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Novon - 21 (4), 2011 ( new species Hoya ignorata from Vietnam)


New Species and Notes on Begonia (Begoniaceae) from Middle America, Ino access

Kathleen Burt-Utley and John F. Utley

Transfer of Four Species of Scabiosa to Lomelosia (Dipsacaceae)

Paolo Caputo and Emanuele Del Guacchio

A New Variety of Musa itinerans (Musaceae) in Taiwan

Hui-Lung Chiu, Chou-Tou Shii, T. Y. Aleck Yang

Novae Gesneriaceae Neotropicarum XVII: New Combinations and Typifications

John L. Clark, Laurence E. Skog, and Fred R. Barrie

Nogopterium, a New Name for the Genus Pterogonium (Musci, Leucodontaceae)

Marshall R. Crosby, William R. Buck

A New Species of Pachycarpus (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae) from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Melissa Glen, Ashley Nicholas, and Jennifer Lamb, Adam Shuttleworth

Arum cylindraceum subsp. pitsyllianum (Araceae), a New Taxon from Cyprus

Georgios Hadjikyriakou, Ralf Hand and Guilhem Mansion

Lectotypification and Reinstatement of Stachytarpheta friedrichsthalii (Verbenaceae), with Notes on the Lectotypification of S. indica

Barry E. Hammel and Michael H. Grayum

Changes to Publication Requirements Made at the XVIII International Botanical Congress in Melbourne— What Does e-Publication Mean for You?

Sandra Knapp, John McNeill, and Nicholas J. Turland

Thirteen New Species of Neotropical Viscaceae (Dendrophthora and Phoradendron)

Job Kuijt

Two New Species of Oryctanthus (Loranthaceae) from Colombia and French Guiana

Job Kuijt

Notes on Tetrorchidium (Euphorbiaceae) in Panama

Gordon McPherson

Strychnos puberula (Loganiaceae), a New Species from Panama

Gordon McPherson

A New Genus of Podostemaceae from Venezuela

C. Thomas Philbrick and Jacqueline Malecki, Nicholas P. Tippery, Hannah I. Stevens

Gouania tiliifolia: The Correct Name for Gouania scandens

Peter B. Phillipson, Martin W. Callmander, Sven Buerki

Una Especie Nueva de Combretum (Combretaceae, sección Combretum) de la Costa del Occidente de México

Francisco Javier Rendón Sandoval, Raymundo Ramírez Delgadillo, y Alfredo Frías Castro

A New Species of Solanum (Solanaceae) from the Highlands of Central Brazil

Suelma Ribeiro-Silva, Carolyn E. B. Proença

A New Species of Iochroma (Solanaceae) from Ecuadorno access

Stacey D. Smith, Segundo Leiva González

Rubiacearum Americanarum Magna Hama Pars XXIX: Overview of the Neotropical Genus Schizocalyx (Condamineeae) and Description of Two New Species

Charlotte M. Taylor, David A. Neill, Roy E. Gereau

Hoya ignorata (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae): An Overlooked Species Widely Distributed across Southeast Asia

Tran The Bach, Joo-Hwan Kim and Dong-Kap Kim, Joongku Lee, Bui Thu Ha, Nadhanielle Simonsson Juhonewe, Michele Rodda

Lectotypification of Three Species in the Fern Genus Pteris (Pteridaceae) from China

Yang Dong-Mei, Xing Fu-Wu and Wang Fa-Guo


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