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New Phytologist - 188 (4), 2010


Introduction to a Virtual Special Issue on pathogenic plant-fungus interactions
Panstruga, Ralph

Sniffing stomata?
Desikan, Radhika

From fiery beginnings: wildfires facilitated the spread of angiosperms in the Cretaceous
Belcher, Claire M.

Insidious effects of sequencing errors on perceived diversity in molecular surveys
Dickie, Ian A.

Hubs and bottlenecks in plant molecular signalling networks
Dietz, Karl-Josef; Jacquot, Jean-Pierre; Harris, Gary

From sunlight to phytomass: on the potential efficiency of converting solar radiation to phyto-energy
Amthor, Jeffrey S.

Recent insights into antioxidant defenses of legume root nodules
Becana, Manuel; Matamoros, Manuel A.; Udvardi, Michael; Dalton, David A.

Hydrogen sulphide, a novel gasotransmitter involved in guard cell signalling
García-Mata, Carlos; Lamattina, Lorenzo

Analysis of PRODUCTION OF FLAVONOL GLYCOSIDES-dependent flavonol glycoside accumulation in Arabidopsis thaliana plants reveals MYB11-, MYB12- and MYB111-independent flavonol glycoside accumulation
Stracke, Ralf; Jahns, Oliver; Keck, Matthias; Tohge, Takayuki; Niehaus, Karsten; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Weisshaar, Bernd

Deficiency in plastidic glutamine synthetase alters proline metabolism and transcriptomic response in Lotus japonicus under drought stress
Díaz, Pedro; Betti, Marco; Sánchez, Diego H.; Udvardi, Michael K.; Monza, Jorge; Márquez, Antonio J.

Characterization of foliar manganese (Mn) in Mn (hyper)accumulators using X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Fernando, D. R.; Mizuno, T.; Woodrow, I. E.; Baker, A. J. M.; Collins, R. N.

Regulation and mechanism of potassium release from barley roots: an in planta42K+ analysis ...
Coskun, Devrim; Britto, Dev T.; Kronzucker, Herbert J.

Very-long-chain aldehydes promote in?vitro prepenetration processes of Blumeria graminis in a dose- and chain length-dependent manner
Hansjakob, Anton; Bischof, Sebastian; Bringmann, Gerhard; Riederer, Markus; Hildebrandt, Ulrich

Labile soil carbon inputs mediate the soil microbial community composition and plant residue decomposition rates
de Graaff, Marie-Anne; Classen, Aimee T.; Castro, Hector F.; Schadt, Christopher W.

Ephemeral root modules in Fraxinus mandshurica
Xia, Mengxue; Guo, Dali; Pregitzer, Kurt S.

Responses of epiphytic lichens to an experimental whole-tree nitrogen-deposition gradient
Johansson, Otilia; Nordin, Annika; Olofsson, Johan; Palmqvist, Kristin

Synchrotron X-ray imaging for nondestructive monitoring of sap flow dynamics through xylem vessel elements in rice leaves
Kim, Hae Koo; Lee, Sang Joon

Variations of vessel diameter and ?13C in false rings of Arbutus unedo L. reflect different environmental conditions
Battipaglia, Giovanna; De Micco, Veronica; Brand, Willi A.; Linke, Petra; Aronne, Giovanna; Saurer, Matthias; Cherubini, Paolo

Leaf hydraulic vulnerability is related to conduit dimensions and drought resistance across a diverse range of woody angiosperms
Blackman, Christopher J.; Brodribb, Tim J.; Jordan, Gregory J.

The relationship between wood density and mortality in a global tropical forest data set
Kraft, Nathan J. B.; Metz, Margaret R.; Condit, Richard S.; Chave, Jérôme

Fire and the spread of flowering plants in the Cretaceous
Bond, William J.; Scott, Andrew C.


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