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Nordic Journal of Botany - 29 (2-6), 2011

Nordic Journal of Botany - 29 (2), 2011



The lichen genus Heterodermia (Physciaceae) in South America – a contribution including five new species (pages 129–147)

Roland Moberg

Mediterranean Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Taxonomic reinstatement of Teucrium andrusi from T. paederotoides based on morphological and anatomical evidences (pages 148–158)

Muhittin Dinç, Süleyman Dogu and Yavuz Bagci

Jurinea giviensis sp. nov. (Compositae) from Iran (pages 159–162)

Mansour Mirtadzadini, Mohammad Reza Rahiminejad and Ernst Vitek

Systematic study of Onobrychis shahpurensis (Fabaceae) in Iran, with the description of O. neychalanensis sp. nov. (pages 163–174)

M. Ranjbar, A. Hadadi and R. Karamian

Neotropical Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Maranta rugosa sp. nov. (Marantaceae) from central Brazil (pages 175–177)

Joao Marcelo Alvarenga Braga and Silvana Vieira

Clusia blattophila sp. nov. (Clusiaceae) from an inselberg in French Guiana (pages 178–181)

Blanka Vlasáková and Mats H. G. Gustafsson

Boreal and Arctic Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Lectotypification of the name Epipactis leptochila (Orchidaceae) (pages 182–183)

Henrik Arenlund Pedersen

Indo-Asiatic Vascular Plant taxonomy

Berberis rawatii sp. nov. (Berberidaceae) from India (pages 184–188)

Umeshkumar L. Tiwari and Bhupendra Singh Adhikari

Asiatic Vascular Plant taxonomy

Aspidistra punctatoides sp. nov. (Ruscaceae) from limestone areas in Guangxi, China (pages 189–193)

Chun-Rui Lin and Yan Liu

Remarks on the taxonomy and nomenclature of the Stipa tianschanica complex (Poaceae), on the base of a new record for the flora of Tajikistan (central Asia) (pages 194–199)

Marcin Nobis

First report of chromosome numbers and karyotypes of two monotypic genera endemic to eastern Asia: Brachystemma (Caryophyllaceae) and Craspedolobium (Fabaceae) (pages 200–203)

Jin Xu, Zhi-Jian Yin, Tsuneo Funamoto and Hua Peng

Pseudostellaria tianmushanensis sp. nov. (Caryophyllaceae) from Zhejiang, China (pages 204–207)

Guo-Hua Xia, Chuan-He Liu, Wen-Yuan Xie and Gen-You Li

Lectotypification of Quercus arbutifolia (Fagaceae) and the taxonomic treatment of Quercus subsect. Chrysotrichae (pages 208–214)

Min Deng, Allen Coombes and Qian-Sheng Li

Microula pentagona sp. nov. and M. galactantha sp. nov. (Boraginaceae) from the eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (pages 215–220)

Wen-Tao Yu, Shao-Tian Chen and Zhe-Kun Zhou

Dendrocalamus parvigemma sp. nov. (Gramineae: Bambusoideae) from Vietnam (pages 221–223)

Van Tho Nguyen, Nian-He Xia and Viet Lam Le

Valid publication of the name Callicarpa peichieniana (Lamiaceae) (pages 224–226)

Hong Ma, Nan Jiang, Wen-Bin Yu and Zheng-Hong Li

Elatostema densistriolatum sp. nov., E. latistipulum sp. nov. and E. cyrtandrifolium var. hirsutum var. nov. (Urticaceae) from southwest China (pages 227–232)

Zeng-Yuan Wu, Wen-Tsai Wang, Hong Wang and De-Zhu Li

Chirita tiandengensis (Gesneriaceae) sp. nov. from Guangxi, China (pages 233–237)

Hui Tang and Fang Wen

Molecular intra-specific variation and phylogeography

Genetic differentiation among Sri Lankan traditional rice (Oryza sativa) varieties and wild rice species by AFLP markers (pages 238–243)

Gowri Rajkumar, Jagathpriya Weerasena, Kumudu Fernando, Athula Liyanage and Rangika Silva

Plant Biogeography

Pollen and chromosome studies in Hieracium sect. Alpestria (Asteraceae) (pages 244–248)

S. Thomas, J. P. Bailey and T. C. G. Rich

Palynology and Anatomy

Comparative study on the gametophyte morphology and development of three paramo species of Jamesonia (Pteridaceae, Polypodiopsida) (pages 249–256)

Jose María Gabriel y Galán and Giulia Migliaro


Nordic Journal of Botany - 29 (3), 2011


Neotropical Vascular Plant Taxonomy

An updated index to genera, species, and infraspecific taxa of Neotropical Annonaceae (pages 257–356)

Paul J. M. Maas, Lubbert Y. Th. Westra, Heimo Rainer, Adriana Q. Lobao and Roy H. J. Erkens

Stromanthe bahiensis sp. nov. (Marantaceae), endemic to southern Bahia State, Brazil (pages 357–360)

Karla Norye Yoshida-Arns, Simon Joseph Mayo and Joao Marcelo Alvarenga Braga

Central Asian Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Panisea panchaseensis sp. nov. (Orchidaceae) from central Nepal (pages 361–365)

Abishkar Subedi, Ram P. Chaudhary, Jaap J. Vermeulen and Barbara Gravendeel

Mediterranean Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Jurinea cataonica subsp. mardinensis subsp. nov. (Asteraceae) from southeast Anatolia, Turkey (pages 366–369)

Bekir Dogan, Ahmet Duran and Meryem Öztürk

Molecular intra-specific variation and phylogeography

AFLP fingerprinting suggests an allopolyploid origin of two members of the Leucanthemum vulgare aggregate (Compositae, Anthemideae) in central Europe (pages 370–377)

C. Oberprieler, C. Eder, J. Meister and R. Vogt

Special Invited Paper

Biodiversity information goes public: GBIF at your service (pages 378–381)

Anders Telenius

Book reviews

Book review (page 382)

Book review (page 383)

Book review (page 384)


Nordic Journal of Botany - 29 (4), 2011


Neotropical Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Philodendron bernardopazii and P. ricardoi spp. nov. (Araceae) from Espírito Santo State, Brazil (pages 385–390)

Eduardo G. Gonçalves

Meditteranean Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Allium arsuzense sp. nov. and A. roseum subsp. gulekense subsp. nov. from Turkey (pages 391–396)

Mehmet Koyuncu and Ismail Eker

Salvia siirtica sp. nov. (Lamiaceae) from Turkey (pages 397–401)

Ahmet Kahraman, Musa Dogan and Ferhat Celep

Prangos hulusii sp. nov. (Apiaceae) from West Anatolia, Turkey (pages 402–407)

Serdar Gökhan Şenol, Hasan Yildirim and Özcan Seçmen

New natural hybrids of Convolvulus (Convolvulaceae) from Turkey (pages 408–416)

Candan Aykurt and Hüseyin Sümbül

Asiatic Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Gastrodia sui sp. nov. (Orchidaceae) from Taiwan (pages 417–419)

Ching-Long Yeh, Chong-Sheng Leou, Tian-Chuan Hsu and Chuan-Rong Yeh

Elatostema scaposum sp. nov. (Urticaceae) from Guizhou, China (pages 420–423)

Zhi-Rong Yang, Lin-Dong Duan and Qi Lin

Bupleurum candollei var. paucefulcrans comb. nov. (Apiaceae) from Guizhou, China: comparison of allied species based on morphology, anatomy and molecular data (pages 424–430)

Chang-Bao Wang, Xiang-Guang Ma and Xing-Jin He

Zingiber nanlingensis sp. nov. (Zingiberaceae) from Guangdong, China (pages 431–434)

Lin Chen, Fa-Guo Wang, An-Qiang Dong and Fu-Wu Xing

Lindernia kinmenensis sp. nov. (Scrophulariaceae) from Kinmen (Taiwan) (pages 435–439)

Yi-Shou Liang, Chih-Hsiung Chen and Jinn-Lai Tsai

Aletris simpliciflora sp. nov. (Nartheciaceae) from southwest Xizang, China (pages 440–442)

Rong Li and Shu-Dong Zhang

Aspidistra albiflora sp. nov. (Asparagaceae) from southwestern Guangxi, China (pages 443–446)

Chun-Rui Lin, Wei-Bin Xu and Yan Liu

Indo-Asiatic Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Caralluma bicolor sp. nov. (Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideae) from India (pages 447–450)

V. S. Ramachandran, S. Joseph, H. A. John and C. Sofiya

Lasianthus chowdheryi sp. nov. (Rubiaceae) from Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India (pages 451–454)

K. Karthigeyan, J. Jayanthi and R. Sumathi

Eugenia terpnophylla var. keralensis var. nov. (Myrtaceae) from Kerala, India (pages 455–457)

S. M. Shareef, E. S. Santhosh Kumar and P. E. Roy

Central Asian Vascular Plant taxonomy

Stipa×brozhiana (Poaceae) nothosp. nov. from the western Pamir Alai Mts (middle Asia) and taxonomical notes on Stipa×tzvelevii (pages 458–464)

Marcin Nobis

African Vascular Plant Taxonomy

The rediscovery of Albuca tenuifolia, an orophilous species from the eastern Great Escarpment in South Africa (pages 465–470)

Mario Martínez-Azorín, Vincent R. Clark, Manuel B. Crespo, Anthony P. Dold and Nigel P. Barker

Psilanthus mannii, the type species of Psilanthus, transferred to Coffea (pages 471–472)

Aaron P. Davis

Boreal and Arctic Vasculat Plant Taxonomy

Potamogeton ×jutlandicus, a binominal for the hybrid between P. lucens and P. praelongus (Potamogetonaceae) (pages 473–476)

Joanna Zalewska-Gałosz

Potamogeton×exilis (P. alpinus × P. natans), a new hybrid pondweed from Finland (pages 477–483)

Zdenek Kaplan and Pertti Uotila

Fungal taxonomy and evolution

Hymenochaete rhododendricola and H. quercicola spp. nov. (Basidiomycota, Hymenochaetales) from Tibet, southwestern China (pages 484–487)

Shuang-Hui He and Hai-Jiao Li

Plant-Soil-Fungi interactions

Allelopathic effect of Aconitum pendulum (Ranunculaceae) on seed germination and seedlings of five native grass species in the Tibetan Plateau (pages 488–494)

Zhan-Huan Shang, Yan Tang and Rui-Jun Long

Macroecology, broadscale biodiversity and global change

A fine-grained spatial prediction model for the red-listed vascular plant Scorzonera humilis (pages 495–504)

Anette Edvardsen, Vegar Bakkestuen and Rune Halvorsen

Cytology and embryology

Morphology and development of anthers and ovules in Croton and Astraea (Euphorbiaceae) (pages 505–511)

Orlando Cavalari De-Paula and Maria das Graças Sajo


AFLP fingerprinting suggests an allopolyploid origin of two members of the Leucanthemum vulgare aggregate (Compositae, Anthemideae) in central Europe (page 512)


Nordic Journal of Botany - 29 (5), 2011


African Vascular Plant taxonomy

Aspalathus crewiana sp. nov. (Crotalarieae, Fabaceae) from the Western Cape Province, South Africa (pages 513–517)

J. S. Boatwright and C. N. Cupido

Mediterranean Vascular Plant taxonomy

Astragalus raphaelis (Fabaceae), a critical species from Sicily and taxonomic remarks on A. sect. Sesamei (pages 518–533)

Cristian Brullo, Salvatore Brullo, Gianpietro Giusso del Galdo, Pietro Minissale and Saverio Sciandrello

Crataegus grossidentata sp. nov. (Rosaceae–Pyreae), a new hawthorn from northern Iran (pages 534–537)

Fariba Sharifnia, Knud Ib Christensen, Nasim Seyedipour, Fahimeh Salimpour and Iraj Mehregan

Boreal and Arctic Vascular Plant taxonomy

Hieracium sect. Oreadea (Asteraceae) in Sweden – from a complete mess to a preliminary taxonomic classification (pages 538–589)

Torbjörn Tyler

Asiatic Vascular Plant taxonomy

Miscellaneous taxonomic notes on Elatostema (Urticaceae) from China and its adjacent area (pages 590–597)

Qi Lin, Zhi-Rong Yang, Lin-Dong Duan and Tian-Gang Gao

Cephalanthera humilis sp. nov. (Orchidaceae) from Yunnan, China (pages 598–600)

Xiao-Hua Jin, Zhen-Quan Dai, Qing-Yi Liu, Xue-Yong Ju and Xiao-Guo Xiang

Lysimachia vietnamensis and L. verbascifolia spp. nov. (Primulaceae) from Vietnam (pages 601–604)

Phan Ke Loc and Hu Chi-Ming

Chionographis shiwandashanensis sp. nov. (Melanthiaceae) from southern Guangxi, China (pages 605–607)

Yun-Feng Huang, Ri-Hong Jiang, Dong-Xin Nong and Wei-Bin Xu

Firmiana calcarea sp. nov. (Malvaceae) from limestone areas in Guangxi, China (pages 608–610)

Yu-Song Huang, Wang-Hui Wu, Wei-Bin Xu and Yan Liu

Neotropical Vascular Plant taxonomy

Thelypteris amazonica sp. nov. (Thelypteridaceae) from Amazonian Brazil (pages 611–614)

Alexandre Salino, Rozijane Santos Fernandes and Marcio Roberto Pietrobom

Molecular intra-specific variation and phylogreography

Phylogeographic analysis of the endemic species Sibiraea angustata reveals a marginal refugium in the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau (pages 615–624)

Yizhong Duan, Qingbo Gao, Faqi Zhang, Yinghu Li, Pengcheng Fu and Shilong Chen

Evolutionary processes and population genetics

Hybridization and asymmetric introgression between Cypripedium tibeticum and C. yunnanense in Shangrila County, Yunnan Province, China (pages 625–631)

Shi-Jun Hu, Hong Hu, Ning Yan, Jia-Lin Huang and Shu-Yun Li

Leaf shape variation and differentiation in three sympatric white oak species revealed by elliptic Fourier analysis (pages 632–640)

Vincenzo Viscosi and Paola Fortini


Nordic Journal of Botany - 29 (6), 2011


Meditteranean Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Morphological, palynological, seed-coat surface and karyological studies of Hesperis bicuspidata and H. stellata (Cruciferae) from Turkey (pages 641–651)

Ahmet Duran, Fatma Ünal, Nur Münevver Pinar and Özlem Çetin

Meditteranean Vascular Plant taxonomy

Bilacunaria anatolica sp. nov. (Apiaceae) from southwest Anatolia, Turkey (pages 652–659)

Ahmet Duran, Meryem Öztürk and Hilal Ay

Meditteranean Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Seed micro-morphology and its systematic significance in Gypsophila (Caryophyllaceae) and allied genera (pages 660–669)

Elham Amini, Shahin Zarre and Mostafa Assadi

Central Asian Vascular Plant taxonomy

Carex dapanshanica sp. nov. (C. sect. Mitratae, Cyperaceae) from Zhejiang, China (pages 670–673)

Yin-Jia Zhao, Ting-Ting Shen, Yi Zheng, Zi-Lin Chen and Xiao-Feng Jin

Five new nomenclatural combinations in Dasymaschalon and Goniothalamus (Annonaceae) (pages 674–676)

Richard M. K. Saunders and Jing Wang

Southeast Asian Vascular Plant taxonomy

Nepenthes robcantleyi sp. nov. (Nepenthaceae) from Mindanao, Philippines (pages 677–681)

Martin Cheek

Asiatic Vascular Plant taxonomy

Primulina guangxiensis sp. nov. (Gesneriaceae) from a karst cave in Guangxi, China (pages 682–686)

Yan Liu, Wei-Bin Xu and Yu-Song Huang

Neotropical Vascular Plant taxonomy

Asplundia altiscandens sp. nov. (Cyclanthaceae) from the Brazilian Amazon (pages 687–690)

Eduardo da Silva Leal

New World Pouzolzia and Boehmeria (Urticaceae): a new species and new generic record for Paraguay, Pouzolzia amambaiensis, and additional observations on already described species of both genera (pages 691–695)

Christine Melanie Wilmot-Dear and Ib Friis

African Vascular Plant Taxonomy

Albuca annulata sp. nov. (Hyacinthaceae) from the Albany Centre of Endemism, South Africa (pages 696–699)

M. Martínez-Azorín, M. B. Crespo, A. P. Dold and N. P. Barker

Craterispermum parvifolium and C. robbrechtianum spp. nov. (Rubiaceae) from west central Africa (pages 700–707)

H. Taedoumg, P. De Block, P. Hamon and B. Sonké

Boreal and Arctic vascular Plant taxonomy

Arguments for a narrow species concept in Rubus sect. Corylifolii (pages 708–721)

Ulf Ryde

New light on phylogeny and taxonomy of the Eurasian Gagea villosa–G. fragifera complex (Liliaceae) (pages 722–733)

Lorenzo Peruzzi, Angela Peterson, Jean-Marc Tison and Dörte Harpke

Fungal Taxonomy and evolution

Musumecia gen. nov. in the Tricholomatoid clade (Basidiomycota, Agaricales) related to Pseudoclitocybe (pages 734–740)

A. Vizzini, M. Contu and E. Ercole

Algal Taxonomy and Evolution

Some observations on travertine algae from Stjáni hot spring, Lýsuhóll, Iceland (pages 741–745)

Allan Pentecost

Cytology and embryology

Karyotype studies in thirty-two species of Lilium (Liliaceae) from China (pages 746–761)

Yun-Dong Gao, Song-Dong Zhou and Xing-Jin He

Evolutionary processes and population genetics

Morphological variation in populations of the Poa orinosa complex (Poaceae: Poeae) in northeastern China (pages 762–772)

Marina V. Olonova, Mary E. Barkworth, S. V. Pulkina and Wen-Li Chen

Molecular phylogenetics and systematics

Transfer of Kaempferia candida to Curcuma (Zingiberaceae) based on morphological and molecular data (pages 773–779)

Jiranan Techaprasan and Jana Leong-Škorničková

Phylogeny and taxonomy of the Pyrenaria complex (Theaceae) based on nuclear ribosomal ITS sequences (pages 780–787)

Rong Li, Jun-Bo Yang, Shi-Xiong Yang and De-Zhu Li


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