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New Phytologist - 193 (1-2), 2012

New Phytologist - 193 (1), 2012


Issue Information

Why plant science matters
Fitter, Alastair

Herbs and secondary woodiness - keeping up the cambial habit
Rowe, Nick; Paul-Victor, Cloé

Terrestrial vs aquatic plants: how general is the drag tolerance-avoidance trade-off?
Anten, Niels P. R.; Sterck, Frank J.

Molecular systematic perspectives on biome origins and dynamics
Dick, Christopher W.; Toby Pennington, R.

Stem anatomy supports Arabidopsis thaliana as a model for insular woodiness
Lens, Frederic; Smets, Erik; Melzer, Siegbert

Fires enhance flammability in Ulex parviflorus
Pausas, Juli G.; Alessio, Giorgio A.; Moreira, Bruno; Corcobado, Guadalupe

New frontiers in community and ecosystem genetics for theory, conservation, and management
Bailey, Joseph K.; Genung, Mark A.; O'Reilly-Wapstra, Julianne; Potts, Brad; Rowntree, Jennifer; Schweitzer, Jennifer A.; Whitham, Thomas G.

Tropical forests in a warming world
Reed, Sasha C.; Wood, Tana E.; Cavaleri, Molly A.

Biomass allocation to leaves, stems and roots: meta-analyses of interspecific variation and environmental control
Poorter, Hendrik; Niklas, Karl J.; Reich, Peter B.; Oleksyn, Jacek; Poot, Pieter; Mommer, Liesje

Sphingosine in plants - more riddles from the Sphinx?
Islam, M. Nurul; Jacquemot, Marie-Pierre; Coursol, Sylvie; Ng, Carl K-Y.

HopAS1 recognition significantly contributes to Arabidopsis nonhost resistance to Pseudomonas syringae pathogens
Sohn, Kee Hoon; Saucet, Simon B.; Clarke, Christopher R.; Vinatzer, Boris A.; O'Brien, Heath E.; Guttman, David S.; Jones, Jonathan D. G.

Histone modifications and expression of DAM6 gene in peach are modulated during bud dormancy release in a cultivar-dependent manner
Leida, Carmen; Conesa, Ana; Llácer, Gerardo; Badenes, María Luisa; Ríos, Gabino

A chloroplast envelope membrane protein containing a putative LrgB domain related to the control of bacterial death and lysis is required for chloroplast development in Arabidopsis thaliana
Yang, Yanjun; Jin, Haiyan; Chen, Yong; Lin, Weiqiang; Wang, Chaoqun; Chen, Zhehao; Han, Ning; Bian, Hongwu; Zhu, Muyuan; Wang, Junhui

Characterization of metabolite quantitative trait loci and metabolic networks that control glucosinolate concentration in the seeds and leaves of Brassica napus
Feng, Ji; Long, Yan; Shi, Lei; Shi, Jiaqin; Barker, Guy; Meng, Jinling

OsARF12, a transcription activator on auxin response gene, regulates root elongation and affects iron accumulation in rice ( Oryza sativa )
Qi, YanHua; Wang, SuiKang; Shen, ChenJia; Zhang, SaiNa; Chen, Yue; Xu, YanXia; Liu, Yu; Wu, YunRong; Jiang, DeAn

Functional characterization of the switchgrass ( Panicum virgatum ) R2R3-MYB transcription factor PvMYB4 for improvement of lignocellulosic feedstocks
Shen, Hui; He, Xianzhi; Poovaiah, Charleson R.; Wuddineh, Wegi A.; Ma, Junying; Mann, David G. J.; Wang, Huanzhong; Jackson, Lisa; Tang, Yuhong; Neal Stewart, C.; Chen, Fang; Dixon, Richard A.

Safety and streamlining of woody shoots in wind: an empirical study across 39 species in tropical Australia
Butler, Don W.; Gleason, Sean M.; Davidson, Ian; Onoda, Yusuke; Westoby, Mark

Climate change impacts on ecosystem functioning: evidence from an Empetrum heathland
Jeffers, Elizabeth S.; Bonsall, Michael B.; Watson, Jenny E.; Willis, Katherine J.

Cysteine homeostasis plays an essential role in plant immunity
Álvarez, Consolación; Ángeles Bermúdez, M.; Romero, Luis C.; Gotor, Cecilia; García, Irene

Mixotrophy of Platanthera minor, an orchid associated with ectomycorrhiza-forming Ceratobasidiaceae fungi
Yagame, Takahiro; Orihara, Takamichi; Selosse, Marc-André; Yamato, Masahide; Iwase, Koji

Dark purple nectar as a foraging signal in a bird-pollinated Himalayan plant
Zhang, Feng-Ping; Cai, Xiang-Hai; Wang, Hong; Ren, Zong-Xin; Larson-Rabin, Zachary; Li, De-Zhu

Inflorescence architecture affects pollinator behaviour and mating success in Spiranthes sinensis (Orchidaceae)
Iwata, Tatsunori; Nagasaki, Osamu; Ishii, Hiroshi S.; Ushimaru, Atushi

The role of teosinte glume architecture ( tga1 ) in coordinated regulation and evolution of grass glumes and inflorescence axes
Preston, Jill C.; Wang, Huai; Kursel, Lisa; Doebley, John; Kellogg, Elizabeth A.

Transference of function shapes organ identity in the dove tree inflorescence
Vekemans, Dries; Viaene, Tom; Caris, Pieter; Geuten, Koen

The evolution of angiosperm lianescence without vessels - climbing mode and wood structure-function in Tasmannia cordata (Winteraceae)
Feild, Taylor S.; Chatelet, David S.; Balun, Lawong; Schilling, Edward E.; Evans, Robert

Evidence of function for conserved noncoding sequences in Arabidopsis thaliana
Spangler, Jacob B.; Subramaniam, Sabarinath; Freeling, Michael; Feltus, F. Alex

Extra-gynoecial pollen-tube growth in apocarpous angiosperms is phylogenetically widespread and probably adaptive
Wang, Xiao-Fan; Armbruster, W. Scott; Huang, Shuang-Quan

Phylogeographically concordant chloroplast DNA divergence in sympatric Nothofagus s.s. How deep can it be?
Premoli, Andrea C.; Mathiasen, Paula; Cristina Acosta, M.; Ramos, Victor A.

Insights into the historical construction of species-rich Mesoamerican seasonally dry tropical forests: the diversification of Bursera (Burseraceae, Sapindales)
De-Nova, J. Arturo; Medina, Rosalinda; Montero, Juan Carlos; Weeks, Andrea; Rosell, Julieta A.; Olson, Mark E.; Eguiarte, Luis E.; Magallón, Susana




New Phytologist - 193 (2), 2012


Issue Information

What lies between: the evolution of stomatal traits on the road to C4 photosynthesis
Way, Danielle A.

Adapting with the enemy: local adaptation in plant-herbivore interactions
Parachnowitsch, Amy L.; Lajeunesse, Marc J.

Polyploids integrate genomic changes and ecological shifts
Parisod, Christian

Fire and plant evolution
Pausas, Juli G.; Schwilk, Dylan

New grass phylogeny resolves deep evolutionary relationships and discovers C4 origins
Grass Phylogeny Working Group IIcr1,

Myo-inositol hexakisphosphate, isolated from female gametophyte tissue of loblolly pine, inhibits growth of early-stage somatic embryos
Wu, Di; Cameron Sullards, M.; Oldham, Charlie D.; Gelbaum, Les; Lucrezi, Jacob; Pullman, Gerald S.; May, Sheldon W.

From embryo sac to oil and protein bodies: embryo development in the model legume Medicago truncatula
Wang, Xin-Ding; Song, Youhong; Sheahan, Michael B.; Garg, Manohar L.; Rose, Ray J.

Ethylene-induced differential petiole growth in Arabidopsis thaliana involves local microtubule reorientation and cell expansion
Polko, Joanna K.; van Zanten, Martijn; van Rooij, Jop A.; Marée, Athanasius F. M.; Voesenek, Laurentius A. C. J.; Peeters, Anton J. M.; Pierik, Ronald

S1 domain-containing STF modulates plastid transcription and chloroplast biogenesis in Nicotiana benthamiana
Jeon, Young; Jung, Hyun Ju; Kang, Hunseung; Park, Youn-Il; Lee, Soon Hee; Pai, Hyun-Sook

BRCA2 is a mediator of RAD51- and DMC1-facilitated homologous recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana
Seeliger, Katharina; Dukowic-Schulze, Stefanie; Wurz-Wildersinn, Rebecca; Pacher, Michael; Puchta, Holger

Grain dormancy and light quality effects on germination in the model grass Brachypodium distachyon
Barrero, José M.; Jacobsen, John V.; Talbot, Mark J.; White, Rosemary G.; Swain, Stephen M.; Garvin, David F.; Gubler, Frank

Photosynthetic pathway and ecological adaptation explain stomatal trait diversity amongst grasses
Taylor, S. H.; Franks, P. J.; Hulme, S. P.; Spriggs, E.; Christin, P. A.; Edwards, E. J.; Woodward, F. I.; Osborne, C. P.

Light interception efficiency explained by two simple variables: a test using a diversity of small- to medium-sized woody plants
Duursma, R. A.; Falster, D. S.; Valladares, F.; Sterck, F. J.; Pearcy, R. W.; Lusk, C. H.; Sendall, K. M.; Nordenstahl, M.; Houter, N. C.; Atwell, B. J.; Kelly, N.; Kelly, J. W. G.; Liberloo, M.; Tissue, D. T.; Medlyn, B. E.; Ellsworth, D. S.

Lifetime return on investment increases with leaf lifespan among 10 Australian woodland species
Falster, Daniel S.; Reich, Peter B.; Ellsworth, David S.; Wright, Ian J.; Westoby, Mark; Oleksyn, Jacek; Lee, Tali D.

Root aeration via aerenchymatous phellem: three-dimensional micro-imaging and radial O2 profiles in Melilotus siculus
Verboven, Pieter; Pedersen, Ole; Herremans, Els; Ho, Quang Tri; Nicolai, Bart M.; Colmer, Timothy David; Teakle, Natasha

Rice DUR3 mediates high-affinity urea transport and plays an effective role in improvement of urea acquisition and utilization when expressed in Arabidopsis
Wang, Wei-Hong; Köhler, Barbara; Cao, Feng-Qiu; Liu, Guo-Wei; Gong, Yuan-Yong; Sheng, Song; Song, Qi-Chao; Cheng, Xiao-Yuan; Garnett, Trevor; Okamoto, Mamoru; Qin, Rui; Mueller-Roeber, Bernd; Tester, Mark; Liu, Lai-Hua

Local adaptation: simultaneously considering herbivores and their host plants
Garrido, Etzel; Andraca-Gómez, Guadalupe; Fornoni, Juan

Nonrandom spatial structuring of orchids in a hybrid zone of three Orchis species
Jacquemyn, Hans; Brys, Rein; Honnay, Olivier; Roldán-Ruiz, Isabel; Lievens, Bart; Wiegand, Thorsten

Regional and local patterns of ectomycorrhizal fungal diversity and community structure along an altitudinal gradient in the Hyrcanian forests of northern Iran
Bahram, Mohammad; Polme, Sergei; Koljalg, Urmas; Zarre, Shahin; Tedersoo, Leho

Not across the North Pole: Plant migration in the Arctic
Hoffmann, Matthias H.

Keeping it simple: flowering plants tend to retain, and revert to, simple leaves
Geeta, R.; Dávalos, Liliana M.; Levy, André; Bohs, Lynn; Lavin, Mathew; Mummenhoff, Klaus; Sinha, Neelima; Wojciechowski, Martin F.

An assessment of transgenomics as a tool for identifying genes involved in the evolutionary differentiation of closely related plant species
Correa, Raul; Stanga, John; Larget, Bret; Roznowski, Aaron; Shu, Guoping; Dilkes, Brian; Baum, David A.

A new system for fast and quantitative analysis of heterologous gene expression in plants
Thévenin, J.; Dubos, C.; Xu, W.; Le Gourrierec, J.; Kelemen, Z.; Charlot, F.; Nogué, F.; Lepiniec, L.; Dubreucq, B.

Measurements of genomic GC content in plant genomes with flow cytometry: a test for reliability
Šmarda, Petr; Bureš, Petr; Šmerda, Jakub; Horová, Lucie

Post-uptake metabolism affects quantification of amino acid uptake
Warren, Charles R.

A piece of the puzzle: a method for comparing pollination quality and quantity across multiple species and reproductive events
Alonso, Conchita; Herrera, Carlos M.; Ashman, Tia-Lynn

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