A. J. Meyer and C. S. Cobbett

Plant Biology - 13 (5), 2011



Signalling by the global regulatory molecule ppGpp in bacteria and chloroplasts of land plants (pages 699–709)

Y. Tozawa and Y. Nomura


Identification of an Arabidopsis solute carrier critical for intracellular transport and inter-organ allocation of molybdate (pages 710–718)

A. Gasber, S. Klaumann, O. Trentmann, A. Trampczynska, S. Clemens, S. Schneider, N. Sauer, I. Feifer, F. Bittner, R. R. Mendel and H. E. Neuhaus

Transcriptional regulation of two RTE-like genes of carnation during flower senescence and upon ethylene exposure, wounding treatment and sucrose supply (pages 719–724)

Y. Yu, H. Wang, J. Liu, Z. Fu, J. Wang and J. Liu

Plant U-box armadillo repeat proteins AtPUB18 and AtPUB19 are involved in salt inhibition of germination in Arabidopsis (pages 725–730)

J. Bergler and S. Hoth

Influence of EARLI1-like genes on flowering time and lignin synthesis of Arabidopsis thaliana (pages 731–739)

Y. Shi, X. Zhang, Z.-Y. Xu, L. Li, C. Zhang, M. Schläppi and Z.-Q. Xu

Accumulation of human EGF in nectar of transformed plants of Nicotiana langsdorffii × N. sanderae and transfer to honey by bees (pages 740–746)

J. P. F. G. Helsper, C. P. Ruyter-Spira, P. H. S. Kwakman, W. K. Bleeker, L. C. P. Keizer, J. B. Bade, A. A. Te Velde, S. A. J. Zaat, M. Verbeek and J. Creemers-Molenaar

Are nitric oxide donors a valuable tool to study the functional role of nitric oxide in plant metabolism? (pages 747–756)

M. Arasimowicz-Jelonek, J. Floryszak-Wieczorek and A. Kosmala

Redox changes during cold acclimation affect freezing tolerance but not the vegetative/reproductive transition of the shoot apex in wheat (pages 757–766)

A. Soltész, I. Tímár, I. Vashegyi, B. Tóth, T. Kellős, G. Szalai, A. Vágújfalvi, G. Kocsy and G. Galiba

Sugar ratios, glutathione redox status and phenols in the resurrection species Haberlea rhodopensis and the closely related non-resurrection species Chirita eberhardtii (pages 767–776)

D. Djilianov, S. Ivanov, D. Moyankova, L. Miteva, E. Kirova, V. Alexieva, M. Joudi, D. Peshev and W. Van den Ende

The ßI-galactosidase of Cicer arietinum is located in thickened cell walls such as those of collenchyma, sclerenchyma and vascular tissue (pages 777–783)

I. Martín, T. Jiménez, J. Hernández-Nistal, B. Dopico and E. Labrador

Gene expression profiling of Arabidopsis meiocytes (pages 784–793)

P. Libeau, M. Durandet, F. Granier, C. Marquis, R. Berthomé, J. P. Renou, L. Taconnat-Soubirou and C. Horlow

Rhizobial Nod factors are required for cortical cell division in the nodule morphogenetic programme of the Aeschynomeneae legume Arachis (pages 794–800)

F. Ibánez and A. Fabra

The life cycle of the amoeboid alga Synchroma grande (Synchromophyceae, Heterokontophyta) – highly adapted yet equally equipped for rapid diversification in benthic habitats (pages 801–808)

C. Koch, B. Brumme, M. Schmidt, K. Flieger, R. Schnetter and C. Wilhelm

The FLOWERING LOCUS T orthologous gene of Platanus acerifolia is expressed as alternatively spliced forms with distinct spatial and temporal patterns (pages 809–820)

J. Zhang, G. Liu, C. Guo, Y. He, Z. Li, G. Ning, X. Shi and M. Bao

Persistence of sunflower crop traits and fitness in Helianthus petiolaris populations (pages 821–830)

A. Gutierrez, M. Cantamutto and M. Poverene


Plant Biology - 13 (6), 2011



Is there evidence of optimisation for carbon efficiency in plant proteomes? (pages 831–834)

B. Jankovic, C. Seoighe, M. Alqurashi and C. Gehring


‘Rediscovery’ revised – the cooperation of Erich and Armin von Tschermak-Seysenegg in the context of the ‘rediscovery’ of Mendel’s laws in 1899–1901 (pages 835–841)

M. Simunek, U. Hoßfeld and V. Wissemann


For she that hath, to her shall be given…Implications of flowering in Anemone nemorosa L. (pages 842–847)

M.-B. Pontoppidan, P. M. Petersen and M. Philipp

Pollinator directionality as a response to nectar gradient: promoting outcrossing while avoiding geitonogamy (pages 848–856)

A. Fisogni, G. Cristofolini, M. Rossi and M. Galloni

Pollen limitation and inbreeding depression in an ‘old rare’ bumblebee-pollinated grassland herb (pages 857–864)

T. Becker, N. Voss and W. Durka

Seed longevity and fire: germination responses of an exotic perennial herb in NW Patagonian grasslands (Argentina) (pages 865–871)

J. Franzese and L. Ghermandi

Interactive effects of salinity and phosphorus availability on growth, water relations, nutritional status and photosynthetic activity of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) (pages 872–880)

O. Talbi Zribi, C. Abdelly and A. Debez

Characterisation and natural variation of a dehydrin gene in Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. (pages 881–887)

B. Vornam, O. Gailing, J. Derory, C. Plomion, A. Kremer and R. Finkeldey

Reproductive allocation and costs in gynodioecious Leucopogon melaleucoides (Ericaceae): implications for the evolution of gender dimorphism (pages 888–895)

G. Vaughton and M. Ramsey

Response of Trifolium repens to UV-B radiation: morphological links to plant productivity and water availability (pages 896–901)

R. W. Hofmann and B. D. Campbell

What is the proximate cause for size-dependent ecophysiological differences in vascular epiphytes? (pages 902–908)

G. Zotz, G. Schmidt and C. Mikona

Salicylic acid negatively affects the response to salt stress in pea plants (pages 909–917)

G. Barba-Espín, M. J. Clemente-Moreno, S. Álvarez, M. F. García-Legaz, J. A. Hernández and P. Díaz-Vivancos

Composition of epiphytic bacterial communities differs on petals and leaves (pages 918–924)

R. R. Junker, C. Loewel, R. Gross, S. Dötterl, A. Keller and N. Blüthgen

Endophytic colonisation of Bacillus subtilis in the roots of Robinia pseudoacacia L. (pages 925–931)

B. Huang, C. Lv, P. Zhuang, H. Zhang and L. Fan

Leaf cuticular n-alkanes as markers in the chemotaxonomy of the eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) and related species (pages 932–939)

Ł. P. Haliński, J. Szafranek and P. Stepnowski

Classification and differentiation of the genus Peganum indigenous to China based on chloroplast trnL-F and psbA-trnH sequences and seed coat morphology (pages 940–947)

T. Zhao, Z.-T. Wang, C. J. Branford-White, H. Xu and C.-H. Wang

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