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Journal of Arid Environments - 78-79, 2012

Journal of Arid Environments - 78, 2012


Editorial Board

Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) as an invader and threat to biodiversity in arid environments: A review
V.M. Marshall, M.M. Lewis, B. Ostendorf

Cereal yield response to conservation agriculture practices in drylands of West Africa: A quantitative synthesis
J. Bayala, G.W. Sileshi, R. Coe, A. Kalinganire, Z. Tchoundjeu, F. Sinclair, D. Garrity

Foliar nutrient resorption in two Mojave Desert shrubs exposed to Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE)
D.C. Housman, K.T. Killingbeck, R. Dave Evans, T.N. Charlet, S.D. Smith

Spatial distribution of and topographic controls on Tillandsia fog vegetation in coastal southern Peru: Remote sensing and modelling
R. Hesse

A critical role for Copestylum larvae (Diptera, Syrphidae) in the decomposition of cactus forests
A.P. Martínez-Falcón, M.Á. Marcos-García, C.E. Moreno, G.E. Rotheray

Wild boars as seed dispersal agents of exotic plants from agricultural lands to conservation areas
G. Dovrat, A. Perevolotsky, G. Ne'eman

Tree density and species decline in the African Sahel attributable to climate
P. Gonzalez, C.J. Tucker, H. Sy

Distribution of diatoms and mollusks in shallow lakes from the semiarid Pampa region, Argentina: Their relative paleoenvironmental significance
G.S. Hassan, C.G. De Francesco, V. Peretti

Magnetic properties of surface soils in the Chinese Loess Plateau and the adjacent Gobi areas, and their implication for climatic studies
D.S. Xia, J. Jia, H.T. Wei, X.B. Liu, J.Y. Ma, X.M. Wang, F.H. Chen

Contributions to atmospheric dust production of natural and anthropogenic emissions in a recreational area designated for off-road vehicular activity (Nellis Dunes, Nevada, USA)
D. Goossens, B. Buck, B. McLaurin

African dust source regions for observed dust outbreaks over the Subtropical Eastern North Atlantic region, above 25°N
S. Alonso-Pérez, E. Cuevas, X. Querol, J.C. Guerra, C. Pérez

Vertical distribution of soil microbial biomass and its association with shrubs from the Negev Desert
J. Yu, Y. Steinberger

Savanna glade hotspots: Plant community development and synergy with large herbivores
K.E. Veblen

The effects of defoliation on plant community, root biomass and nutrient allocation and soil chemical properties on semi-arid steppes in northern China
Y.-J. Guo, L. Han, G.-D. Li, J-G. Han, G.-L. Wang, Z.-Y. Li, B. Wilson

A hierarchical analysis of vegetation on a Mojave Desert landscape, USA
S.R. Abella, K.A. Prengaman, T.M. Embrey, S.M. Schmid, A.C. Newton, D.J. Merkler

Inherent density-dependency of wet-season range even at the extreme of nonequilibrium environments
T. Okayasu, T. Okuro, U. Jamsran, K. Takeuchi

Stoichiometric response of dominant grasses to fire and mowing in a semi-arid grassland
X.-T. Lü, F.-M. Lü, L.-S. Zhou, X. Han, X.-G. Han

Fire patterns in central semiarid Argentina
M.A. Fischer, C.M. Di Bella, E.G. Jobbágy

Characterising and quantifying vegetative drought in East Africa using fuzzy modelling and NDVI data
C.M. Rulinda, A. Dilo, W. Bijker, A. Stein

The rational model of shrubland biomass, pattern and precipitation relationships along semi-arid climatic gradients
M. Shoshany

Germination requirements of two sheep-preferred grasses (Hordeum comosum and Koeleria vurilochensis var. patagonica) from semiarid Patagonian steppes
P.E. Gundel, J.G.N. Irisarri, N.S. Sorzoli, C.E. Mosso, G. García-Martínez, R. Golluscio

Variation in the coverage of biological soil crusts in the State of Qatar
R. Richer, D. Anchassi, I. El-Assaad, M. El-Matbouly, F. Ali, I. Makki, J.S. Metcalf

Erratum to ‘Recovery of soil and vegetation in semi-arid Australian old fields’ [Journal of Arid Environments 76 (2012) 61–71]
A.J. Scott, J.W. Morgan

Acknowledgement to Reviewers

Journal of Arid Environments - 79, 2012


Editorial Board

Fine root dynamics and longevity of Artemisia halodendron reflect plant growth strategy in two contrasting habitats
H. Gang, Z. Xue-yong, F.M. Padilla, Z. Ha-lin

Trophic preferences in an assemblage of mammal herbivores from Andean Puna (Northern Chile)
C. Tirado, A. Cortés, E. Miranda-Urbina, M.A. Carretero

Effects of habitat degradation on the lizard assemblage in the Arid Chaco, central Argentina
N. Pelegrin, E.H. Bucher

Soil C and N patterns in a semiarid pinon–juniper woodland: Topography of slope and ephemeral channels add to canopy–intercanopy heterogeneity
Darin J. Law, David D. Breshears, Michael H. Ebinger, Clifton W. Meyer, Craig D. Allen

Soil carbon and nitrogen recovery on semiarid Conservation Reserve Program lands
S.M. Munson, W.K. Lauenroth, I.C. Burke

Development and evolution of subaerial halite crust morphologies in a coastal sabkha setting
S.W. Lokier

Occurrence and characteristics of Quaternary calcareous microbialitic crust in the southern desert of Kuwait, Arabian Gulf
F.I. Khalaf, A.A. AlShuaibi

Roles of saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) and capillary rise in salinizing a non-flooding terrace on a flow-regulated desert river
E.P. Glenn, K. Morino, P.L. Nagler, R.S. Murray, S. Pearlstein, K.R. Hultine

Conservative design rainfall distribution for application in arid regions with sparse data
A.G. Awadallah, N.S. Younan

The role of vegetation and lithology in the spatial and inter-annual response of EVI to climate in drylands of Southeastern Spain
J. Cabello, D. Alcaraz-Segura, R. Ferrero, A.J. Castro, E. Liras

Effects of fuels reductions on plant communities and soils in a Pinon-juniper woodland
M.R. Ross, S.C. Castle, N.N. Barger

Regional patterns of biological soil crust lichen species composition related to vegetation, soils, and climate in Oregon, USA
H.T. Root, B. McCune

Effect of sheep grazing on rangeland plant communities: Case study of landscape depressions within Syrian arid steppes
M. Louhaichi, F. Ghassali, A.K. Salkini, S.L. Petersen

Jatropha curcas: Sowing local seeds of success in Malawi?: In response to Achten et al. (2010)
J.C. Dyer, L.C. Stringer, A.J. Dougill

Germination response of grassland species to plant-derived smoke
D.W. Schwilk, N. Zavala

Snakes on roads: An arid Australian perspective
P.J. McDonald

Winter establishment of the alien annual Schismus barbatus is not affected by insect herbivory in Northern-Central Monte Desert
E. Pucheta, V.J. García-Muro, L. Quevedo-Robledo, A. Rolhauser


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