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The Indian Forester - 138 (1), 2012


Dr. V.R.R. Singh

Forest development corporations need corporate outlook economic marketing wing : A key missing link
N. Syam Prasad

Water use and biomass production in tree seedlings irrigated near field capacity in arid environment
G. Singh and T.R. Rathod

Genetic variability and correlation studies for seed morphology, seedling growth and biochemical traits in neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.)
N. Kaushik, J.C. Kaushik and S. Nautiyal

Physiological study for two ectomycorrhizal fungi isolated from Kumaun Himalaya
Anurag Yadav and Kusum Yadav

Contribution to the flora of Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere reserve, central India
Achuta N. Shukla and K.P. Singh

Underutilized fruit crops of Andaman : its biodiversity and role in environmental conservation and nutritional security
D.B. Singh, B.L. Attri and Charan Singh

Phenology and fruiting behaviour of safed arand (Jatropha curcast L.)
H. Puttaswamy, S. Gopakumar and B.N. Sathish

Edible weeds in paddy (Oryza sativa L.) fields of Sivagangai district in Tamilnadu, India
S. Shanmugam, P. Selvakumar, M. Annadurai and K. Rajendran

Pteriodophytic flora of Mehao wildlife sanctuary, Lower Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh (Eastern Himalaya)
Vineet Kumar Rawat

Evaluation of anticancerous and immunomodulatory potentials of Thuja occidentalis
Satish Kumar Verma and Santosh Kumar Singh

Shifting cultivation in northeastern region of India - status and strategies for sustainable development
J.M.S. Tomar, Anup Das, Lokho Puni, O.P. Chaturvedi and G.C. Munda

Protocol for in-vitro clonal propagation of Acorus calamus L. an important endangered medicinal plant
Farheen Mazher and Sonu Sharma

Sacred groves as ethnobotanical gene pools in tribal area of the western Himalaya in India
Vandana Thaplyal, Sanjeev Sharma and Ajay Ballabh Bhatt

Ethnobotanical studies of the plant used by the tribals of Bandarban hill district, Bangladesh
M. Mohiuddin, M.K. Alam, Shukla, R. Basak and M.K. Hossain

Evaluation of growth and soil fertility in Dalbergia sissoo-Zea mays (silvi-agri) agroforestry system
R.B. Singh and H.N. Hymavathi

Schizostachyum polymorphum (Munro) majumdar. A Bamboo new to South India for Andhra Pradesh
H.B. Naithani, P.V. Chalapathi Rao and B.V. Prasada Reddy

Chrysoperla carnea (stephens) : a new record of insect predator on teak pests, Hyblaea puera Cramer and Eutectona machaeralis (walker)
N. Roychoudhury and Subhash Chandra

Propagation of Calamus tenuis (Roxb.), a commercially valued forest species by in vitro culture
Prabalee Sarmah and P.K. Barua

Occurrence of albino seedlings in Pongamia pinnata (L.) pierre
R.S. Beniwal and Ruchi Chauhan

From the Indian Forester- One hundred year ago

The legend of rain-tree


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