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Monographiae Botanicae - 101, 2011


Małgorzata Stasińska:
Macrofungi of raised and transitional bogs of Pomerania.

1. Introduction
2. Study area
4. Results. Macroscopic fungi in peatland communities of Pomerania
4.1. Macromycetes in non-forest peatland communities
4.2. Macromycetes in forest peatland communities
4.3. Bioecological groups of fungi and peatland communities
4.4. Macromycetes of peatland communities: a comparative analysis
4.5. Mycological similarity of the phytocoenoses
4.6. Mycological differentiation of the phytocoenoses
4.7. The influence of selected environmental factors on the occurrence of fungi
4.8. Geographic and ecological analysis of selected species of peatland fungi in Pomerania
5. Results review and discussion
5.1. Macromycetes of peatland communities: Pomerania and other regions in Poland
5.2. Indicator value of macroscopic fungi in peatland communities
5.3. The role of fungi in peatland communities
5.4. Environmental factors and macromycete diversity in peatland phytocoenoses
6. Summary of results and conclusions
7. References
8. Grzyby makroskopowe torfowisk wysokich i przejściowych Pomorza (streszczenie)
Appendix 1. Vegetation and macroscopic fungi at the research plots
Appendix 2. A list of macromycete species of raised and transitional bogs in Pomerania
Appendix 3. Cartogram maps of distribution of macroscopic fungi of raised and transitional bogs in Pomerania


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