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New Phytologist - 191 (1-4), 2011

New Phytologist - 191 (1-2), 2011


Introduction to a Virtual Special Issue on plant respiration in variable environments
Atkin, Owen K.

Pushing back in time: the role of fire in plant evolution
Midgley, Jeremy; Bond, William

The hairy problem of epigenetics in evolution
Richards, Christina L.; Wendel, Jonathan F.

Metabolic fluxes, carbon isotope fractionation and respiration - lessons to be learned from plant biochemistry
Werner, Roland A.; Buchmann, Nina; Siegwolf, Rolf T. W.; Kornexl, Barbara E.; Gessler, Arthur

How do we improve Earth system models? Integrating Earth system models, ecosystem models, experiments and long-term data
Leuzinger, Sebastian; Quinn Thomas, R.

Genes to ecosystems: exploring the frontiers of ecology with one of the smallest biological units
Wymore, Adam S.; Keeley, Annika T. H.; Yturralde, Kasey M.; Schroer, Melanie L.; Propper, Catherine R.; Whitham, Thomas G.

The evolution of RNA editing and pentatricopeptide repeat genes
Fujii, Sota; Small, Ian

Arsenic biotransformation and volatilization in transgenic rice
Meng, Xiang-Yan; Qin, Jie; Wang, Li-Hong; Duan, Gui-Lan; Sun, Guo-Xin; Wu, Hui-Lan; Chu, Cheng-Cai; Ling, Hong-Qing; Rosen, Barry P.; Zhu, Yong-Guan

cGMP-dependent ABA-induced stomatal closure in the ABA-insensitive Arabidopsis mutant abi1-1
Dubovskaya, Lyudmila V.; Bakakina, Yulia S.; Kolesneva, Ekaterina V.; Sodel, Dmitry L.; McAinsh, Martin R.; Hetherington, Alistair M.; Volotovski, Igor D.

A defective ABC transporter of the MRP family, responsible for the bean lpa1 mutation, affects the regulation of the phytic acid pathway, reduces seed myo-inositol and alters ABA sensitivity
Panzeri, Dario; Cassani, Elena; Doria, Enrico; Tagliabue, Giovanni; Forti, Luca; Campion, Bruno; Bollini, Roberto; Brearley, Charles A.; Pilu, Roberto; Nielsen, Erik; Sparvoli, Francesca

Vacuolar two-pore K+ channels act as vacuolar osmosensors
Maathuis, Frans J. M.

Deubiquitinating enzymes AtUBP12 and AtUBP13 and their tobacco homologue NtUBP12 are negative regulators of plant immunity
Ewan, Richard; Pangestuti, Ratih; Thornber, Sarah; Craig, Adam; Carr, Craig; O'Donnell, Liz; Zhang, Cunjn; Sadanandom, Ari

Different roles of Enhanced Disease Susceptibility1 (EDS1) bound to and dissociated from Phytoalexin Deficient4 (PAD4) in Arabidopsis immunity
Rietz, Steffen; Stamm, Anika; Malonek, Stefan; Wagner, Stephan; Becker, Dieter; Medina-Escobar, Nieves; Corina Vlot, A.; Feys, Bart J.; Niefind, Karsten; Parker, Jane E.

Effects of selenium hyperaccumulation on plant-plant interactions: evidence for elemental allelopathy?
El Mehdawi, Ali F.; Quinn, Colin F.; Pilon-Smits, Elizabeth A. H.

Changes in the structural composition and reactivity of Acer rubrum leaf litter tannins exposed to warming and altered precipitation: climatic stress-induced tannins are more reactive
Tharayil, Nishanth; Suseela, Vidya; Triebwasser, Daniella J.; Preston, Caroline M.; Gerard, Patrick D.; Dukes, Jeffrey S.

Intra-leaf gradients of photoinhibition induced by different color lights: implications for the dual mechanisms of photoinhibition and for the application of conventional chlorophyll fluorometers
Oguchi, Riichi; Douwstra, Peter; Fujita, Takashi; Chow, Wah Soon; Terashima, Ichiro

Seasonal patterns of carbon allocation to respiratory pools in 60-yr-old deciduous (Fagus sylvatica) and evergreen (Picea abies) trees assessed via whole-tree stable carbon isotope labeling
Kuptz, Daniel; Fleischmann, Frank; Matyssek, Rainer; Grams, Thorsten E. E.

Introducing short roots in a desert perennial: anatomy and spatiotemporal foraging responses to increased precipitation
Salguero-Gómez, Roberto; Casper, Brenda B.

Banksia born to burn
He, Tianhua; Lamont, Byron B.; Downes, Katherine S.

Deciphering the distribution of the savanna biome
Lehmann, Caroline E. R.; Archibald, Sally A.; Hoffmann, William A.; Bond, William J.

Life on the edge: rare and restricted episodes of a pan-tropical mutualism adapting to drier climates
McLeish, Michael; Guo, Danni; van Noort, Simon; Midgley, Guy

Parental effects modulate seed longevity: exploring parental and offspring phenotypes to elucidate pre-zygotic environmental influences
Kochanek, Jitka; Steadman, Kathryn J.; Probert, Robin J.; Adkins, Steve W.

Ascorbate peroxidase-related (APx-R) is a new heme-containing protein functionally associated with ascorbate peroxidase but evolutionarily divergent
Lazzarotto, Fernanda; Teixeira, Felipe Karam; Rosa, Silvia Barcelos; Dunand, Christophe; Fernandes, Claudia Lemelle; de Vasconcelos Fontenele, Adilton; Silveira, Joaquim Albenisio Gomes; Verli, Hugo; Margis, Rogério; Margis-Pinheiro, Marcia

Differential regulation of a MYB transcription factor is correlated with transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of trichome density in Mimulus guttatus
Scoville, Alison G.; Barnett, Laryssa L.; Bodbyl-Roels, Sarah; Kelly, John K.; Hileman, Lena C.

Predictable patterns of constraint among anthocyanin-regulating transcription factors in Ipomoea
Streisfeld, Matthew A.; Liu, Danya; Rausher, Mark D.

Complex evolution of S5, a major reproductive barrier regulator, in the cultivated rice Oryza sativa and its wild relatives
Du, Hongyi; Ouyang, Yidan; Zhang, Chengjun; Zhang, Qifa

DNA barcoding of lichenized fungi demonstrates high identification success in a floristic context
Kelly, Laura J.; Hollingsworth, Peter M.; Coppins, Brian J.; Ellis, Christopher J.; Harrold, Paul; Tosh, James; Yahr, Rebecca

An experimental method to facilitate the identification of hybrid sporophytes in the moss Physcomitrella patens using fluorescent tagged lines
Perroud, Pierre-François; Cove, David J.; Quatrano, Ralph S.; McDaniel, Stuart F.


New Phytologist - 191 (3), 2011


The latitudinal herbivory-defence hypothesis takes a detour on the map
Johnson, Marc T. J.; Rasmann, Sergio

Where are all the undocumented fungal species? A study of Mortierella demonstrates the need for sequence-based classification
Hibbett, David; Glotzer, Dylan

Photochemical reflectance index (PRI) and remote sensing of plant CO2 uptake
Penuelas, Josep; Garbulsky, Martin F.; Filella, Iolanda

Modelling the size and composition of fruit, grain and seed by process-based simulation models
Martre, Pierre; Bertin, Nadia; Salon, Christophe; Génard, Michel

The photosynthetic plasticity of crassulacean acid metabolism: an evolutionary innovation for sustainable productivity in a changing world
Borland, Anne M.; Barrera Zambrano, V. Andrea; Ceusters, Johan; Shorrock, Katherine

Arabidopsis thaliana ORGAN SIZE RELATED1 regulates organ growth and final organ size in orchestration with ARGOS and ARL
Feng, Guanping; Qin, Zhixiang; Yan, Jingzhou; Zhang, Xiaoran; Hu, Yuxin

Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of a NAC1 transcription factor in Medicago truncatula roots
D'haeseleer, Katrien; Den Herder, Griet; Laffont, Carole; Plet, Julie; Mortier, Virginie; Lelandais-Briere, Christine; De Bodt, Stefanie; De Keyser, Annick; Crespi, Martin; Holsters, Marcelle; Frugier, Florian; Goormachtig, Sofie

Overexpression of PhEXPA1 increases cell size, modifies cell wall polymer composition and affects the timing of axillary meristem development in Petunia hybrida
Zenoni, Sara; Fasoli, Marianna; Tornielli, Giovanni Battista; Dal Santo, Silvia; Sanson, Andrea; de Groot, Peter; Sordo, Sara; Citterio, Sandra; Monti, Francesca; Pezzotti, Mario

SHORT INTERNODES-like genes regulate shoot growth and xylem proliferation in Populus
Zawaski, Christine; Kadmiel, Mahita; Ma, Cathleen; Gai, Ying; Jiang, Xiangning; Strauss, Steve H.; Busov, Victor B.

Heat-induced chaperone activity of serine/threonine protein phosphatase 5 enhances thermotolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana
Park, Jin Ho; Lee, Sun Yong; Kim, Woe Yeon; Jung, Young Jun; Chae, Ho Byoung; Jung, Hyun Suk; Kang, Chang Ho; Shin, Mi Rim; Kim, Sun Young; Su'udi, Mukhamad; Yun, Dae Jin; Lee, Kyun Oh; Kim, Min Gab; Lee, Sang Yeol

Induction of systemic stress tolerance by brassinosteroid in Cucumis sativus
Xia, Xiao-Jian; Zhou, Yan-Hong; Ding, Ju; Shi, Kai; Asami, Tadao; Chen, Zhixiang; Yu, Jing-Quan

Rice A20/AN1 zinc-finger containing stress-associated proteins (SAP1/11) and a receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase (OsRLCK253) interact via A20 zinc-finger and confer abiotic stress tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis plant
Giri, Jitender; Vij, Shubha; Dansana, Prasant K.; Tyagi, Akhilesh K.

The sucrose-regulated Arabidopsis transcription factor bZIP11 reprograms metabolism and regulates trehalose metabolism
Ma, Jingkun; Hanssen, Micha; Lundgren, Krister; Hernández, Lázaro; Delatte, Thierry; Ehlert, Andrea; Liu, Chun-Ming; Schluepmann, Henriette; Dröge-Laser, Wolfgang; Moritz, Thomas; Smeekens, Sjef; Hanson, Johannes

A zinc finger protein Tsip1 controls Cucumber mosaic virus infection by interacting with the replication complex on vacuolar membranes of the tobacco plant
Huh, Sung Un; Kim, Min Jung; Ham, Byung-Kook; Paek, Kyung-Hee

Presence/absence, differential expression and sequence polymorphisms between PiAVR2 and PiAVR2-like in Phytophthora infestans determine virulence on R2 plants
Gilroy, Eleanor M.; Breen, Susan; Whisson, Stephen C.; Squires, Julie; Hein, Ingo; Kaczmarek, Maciej; Turnbull, Dionne; Boevink, Petra C.; Lokossou, Anoma; Cano, Liliana M.; Morales, Juan; Avrova, Anna O.; Pritchard, Leighton; Randall, Eva; Lees, Alison; Govers, Francine; van West, Pieter; Kamoun, Sophien; Vleeshouwers, Vivianne G. A. A.; Cooke, David E. L.; Birch, Paul R. J.

Putting plant resistance traits on the map: a test of the idea that plants are better defended at lower latitudes
Angela T. Moles, Ian R. Wallis, William J. Foley, David I. Warton, James C. Stegen, Alejandro J. Bisigato, Lucrecia Cella-Pizarro, Connie J. Clark, Philippe S. Cohen, William K. Cornwell, Will Edwards, Rasmus Ejrnas, Therany Gonzales-Ojeda, Bente J. Graae, Gregory Hay, Fainess C. Lumbwe, Benjamín Magana-Rodríguez, Ben D. Moore, Pablo L. Peri, John R. Poulsen, Ruan Veldtman, Hugo von Zeipel, Nigel R. Andrew, Sarah L. Boulter, Elizabeth T. Borer, Florencia Fernández Campón, Moshe Coll, Alejandro G. Farji-Brener, Jane De Gabriel, Enrique Jurado, Line A. Kyhn, Bill Low, Christa P. H. Mulder, Kathryn Reardon-Smith, Jorge Rodríguez-Velázquez, Eric W. Seabloom, Peter A. Vesk, An van Cauter, Matthew S. Waldram, Zheng Zheng, Pedro G. Blendinger, Brian J. Enquist, Jose M. Facelli, Tiffany Knight, Jonathan D. Majer, Miguel Martínez-Ramos, Peter McQuillan and Lynda D. Prior

Where is the unseen fungal diversity hidden? A study of Mortierella reveals a large contribution of reference collections to the identification of fungal environmental sequences
Nagy, László G.; Petkovits, Tamás; Kovács, Gábor M.; Voigt, Kerstin; Vágvölgyi, Csaba; Papp, Tamás

Lichen responses to nitrogen and phosphorus additions can be explained by the different symbiont responses
Johansson, Otilia; Olofsson, Johan; Giesler, Reiner; Palmqvist, Kristin

Growth and community responses of alpine dwarf shrubs to in situ CO2 enrichment and soil warming
Dawes, Melissa A.; Hagedorn, Frank; Zumbrunn, Thomas; Handa, Ira Tanya; Hättenschwiler, Stephan; Wipf, Sonja; Rixen, Christian

The statistical mechanics of community assembly and species distribution
Kelly, Colleen K.; Blundell, Stephen J.; Bowler, Michael G.; Fox, Gordon A.; Harvey, Paul H.; Lomas, Mark R.; Ian Woodward, F.

Multiple mechanisms underlie rapid expansion of an invasive alien plant
Wang, Rui; Wang, Jin-Feng; Qiu, Zhi-Jing; Meng, Bin; Wan, Fang-Hao; Wang, Yin-Zheng

Glyphosate-drift but not herbivory alters the rate of transgene flow from single and stacked trait transgenic canola (Brassica napus) to nontransgenic B. napus and B. rapa
Londo, Jason P.; Bollman, Michael A.; Sagers, Cynthia L.; Lee, E. Henry; Watrud, Lidia S.

Phylogeny-based developmental analyses illuminate evolution of inflorescence architectures in dogwoods (Cornus s.l., Cornaceae)
Feng, Chun-Miao; Xiang, Qiu-Yun (Jenny); Franks, Robert G.

Petal-specific subfunctionalization of an APETALA3 paralog in the Ranunculales and its implications for petal evolution
Sharma, Bharti; Guo, Chunce; Kong, Hongzhi; Kramer, Elena M.

Polyploid formation pathways have an impact on genetic rearrangements in resynthesized Brassica napus
Szadkowski, E.; Eber, F.; Huteau, V.; Lodé, M.; Coriton, O.; Jenczewski, E.; Chevre, A. M.

A growth phenotyping pipeline for Arabidopsis thaliana integrating image analysis and rosette area modeling for robust quantification of genotype effects
Arvidsson, Samuel; Pérez-Rodríguez, Paulino; Mueller-Roeber, Bernd


New Phytologist - 191 (4), 2011


New insights into cell death induced by long chain bases in Arabidopsis
Michaelson, Louise V.

Gone with the wind: understanding evolutionary transitions between wind and animal pollination in the angiosperms
Friedman, Jannice

Sequencing crop genomes: approaches and applications
Jackson, Scott A.; Iwata, Aiko; Lee, Suk-Ha; Schmutz, Jeremy; Shoemaker, Randy

Leaf-out phenology of temperate woody plants: from trees to ecosystems
Polgar, Caroline A.; Primack, Richard B.

MPK6, sphinganine and the LCB2a gene from serine palmitoyltransferase are required in the signaling pathway that mediates cell death induced by long chain bases in Arabidopsis
Saucedo-García, Mariana; Guevara-García, Arturo; González-Solís, Ariadna; Cruz-García, Felipe; Vázquez-Santana, Sonia; Markham, Jonathan E.; Lozano-Rosas, M. Guadalupe; Dietrich, Charles R.; Ramos-Vega, Maricela; Cahoon, Edgar B.; Gavilanes-Ruíz, Marina

The Arabidopsis aminopeptidase LAP2 regulates plant growth, leaf longevity and stress response
Waditee-Sirisattha, Rungaroon; Shibato, Junko; Rakwal, Randeep; Sirisattha, Sophon; Hattori, Akira; Nakano, Takeshi; Takabe, Teruhiro; Tsujimoto, Masafumi

Auxin minimum defines a developmental window for lateral root initiation
Dubrovsky, Joseph G.; Napsucialy-Mendivil, Selene; Duclercq, Jérme; Cheng, Yan; Shishkova, Svetlana; Ivanchenko, Maria G.; Friml, Jiří; Murphy, Angus S.; Benková, Eva

OsSFR6 is a functional rice orthologue of SENSITIVE TO FREEZING-6 and can act as a regulator of COR gene expression, osmotic stress and freezing tolerance in Arabidopsis
Wathugala, Deepthi L.; Richards, Shane A.; Knight, Heather; Knight, Marc R.

Xylem traits mediate a trade-off between resistance to freeze-thaw-induced embolism and photosynthetic capacity in overwintering evergreens
Choat, Brendan; Medek, Danielle E.; Stuart, Stephanie A.; Pasquet-Kok, Jessica; Egerton, John J. G.; Salari, Hooman; Sack, Lawren; Ball, Marilyn C.

On the multi-temporal correlation between photosynthesis and soil CO2 efflux: reconciling lags and observations
Vargas, Rodrigo; Baldocchi, Dennis D.; Bahn, Michael; Hanson, Paul J.; Hosman, Kevin P.; Kulmala, Liisa; Pumpanen, Jukka; Yang, Bai

Phytotoxicity, not nitrogen immobilization, explains plant litter inhibitory effects: evidence from solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy
Bonanomi, Giuliano; Incerti, Guido; Barile, Elisa; Capodilupo, Manuela; Antignani, Vincenzo; Mingo, Antonio; Lanzotti, Virginia; Scala, Felice; Mazzoleni, Stefano

Leaf and root pectin methylesterase activity and 13C/12C stable isotopic ratio measurements of methanol emissions give insight into methanol production in Lycopersicon esculentum
Oikawa, Patricia Yoshino; Giebel, Brian M.; da Silveira Lobo O'Reilly Sternberg, Leonel; Li, Lei; Timko, Michael P.; Swart, Peter K.; Riemer, Daniel D.; Mak, John E.; Lerdau, Manuel T.

The molecular basis of quantitative variation in foliar secondary metabolites in Eucalyptus globulus
Külheim, Carsten; Yeoh, Suat Hui; Wallis, Ian R.; Laffan, Shawn; Moran, Gavin F.; Foley, William J.

C12 derivatives of the hydroperoxide lyase pathway are produced by product recycling through lipoxygenase-2 in Nicotiana attenuata leaves
Kallenbach, Mario; Gilardoni, Paola A.; Allmann, Silke; Baldwin, Ian T.; Bonaventure, Gustavo

Mining for treatment-specific and general changes in target compounds and metabolic fingerprints in response to herbivory and phytohormones in Plantago lanceolata
Sutter, Rabea; Müller, Caroline

Genetic and physiological analysis of the relationship between partial resistance to clubroot and tolerance to trehalose in Arabidopsis thaliana
Gravot, Antoine; Grillet, Louis; Wagner, Geoffrey; Jubault, Mélanie; Lariagon, Christine; Baron, Cécile; Deleu, Carole; Delourme, Régine; Bouchereau, Alain; Manzanares-Dauleux, Maria J.

Influence of cultivated landscape composition on variety resistance: an assessment based on wheat leaf rust epidemics
Papaix, Julien; Goyeau, Henriette; Du Cheyron, Philippe; Monod, Hervé; Lannou, Christian

A eukaryotic-like sulfiredoxin involved in oxidative stress responses and in the reduction of the sulfinic form of 2-Cys peroxiredoxin in the cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC 7120
Boileau, Céline; Eme, Laura; Brochier-Armanet, Céline; Janicki, Annick; Zhang, Cheng-Cai; Latifi, Amel

Rapid evolutionary divergence and ecotypic diversification of germination behavior in weedy rice populations
Xia, Han-Bing; Xia, Hui; Ellstrand, Norman C.; Yang, Chao; Lu, Bao-Rong

Transition from wind pollination to insect pollination in sedges: experimental evidence and functional traits
Wragg, Peter D.; Johnson, Steven D.

Plant resistance to mechanical stress: evidence of an avoidance-tolerance trade-off
Puijalon, Sara; Bouma, Tjeerd J.; Douady, Christophe J.; van Groenendael, Jan; Anten, Niels P. R.; Martel, Evelyne; Bornette, Gudrun

Allopolyploid origins of the Galeopsis tetraploids – revisiting Müntzing’s classical textbook example using molecular tools
Bendiksby, Mika; Tribsch, Andreas; Borgen, Liv; Trávníček, Pavel; Brysting, Anne K.

Automated analysis of three-dimensional xylem networks using high-resolution computed tomography
Brodersen, Craig R.; Lee, Eric F.; Choat, Brendan; Jansen, Steven; Phillips, Ronald J.; Shackel, Kenneth A.; McElrone, Andrew J.; Matthews, Mark A.


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