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International Journal of Plant Sciences - 173 (1-2), 2012


Molecular Biology

Loss of Parental Coding Sequences in an Early Generation of Wheat-Rye Allopolyploid(pp. 1-6)
Zongxiang Tang, Meng Wu, Huaiqiong Zhang, Benju Yan, Feiquan Tan, Huaiyu Zhang, Shulan Fu, Zhenglong Ren


Drought and Salinity Stress: Changes in Hydratase and Dehydratase Activities of Thylakoid-Associated Carbonic Anhydrase in Pea Seedlings(pp. 7-15)
G. Lazova, L. Ignatova, V. Baydanova

Reproductive Biology

Mating and Fitness Consequences of Sexual System in the Moss Atrichum undulatum s.l. (Polytrichaceae)(pp. 16-25)
Linley K. Jesson, Danielle S. Perley, Amanda P. Cavanagh, James A. C. Cameron, David S. Kubien


Why Are Trade-Offs between Flower Size and Number Infrequently Detected? A Test of Three Hypotheses(pp. 26-35)
Christina M. Caruso, Hafiz Maherali, Allison M. Benscoter

Population Genetics

Galápagos and Cocos Islands: Geographically Close, Botanically Distant(pp. 36-53)
Jennifer L. Trusty, Alan Tye, Timothy M. Collins, Fabian A. Michelangeli, Pablo Madriz, Javier Francisco-Ortega


Fertile Osmundaceae from the Early Jurassic of Patagonia, Argentina(pp. 54-66)
Ignacio H. Escapa, N. Rubén Cúneo

Tertiary Ginkgo Ovulate Organs with Associated Leaves from North Dakota, U.S.A., and Their Evolutionary Significance(pp. 67-80)
Zhiyan Zhou, Cheng Quan, Yu-Sheng (Christopher) Liu

Dioonopsis Horiuchi et Kimura Leaves from the Eocene of Western North America: A Cycad Shared with the Paleogene of Japan(pp. 81-95)
Boglárka Erdei, Steven R. Manchester, Zlatko Kvaček

Winslowia tuscumbiana gen. et sp. nov. (Chaloneriaceae): A Cormose, Heterosporous, Ligulate Lycopsid Reconstructed from the Inside Out from the Pride Mountain Formation (Late Mississippian/Serpukhovian) of Northern Alabama(pp. 96-111)
Michael T. Dunn, Prescott Atkinson, James Lacefield, Michael Rischbieter

International Journal of Plant Sciences - 173 (2), 2012


Molecular Biology

Characterization of a Heme Oxygenase–1 from Tobacco That Is Involved in Some Abiotic Stress Responses(pp. 113-123)
Qi-Jiang Jin, Jian-Fei Feng, Ya Sun, Wei-Ti Cui, Bin Han, Sheng Xu, Wen-Biao Shen, Jin Cui


Photosynthesis in the Blue Water Lily (Nymphaea caerulea Saligny) Using Pulse Amplitude Modulation Fluorometry(pp. 124-136)
Raymond J. Ritchie

Development and Structure

Quantitative Tracheid Anatomy Reveals a Complex Environmental Control of Wood Structure in Continental Mediterranean Climate(pp. 137-149)
José M. Olano, Marcia Eugenio, Ana I. García-Cervigón, Maika Folch, Vicente Rozas

Different Patterns of Floral Ontogeny in Dimorphic Flowers of Pseudostellaria heterophylla (Caryophyllaceae)(pp. 150-160)
Yan Luo, Fu-Hua Bian, Yi-Bo Luo

Reproductive Biology

Can Nectar Be a Disadvantage? Contrasting Pollination Natural Histories of Two Woody Violaceae from the Neotropics(pp. 161-171)
Marcus Braun, Stefan Dötterl, Clemens Schlindwein, Gerhard Gottsberger

Floral Structure of Garcinia brasiliensis in Relation to Flower Biology and Evolution(pp. 172-183)
Daniel O. Leal, Cassia Malafaia, Renata Cesar, Rafael R. Pimentel, Lygia D. R. Santiago-Fernandes, Heloisa A. Lima, Bárbara Sá-Haiad

The Influence of Pollination Intensity on Fertilization Success, Progeny Sex Ratio, and Fitness in a Wind-Pollinated, Dioecious Plant(pp. 184-191)
David L. Field, Melinda Pickup, Spencer C. H. Barrett


Baikalophyllum lobatum and Rehezamites anisolobus: Two Seed Plants with “Cycadophyte” Foliage from the Early Cretaceous of Eastern Asia(pp. 192-208)
Christian Pott, Stephen McLoughlin, Anders Lindström, Wu Shunqing, Else Marie Friis

Systematic Affinities of Early Eocene Petrified Woods from Big Sandy Reservoir, Southwestern Wyoming(pp. 209-227)
Nareerat Boonchai, Steven R. Manchester


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