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New Phytologist - 189 (1-4), 2011

New Phytologist - 189 (1), 2011


Broad-spectrum plant science
Ian Woodward, F.; Slater, Holly

Knowing when not to grow
Bielenberg, Douglas G.

Solving the conundrum of plant species coexistence: water in space and time matters most
Penuelas, Josep; Terradas, Jaume; Lloret, Francisco

The nexus of host and pathogen phenology: understanding the disease triangle with climate change
Grulke, Nancy E.

MODIS Enhanced Vegetation Index data do not show greening of Amazon forests during the 2005 drought
Samanta, Arindam; Ganguly, Sangram; Myneni, Ranga B.

Epidermis: the formation and functions of a fundamental plant tissue
Javelle, Marie; Vernoud, Vanessa; Rogowsky, Peter M.; Ingram, Gwyneth C.

Laohavisit, Anuphon; Davies, Julia M.

Sodium transport in plants: a critical review
Kronzucker, Herbert J.; Britto, Dev T.

SGT1 contributes to coronatine signaling and Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato disease symptom development in tomato and Arabidopsis
Uppalapati, Srinivasa Rao; Ishiga, Yasuhiro; Ryu, Choong-Min; Ishiga, Takako; Wang, Keri; Noël, Laurent D.; Parker, Jane E.; Mysore, Kirankumar S.

Floret initiation, tissue expansion and carbon availability at the meristem of the sunflower capitulum as affected by water or light deficits
Dosio, Guillermo A. A.; Tardieu, François; Turc, Olivier

Bud set in popular - genetic dissection of a complex trait in natural and hybrid populations
Rohde, Antje; Storme, Véronique; Jorge, Véronique; Gaudet, Muriel; Vitacolonna, Nicola; Fabbrini, Francesco; Ruttink, Tom; Zaina, Giusi; Marron, Nicolas; Dillen, Sophie; Steenackers, Marijke; Sabatti, Maurizio; Morgante, Michele; Boerjan, Wout; Bastien, Catherine

Growth-mediated stress escape: convergence of signal transduction pathways activated upon exposure to two different environmental stresses
Pierik, Ronald; de Wit, Mieke; Voesenek, Laurentius A. C. J.

Early response of plant cell to carbon deprivation: in vivo31P-NMR spectroscopy shows a quasi-instantaneous disruption on cytosolic sugars, phosphorylated intermediates of energy metabolism, phosphate partitioning, and intracellular pHs
Gout, Elisabeth; Bligny, Richard; Douce, Roland; Boisson, Anne-Marie; Rivasseau, Corinne

A seed high-lysine trait is negatively associated with the TCA cycle and slows down Arabidopsis seed germination
Angelovici, Ruthie; Fait, Aaron; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Galili, Gad

Functional characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana isopropylmalate dehydrogenases reveals their important roles in gametophyte development
He, Yan; Chen, Liqun; Zhou, Yuan; Mawhinney, Thomas P.; Chen, Bing; Kang, Byung-Ho; Hauser, Bernard A.; Chen, Sixue

Dissection of the phytohormonal regulation of trichome formation and biosynthesis of the antimalarial compound artemisinin in
Maes, Lies; Van Nieuwerburgh, Filip C. W.; Zhang, Yansheng; Reed, Darwin W.; Pollier, Jacob; Vande Casteele, Sofie R. F.; Inzé, Dirk; Covello, Patrick S.; Deforce, Dieter L. D.; Goossens, Alain

OsHMA3, a P1B-type of ATPase affects root-to-shoot cadmium translocation in rice by mediating efflux into vacuoles
Miyadate, Hidenori; Adachi, Saki; Hiraizumi, Aya; Tezuka, Kouichi; Nakazawa, Nobushige; Kawamoto, Tomohiko; Katou, Kazunao; Kodama, Ikuko; Sakurai, Kenji; Takahashi, Hidekazu; Satoh-Nagasawa, Namiko; Watanabe, Akio; Fujimura, Tatsuhito; Akagi, Hiromori

Spatial distribution of arsenic and temporal variation of its concentration in rice
Zheng, Mao-Zhong; Cai, Chao; Hu, Ying; Sun, Guo-Xin; Williams, Paul N.; Cui, Hao-Jie; Li, Gang; Zhao, Fang-Jie; Zhu, Yong-Guan

Mannitol permeation and radial flow of water in maize roots
Fritz, Michael; Ehwald, Rudolf

Do quantitative vessel and pit characters account for ion-mediated changes in the hydraulic conductance of angiosperm xylem?
Jansen, Steven; Gortan, Emmanuelle; Lens, Frederic; Lo Gullo, Maria Assunta; Salleo, Sebastiano; Scholz, Alexander; Stein, Anke; Trifilo, Patrizia; Nardini, Andrea

A hydraulic explanation for size-specific plant shrinkage: developmental hydraulic sectoriality
Salguero-Gómez, Roberto; Casper, Brenda B.

Hydraulic constraints limit height growth in trees at high altitude
Petit, Giai; Anfodillo, Tommaso; Carraro, Vinicio; Grani, Francesco; Carrer, Marco

A fundamental, eco-hydrological basis for niche segregation in plant communities
Araya, Yoseph N.; Silvertown, Jonathan; Gowing, David J.; McConway, Kevin J.; Peter Linder, H.; Midgley, Guy

Intraspecific trait variation and covariation in a widespread tree species (Nothofagus pumilio) in southern Chile
Fajardo, Alex; Piper, Frida I.

Contrasting impacts of climate-driven flowering phenology on changes in alien and native plant species distributions
Hulme, Philip E.

Arabidopsis thaliana populations show clinal variation in a climatic gradient associated with altitude
Montesinos-Navarro, Alicia; Wig, Jennifer; Xavier Pico, F.; Tonsor, Stephen J.

Physiological performance of an Alaskan shrub (Alnus fruticosa) in response to disease (Valsa melanodiscus) and water stress
Rohrs-Richey, Jennifer K.; Mulder, Christa P. H.; Winton, Loretta M.; Stanosz, Glen

The role of abscisic acid and water stress in root herbivore-induced leaf resistance
Erb, Matthias; Köllner, Tobias G.; Degenhardt, Jörg; Zwahlen, Claudia; Hibbard, Bruce E.; Turlings, Ted C. J.

The isolation and characterization of Pik, a rice blast resistance gene which emerged after rice domestication
Zhai, Chun; Lin, Fei; Dong, Zhongqiu; He, Xiuying; Yuan, Bin; Zeng, Xiaoshan; Wang, Ling; Pan, Qinghua

Role of lupeol synthase in Lotus japonicus nodule formation (pages 335–346)
Delis, Costas; Krokida, Afrodite; Georgiou, Sofia; Pena-Rodríguez, Luis M.; Kavroulakis, Nektarios; Ioannou, Efstathia; Roussis, Vassilios; Osbourn, Anne E.; Papadopoulou, Kalliope K.

Arbuscular mycorrhizal hyphopodia and germinated spore exudates trigger Ca2+ spiking in the legume and nonlegume root epidermis
Chabaud, Mireille; Genre, Andrea; Sieberer, Björn J.; Faccio, Antonella; Fournier, Joëlle; Novero, Mara; Barker, David G.; Bonfante, Paola


New Phytologist - 189 (2), 2011


A challenge for hyperaccumulating plant models: `cycling' as fast as Arabidopsis thaliana
Frérot, Hélene

NO way to treat a cold
Gupta, Kapuganti J.; Hincha, Dirk K.; Mur, Luis A. J.

A new tool for functional genomics in maize
Benavente, Larissa M.; Scofield, Steven R.

Forces that structure plant communities: quantifying the importance of the mycorrhizal symbiosis
Klironomos, John; Zobel, Martin; Tibbett, Mark; Stock, William D.; Rillig, Matthias C.; Parrent, Jeri L.; Moora, Mari; Koch, Alexander M.; Facelli, José M.; Facelli, Evelina; Dickie, Ian A.; Bever, James D.

Plants and the Earth system - past events and future challenges
Coates, Juliet C.; Moody, Laura A.; Saidi, Younousse

Sources of variability in canopy reflectance and the convergent properties of plants
Ollinger, S. V.

Environment-dependent inbreeding depression: its ecological and evolutionary significance
Cheptou, Pierre-Olivier; Donohue, Kathleen

Generation of nonvernal-obligate, faster-cycling Noccaea caerulescens lines through fast neutron mutagenesis
Ó Lochlainn, Seosamh; Fray, Rupert G.; Hammond, John P.; King, Graham J.; White, Philip J.; Young, Scott D.; Broadley, Martin R.

Nitric oxide participates in cold-responsive phosphosphingolipid formation and gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana
Cantrel, Catherine; Vazquez, Thomas; Puyaubert, Juliette; Rezé, Nathalie; Lesch, Maria; Kaiser, Werner M.; Dutilleul, Christelle; Guillas, Isabelle; Zachowski, Alain; Baudouin, Emmanuel

Stable isotope labelling and zinc distribution in grains studied by laser ablation ICP-MS in an ear culture system reveals zinc transport barriers during grain filling in wheat
Wang, Y. X.; Specht, A.; Horst, W. J.

Improved nitrogen nutrition enhances root uptake, root-to-shoot translocation and remobilization of zinc (65Zn) in wheat
Erenoglu, Emin Bulent; Kutman, Umit Baris; Ceylan, Yasemin; Yildiz, Bahar; Cakmak, Ismail

Haplotype analysis of the genes encoding glutamine synthetase plastic isoforms and their association with nitrogen-use- and yield-related traits in bread wheat
Li, Xin-Peng; Zhao, Xue-Qiang; He, Xue; Zhao, Guang-Yao; Li, Bin; Liu, Dong-Cheng; Zhang, Ai-Min; Zhang, Xue-Yong; Tong, Yi-Ping; Li, Zhen-Sheng

Structural and hydraulic correlates of heterophylly in Ginkgo biloba
Leigh, A.; Zwieniecki, M. A.; Rockwell, F. E.; Boyce, C. K.; Nicotra, A. B.; Holbrook, N. M.

Systemic virus-induced gene silencing allows functional characterization of maize genes during biotrophic interaction with Ustilago maydis
van der Linde, Karina; Kastner, Christine; Kumlehn, Jochen; Kahmann, Regine; Doehlemann, Gunther

The second face of a known player: Arabidopsis silencing suppressor AtXRN4 acts organ-specifically
Vogel, Florian; Hofius, Daniel; Paulus, Kathrin Elisabeth; Jungkunz, Isabel; Sonnewald, Uwe

Host plant secondary metabolite profiling shows a complex, strain-dependent response of maize to plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria of the genus Azospirillum
Walker, Vincent; Bertrand, Cédric; Bellvert, Floriant; Moënne-Loccoz, Yvan; Bally, René; Comte, Gilles

Evidence for functional divergence in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from contrasting climatic origins
Antunes, Pedro M.; Koch, Alexander M.; Morton, Joseph B.; Rillig, Matthias C.; Klironomos, John N.

Recovery of ectomycorrhiza after `nitrogen saturation' of a conifer forest
Högberg, Peter; Johannisson, Christian; Yarwood, Stephanie; Callesen, Ingeborg; Näsholm, Torgny; Myrold, David D.; Högberg, Mona N.

Differentiating between effects of invasion and diversity: impacts of aboveground plant communities on belowground fungal communities
Kivlin, Stephanie N.; Hawkes, Christine V.

Resistance and recovery of soil microbial communities in the face of Alliaria petiolata invasions
Lankau, Richard A.

Phylloplane location of glucosinolates in Barbarea spp. (Brassicaceae) and misleading assessment of host suitability by a specialist herbivore
Badenes-Pérez, Francisco Rubén; Reichelt, Michael; Gershenzon, Jonathan; Heckel, David G.

Ecological trade-offs between jasmonic acid-dependent direct and indirect plant defences in tritrophic interactions
Wei, Jianing; Wang, Lizhong; Zhao, Jiuhai; Li, Chuanyou; Ge, Feng; Kang, Le

Jasmonate biosynthesis in legume and actinorhizal nodules
Zdyb, Anna; Demchenko, Kirill; Heumann, Jan; Mrosk, Cornelia; Grzeganek, Peter; Göbel, Cornelia; Feussner, Ivo; Pawlowski, Katharina; Hause, Bettina

A Medicago truncatula NADPH oxidase is involved in symbiotic nodule functioning
Marino, Daniel; Andrio, Emilie; Danchin, Etienne G. J.; Oger, Elodie; Gucciardo, Sébastien; Lambert, Annie; Puppo, Alain; Pauly, Nicolas

Association between nonsynonymous mutations of starch synthase IIa and starch quality in rice (Oryza sativa)
Yu, Guoqin; Olsen, Kenneth M.; Schaal, Barbara A.

The molecular basis for venation patterning of pigmentation and its effect on pollinator attraction in flowers of Antirrhinum
Shang, Yongjin; Venail, Julien; Mackay, Steve; Bailey, Paul C.; Schwinn, Kathy E.; Jameson, Paula E.; Martin, Cathie R.; Davies, Kevin M.

Possible contributions of TERMINAL FLOWER 1 to the evolution of rosette flowering in Leavenworthia (Brassicaceae)
Liu, Ning; Sliwinski, Marek K.; Correa, Raul; Baum, David A.

High homologous gene conservation despite extreme autopolyploid redundancy in sugarcane
Garsmeur, Olivier; Charron, Carine; Bocs, Stéphanie; Jouffe, Vincent; Samain, Sylvie; Couloux, Arnaud; Droc, Gaëtan; Zini, Cyrille; Glaszmann, Jean-Christophe; Van Sluys, Marie-Anne; D'Hont, Angélique




New Phytologist - 189 (3), 2011


Unearthing the truffle genome
Martin, Francis

Multifunctional fungal plant symbionts: new tools to enhance plant growth and productivity
Harman, Gary E.

Trait divergence and the ecosystem impacts of invading species
Cleland, Elsa E.

Effect of segregation and genetic exchange on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in colonization of roots
Angelard, Caroline; Sanders, Ian R.

Steps towards a mechanistic understanding of respiratory temperature responses
Kruse, Jörg; Rennenberg, Heinz; Adams, Mark A.

Innate immunity: has poplar made its BED?
Germain, Hugo; Séguin, Armand

Truffle volatiles: from chemical ecology to aroma biosynthesis
Splivallo, Richard; Ottonello, Simone; Mello, Antonietta; Karlovsky, Petr

Genetic evidence for auxin involvement in arbuscular mycorrhiza initiation
Hanlon, Meredith T.; Coenen, Catharina

Isolation and characterization of MAT genes in the symbiotic ascomycete Tuber melanosporum
Rubini, Andrea; Belfiori, Beatrice; Riccioni, Claudia; Tisserant, Emilie; Arcioni, Sergio; Martin, Francis; Paolocci, Francesco

Tuber melanosporum: mating type distribution in a natural plantation and dynamics of strains of different mating types on the roots of nursery-inoculated host plants
Rubini, Andrea; Belfiori, Beatrice; Riccioni, Claudia; Arcioni, Sergio; Martin, Francis; Paolocci, Francesco

Genome-wide search and functional identification of transcription factors in the mycorrhizal fungus Tuber melanosporum
Montanini, Barbara; Levati, Elisabetta; Bolchi, Angelo; Kohler, Annegret; Morin, Emmanuelle; Tisserant, Emilie; Martin, Francis; Ottonello, Simone

Genomic profiling of carbohydrate metabolism in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Tuber melanosporum
Ceccaroli, P.; Buffalini, M.; Saltarelli, R.; Barbieri, E.; Polidori, E.; Ottonello, S.; Kohler, A.; Tisserant, E.; Martin, F.; Stocchi, V.

Regulation of nonsymbiotic and truncated hemoglobin genes of Lotus japonicus in plant organs and in response to nitric oxide and hormones
Bustos-Sanmamed, Pilar; Tovar-Méndez, Alejandro; Crespi, Martin; Sato, Shusei; Tabata, Satoshi; Becana, Manuel

Functional characterization of a plant-like sucrose transporter from the beneficial fungus Trichoderma virens. Regulation of the symbiotic association with plants by sucrose metabolism inside the fungal cells
Vargas, Walter A.; Crutcher, Frankie K.; Kenerley, Charles M.

The degree of mycoheterotrophic carbon gain in green, variegated and vegetative albino individuals of Cephalanthera damasonium is related to leaf chlorophyll concentrations
Stöckel, Marcus; Meyer, Cornelia; Gebauer, Gerhard

Effects of multiple climate change factors on the tall fescue-fungal endophyte symbiosis: infection frequency and tissue chemistry
Brosi, Glade B.; McCulley, Rebecca L.; Bush, Lowell P.; Nelson, Jim A.; Classen, Aimée T.; Norby, Richard J.

Whole-system responses of experimental plant communities to climate extremes imposed in different seasons
De Boeck, Hans J.; Dreesen, Freja E.; Janssens, Ivan A.; Nijs, Ivan

Invasive forbs differ functionally from native graminoids, but are similar to native forbs
Scharfy, Deborah; Funk, Andrea; Olde Venterink, Harry; Güsewell, Sabine

Relationship between gibberellin, ethylene and nodulation in Pisum sativum
Ferguson, Brett J.; Foo, Eloise; Ross, John J.; Reid, James B.

Identification of a novel mitochondrial protein, short postembryonic roots 1 (SPR1), involved in root development and iron homeostasis in Oryza sativa
Jia, Liqiang; Wu, Zhongchang; Hao, Xi; Carrie, Chris; Zheng, Libin; Whelan, James; Wu, Yunrong; Wang, Shoufeng; Wu, Ping; Mao, Chuanzao

A K+ channel from salt-tolerant melon inhibited by Na+
Zhang, Yi-Dong; Véry, Anne-Aliénor; Wang, Li-Min; Deng, Yang-Wu; Sentenac, Hervé; Huang, Dan-Feng

Rice SIZ1, a SUMO E3 ligase, controls spikelet fertility through regulation of anther dehiscence
Thangasamy, Saminathan; Guo, Cian-Ling; Chuang, Ming-Hsiang; Lai, Ming-Hsing; Chen, Jychian; Jauh, Guang-Yuh

Deep RNA sequencing improved the structural annotation of the Tuber melanosporum transcriptome
Tisserant, E.; Da Silva, C.; Kohler, A.; Morin, E.; Wincker, P.; Martin, F.


New Phytologist - 189 (4), 2011


Carbon cycling in tropical ecosystems
Norby, Richard J.

Seeing the forest for the trees: statistical phylogeography in a changing world
Eckert, Andrew J.

Sensing microtubule states through the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway during mitosis and morphogenesis
Bogre, Laszlo

Heterosis: one boat at a time, or a rising tide?
Kaeppler, Shawn

No change without a cause - why climate change remains the most plausible reason for shrub growth dynamics in Scandinavia
Hallinger, Martin; Wilmking, Martin

Association genetics of complex traits in plants
Ingvarsson, Pär K.; Street, Nathaniel R.

A unifying theory for general multigenic heterosis: energy efficiency, protein metabolism, and implications for molecular breeding
Goff, Stephen A.

The biophysical design of plant cuticles: an overview
Domínguez, Eva; Heredia-Guerrero, José Alejandro; Heredia, Antonio

Leaf traits and decomposition in tropical rainforests: revisiting some commonly held views and towards a new hypothesis
Hättenschwiler, Stephan; Coq, Sylvain; Barantal, Sandra; Handa, Ira Tanya

The sensitivity of tropical leaf litter decomposition to temperature: results from a large-scale leaf translocation experiment along an elevation gradient in Peruvian forests
Salinas, N.; Malhi, Y.; Meir, P.; Silman, M.; Roman Cuesta, R.; Huaman, J.; Salinas, D.; Huaman, V.; Gibaja, A.; Mamani, M.; Farfan, F.

Can we predict carbon stocks in tropical ecosystems from tree diversity? Comparing species and functional diversity in a plantation and a natural forest
Ruiz-Jaen, Maria C.; Potvin, Catherine

Global vegetation and terrestrial carbon cycle changes after the last ice age
Prentice, I. C.; Harrison, S. P.; Bartlein, P. J.

Canopy phylogenetic, chemical and spectral assembly in a lowland Amazonian forest
Asner, Gregory P.; Martin, Roberta E.

In the heat of the night - alternative pathway respiration drives thermogenesis in Philodendron bipinnatifidum
Miller, Rebecca E.; Grant, Nicole M.; Giles, Larry; Ribas-Carbo, Miquel; Berry, Joseph A.; Watling, Jennifer R.; Robinson, Sharon A.

Leaf respiration and alternative oxidase in field-grown alpine grasses respond to natural changes in temperature and light
Searle, Stephanie Y.; Thomas, Samuel; Griffin, Kevin L.; Horton, Travis; Kornfeld, Ari; Yakir, Dan; Hurry, Vaughan; Turnbull, Matthew H.

Responses of ecosystem nitrogen cycle to nitrogen addition: a meta-analysis
Lu, Meng; Yang, Yuanhe; Luo, Yiqi; Fang, Changming; Zhou, Xuhui; Chen, Jiakuan; Yang, Xin; Li, Bo

Water quality as a threat to aquatic plants: discriminating between the effects of nitrate, phosphate, boron and heavy metals on charophytes
Lambert, Stephen J.; Davy, Anthony J.

Reciprocal regulation of Ca2+-activated outward K+ channels of Pyrus pyrifolia pollen by heme and carbon monoxide
Wu, Ju-You; Qu, Hai-Yong; Shang, Zhong-Lin; Tao, Shu-Tian; Xu, Guo-Hua; Wu, Jun; Wu, Hua-Qing; Zhang, Shao-Ling

Mitogen-activated protein kinase 4 is involved in the regulation of mitotic and cytokinetic microtubule transitions in Arabidopsis thaliana
Beck, Martina; Komis, George; Ziemann, Anja; Menzel, Diedrik; Šamaj, Jozef

Ethylene signalling is involved in regulation of phosphate starvation-induced gene expression and production of acid phosphatases and anthocyanin in Arabidopsis
Lei, Mingguang; Zhu, Chuanmei; Liu, Yidan; Karthikeyan, Athikkattuvalasu S.; Bressan, Ray A.; Raghothama, Kashchandra G.; Liu, Dong

Reduced wood stiffness and strength, and altered stem form, in young antisense 4CL transgenic poplars with reduced lignin contents
Voelker, Steven L.; Lachenbruch, Barbara; Meinzer, Frederick C.; Strauss, Steven H.

Separating multiple, short-term, deleterious effects of saline solutions on the growth of cowpea seedlings
Kopittke, Peter M.; Blamey, F. Pax C.; Kinraide, Thomas B.; Wang, Peng; Reichman, Suzie M.; Menzies, Neal W.

SOS3 mediates lateral root development under low salt stress through regulation of auxin redistribution and maxima in Arabidopsis
Zhao, Yankun; Wang, Tao; Zhang, Wensheng; Li, Xia

Kin recognition, not competitive interactions, predicts root allocation in young Cakile edentula seedling pairs
Bhatt, Mudra V.; Khandelwal, Aditi; Dudley, Susan A.

SGT1 regulates wounding- and herbivory-induced jasmonic acid accumulation and Nicotiana attenuata's resistance to the specialist lepidopteran herbivore Manduca sexta
Meldau, Stefan; Baldwin, Ian T.; Wu, Jianqiang

Identification of two conserved cis-acting elements, MYCS and P1BS, involved in the regulation of mycorrhiza-activated phosphate transporters in eudicot species
Chen, Aiqun; Gu, Mian; Sun, Shubin; Zhu, Lingling; Hong, Shuai; Xu, Guohua

The rice acyl-CoA-binding protein gene family: phylogeny, expression and functional analysis
Meng, Wei; Su, Yvonne C. F.; Saunders, Richard M. K.; Chye, Mee-Len

Southward Pleistocene migration of Douglas-fir into Mexico: phylogeography, ecological niche modeling, and conservation of `rear edge' populations
Gugger, Paul F.; González-Rodríguez, Antonio; Rodríguez-Correa, Hernando; Sugita, Shinya; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine

The relative importance of factors determining genetic drift: mating system, spatial genetic structure, habitat and census size in Arabidopsis lyrata
Willi, Yvonne; Määttänen, Kirsti


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