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Physiologia Plantarum - 142 (3-4), 2011

Physiologia Plantarum - 142 (3), 2011


How reliable is the double-ended pressure sleeve technique for assessing xylem vulnerability to cavitation in woody angiosperms? (pages 205–210)

Mustapha Ennajeh, Fabiano Simoes, Habib Khemira and Hervé Cochard

Expressing yeast SAMdc gene confers broad changes in gene expression and alters fatty acid composition in tomato fruit (pages 211–223)

Igor Kolotilin, Hinanit Koltai, Carmiya Bar-Or, Lea Chen, Sahadia Nahon, Haviva Shlomo, Ilan Levin and Moshe Reuveni

Metabolic analysis revealed altered amino acid profiles in Lupinus albus organs as a result of boron deficiency (pages 224–232)

Marta Alves, Paula Chicau, Helena Matias, José Passarinho, Carla Pinheiro and Cândido Pinto Ricardo

Characterisation, immunolocalisation and antifungal activity of a lipid transfer protein from chili pepper (Capsicum annuum) seeds with novel ?-amylase inhibitory properties (pages 233–246)

Mariângela S. Diz, Andre O. Carvalho, Suzanna F. F. Ribeiro, Maura Da Cunha, Leila Beltramini, Rosana Rodrigues, Viviane V. Nascimento, Olga L. T. Machado and Valdirene M. Gomes

Responses of the photosynthetic electron transport system to excess light energy caused by water deficit in wild watermelon (pages 247–264)

Satoko Sanda, Kazuo Yoshida, Masayoshi Kuwano, Tadayuki Kawamura, Yuri Nakajima Munekage, Kinya Akashi and Akiho Yokota

Ultraviolet irradiation induces accumulation of isoflavonoids and transcription of genes of enzymes involved in the calycosin-7-O-ß-d-glucoside pathway in Astragalus membranaceus Bge. var. mongholicus (Bge.) Hsiao (pages 265–273)

Rong-Yan Xu, Peng Nan, Yixin Yang, Haiyun Pan, Tongshui Zhou and Jiakuan Chen

Avoiding high relative air humidity during critical stages of leaf ontogeny is decisive for stomatal functioning (pages 274–286)

Dimitrios Fanourakis, Susana M. P. Carvalho, Domingos P. F. Almeida and Ep Heuvelink

Effect of nitrogen on root release of phytosiderophores and root uptake of Fe(III)-phytosiderophore in Fe-deficient wheat plants (pages 287–296)

Seher Bahar Aciksoz, Levent Ozturk, Ozay Ozgur Gokmen, Volker Römheld and Ismail Cakmak

The relationship between isoprene emission, CO2 assimilation and water use efficiency across a range of poplar genotypes (pages 297–304)

Gabriele Guidolotti, Carlo Calfapietra and Francesco Loreto


Physiologia Plantarum - 142 (4), 2011


Chromatin remodelling in plant light signalling (pages 305–313)

Alex J. Fisher and Keara A. Franklin

An ankyrin repeat protein is involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis (pages 314–325)

Jihye Yoo, Dong Ho Shin, Man-Ho Cho, Tae-Lim Kim, Seong Hee Bhoo and Tae-Ryong Hahn

Differential drying rates of recalcitrant Trichilia dregeana embryonic axes: a study of survival and oxidative stress metabolism (pages 326–338)

Boby Varghese, Sershen, Patricia Berjak, Dalia Varghese and Norman W. Pammenter

Impact of mitochondrial alternative oxidase expression on the response of Nicotiana tabacum to cold temperature (pages 339–351)

Jia Wang, Nirusan Rajakulendran, Sasan Amirsadeghi and Greg C. Vanlerberghe

Environmental metabolomics links genotype to phenotype and predicts genotype abundance in wild plant populations (pages 352–360)

Katie J. Field and Janice A. Lake

Identification of an NAP-like transcription factor BeNAC1 regulating leaf senescence in bamboo (Bambusa emeiensis‘Viridiflavus’) (pages 361–371)

Yunxia Chen, Kai Qiu, Benke Kuai and Yulong Ding

Ultrastructural changes and the distribution of arabinogalactan proteins during somatic embryogenesis of banana (Musa spp. AAA cv. ‘Yueyoukang 1’) (pages 372–389)

Xiao Pan, Xiao Yang, Guimei Lin, Ru Zou, Houbin Chen, Jozef Šamaj and Chunxiang Xu

Proteomic analysis of peach endocarp and mesocarp during early fruit development (pages 390–406)

Hao Hu, Yong Liu, Guang-Lu Shi, Yue-Ping Liu, Rui-Jie Wu, Ai-Zhen Yang, Yi-Ming Wang, Bao-Guang Hua and You-Nian Wang


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