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Cactus Adventures International - 53, 2002

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

N°53 (2002) :

Yémen : la derniere tache blanche

Nouvelles d’ailleurs : Chili

Florileges a La Réunion

Culture de : Corryocactus

Culture de : Manfreda

La page des Enfants : Astrophytum

Jasminocereus : toujours rare ?

Le genre Neowerdermannia

Desert Springs, 1er Golf Cactus d’Europe

Ecballium elaterium

Book News, New Books

Philatélie & Succulentes


Australian Systematic Botany - 22(1), 2009

Contents (Volume 22, Number 1, 2009):

Systematics and Biogeography

A molecular phylogenetic analysis of Diuris (Orchidaceae) based on AFLP and ITS reveals three major clades and a basal species.
James O. Indsto, Peter H. Weston and Mark A. Clements

Polyaperturate pollen types and ratios of heteromorphism in the monocot genus
Conostylis (Haemodoraceae).
Nuri B. Pierce and Michael G. Simpson

Phyllometric parameters and artificial neural networks for the identification
of Banksia accessions.
Giuseppe Messina, Camilla Pandolfi, Sergio Mugnai, Elisa Azzarello, Kingsley Dixon and Stefano Mancuso


The truffle genus Cribbea (Physalacriaceae, Agaricales) in Australia.
Teresa Lebel and Pamela S. Catcheside


American Journal of Botany - 97(9), 2010

Volume 97, Issue 9; September 2010

Anatomy and Morphology

Gesine Pufal, Ken G. Ryan, and Phil Garnock-Jones
Hygrochastic capsule dehiscence in New Zealand alpine Veronica (Plantaginaceae)


Alex Fajardo and Eliot J. B. McIntire
Merged trees in second-growth, fire-origin forests in Patagonia, Chile: positive spatial association patterns and their ecological implications

Allison M. Lambert, Abraham J. Miller-Rushing, and David W. Inouye
Changes in snowmelt date and summer precipitation affect the flowering phenology of Erythronium grandiflorum (glacier lily; Liliaceae)

Sharmila Pathikonda, Alan Meerow, He Zhenxiang, and Susan Mopper
Salinity tolerance and genetic variability in freshwater and brackish Iris hexagona colonies

Evolution and Phylogeny

Hardeep S. Rai and Sean W. Graham
Utility of a large, multigene plastid data set in inferring higher-order relationships in ferns and relatives (monilophytes)

Joshua M. Brokaw and Larry Hufford
Origins and introgression of polyploid species in Mentzelia section Trachyphytum (Loasaceae)


Terry W. Henkel, Matthew E. Smith, and M. Catherine Aime
Guyanagaster, a new wood-decaying sequestrate fungal genus related to Armillaria (Physalacriaceae, Agaricales, Basidiomycota)

Physiology and Biochemistry

Linda E. Graham, Eunsoo Kim, Patricia Arancibia-Avila, James M. Graham, and Lee W. Wilcox
Evolutionary and ecophysiological significance of sugar utilization by the peat moss Sphagnum compactum (Sphagnaceae) and the common charophycean associates Cylindrocystis brebissonii and Mougeotia sp. (Zygnemataceae)

Population Biology

Cristina F. Aragón, Marcos Méndez, and Adrián Escudero
Linkages among life-history components through time: Carryover effects on the demography of a short-lived polycarpic plant

Reproductive Biology

Derek R. Artz, Cristian A. Villagra, and Robert A. Raguso
Spatiotemporal variation in the reproductive ecology of two parapatric subspecies of Oenothera cespitosa (Onagraceae)

Systematics and Phytogeography

A. Jonathan Shaw, Cymon J. Cox, William R. Buck, Nicolas Devos, Alex M. Buchanan, Lynette Cave, Rodney Seppelt, Blanka Shaw, Juan Larraín, Richard Andrus, Johann Greilhuber, and Eva M. Temsch
Newly resolved relationships in an early land plant lineage: Bryophyta class Sphagnopsida (peat mosses)

Paul M. Peterson, Konstantin Romaschenko, and Gabriel Johnson
A phylogeny and classification of the Muhlenbergiinae (Poaceae: Chloridoideae: Cynodonteae) based on plastid and nuclear DNA sequences

Virginia Valcárcel and Pablo Vargas
Quantitative morphology and species delimitation under the general lineage concept: Optimization for Hedera (Araliaceae)

Brief Communication

Darah L. Newell and Ashley B. Morris
Clonal structure of wild populations and origins of horticultural stocks of Illicium parviflorum (Illiciaceae)

Billie A. Gould, Blanca León, Aron M. Buffen, and Lonnie G. Thompson
Evidence of a high-Andean, mid-Holocene plant community: An ancient DNA analysis of glacially preserved remains



AJB Primer Notes & Protocols in the Plant Sciences

Gustavo M. Mori, Maria I. Zucchi, Iracilda Sampaio, and Anete P. Souza
Microsatellites for the mangrove tree Avicennia germinans (Acanthaceae): Tools for hybridization and mating system studies

Chen Chen, Yi-Hui Liu, Cheng-Xing Fu, and Ying-Xiong Qiu
New microsatellite markers for the rare plant Cercidiphyllum japonicum and their utility for Cercidiphyllum magnificum


Journal of Botany - 2010

Contents (Volume 2010):

Johann Greilhuber
Jaroslav Doležel, Ilia J. Leitch, Joao Loureiro, and Jan Suda

Study in the Valerianaceae: First Results and New Hypotheses
Oriane Hidalgo, Joël Mathez, Sonia Garcia, Teresa Garnatje, Jaume Pellicer, and Joan Valles

Pollution, Selection, and Genome Size: The Species of the Žerjav Study Revisited with Flow Cytometry
Eva M. Temsch, Wilhelm Temsch, Luise Ehrendorfer-Schratt, and Johann Greilhuber

The Proteomic Changes in Cynara Cardunculus L. var. altilis DC Following the Etiolation Phenomena Using De Novo Sequence Analysis
Carmine Guarino, Luciana De Simone, Simona Santoro, Simonetta Caira, Sergio Lilla, Maria Grazia Calabrese, Lina Chianese, and Francesco Addeo

Endopolyploidy in Bryophytes: Widespread in Mosses and Absent in Liverworts
Jillian D. Bainard and Steven G. Newmaster

Genome Size in Diploids, Allopolyploids, and Autopolyploids of Mediterranean Triticeae
T. Eilam, Y. Anikster, E. Millet, J. Manisterski, and M. Feldman

On the Tempo of Genome Size Evolution in Angiosperms
Jeremy M. Beaulieu, Stephen A. Smith, and Ilia J. Leitch

Icelandic Birch Polyploids—The Case of a Perfect Fit in Genome Size
K. Anamthawat-Jónsson, A. Th. Thórsson, E. M. Temsch, and J. Greilhuber

Improved and Reproducible Flow Cytometry Methodology for Nuclei Isolation from Single Root Meristem
Thaís Cristina Ribeiro Silva, Isabella Santiago Abreu, and Carlos Roberto Carvalho

Genome Size Dynamics and Evolution in Monocots
Ilia J. Leitch, Jeremy M. Beaulieu, Mark W. Chase, Andrew R. Leitch, and Michael F. Fay

Identification of Constraining Experimental-Design Factors in Mycorrhizal Pot-Growth Studie
Patrick Audet and Christiane Charest

On the Relationship between Pollen Size and Genome Size
Charles A. Knight, Rachel B. Clancy, Lars Götzenberger, Leighton Dann, and Jeremy M. Beaulieu

Phylogenetic Relationships of Tetraploid AB-Genome Avena Species Evaluated by Means of Cytogenetic (C-Banding and FISH) and RAPD Analyses
E. D. Badaeva, O. Yu. Shelukhina, S. V. Goryunova, I. G. Loskutov, and V. A. Pukhalskiy

Leaves and Seeds as Materials for Flow Cytometric Estimation of the Genome Size of 11 Rosaceae Woody Species Containing DNA-Staining Inhibitors
Iwona Jędrzejczyk and Elwira Śliwinska

Comparative Analysis of Growth, Genome Size, Chromosome Numbers and Phylogeny of Arabidopsis thaliana and Three Cooccurring Species of the Brassicaceae from Uzbekistan
Matthias H. Hoffmann, Heike Schmuths, Christina Koch, Armin Meister, and Reinhard M. Fritsch

Recent Insights into Mechanisms of Genome Size Change in Plants
Corrinne E. Grover and Jonathan F. Wendel

Cost of Having the Largest Mitochondrial Genome: Evolutionary Mechanism of Plant Mitochondrial Genome
Kazuyoshi Kitazaki and Tomohiko Kubo

New Record Holders for Maximum Genome Size in Eudicots and Monocots
B. J. M. Zonneveld

Genome Size Variation in Malus Species,
Monika Höfer and Armin Meister

Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Astragalus rhizanthus Benth. ssp. rhizanthus var. rhizanthus (Fabaceae) Using Molecular Markers from India
Kumar Kamal Anand, Ravi Kumar Srivastava, and Lal Babu Chaudhary

Genome Size Is a Strong Predictor of Root Meristem Growth Rate
Adam Gruner, Nathan Hoverter, Tylia Smith, and Charles A. Knight

Genome Sizes in Hepatica Mill: (Ranunculaceae) Show a Loss of DNA, Not a Gain, in Polyploids
B. J. M. Zonneveld

Selection of Housekeeping Genes for Transgene Expression Analysis in Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Using Real-Time RT-PCR
Ren Chen, Mayumi Gyokusen, Yoshihisa Nakazawa, and Koichiro Gyokusen

Nucleotide-Dependent Reprogramming of mRNAs Encoding Acetyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase and Lipoxygenase in Relation to the Fat Contents of Peanut
G. O. Osuji, T. K. Brown, and S. M. South

Nuclei of Taxus baccata: Flavanols Linked to Chromatin Remodeling Factors
Walter Feucht, Heike Dithmar, and Jürgen Polster

Evaluation of the Nutrient Status of Some Hydrophytes in the Water Courses of Nile Delta, Egypt
Kamal H. Shaltout, Tarek M. Galal, and Thanaa M. El-Komi

A Phytogeographical Classification of the North American Pacific Coast Based on Climate, Vegetation and a Floristic Analysis of Vascular Plants
Manuel Peinado, Miguel Ángel Macías, Juan Luis Aguirre, and José Delgadillo

Partial Characterization of a Vicilin-Like Glycoprotein from Seeds of Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris)
Jared Q. Gerlach, Veer P. Bhavanandan, Paul A. Haynes, and Lokesh Joshi


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The Plant Journal - 63 (5), 2010

CONTENTS [Volume 63, Number 5, September 2010]:

Time of day shapes Arabidopsis drought transcriptomes
Wilkins, Olivia; Bräutigam, Katharina; Campbell, Malcolm M.

Cytoplasmic phylogeny and evidence of cyto-nuclear co-adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana
Moison, Michaël; Roux, Fabrice; Quadrado, Martine; Duval, Romain; Ekovich, Muriel; Le, Duc-Hoa; Verzaux, Marie; Budar, Françoise

Characterization of an intact two-component high-affinity nitrate transporter from Arabidopsis roots
Yong, Zhenhua; Kotur, Zorica; Glass, Anthony D. M.

ABA overly-sensitive?5 (ABO5), encoding a pentatricopeptide repeat protein required for cis-splicing of mitochondrial nad2 intron?3, is involved in the abscisic acid response in Arabidopsis
Liu, Yue; He, Junna; Chen, Zhizhong; Ren, Xiaozhi; Hong, Xuhui; Gong, Zhizhong

A DEAD box protein is required for formation of a hidden break in Arabidopsis chloroplast 23S rRNA
Nishimura, Kenji; Ashida, Hiroki; Ogawa, Taro; Yokota, Akiho

Phospho-site mapping, genetic and in planta activation studies reveal key aspects of the different phosphorylation mechanisms involved in activation of SnRK2s
Vlad, Florina; Droillard, Marie-Jo; Valot, Benoît; Khafif, Mehdi; Rodrigues, Americo; Brault, Mathias; Zivy, Michel; Rodriguez, Pedro L.; Merlot, Sylvain; Lauriere, Christiane

BAK1 is required for the attenuation of ethylene-inducing xylanase (Eix)-induced defense responses by the decoy receptor LeEix1
Bar, Maya; Sharfman, Miya; Ron, Mily; Avni, Adi

The origin of the non-recombining region of sex chromosomes in Carica and Vasconcellea
Wu, Xia; Wang, Jianping; Na, Jong-Kuk; Yu, Qingyi; Moore, Richard C.; Zee, Francis; Huber, Steven C.; Ming, Ray

Analysis of secondary growth in the Arabidopsis shoot reveals a positive role of jasmonate signalling in cambium formation
Sehr, Eva M.; Agusti, Javier; Lehner, Reinhard; Farmer, Edward E.; Schwarz, Martina; Greb, Thomas

Pleiotropic physiological consequences of feedback-insensitive phenylalanine biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
Huang, Tengfang; Tohge, Takayuki; Lytovchenko, Anna; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Jander, Georg

Overexpression of yeast spermidine synthase impacts ripening, senescence and decay symptoms in tomato
Nambeesan, Savithri; Datsenka, Tatsiana; Ferruzzi, Mario G.; Malladi, Anish; Mattoo, Autar K.; Handa, Avtar K.

A plant DNA ligase is an important determinant of seed longevity
Waterworth, Wanda M.; Masnavi, Ghzaleh; Bhardwaj, Rajni M.; Jiang, Qing; Bray, Clifford M.; West, Christopher E.

The proline 160 in the selectivity filter of the Arabidopsis NO3-/H+ exchanger AtCLCa is essential for nitrate accumulation in planta
Wege, Stefanie; Jossier, Mathieu; Filleur, Sophie; Thomine, Sébastien; Barbier-Brygoo, Hélene; Gambale, Franco; De Angeli, Alexis

High-resolution elemental localization in vacuolate plant cells by nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry
Smart, Katharine E.; Smith, J. Andrew C.; Kilburn, Matt R.; Martin, Barrie G. H.; Hawes, Chris; Grovenor, Chris R. M.

A platform of high-density INDEL/CAPS markers for map-based cloning in Arabidopsis
Hou, Xianhui; Li, Linchuan; Peng, Zhiyu; Wei, Baoye; Tang, Saijun; Ding, Maoyu; Liu, Jingjing; Zhang, Fangxian; Zhao, Yunde; Gu, Hongya; Qu, Li-Jia


The Plant Journal - 63 (4), 2010

CONTENTS [Volume 63, Number 4, August 2010]:

Benning, Christoph

Hormonal interplay during adventitious root formation in flooded tomato plants
Vidoz, Maria Laura; Loreti, Elena; Mensuali, Anna; Alpi, Amedeo; Perata, Pierdomenico

The small heat shock protein 20 RSI2 interacts with and is required for stability and function of tomato resistance protein I-2
van Ooijen, Gerben; Lukasik, Ewa; van den Burg, Harrold A.; Vossen, Jack H.; Cornelissen, Ben J. C.; Takken, Frank L. W.

Genetic analysis of pathway regulation for enhancing branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis in plants
Chen, Hao; Saksa, Kristen; Zhao, Feiyi; Qiu, Joyce; Xiong, Liming

Evolutionary conservation, diversity and specificity of LTR-retrotransposons in flowering plants: insights from genome-wide analysis and multi-specific comparison
Du, Jianchang; Tian, Zhixi; Hans, Christian S.; Laten, Howard M.; Cannon, Steven B.; Jackson, Scott A.; Shoemaker, Randy C.; Ma, Jianxin

A rice fungal MAMP-responsive MAPK cascade regulates metabolic flow to antimicrobial metabolite synthesis
Kishi-Kaboshi, Mitsuko; Okada, Kazunori; Kurimoto, Leona; Murakami, Shinya; Umezawa, Toshiaki; Shibuya, Naoto; Yamane, Hisakazu; Miyao, Akio; Takatsuji, Hiroshi; Takahashi, Akira; Hirochika, Hirohiko

Alternative splicing expands the repertoire of dominant JAZ repressors of jasmonate signaling
Chung, Hoo Sun; Cooke, Thomas F.; DePew, Cody L.; Patel, Lalita C.; Ogawa, Narihito; Kobayashi, Yuichi; Howe, Gregg A.

Population genomic analysis of Tunisian Medicago truncatula reveals candidates for local adaptation
Friesen, Maren L.; Cordeiro, Matilde A.; Penmetsa, R. Varma; Badri, Mounawer; Huguet, Thierry; Aouani, Mohamed E.; Cook, Douglas R.; Nuzhdin, Sergey V.

Identification of protein stability determinants in chloroplasts
Apel, Wiebke; Schulze, Waltraud X.; Bock, Ralph

GIGANTEA is a component of a regulatory pathway determining wall ingrowth deposition in phloem parenchyma transfer cells of Arabidopsis thaliana
Edwards, Joshua; Martin, Antony P.; Andriunas, Felicity; Offler, Christina E.; Patrick, John W.; McCurdy, David W.

The hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein domain of the Arabidopsis LRX1 requires Tyr for function but not for insolubilization in the cell wall
Ringli, Christoph

The VQ motif protein IKU1 regulates endosperm growth and seed size in Arabidopsis
Wang, Aihua; Garcia, Damien; Zhang, Hongyu; Feng, Ke; Chaudhury, Abed; Berger, Fred; Peacock, William James; Dennis, Elizabeth S.; Luo, Ming

Measuring the turnover rates of Arabidopsis proteins using deuterium oxide: an auxin signaling case study
Yang, Xiao-Yuan; Chen, Wen-Ping; Rendahl, Aaron K.; Hegeman, Adrian D.; Gray, William M.; Cohen, Jerry D.

Exploring plant endomembrane dynamics using the photoconvertible protein Kaede
Brown, Spencer C.; Bolte, Susanne; Gaudin, Marie; Pereira, Claudia; Marion, Jessica; Soler, Marie-Noëlle; Satiat-Jeunemaitre, Béatrice



The Plant Journal - 63 (3), 2010

Contents [Volume 63, Number 3, August 2010]:

Genome-wide mapping of cytosine methylation revealed dynamic DNA methylation patterns associated with genes and centromeres in rice
Yan, Huihuang; Kikuchi, Shinji; Neumann, Pavel; Zhang, Wenli; Wu, Yufeng; Chen, Feng; Jiang, Jiming

The role of DNA methylation, nucleosome occupancy and histone modifications in paramutation
Haring, Max; Bader, Rechien; Louwers, Marieke; Schwabe, Anne; van Driel, Roel; Stam, Maike

NF-YC3, NF-YC4 and NF-YC9 are required for CONSTANS-mediated, photoperiod-dependent flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana
Kumimoto, Roderick W.; Zhang, Yan; Siefers, Nicholas; Holt, Ben F.

det1-1-induced UV-C hyposensitivity through UVR3 and PHR1 photolyase gene over-expression
Castells, Enric; Molinier, Jean; Drevensek, Stephanie; Genschik, Pascal; Barneche, Fredy; Bowler, Chris

COE1, an LRR-RLK responsible for commissural vein pattern formation in rice
Sakaguchi, Jun; Itoh, Jun-Ichi; Ito, Yukihiro; Nakamura, Ayako; Fukuda, Hiroo; Sawa, Shinichiro

ABO3, a WRKY transcription factor, mediates plant responses to abscisic acid and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis
Ren, Xiaozhi; Chen, Zhizhong; Liu, Yue; Zhang, Hairong; Zhang, Min; Liu, Qian; Hong, Xuhui; Zhu, Jian-Kang; Gong, Zhizhong

Spatio-temporal patterns of genome evolution in allotetraploid species of the genus Oryza
Ammiraju, Jetty S. S.; Fan, Chuanzhu; Yu, Yeisoo; Song, Xiang; Cranston, Karen A.; Pontaroli, Ana Clara; Lu, Fei; Sanyal, Abhijit; Jiang, Ning; Rambo, Teri; Currie, Jennifer; Collura, Kristi; Talag, Jayson; Bennetzen, Jeffrey L.; Chen, Mingsheng; Jackson, Scott; Wing, Rod A.

The metabolic transition during disease following infection of Arabidopsis thaliana by Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato
Ward, Jane L.; Forcat, Silvia; Beckmann, Manfred; Bennett, Mark; Miller, Sonia J.; Baker, John M.; Hawkins, Nathaniel D.; Vermeer, Cornelia P.; Lu, Chuan; Lin, Wanchang; Truman, William M.; Beale, Michael H.; Draper, John; Mansfield, John W.; Grant, Murray

Physiological links among alternative electron transport pathways that reduce and oxidize plastoquinone in Arabidopsis
Okegawa, Yuki; Kobayashi, Yoshichika; Shikanai, Toshiharu

Walls are thin?1 (WAT1), an Arabidopsis homolog of Medicago truncatula NODULIN21, is a tonoplast-localized protein required for secondary wall formation in fibers
Ranocha, Philippe; Denancé, Nicolas; Vanholme, Ruben; Freydier, Amandine; Martinez, Yves; Hoffmann, Laurent; Köhler, Lothar; Pouzet, Cécile; Renou, Jean-Pierre; Sundberg, Björn; Boerjan, Wout; Goffner, Deborah

The Ca2+-dependent protein kinase CPK3 is required for MAPK-independent salt-stress acclimation in Arabidopsis
Mehlmer, Norbert; Wurzinger, Bernhard; Stael, Simon; Hofmann-Rodrigues, Daniela; Csaszar, Edina; Pfister, Barbara; Bayer, Roman; Teige, Markus

The SLO1 PPR protein is required for RNA editing at multiple sites with similar upstream sequences in Arabidopsis mitochondria
Sung, Tzu-Ying; Tseng, Ching-Chih; Hsieh, Ming-Hsiun

The Arabidopsis thaliana FPP synthase isozymes have overlapping and specific functions in isoprenoid biosynthesis, and complete loss of FPP synthase activity causes early developmental arrest
Closa, Marta; Vranová, Eva; Bortolotti, Cristina; Bigler, Laurent; Arró, Montserrat; Ferrer, Albert; Gruissem, Wilhelm

AtCPK1 calcium-dependent protein kinase mediates pathogen resistance in Arabidopsis
Coca, María; San Segundo, Blanca

Hide and seek: uncloaking the vegetative shoot apex of Arabidopsis thaliana
Vanhaeren, Hannes; Gonzalez, Nathalie; Inzé, Dirk

The Botanical Review - 76 (3), 2010

Contents [Volume 76, Number 3 / September 2010]:

Endemic Seed Plant Species from Hainan Island: A Checklist

Javier Francisco-Ortega, Fa-Guo Wang, Zhong-Sheng Wang, Fu-Wu Xing, Hong Liu, et al.

Seed Plant Endemism on Hainan Island: A Framework for Conservation Actions

Javier Francisco-Ortega, Zhong-Sheng Wang, Fa-Guo Wang, Fu-Wu Xing, Hong Liu, et al.

Androgenesis Revisited

José M. Seguí-Simarro


The Botanical Review - 76 (2)

Contents [Volume 76, Number 2 / June 2010]:

Protecting Orchids in Nature Reserves: Research and Restoration Needs

Hong Liu and Yi-Bo Luo

The Importance of a Social Science Research Agenda in the Management of Protected Natural Areas, with Selected Examples

Joel T. Heinen

On the Value of Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Systematics to Orchid Conservation: Implications for China’s Yachang Orchid Reserve

Kenneth M. Cameron

Potential Challenges of Climate Change to Orchid Conservation in a Wild Orchid Hotspot in Southwestern China

Hong Liu, Chang-Lin Feng, Yi-Bo Luo, Bao-Shan Chen and Zhong-Sheng Wang, et al.

Ex Situ Conservation of Orchids in a Warming World

Philip T. Seaton, Hong Hu, Holger Perner and Hugh W. Pritchard

What We Think We Know vs. What We Need to Know About Orchid Pollination and Conservation: Cypripedium L. as a Model Lineage

Peter Bernhardt and Retha Edens-Meier

Pollination Syndromes in Mediterranean Orchids—Implications for Speciation, Taxonomy and Conservation

Nicolas J. Vereecken, Amots Dafni and Salvatore Cozzolino

Studies of Mycorrhizal Fungi of Chinese Orchids and Their Role in Orchid Conservation in China—A Review

Hongxia Liu, Yibo Luo and Hong Liu

Conservation of the Native Orchids Through Seedling Culture and Reintroduction—A Singapore Experience

Tim W. Yam, Jenny Chua, Felicia Tay and Peter Ang

Biotic Resource Needs of Specialist Orchid Pollinators

Robert W. Pemberton

New Books Received—2009


Taxon - 59(4), 2010

[Volume 59, Number 4, 2010]

“Run for your lives! End of the World!” - Electronic publication of new plant names
Knapp, Sandra; Paton, Alan; Challis, Katherine; Nicolson, Nicola

Monophyly and paraphyly: A discourse without end?
Podani, János

The phylogenetic position of milkweeds (Apocynaceae subfamilies Secamonoideae and Asclepiadoideae): Evidence from the nucleus and chloroplast
Livshultz, Tatyana

Phylogenetic relationships of Caralluma R. Br. (Apocynaceae)
Bruyns, Peter V.; al Farsi, Amina; Hedderson, Terry

Origin and phylogenetic relationships of the Old World Gesneriaceae with actinomorphic flowers inferred from ITS and trnL-trnF sequences
Wang, Yin-Zheng; Liang, Rong-Hua; Wang, Bo-Han; Li, Jia-Mei; Qiu, Zhi-Jing; Li, Zhen-Yu; Weber, Anton

Contribution of mitochondrial cox1 intron sequences to the phylogenetics of tribe Orchideae (Orchidaceae): Do the distribution and sequence of this intron in orchids also tell us something about its evolution?
Inda, Luis A.; Pimentel, Manuel; Chase, Mark W.

Phylogeny of tribe Mentheae (Lamiaceae): The story of molecules and micromorphological characters
Moon, Hye-Kyoung; Smets, Erik; Huysmans, Suzy

Phylogenetic relationships and evolution of morphological characters in Ononis L. (Fabaceae)
Turini, Florian G.; Bräuchler, Christian; Heubl, Günther

Phylogeny of Solanum series Piurana and related species in Solanum section Petota based on five conserved ortholog sequences
Ames, Mercedes; Spooner, David M.

Phylogeny of Bambusa and its allies (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) inferred from nuclear GBSSI gene and plastid psbA-trnH, rpl32-trnL and rps16 intron DNA sequences
Yang, Jun-Bo; Yang, Han-Qi; Li, De-Zhu; Wong, Khoon-Meng; Yang, Yu-Ming

Ontogenetic and phylogenetic diversification of the hooded staminode in Marantaceae
Pischtschan, Elke; Ley, Alexandra C.; Claßen-Bockhoff, Regine

Cneorum (Rutaceae) in Cuba? The solution to a 150 year old mystery
Appelhans, Marc S.; Smets, Erik; Baas, Pieter; Keßler, Paul J.A.

Reestablishment and new circumscription of Comanthera (Eriocaulaceae)
Parra, Lara Regina; Giulietti, Ana Maria; de Andrade, Maria José Gomes; van den Berg, Cássio

Sectional rearrangement of arborescent clades of Croton (Euphorbiaceae) in South America: Evolution of arillate seeds and a new species, Croton domatifer
Riina, Ricarda; van Ee, Benjamin; Wiedenhoeft, Alex C.; Cardozo, Alfonso; Berry, Paul E.

Five new species of Lithospermum L. (Boraginaceae tribe Lithospermeae) in Andean South America: Another radiation in the Amotape-Huancabamba Zone
Weigend, Maximilian; Gottschling, Marc; Hilger, Hartmut H.; Nürk, Nicolai M.

Georges Bronckart's collections and drawings of Vietnam orchids
Billiet, Frieda; Pedersen, Henrik .; Robbrecht, Elmar

Acacia, the 2011 Nomenclature Section in Melbourne, and beyond
Moore, Gerry; Smith, Gideon F.; Figueiredo, Estrela; Demissew, Sebsebe; Lewis, Gwilym; Schrire, Brian; Rico, Lourdes; van Wyk, Abraham E.

Latin diagnoses: A necessary evil
Jorgensen, Per M.

Teleotypification of fungal names and its limitations
Gams, Walter; Jaklitsch, Walter M.; Kirschner, Roland; Réblová, Martina

The botanical and zoological codes impede biodiversity research by discouraging publication of unnamed new species
Oliver, Paul M.; Lee, Michael S.Y.

Cassini's Compositae genera: A nomenclatural and taxonomic assessment
Flann, Christina; Greuter, Werner; Hind, D.J. Nicholas

Names of American vascular plants published in Loefling's Iter Hispanicum (1758) and its German translation (1766)
Dorr, Laurence J.; Wiersema, John H.

Epitypification of Heliotropium arborescens L. (Heliotropiaceae)
Luebert, Federico; Weigend, Maximilian; Hilger, Hartmut H.

Typification of the names of Iberian Valerianaceae taxa described by Linnaeus
Vázquez, Francisco M.; Jarvis, Charles E.

Report of the Nomenclature Committee for Vascular Plants: 61
Brummitt, R.K.

(1945) Proposal to conserve the name Thelephora comedens (Vuilleminia comedens) with a conserved type (Basidiomycota)
Ghobad-Nejhad, Masoomeh; Hallenberg, Nils

(1946) Proposal to conserve the name Calectasia intermedia against Scaryomyrtus hexamera (Calectasiaceae)
Wilson, Peter G.; Barrett, Russell L.

1947-1958) Proposals to reject twelve names emanating from Loefling's Iter Hispanicum (1758), Ayenia sidiformis (Malvaceae), Cofer (Symplocaceae), Cruzeta and C. hispanica (Amaranthaceae), Edechia inermis and E. spinosa (Rubiaceae), Justicia putata (Acanthaceae), Menais and M. topiaria (? Boraginaceae), Muco (Capparaceae), Samyda parviflora (Salicaceae), and Spermacoce suffruticosa (Rubiaceae)
Dorr, Laurence J.; Wiersema, John H.

(1959) Proposal to reject Lasiostelma somalense (Apocynaceae)
Gilbert, Michael G.; Thulin, Mats

(1960) Proposal to reject the name Artemisia aethiopica (Asteraceae)
Benedí, Carles; Vicens, Josep; Jarvis, Charles E.

(1961-1963) Proposals to conserve Chrysopsis, nom. cons., against Diplopappus, Felicia, nom. cons., against Coelestina, Agathaea, and Charieis, and the name Fulcaldea against Turpinia, nom. rej. (Compositae)
Greuter, Werner; Flann, Christina

(1964) Proposal to conserve the name Cissampelopsis (DC.) Lem. ex Lindl. (Asteraceae) with a conserved type
Sennikov, Alexander

(1965) Proposal to conserve the name Sibara against Machaerophorus (Cruciferae)
Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.

(1966) Proposal to reject the name Barberina hirsuta (Symplocos hirsuta) (Symplocaceae)
Aranha Filho, Joao Luiz M.; Fritsch, Peter W.; Almeda, Frank; Martins, Angela B.

(1967) Proposal to conserve the name Ligusticum californicum (Apiaceae) with a conserved type
Applequist, Wendy L.

(1968) Proposal to reject the name Valeriana mixta (Valerianaceae)
Vázquez, Francisco M.; Gutiérrez, María

(155-157) Proposals to amend Article 7.7 and add a new example to Article 7
Sennikov, Alexander

(158) Proposal to add a new article under Article 8
Bandyopadhyay, Subir; Pathak, Mithilesh K.

(159-162) Proposals to amend Articles 9.1 and 9.2 to take into account a single specimen used, but not indicated as “type,” by a describing author(s), with examples
Moran, Robbin C.; Prado, Jefferson; Lendemer, James; Reveal, James L.

(163-164) Proposal to amend Article 9.8 Note 4 and add a new example to Article 37
Sennikov, Alexander

(165-167) Miscellaneous proposals to amend the Code
Silva, Paul C.

(168) Proposal to amend the Code by changing the definition of autonyms
Niederle, Josef

(169) Proposal to amend Article 32.1
George, Alex S.

(170) Proposal to eliminate the Latin requirement for the valid publication of names of non-fossil algae
Williams, David M.; Brodie, Juliet

(171) Proposal to amend Article 37.7
Pathak, Mithilesh K.; Gantait, Soumen; Bandyopadhyay, Subir

(172-174) Three proposals to amend Article 59 of the Code concerning teleotypification of fungal names
Gams, Walter; Jaklitsch, Walter M.; Kirschner, Roland; Réblová, Martina

IOPB Column

New Names and Combinations

Erratum to Taxon 59(2)

Erratum to Taxon 59(3)

Plant Systematics World

Reviews and Notices of Publications
Schmid, Rudolf


New names and combinations appearing in Taxon 59 (4):

Comanthera subg. Thysanocephalus (Körn.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. et stat. nov.
Comanthera aciphylla (Bong.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera aurifibrata (Silveira) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera bahiensis (Moldenke) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera bisulcata (Körn.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera brasiliana (Giul.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera caespitosa (Wikstr.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera centauroides (Bong.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera chrysolepis (Silveira) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera ciliata (Silveira) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera cipoensis (Ruhland) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera circinnata (Bong.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera curralensis (Moldenke) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera dealbata (Silveira) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera elegans (Bong.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera elegantula (Ruhland) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera euschemus (Ruhland) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera flexuosa (Silveira) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera floccosa (Moldenke) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera giuliettiae L.R. Parra, nom. et stat. nov.
Comanthera glabra (Silveira) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov..
Comanthera harleyi (Moldenke) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera hatschbachii (Moldenke) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera imbricata (Körn.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera jenmanii (Gleason) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera linearis (Ruhland) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera magnifica (Giul.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera mucugensis (Giul.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera mucugensis subsp. riocontensis (A.C.S. Pereira & Giul.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera nitida (Bong.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera nivea (Bong.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera paepalophylla (Silveira) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera paepalophylla subsp. strigosa (Moldenke) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. et stat. nov.
Comanthera reflexa (Gleason) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera ruprechtiana (Körn.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera squarrosa (Ruhland) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera squarrosa var. elatior (Silveira) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera suberosa (Giul.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera vernonioides (Kunth) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera vernonioides var. confusa (Körn.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera vernonioides var. melanolepis (Silveira) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera vernonioides var. minor (Kunth) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera xantholepis (Silveira) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera xeranthemoides (Bong.) L.R. Parra & Giul., comb. nov.
Comanthera xeranthemoides var. strigillosa (Moldenke) L.R. Parra & Giul, comb. nov.
Croton sect. Cuneati (G.L. Webster) Riina & P.E. Berry, stat. nov.
Croton domatifer Riina & P.E. Berry, sp. nov.
Gyptis tanacetifolia (Gillies ex Hook. & Arn.) D.J.N. Hind & Flann, comb. nov.
Lithospermum azuayensis Weigend & Nürk, sp. nov.
Lithospermum bolivariensis Weigend & Nürk, sp. nov.
Lithospermum cuzcoensis Weigend & Nürk, sp. nov.
Lithospermum leymebambensis Weigend & Nürk, sp. nov.
Lithospermum rodriguezii Weigend & Nürk, sp. nov.

Taxon - 59(3), 2010

[Volume 59, Number 3, 2010]

Paraphyly and the origin and classification of angiosperms
Stuessy, Tod F.

Stopping the stutter: Improvements in sequence quality from regions with mononucleotide repeats can increase the usefulness of non-coding regions for DNA barcoding
Fazekas, Aron J.; Steeves, Royce; Newmaster, Steven G.; Hollingsworth, Peter M.

Molecular systematics of Echinops L. (Asteraceae, Cynareae): A phylogeny based on ITS and trnL-trnF sequences with emphasis on sectional delimitation
Sánchez-Jiménez, Ismael; Lazkov, Georgy A.; Hidalgo, Oriane; Garnatje, Teresa

The origins of Eleocharis (Cyperaceae) and the status of Websteria, Egleria, and Chillania
Hinchliff, Cody E.; Lliully A., Ariel Ernesto; Carey, Timothy; Roalson, Eric H.

Phylogeny and evolutionary diversification of Adenocarpus DC. (Leguminosae)
Cubas, Paloma; Pardo, Cristina; Tahiri, Hikmat; Castroviejo, Santiago

A molecular phylogeny of Solanum sect. Pteroidea (Solanaceae) and the utility of COSII markers in resolving relationships among closely related species
Tepe, Eric J.; Bohs, Lynn

Melaleuca revisited: cpDNA and morphological data confirm that Melaleuca L. (Myrtaceae) is not monophyletic
Edwards, Robert D.; Craven, Lyn A.; Crisp, Michael D.; Cook, Lyn G.

Molecular systematics of tribe Rubieae (Rubiaceae): Evolution of major clades, development of leaf-like whorls, and biogeography
Soza, Valerie L.; Olmstead, Richard G.

Systematics and character evolution of Tabernaemontaneae (Apocynaceae, Rauvolfioideae) based on molecular and morphological evidence
Simoes, André O.; Endress, Mary E.; Conti, Elena

Evolution and taxonomy of aquatic species in the genus Rhynchostegium (Brachytheciaceae, Bryophyta)
Huttunen, Sanna; Ignatov, Michael S.

A molecular phylogeny, morphology and classification of genera of Ranunculeae (Ranunculaceae)
Emadzade, Khatere; Lehnebach, Carlos; Lockhart, Peter; Hörandl, Elvira

Species-level phylogeny of Allium subgenus Melanocrommyum: Incomplete lineage sorting, hybridization and trnF gene duplication
Gurushidze, Maia; Fritsch, Reinhard M.; Blattner, Frank R.

Morphological disparity in Cladoniaceae: The foliose genus Heterodea evolved from fruticose Cladia species (Lecanorales, lichenized Ascomycota)
Parnmen, Sittiporn; Rangsiruji, Achariya; Mongkolsuk, Pachara; Boonpragob, Kansri; Elix, John A.; Lumbsch, H. Thorsten

Evolution and systematic value of fruit and seed characters in Adoxaceae (Dipsacales)
Jacobs, Bart; Huysmans, Suzy; Smets, Erik

The reproductive biology of Voyria (Gentianaceae) species in French Guiana
Hentrich, Heiko; Kaiser, Roman; Gottsberger, Gerhard

Geometric morphometrics: A powerful tool for the study of shape evolution in Menispermaceae endocarps
Jacques, Frédéric M.B.; Zhou, Zhekun

Taxonomic revision of Sargassum sect. Acanthocarpicae (Fucales, Phaeophyceae)
Mattio, Lydiane; Payri, Claude E.; Verlaque, Marc; de Reviers, Bruno

A new tribal classification of Nyctaginaceae
Douglas, Norman; Spellenberg, Richard

Phylogeny and taxonomy of Leucotrichum (Polypodiaceae): A new genus of grammitid ferns from the Neotropics
Labiak, Paulo H.; Rouhan, Germinal; Sundue, Michael

Multi-authored interactive identification keys: The FRIDA (FRiendly IDentificAtion) package
Martellos, Stefano

Who amends the International code of botanical nomenclature?
Smith, Gideon F.; Figueiredo, Estrela; Moore, Gerry

Typification and nomenclature of Podocarpus angustifolius Griseb. and Podocarpus aristulatus Parl. (Podocarpaceae)
Mill, Robert R.; Stark Schilling, Darian M.

Lindenia Benth. (Rubiaceae) was not effectively published in 1841: or, What is an indelible autograph?
Veldkamp, J.F.

Typification and characterization of Orobanche santolinae Loscos & J. Pardo (Orobanchaceae)
Pujadas-Salva, Antonio J.

Reinstatement of Thyrsacanthus Moric. (Acanthaceae) and taxonomic novelties in the genus
Côrtes, Ana Luiza A.; de Borges, Ricardo L.B.; Rapini, Alessandro

(1936) Proposal to conserve the name Rhynchostegium against Eriodon (Bryophyta: Brachytheciaceae)
Ignatov, Michael S.; Huttunen, Sanna

(1937) Proposal to conserve the name Podocarpus aristulatus (Podocarpaceae) with a conserved type
Stark Schilling, Darian M.; Mill, Robert R.

(1938) Proposal to reject the name Torreya bogotensis (Gymnospermae, ?Podocarpaceae)
Mill, Robert R.

(1939) Proposal to conserve the name Orchis occidentalis against O. kerryensis (Orchidaceae)
Bateman, Richard M.; Chase, Mark W.; Denholm, Ian; Fay, Michael F.; Hedrén, Mikael; Pedersen, Henrik .; Sayers, Brendan

(1940) Proposal to reject the name Anthericum flagelliforme (Eriospermum flagelliforme) (Eriospermaceae)
Whitehouse, Christopher M.

(1941-1942) Proposals to conserve the names Acidocroton and A. adelioides (Euphorbiaceae) with conserved types
van Ee, Benjamin

(1943) Proposal to conserve the name Trientalis europaea (Myrsinaceae) with a conserved type
Anderberg, Arne A.; Manns, Ulrika; Jarvis, Charlie

(1944) Proposal to conserve the name Polygonum hydropiper (Polygonaceae) with a conserved type
Reveal, James L.; Gandhi, Kanchi N.; Jarvis, Charles

(138) A proposal on the designation of cultures of fungi and algae as types
Nakada, Takashi

(139) Proposal on how to avoid the impossibility of rejection of types when in conflict with the protologue
Proćków, Jarosław; Jakubska-Busse, Anna

(140) Proposal to amend Art. 23 by adding examples of correct usage of Latin compounds
Niederle, Josef

(141) Proposal to clarify Article 23 for the case of Greek epithets ending in -ma
Arcadia, Linda in

(142-148) A few proposals on cultivated plants
van Rijckevorsel, Paul

(149-150) Proposals to amend Art. 30 by adding a condition of effective publication and an associated Recommendation
Niederle, Josef

(151) Proposal to add a new paragraph to Recommendation 31A
Pathak, Mithilesh K.; Ghoshal, Partha Pratim; Bandyopadhyay, Subir

(152-153) Proposals to add two new recommendations in Recommendation 37A
Ohashi, Hiroyoshi; Ohashi, Kazuaki

(154) Proposal on the gender of generic names ending in -ites
Barker, Christine; Brummitt, R.K.

New Names and Combinations

Free Content Plant Systematics World

Reviews and Notices of Publications
Schmid, Rudolf


New names and combinations appearing in Taxon 59 (3):

Ambelaniinae (Pichon ex Boiteau & al.) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, stat. nov.
Caribeeae Douglas & Spellenb., tr. nov.
Donrichardsia bartramii Ignatov & Huttunen, sp. nov.
Eleocharis fluctuans (L.T. Eiten) E.H. Roalson & C.E. Hinchliff, comb. nov.
Halerpestes uniflora (Phil. ex Reiche) Emadzade, Lehnebach, Lockhart & Hörandl, comb. nov.
Hedenaesia Huttunen & Ignatov, gen. nov.
Hedenaesia austrina (Hook. f. & Wilson) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Hedenaesia muriculata (Hook. f. & Wilson) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Leucotrichum Labiak, gen. nov.
Leucotrichum mitchellae (Baker ex Hemsl.) Labiak, comb. nov.
Leucotrichum mortonii (Copel.) Labiak, comb. nov.
Leucotrichum organense (Gardner) Labiak, comb. nov.
Leucotrichum pseudomitchellae (Lellinger) Labiak, comb. nov.
Leucotrichum schenckii (Hieron.) Labiak, comb. nov.
Oxyrrhynchium bergmaniae (E.B. Bartram) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Rhynchostegium brevinerve Huttunen & Ignatov, sp. nov.
Rhynchostegium conostomus (Mont.) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Rhynchostegium fuegianum (Cardot) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Rhynchostegium mutatum (Ochyra & Vanderpoorten) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Sargassum sect. Binderianae (Grunow) Mattio, Payri, M. Verlaque & Reviers, stat. nov.
Sargassum sect. Ilicifoliae (J. Agardh) Mattio, Payri, M. Verlaque & Reviers, stat. nov.
Tabernaemontana abbreviata (J.F. Morales) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana allenii (Woodson) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana brasiliensis (Leeuwenb.) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana eubracteata (Woodson) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana hannae (M. Méndez & J.F. Morales) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana oaxacana (L.O. Alvarado-Cárdenas) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana odontadeniiflora A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, nom. nov.
Tabernaemontana pauli (Leeuwenb.) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana robinsonii (Woodson) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana simulans (J.F. Morales & Q. Jiménez) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana stenoptera (Leeuwenb.) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana tomentosa (Greenm.) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana venusta (J.F. Morales) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Thyrsacanthus boliviensis (Nees) A. Côrtes & Rapini, comb. nov.
Thyrsacanthus microphyllus A. Côrtes & Rapini, sp. nov.
Thyrsacanthus ramosus (Nees) A. Côrtes & Rapini, comb. nov.
Thyrsacanthus secundus (Leonard) A. Côrtes & Rapini, comb. nov.

Cactus Adventures International - 52, 2001

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

N°52 (Octobre 2001) :

Aventures au Pérou
Un Agave méconnu : Agave weberi
Nopalxochia ackermannii.
Culture de : Buiningia
Culture de : Eriospermum
La page des Enfants : Trichocereus
Pilosocereus nobilis a Marie-galante
Hybrides de Mammillaria gracilis
Xerosicyos pubescens
Book News, New Books
Philatélie & Succulentes

Cactus Adventures International - 51, 2001

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

N°51 (Juillet 2001) :
Voyage dans l'Altiplano bolivien
Jardin Exotique de Roscoff
In Situ : Grusonia bradtiana
Culture de : Borzicactus
Culture de : Stapelia
La page des Enfants :
Nolina recurvata
Euphorbia genoudiana
Nouvelles Technologies
Gerrardanthus macrorhizus
Book News, New Books
Philatélie & Succulentes

Cactus Adventures International - 50, 2001

Cactus Aventures International
Cactus Adventures International)

N°50 (Avril 2001):
Aventures au Salvador
In Situ : Jatropha bullockii
Agave pumila
Nulle Part Ailleurs : Puna bonniae
Culture de: Espostoa
Culture de: Aloe
La page des Enfants: Notocactus (Eriocactus)
ISI 2000
Cactées colonnaires de Bolivie
Book News, New Books
Philatélie & Succulentes

Cactus Adventures International - 49, 2001

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

N°49 (Janvier 2001) :
Le genre : Dudleya
Coryphantha hintoniorum = Coryphantha roederiana ?
Beau Temps pour les Cactus !
In Situ : Agave pendula
Culture de: Neowerdermannia
Culture de: Monadenium
La page des Enfants: Crassula
Cactées du Nouveau-Mexique
Un jardin en danger
Cactées de Bolivie : Blossfeldia
Aloe porphyrostachys (suite !)
Philatélie & Succulentes


Cactus Adventures International - 48 (2000)

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

N°48 (Octobre 2000) :
Aventures au Kalahari
Gymnocalycium buenekeri
Culture de: Stenocereus
Culture de: Carpobrotus
La page des Enfants: Cleistocactus
Ferocactus latispinus : un ou trois ?
Graines et Plantes Succulentes : Fausses Croyances et anomalies
Aloe porphyrostachys
A propos du Catalogue 2001
Book News, New Books
Philatélie & Succulentes

Taxon - 59 (2), 2010

[Volume 59, Number 2, 2010]

Beyond cladistics: Extending evolutionary classifications into deeper time levels
Hörandl, Elvira

The oaks of western Eurasia: Traditional classifications and evidence from two nuclear markers
Denk, Thomas; Grimm, Guido W.

A molecular phylogeny reveals frequent changes of growth form in Carlina (Asteraceae)
Wahrmund, Ute; Heklau, Heike; Röser, Martin; Kästner, Arndt; Vitek, Ernst; Ehrendorfer, Friedrich; Hagen, K. Bernhard von

A comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of Eriocaulaceae: Evidence from nuclear (ITS) and plastid (psbA-trnH and trnL-F) DNA sequences
de Andrade, Maria José Gomes; Giulietti, Ana Maria; Rapini, Alessandro; de Queiroz, Luciano Paganucci; Conceiçao, Adilva de Souza; de Almeida, Paulo Ricardo Machado; van den Berg, Cássio

Phylogenetics and cytology of a pantropical orchid genus Polystachya (Polystachyinae, Vandeae, Orchidaceae): Evidence from plastid DNA sequence data
Russell, Anton; Samuel, Rosabelle; Rupp, Barbara; Barfuss, Michael H.J.; Šafran, Marko; Besendorfer, Visnja; Chase, Mark W.

Molecular phylogeny of the genus Arum (Araceae) inferred from multi-locus sequence data and AFLPs
Linz, Jeanine; Stökl, Johannes; Urru, Isabella; Krügel, Tamara; Stensmyr, Marcus C.; Hansson, Bill S.

Phylogenetic relationships within the tropical clade of Orobanchaceae
Morawetz, Jeffery J.; Randle, Christopher P.; Wolfe, Andrea D.

The evolutionary history of Beringian Smelowskia (Brassicaceae) inferred from combined microsatellite and DNA sequence data
Carlsen, Tor; Elven, Reidar; Brochmann, Christian

A phylogeny of the Areae (Araceae) implies that Typhonium, Sauromatum, and the Australian species of Typhonium are distinct clades
Cusimano, Natalie; Barrett, Matthew D.; Hetterscheid, Wilbert L.A.; Renner, Susanne S.

Systematic position of the enigmatic liverwort Mizutania (Mizutaniaceae, Marchantiophyta) inferred from molecular phylogenetic analyses
Masuzaki, Hiroaki; Shimamura, Masaki; Furuki, Tatsuwo; Tsubota, Hiromi; Yamaguchi, Tomio; Majid, Haji Mohamed Abdul; Deguchi, Hironori

Intercontinentally disjunct species are derived rather than relictual in the moss genus Daltonia (Bryophyta)
Yu, Jing; Devos, Nicolas; Majestyk, Piers; Shaw, A. Jonathan

Geographical speciation related to Pleistocene range shifts in the western Mediterranean mountains (Reseda sect. Glaucoreseda, Resedaceae)
Martín-Bravo, Santiago; Valcárcel, Virginia; Vargas, Pablo; Luceno, Modesto

Evolutionary dynamics across discontinuous freshwater systems: Rapid expansions and repeated allopolyploid origins in the Palearctic white water-lilies (Nymphaea)
Volkova, Polina A.; Trávníček, Pavel; Brochmann, Christian

Out of China: Distribution history of Ginkgo biloba L.
Zhao, Yunpeng; Paule, Juraj; Fu, Chengxin; Koch, Marcus A.

The South American Biogeographic Transition Zone: An analysis from Asteraceae
Urtubey, Estrella; Stuessy, Tod F.; Tremetsberger, Karin; Morrone, Juan J.

The phylogenetic significance of vestured pits in Boraginaceae
Rabaey, David; Lens, Frederic; Smets, Erik; Jansen, Steven

A re-examination of the type specimens of Yuania H.C. Sze 1953 and its junior synonym Russellites Mamay 1968 (Noeggerathiales)
Wang, Jun; Chaney, Dan

Chromosomal evolution in Mediterranean species of Ophrys sect. Pseudophrys (Orchidaceae): An analysis of karyotypes and polyploidy
García-Barriuso, Mónica; Bernardos, Sonia; Amich, Francisco

A revised classification of Santalales
Nickrent, Daniel L.; Malécot, Valéry; Vidal-Russell, Romina; Der, Joshua P.

Discovery of a new, recurrently formed Potamogeton hybrid in Europe and Africa: Molecular evidence and morphological comparison of different clones
Zalewska-Gałosz, Joanna; Ronikier, Michał; Kaplan, Zdenek

New tribal delimitations for the early diverging lineages of Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae
Magee, Anthony R.; Calvino, Carolina I.; Liu, Mei (Rebecca); Downie, Stephen R.; Tilney, Patricia M.; Wyk, Ben-Erik van

Plant DNA barcoding: A test using Macaronesian taxa of Tolpis (Asteraceae)
Mort, Mark E.; Crawford, Daniel J.; Archibald, Jenny K.; O'Leary, T. Ryan; Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo

A rapid and cost-efficient DMSO-based method for isolating DNA from cultured lichen photobionts
del Campo, Eva M.; Hoyo, Alicia del; Casano, Leonardo M.; Martínez-Alberola, Fernando; Barreno, Eva

Species abundance, distribution and diversity in time and space after centuries of botanical collecting in the Guianas
Haripersaud, Padmattie; Steege, Hans ter; Granville, Jean-Jacques de; Chevillotte, Hervé; Hoff, Michel

The Madeiran plants collected by Sir Hans Sloane in 1687, and his descriptions
de Sequeira, Miguel Menezes; Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo; Jarvis, Charles E.; Oberli, Andreas; Carine, Mark A.; Maunder, Michael; Francisco-Ortega, Javier

The conservation of Acacia with A. penninervis as conserved type
McNeill, John; Turland, Nicholas J.

Latin diagnosis: Time to let go
Figueiredo, Estrela; Moore, Gerry; Smith, Gideon F.

A point of view on Article 30.5. of the Vienna Code concerning effective publication of theses
Teppner, Herwig

Making a case for the original spelling of an epithet: 'Correction' of the original spelling of Agaricus rachodes to Agaricus rhacodes (Basidiomycota) is unjustified
Vellinga, Else C.; Pennycook, Shaun R.

Nomenclatural synopsis of the Old World's “manna” lichens (Aspicilia, Megasporaceae)
Sohrabi, Mohammad; Ahti, Teuvo

The typification of Zamia erosa and the priority of that name over Z. amblyphyllidia
Calonje, Michael; Meerow, Alan W.; Stevenson, Dennis W.

(1926) Proposal to conserve Cladia against Heterodea (Ascomycota)
Lumbsch, H. Thorsten; Ahti, Teuvo; Parnmen, Sittiporn

(1927) Proposal to conserve the name Agaricus rachodes (Basidiomycota) with that spelling
Vellinga, Else C.; Pennycook, Shaun R.

(1928) Proposal to conserve the name Veratrum against Melanthium (Melanthiaceae)
Zomlefer, Wendy B.; Judd, Walter S.; Gandhi, Kanchi N.

(1929-1930) Proposals to conserve Macbridea Elliott (Lamiaceae) and Seutera (Asclepiadaceae) against Macbridea Raf. (Asclepiadaceae)
Reveal, James L.; Gandhi, Kanchi N.

(1931) Proposal to conserve the name Pertya against Myripnois (Asteraceae, Pertyeae)
Freire, Susana E.

(1932) Proposal to conserve the name Boechera against Borodinia (Cruciferae)
Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; German, Dmitry A.

(1933) Proposal to conserve the name Malus domestica against M. pumila, M. communis, M. frutescens, and Pyrus dioica (Rosaceae)
Qian, Guan-Ze; Liu, Lian-Fen; Tang, Geng-Guo

(1934) Proposal to reject the name Eryngium trifidum (Apiaceae)
Wörz, Arno

(1935) Proposal to conserve the name Eusphenopteris Gothan ex Simson-Scharold against Eusphenopteris Kidst. (fossil Lyginopteridales)
Cleal, Christopher J.

(104-108) Proposals to amend Article 9.15, add an example to Article 37, and make additions to Appendices III and IV
Yu, Wen-Bin; Wang, Hong; Li, De-Zhu

(109) Proposal to add a new paragraph to Recommendation 9A
Basu, Soumen Kumar; Ghoshal, Partha Pratim; Bandyopadhyay, Subir; Aziz, Md. Nehal

(110-114) Proposals to delete Articles 18.5, 18.6 and 19.7, replacing them with three Notes, and to provide consequent changes to App. IIB and to Articles 10.6, 11.1, 18.1, and 19.4
Alfarhan, Ahmed H.; Sivadasan, M.; Thomas, Jacob; Samraoui, Boudjema

(115-116) Proposals to eliminate the Latin requirement for the valid publication of plant names
Figueiredo, Estrela; Moore, Gerry; Smith, Gideon F.

(117-119) Proposals to make the pre-publication deposit of key nomenclatural information in a recognized repository a requirement for valid publication of organisms treated as fungi under the Code
Hawksworth, David L.; Cooper, Jerry A.; Crous, Pedro W.; Hyde, Kevin D.; Iturriaga, Teresa; Kirk, Paul M.; Lumbsch, H. Thorsten; May, Tom W.; Minter, David W.; Misra, Jitendra K.; Norvell, Lorelei; Redhead, Scott A.; Rossman, Amy Y.; Seifert, Keith A.; Stalpers, Joost A.; Taylor, John W.; Wingfield, Michael J.

(120) Proposal to replace Article 46 Example 10 with a more appropriate example
Arcadia, Linda in

(121) Proposal to permit acknowledgement to be given to an author whose designation is validated by another without ascription
Hawksworth, David L.; Eriksson, Ove E.

(122-134) Some proposals on orthography
van Rijckevorsel, Paul

(135-137) With a bow to ICZN, proposals for a new approach to the typification of fossil palynomorph names
Traverse, Alfred

New Names and Combinations

Plant Systematics World

Reviews and Notices of Publications
Schmid, Rudolf

New names and combinations appearing in Taxon 59 (2):

Amphorogynaceae (Stauffer ex Stearn) Nickrent & Der, stat. nov.
Amyeminae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Annesorhizeae Magee, C.I. Calvino, M. Liu, S.R. Downie, P.M. Tilney & B.-E. van Wyk, trib. nov.
Aspicilia fruticulosofoliacea (Elenkin) Sohrabi, comb. nov.
Carlina sect. Carlowizia (Moench) U. Wahrmund, M. Röser & K.B. Hagen, comb. nov.
Carlina sect. Racemosae U. Wahrmund, M. Röser & K.B. Hagen, sect. nov.
Cervantesiaceae Nickrent & Der, fam. nov.
Choritaenieae Magee, C.I. Calvino, M. Liu, S.R. Downie, P.M. Tilney & B.-E. van Wyk, trib. nov.
Comandraceae Nickrent & Der, fam. nov.
Dendrophthoinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Emelianthinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Ileostylinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Lichtensteinieae Magee, C.I. Calvino, M. Liu, S.R. Downie, P.M. Tilney & B.-E. van Wyk, trib. nov.
Ligarinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Marlothielleae Magee, C.I. Calvino, M. Liu, S.R. Downie, P.M. Tilney & B.-E. van Wyk, trib. nov.
Nanodeaceae Nickrent & Der, fam. nov.
Notantherinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Paepalanthus ser. Dimeri (Ruhland) Giul., stat. nov.
Paepalanthus ser. Leptocephali (Ruhland) Giul., stat. nov.
Paepalanthus ser. Rosulati (Ruhland) Giul., stat. nov.
Phlyctidocarpeae Magee, C.I. Calvino, M. Liu, S.R. Downie, P.M. Tilney & B.-E. van Wyk, trib. nov.
Potamogeton ×assidens Z. Kaplan, Zalewska-Gałosz & M. Ronikier, nothosp. nov.
Sauromatum brevipilosum (Hett. & M. Sizemore) Cusimano & Hett., comb. nov.
Sauromatum diversifolium (Wall. ex Schott) Cusimano & Hett., comb. nov.
Sauromatum giganteum (Engl.) Cusimano & Hett. comb. nov.
Sauromatum hirsutum (S.Y. Hu) Cusimano & Hett., comb. nov.
Sauromatum tentaculatum (Hett.) Cusimano & Hett., comb. nov.
Scurrulinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Tapinanthinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Tupeinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Yuania chinensis (Mamay) J. Wang & D.S. Chaney, comb. nov.
Yuania magnifolia (Mamay) J. Wang & D.S. Chaney, comb. nov.


niedziela, 26 września 2010

Cactus Adventures International - 47, 2000

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

N°47 (Juillet 2000):

Aventures au Maroc

Cactées & Succulentes de Cuba

Culture de: Coryphantha

Culture de: Avonia

La page des Enfants: Faucaria

Jardin Botanique de Marimurtra

Une espece condamnée ? Notocactus vorwerkianus

Nouvelles du Belize : un monde piquant

Cactus News

Book News, New Books

Philatélie & Succulentes

Systematic Botany - 35(3), 2010

(Volume 35, Number 3, July-September 2010)

Guerramontesia microdonta (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) a New Monotypic Genus from South America
Cano, María J.; Jiménez, Juan A.; Gallego, M. Teresa; Jiménez, Juan F.

Megalastrum (Dryopteridaceae) of the Circumaustral region: Chile, Argentina, and Southern Islands of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans Sundue, Michael; Rouhan, Germinal; Moran, Robbin

Molecular Phylogenetics of Galeandra (Orchidaceae: Catasetinae) based on Plastid and Nuclear DNA Sequences
Monteiro, Silvana Helena N.; Selbach-Schnadelbach, Alessandra; de Oliveira, Reyjane Patrícia; van den Berg, Cássio

Three New Pitcairnia Species (Bromeliaceae) from the Inselbergs of Espírito Santo, Brazil
Leme, Elton M.C.; Fontana, André Paviotti; Halbritter, Heidemarie

Lapanthus (Bromeliaceae, Bromelioideae): A New Genus from the Southern Espinhaço Range, Brazil
Louzada, Rafael B.; Versieux, Leonardo M.

Novelties in Eleocharis ser. Tenuissimae (Cyperaceae), and a Key to the Species of the Series Occurring in Brazil
Trevisan, Rafael; Boldrini, Ilsi Iob

Phylogenomic Analysis of BAC-end Sequence Libraries in Oryza (Poaceae)
Cranston, Karen A.; Hurwitz, Bonnie; Sanderson, Michael J.; Ware, Doreen; Wing, Rod A.; Stein, Lincoln

Phylogenetic Relationships of the Northeastern South American Brownea Clade of Tribe Detarieae (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae) based on Morphology and Molecular Data
Redden, Karen M.; Herendeen, Patrick S.; Wurdack, Kenneth J.; Bruneau, Anne

A Gift from the New World? The West African Crop Cucumeropsis mannii and the American Posadaea sphaerocarpa (Cucurbitaceae) are the Same Species
Schaefer, Hanno; Renner, Susanne S.

Flueggea (Euphorbiaceae s. l. or Phyllanthaceae) in Malesia
Barker, Christine; van Welzen, Peter C.

A Molecular Phylogeny of Limnanthes (Limnanthaceae) and Investigation of an Anomalous Limnanthes Population from California, U. S. A.
Meyers, Stephen C.; Liston, Aaron; Meinke, Robert

Molecular Phylogenetics and Taxonomy of the Genus Thysanocarpus (Brassicaceae)
Alexander, Patrick J.; Windham, Michael D.; Govindarajulu, Rajanikanth; Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; Bailey, C. Donovan

Effects of Substitution Models on Divergence Time Estimates: Simulations and an Empirical Study of Model Uncertainty Using Cornales
Schenk, John J.; Hufford, Larry

Unraveling Extensive Paraphyly in the Genus Hydrangea s. l. with Implications for the Systematics of Tribe Hydrangeeae
Samain, Marie-Stéphanie; Wanke, Stefan; Goetghebeur, Paul

Phylogeny, Introgression, and Character Evolution of Diploid Species in Mentzelia Section Trachyphytum (Loasaceae)
Brokaw, Joshua M.; Hufford, Larry

Decrypting Cryptic Species: Morphological and Molecular Evidence for Recognizing Navarretia linearifolia as Distinct from N. sinistra (Polemoniaceae)
Johnson, Leigh A.; Cairns-Heath, Hadley

Taxonomic Revision of Ruellia Section Chiropterophila (Acanthaceae): a Lineage of Rare and Endemic Species from Mexico
Tripp, Erin A.

Shuaria (Gesneriaceae), an Arborescent New Genus from the Cordillera del Cóndor and Amazonian Ecuador
Clark, John L.; Neill, David A.; Weber, Anton; Gruhn, Jennifer A.; Katan, Tuntiak

Fruit Anatomy Provides Structural Synapomorphies to Help Define Myodocarpaceae (Apiales)
Liu, Mei; Plunkettt, Gregory M.; Lowry, Porter P.

Content loaded within last 14 days Ethnobotany of Pohnpei: Plants, People, and Island Culture
Motley, Timothy J.

Przegląd Przyrodniczy - 21(1), 2010



Ponowne odkrycie koślaczka stożkowatego Anacamptis piramidalis - gatunku storczyka uznanego za wymarły w Polsce.

Rejestr gatunków grzybów chronionych i zagrożonych w Polsce. Część III. Wykaz gatunków przyjętych do rejestru w roku 2007.

Nowe stanowiska suchogłówki korowej Phleogena faginea w okolicy Samborowa (Trójmiejski PK)

Nowe stanowiska gnojanki różowawej Bolbitus coprophilus w Polsce.

Zagęszczenie oraz charakterystyka miejsc lęgowych dzięcioła czarnego Dryocopus martius i siniaka Columba oenas w Parku Mużakowskim (woj. lubuskie) w roku 2004.

Ptaki lęgowe rezerwatów Buczyna Szprotawska i Annabrzeskie Wąwozy (woj. lubuskie).

Notatki mikologiczne z okolic Ostrzyc (Kaszubski PK) - uzupełnienie.

Nowe stanowisko Phasia aurigera w północnej Polsce.

Marian Lewandowski


piątek, 24 września 2010

Taxon - 59 (1), 2010

[Volume 59, Number 1, 2010]

Conservation of microalgal type material: Approaches needed for 21st century science
Day, John G.; Pröschold, Thomas; Friedl, Thomas; Lorenz, Maike; Silva, Paul C.

Molecular phylogeny of Acacia Mill. (Mimosoideae: Leguminosae): Evidence for major clades and informal classification
Murphy, Daniel J.; Brown, Gillian K.; Miller, Joseph T.; Ladiges, Pauline Y.

Phylogenetic analyses of the banana family (Musaceae) based on nuclear ribosomal (ITS) and chloroplast (trnL-F) evidence
Liu, Ai-Zhong; Kress, W. John; Li, De-Zhu

Molecular phylogeny of Salix L. (Salicaceae) inferred from three chloroplast datasets and its systematic implications
Chen, Jia-Hui; Sun, Hang; Wen, Jun; Yang, Yong-Ping

Evolution of Tidestromia (Amaranthaceae) in the deserts of the southwestern United States and Mexico
Sánchez-del Pino, Ivonne; Motley, Timothy J.

Eggplant origins: Out of Africa, into the Orient
Weese, Terri L.; Bohs, Lynn

A multi-locus phylogeny of Euryops (Asteraceae, Senecioneae) augments support for the "Cape to Cairo" hypothesis of floral migrations in Africa
Devos, Nicolas; Barker, Nigel P.; Nordenstam, Bertil; Mucina, Ladislav

Phylogeny and taxonomy of the bluebell genus Hyacinthoides, Asparagaceae [Hyacinthaceae]
Grundmann, Michael; Rumsey, Fred J.; Ansell, Stephen W.; Russell, Stephen J.; Darwin, Sarah C.; Vogel, Johannes C.; Spencer, Mark; Squirrell, Jane; Hollingsworth, Peter M.; Ortiz, Santiago; Schneider, Harald

The Afro-Madagascan genus Warneckea (Melastomataceae): Molecular systematics and revised infrageneric classification
Stone, Robert Douglas; Andreasen, Katarina

The systematic position of Meteoriella S. Okamura (Musci) based on molecular and morphological data
Wang, Qinghua; Jia, Yu; Liu, Yang; Chen, Zhiduan

The phylogeny of Mallotus s.str. (Euphorbiaceae) inferred from DNA sequence and morphological data
Sierra, Soraya E.C.; Kulju, Kristo K.M.; Fišer, Živa; Aparicio, Marcela; van Welzen, Peter C.

Molecular phylogeny of tribe Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) based on two plastid markers and recognition of a new tribe, Philonotieae, from the neotropics
Wong, Sin Yeng; Boyce, Peter C.; bin Othman, Ahmad Sofiman; Pin, Leaw Chui

Further disintegration and redefinition of Clerodendrum (Lamiaceae): Implications for the understanding of the evolution of an intriguing breeding strategy
Yuan, Yao-Wu; Mabberley, David J.; Steane, Dorothy A.; Olmstead, Richard G.

The reticulate origin of modern plane trees (Platanus, Platanaceae): A nuclear marker puzzle
Grimm, Guido W.; Denk, Thomas

Cardamine maritima group (Brassicaceae) in the amphi-Adriatic area: A hotspot of species diversity revealed by DNA sequences and morphological variation
Kučera, Jaromír; Marhold, Karol; Lihová, Judita

Karyotype evolution and speciation of European lilies from Lilium sect. Liriotypus
Muratović, Edina; Robin, Odil; Bogunić, Faruk; Šoljan, Dubravka; Siljak-Yakovlev, Sonja

The taxonomy of the leafy liverwort genus Leptoscyphus (Lophocoleaceae) revisited
Vanderpoorten, Alain; Schäfer-Verwimp, Alfons; Heinrichs, Jochen; Devos, Nicolas; Long, David G.

Heldreichia Boiss. (Brassicaceae) revisited: A morphological and molecular study
Parolly, Gerald; Nordt, Birgit; Bleeker, Walter; Mummenhoff, Klaus

Chautemsia calcicola: A new genus and species of Gloxinieae (Gesneriaceae) from Minas Gerais, Brazil
de Araújo, Andréa Onofre; Souza, Vinicius Castro; Perret, Mathieu

Species identity in the Solanum bahamense species group (Solanaceae, Solanum subgenus Leptostemonum)
Strickland-Constable, Rose; Schneider, Harald; Ansell, Stephen W.; Russell, Stephen J.; Knapp, Sandra

Disintegrating Portulacaceae: A new familial classification of the suborder Portulacineae (Caryophyllales) based on molecular and morphological data
Nyffeler, Reto; Eggli, Urs

Floral formulae updated for routine inclusion in formal taxonomic descriptions
Prenner, Gerhard; Bateman, Richard M.; Rudall, Paula J.

DNA barcoding of African Podostemaceae (river-weeds): A test of proposed barcode regions
Kelly, Laura J.; Ameka, Gabriel K.; Chase, Mark W.

Botanical nomenclature and plant fossils
Cleal, Christopher J.; Thomas, Barry A.

Back to types! Towards stability of names in Indian Curcuma L. (Zingiberaceae)
Leong-Škorničková, Jana; Šída, Otakar; Marhold, Karol

Why conservation of the name Boletus applanatus should be rejected
Demoulin, Vincent

Typification of the name Smilax lanceolata L.
Acosta, Lilian Ferrufino; Greuter, Werner

Xylosma congesta (Lour.) Merr. (Salicaceae) the correct name for the species otherwise known as X. japonica or X. racemosa
Zmarzty, Sue

Report of the Nomenclature Committee for Fungi: 15
Norvell, Lorelei L.

(1918) Proposal to conserve the name Dermatocarpon bucekii (Placopyrenium bucekii) against Placidium steineri (lichenized Ascomycota, Verrucariaceae)
Şenkardeşler, Ayhan

(1919) Proposal to conserve Lactarius nom. cons. (Basidiomycota) with a conserved type
Buyck, Bart; Hofstetter, Valérie; Verbeken, Annemieke; Walleyn, Ruben

(1920) Proposal to reject the name Cupressus tortulosa (Cupressaceae)
Farjon, Aljos

(1921) Proposal to reject the name Scabiosa sylvatica (Dipsacaceae)
Gutermann, Walter

(1922) Proposal to conserve the name Moussonia (Gesneriaceae) with a conserved type
Ramírez-Roa, Angélica; Chiang, Fernando

(1923) Proposal to conserve the name Mitrastemon (Rafflesiaceae) with that spelling
Reveal, James L.

(1924) Proposal to conserve the name Cupressinocladus against Libocedrites (fossil Coniferophyta)
Zijlstra, Gea; Kvaček, Zlatko

(1925) Proposal to conserve the name Geinitzia with a conserved type (fossil Coniferophyta)
Zijlstra, Gea; van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, Han; Kunzmann, Lutz; Bosma, Hylke; Kvaček, Jiří

(078-079) A proposal on the protologue, plus a miscellaneous proposal
van Rijckevorsel, Paul

(080-082) Proposals to amend the Code regarding the procedure of lectotype designation
Proćków, Jarosław

(083) Proposal to include the terms "isolectotype", "isoneotype", and "isoepitype" in the Code
Prado, Jefferson; Gandhi, Kanchi N.; Sundue, Michael; Moran, Robbin C.

(084) Proposal to amend Art. 9.10
Pathak, Mithilesh K.; Bandyopadhyay, Subir

(085) Proposal to include a Note under Art. 9.10
Bandyopadhyay, Subir; Pathak, Mithilesh K.

(086-087) Proposals to amend Arts. 7.11 and 9.21
Rabeler, Richard K.; Gandhi, Kanchi N.

(088) Proposal to modify Recommendation 9A.4 of the Vienna Code
Prado, Jefferson; Moran, Robbin C.

(089) Proposal to discard the nomenclatural value of reprints and translations of botanical publications first printed before the relevant nomenclatural starting-point date
Sennikov, Alexander

(090-091) Proposals to add two examples on the valid publication of the names of higher-level taxa
Redhead, Scott A.

(092-094) Proposals concerning full and direct reference to the basionym of a new combination or a new generic name with a basionym, and to the replaced synonym of an avowed substitute (nomen novum)
Saxena, Ramesh K.

(095-096) Proposals to amend Art. 53 *Ex. 9 & *Ex. 10
Yu, Wen-Bin; Wang, Hong; Li, De-Zhu

(097) Proposal to revise Art. 60 Ex. 21 and add a new Example
Rabeler, Richard K.; Gandhi, Kanchi N.

(098-100) Proposals to limit hardcopy publication of Appendices II-V
Redhead, Scott A.

(101-103) Proposals to modify the provisions in the Code for naming plant fossils
Cleal, Christopher J.; Thomas, Barry A.

Santiago Castroviejo Bolibar (1946-2009)
Feliner, Gonzalo Nieto; Aedo, Carlos; Garmendia, Félix Munoz

Armen Leonovich Takhtajan (1910-2009)
Thorne, Robert

New Names and Combinations

Thanks to our Reviewers

Plant Systematics World
Stuessy, Tod F.

Reviews and Notices of Publications
Schmid, Rudolf


New names and combinations appearing in Taxon 59 (1):

Anacampserotaceae Eggli & Nyffeler, fam. nov.
Anacampseros coahuilensis (S. Watson) Eggli & Nyffeler, comb. nov.
Cardamine adriatica Jar. Kučera, Lihová & Marhold, nom. nov.
Cardamine montenegrina Jar. Kučera, Lihová & Marhold, sp. nov.
Chautemsia calcicola A.O. Araujo & V.C. Souza, gen. & sp. nov.
Chiloscyphus chiloscyphoideus (Lindenb. ex Lehman) Vanderp., Schäf.-Verw. & D.G. Long, comb. nov.
Heldreichia bupleurifolia subsp. bourgaei (Boiss.) Parolly, Nordt & Mumm., comb. & stat. nov.
Heldreichia bupleurifolia subsp. polymorpha Parolly, Nordt, Eren & Mumm., subsp. nov.
Heldreichia bupleurifolia subsp. rotundifolia (Boiss.) Parolly, Nordt & Mumm., comb. & stat. nov.
Heldreichia bupleurifolia subsp. rotundifolia var. atalayi (Kit Tan) Parolly, Nordt & Mumm., comb. & stat. nov.
Hyacinthoides cedretorum (Pomel) Rumsey, comb. nov.
Hyacinthoides ciliolata (Pomel) Rumsey, comb. nov.
Hyacinthoides flahaultiana (Emb.) Rumsey, comb. nov.
Leptoscyphus subg. Australoleptoscyphus Vanderp., Schäf.-Verw. & D.G. Long, subg. nov.
Leptoscyphus subg. Spinoscyphus Vanderp., Schäf.-Verw. & D.G. Long, subg. nov.
Leptoscyphus gradsteinii Vanderp., Schäf.-Verw. & D.G. Long, sp. nov.
Leptoscyphus lambinonii Vanderp., Schäf.-Verw. & D.G. Long, sp. nov.
Leptoscyphus porphyrius subsp. azoricus (Buch & Perss.) Vanderp. & Heinrichs, comb. nov.
Leptoscyphus sotiauxii Vanderp., Schäf.-Verw. & D.G. Long, sp. nov.
Phemeranthus punae (R.E. Fr.) Eggli & Nyffeler, comb. nov.
Philonotieae S.Y. Wong & P.C. Boyce, tr. nov.
Philonotion americanum (A.M.E. Jonker & Jonker) S.Y. Wong & P.C. Boyce, comb. nov.
Philonotion bolivaranum (G.S. Bunting & Steyerm.) S.Y. Wong & P.C. Boyce, comb. nov.
Tidestromia eliassoniana (Sánch. Pino & Flores Olv.) Sánch. Pino, comb. nov.
Volkameria linifolia (Ewart & B. Rees) Mabb. & Y.W. Yuan, comb. nov.
Volkameria aggregata (Gürke) Mabb. & Y.W. Yuan, comb. nov.
Volkameria costaricensis (Standl.) Mabb. & Y.W. Yuan, comb. nov.
Volkameria eriophylla (Gürke) Mabb. & Y.W. Yuan, comb. nov.
Volkameria glabra (E. Mey.) Mabb. & Y.W. Yuan, comb. nov.
Volkameria mollis (Kunth) Mabb. & Y.W. Yuan, comb. nov.
Volkameria pittieri (Moldenke) Mabb. & Y.W. Yuan, comb. nov.
Warneckea subg. Carnosa (Jacq.-Fél.) R.D. Stone, stat. nov.
Warneckea sect. Guineensea R.D. Stone, sect. nov.
Warneckea sect. Strychnoidea (Engl.) Jacq.-Fél. ex R.D. Stone, comb. nov.


Systematic Botany - 35 (2), 2010

[Volume 35, Number 2, June 2010]


A Diploids-First Approach to Species Delimitation and Interpreting Polyploid Evolution in the Fern Genus Astrolepis (Pteridaceae)
Beck, James B.; Windham, Michael D.; Yatskievych, George; Pryer, Kathleen M.

Nomenclature and Sporophyte and Gametophyte Morphology of a Fern Species Misapplied as Tectaria subpedata (Tectariaceae)
Dong, Shi-Yong

Molecular Phylogeny of Typhonium sensu lato and Its Allied Genera in the Tribe Areae of the Subfamily Aroideae (Araceae) Based on Sequences of Six Chloroplast Regions
Ohi-Toma, Tetsuo; Wu, Sugong; Yadav, Shrirang R.; Murata, Hiroko; Murata, Jin

Taxonomy of Atlantic Central African Orchids 1. A New Species of Angraecum sect. Pectinaria (Orchidaceae) from Gabon and Equatorial Guinea
Stévart, Tariq; Cawoy, Valérie; Damen, Theo; Droissart, Vincent

Phylogenetic Relationships in Eleocharis (Cyperaceae): C4 Photosynthesis Origins and Patterns of Diversification in the Spikerushes
Roalson, Eric H.; Hinchliff, Cody E.; Trevisan, Rafael; da Silva, Carlos R.M.

Ormosia limae (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae): a New Species from the Atlantic Forest of Southern Bahia, Brazil
Cardoso, Domingos Benício Oliveira Silva; de Queiroz, Luciano Paganucci

Four New Species of Mimosa (Leguminosae) from the Central Highlands of Brazil
Simon, Marcelo F.; Hughes, Colin E.; Harris, Stephen A.

The Morphological and Phylogenetic Distinctions of Coursetia greenmanii (Leguminosae): Taxonomic and Ecological Implications
de Stefano, Rodrigo Duno; Fernández-Concha, Germán Carnevali; Can-Itza, Lilia Lorena; Lavin, Matt

Taxonomic Revision of Daniellia (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae)
de la Estrella, Manuel; Aedo, Carlos; Mackinder, Barbara; Velayos, Mauricio

Taxonomy of Wiborgiella (Crotalarieae, Fabaceae), a Genus Endemic to the Greater Cape Region of South Africa
Boatwright, James S.; Tilney, Patricia M.; Van Wyk, Ben-Erik

Taxonomic Revision of the Neotropical Genus Psiguria (Cucurbitaceae)
Steele, P. Roxanne

Phylogeny of Celastraceae Subfamily Salacioideae and Tribe Lophopetaleae Inferred from Morphological Characters and Nuclear and Plastid Genes
Coughenour, Jennifer M.; Simmons, Mark P.; Lombardi, Julio A.; Cappa, Jennifer J.

A Revision of Calycolpus (Myrtaceae)
Landrum, Leslie R.

Revision of Sarcocornia (Chenopodiaceae) in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique
Steffen, Simone; Mucina, Ladislav; Kadereit, Gudrun

Fossil and Extant Western Hemisphere Boragineae, and the Polyphyly of “Trigonotideae” Riedl (Boraginaceae: Boraginoideae)
Weigend, Maximilian; Gottschling, Marc; Selvi, Federico; Hilger, Hartmut H.

Real Identity of Witheringia sellowiana (Solanaceae), Typification, and Chromosome Number
Barboza, Gloria E.; Chiarini, Franco E.; Stehmann, Joao R.

Phylogeny and Phylogenetic Nomenclature of the Campanulidae based on an Expanded Sample of Genes and Taxa
Tank, David C.; Donoghue, Michael J.

Towards a Species Level Phylogeny of Symphoricarpos (Caprifoliaceae), Based on Nuclear and Chloroplast DNA
Bell, Charles D.

Botanicals: Environmental Expressions in Art, the Alisa and Isaac M. Sutton Collection
Anandakuttan, Krista

Cactus Adventures International - 46, 2000

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

N°46 (Avril 2000) :
Aventures au Salvador
In Situ : Jatropha bullockii
Agave pumila
Nulle Part Ailleurs : Puna bonniae
Culture de: Espostoa
Culture de: Aloe
La page des Enfants: Notocactus (Eriocactus)
ISI 2000
Mémoires du Nouveau-Monde
Cactées colonnaires de Bolivie
Book News, New Books
Philatélie & Succulentes

Przegląd Przyrodniczy - 20 (3-4), 2009




Ochrona przyrody - między utopią a pragmatyzmem.

Propozycja wskaźników skuteczności ochrony przyrody w świetle analizy dokumentów polityki ekologicznej.

Restytucja roślinności torfowiskowej po przemysłowym wydobyciu torfu - założenia, dotychczasowe doświadczenia i wyniki.

Stan zachowania wybranych torfowisk nakredowych Polski Północno-Zahcodniej.

Walory flory naczyniowej jeziora Dołgie Wielkie (Słowiński PN) na tle jej historycznych notowań.

Perspektywy ochrony cennych gatunków i siedlisk na obszarze Natura 2000 "Łąka w Bęczkowicach.

Stan zachowania i sposoby ochrony rzadkich składników flory Górznieńsko-Lidzbarskiego PK.


Efektywność ochrony w rezerwatach przyrody woj. Wielkopolskiego.


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Polish Journal of Ecology - 58 (2), 2010

[Volume 58, No. 2, 2010]


Burkowska A., Walczak M., Donderski W.
The impact of UV radiation on metabolism of neustonic and planktonic bacteria in eutrophic lake

Szmeja J., Bociąg K., Merdalski M.
Effect of light competition with filamentous algae on the population dynamics and development of the moss species Warnstorfia exannulata in a softwater lake

Tu W-G., Gao X-F., Wu N., Liu S-H.
Altitudinal patterns of vascular plant richness in high mountains - applying of Generative Additive Model

Tang M., Yu F-H., Jin X-B., Ge S.
High genetic diversity in the naturally rare plant Taihangia rupestris Yü et Li (Rosaceae) dwelling only cliff faces

Marciniuk J., Marciniuk P., Rymuza K.
Effects of site conditions on sexual dimorphism and sex ratio in lowland populations of Aruncus sylvestris Kostel. (Rosaceae)

Iszkuło G. Success and failure of endangered tree species: low temperatures and low light availability affect survival and growth of European yew (Taxus baccata L.) seedlings

Boratyński A., Marcysiak K., Lewandowska A., Jasińska A., Iszkuło G.
Interrelations among con-generic and co-occurring tree species: asymmetric hybridization and the high success of Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. regeneration in mixed Q. petreae/Q. robur L. stands

Kopeć M., Zarzycki J., Gondek K.
Species diversity of submontane grasslands: effects of topographic and soil factors

Orczewska A.
Colonization capacity of herb woodland species in fertile, recent alder woods adjacent to ancient forest sites

Hou Y., Luo Z., Jenerette G.D., Qiao Y., Wang K.
Effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on growth and morphology of fir (Abies faxoniana, Rehd. e t Wils.) and native herbs in a treeline ecotone: an experimental approach

Kalinowska K., Ejsmont-Karabin J., Rybak J.I.
The role of lake shore sand deposits as bank of ciliate, rotifer and crustacean resting forms: experimental approach

Gallé R., Torma A., Körmöczi L.
Small-scale effect of habitat heterogeneity on invertebrate assemblages in sandy grasslands (Hungarian Great Plain)

Pastuchová Z., Grešková A., Lehotsky M.
Spatial distribution pattern of macroinvertebrates in relation to morphohydraulic habitat structure: perspectives for ecological stream assessment

Růžička V., Zacharda M.
Variation and diversity of spider assemblages along a thermal gradient in scree slopes and adjacent cliffs

Meissner W., Żołkoś K.
Does the Magpie Pica pica (L.) prefer poplars as a nesting tree in the urban environment?

Wielgat-Rychert M., Rychert K., Ficek D.
Factors controlling pelagic production and respiration in a shallow polymictic lake

Kubacka J., Żmihorski M., Mirski P., Rejt Ł.
Central-place foraging in an urban landscape: body mass of common voles (Microtus arvalis Pall.) caught by breeding Kestrels (Falco tinnunculus L.) is positively correlated with availability of hunting sites

Uzun A., Kopij G.
Effect of colony edge on the clutch size and fledging success in the Little Egret Egretta garzetta (L.)

Barja I., de Miguel F.J.
Chemical communication in large carnivores: urine-marking frequencies in captive tigers and lions


Polish Journal of Ecology - 58 (1), 2010

[Volume 58, No. 1, 2010]


Winter versus summer blooming of phytoplankton in a shallow lake: effect of hypertrophic conditions

The influence of co-occurring vegetation and habitat variables on distribution of rare charophyte species Lychnothamnus barbatus (Meyen) in lakes of Western Poland

Patterns of genetic diversity in populations of Filipendula ulmaria (L.) at different stages of succession on a meadow abandoned for 30 years

Growth and nutrition of restored Quercus castaneifolia C.A. Mey versus native Celtis australis L. tree species: conservation perspectives of Hyrcanian forest (Iran)

Ecological land classification and mapping based on vegetationenvironment hierarchical analysis - a case study of Buldan forest district (Turkey)

Road-side herbaceous vegetation: life history groups and habitat preferences

Trade-off of sexual and asexual recruitment in a dominant weed Ligularia virgaurea (Maxim.) in alpine grasslands (China)

Modification of the atmospheric load of elements during passage through foliaged canopies of five tree species of temperate zone forests

Leaf stoichiometric trait and specific leaf area of dominant species in the secondary succession of the Loess Plateau

Contribution of the vegetation layers in the nitrous oxide emission from alpine Kobresia humulis Serg. meadow ecosystem on the Tibetan Plateau

Effects of livestock exclusion on vegetation and soil properties under two topographic habitats in an alpine meadow on the eastern Quinghai-Tibetan Plateau Article

Effect of vegetation patchiness and site factors on distribution and diversity of testate amoebae and ciliates in peatbogs

Does the behavior of spruce caterpillars improve the effect of their crypticity?

Chemical communication in mammal population: urinary olfactory chemosignals in lactating female root voles (Microtus oeconomus Pallas)

TANG L., ZHANG T., LIN G., SU J. Phylogenetic discontinuity of Plateau zokor (Myospalax baileyi Thomas) populations in Quinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Phylogenetic diversity and abundance of bacteria from surface microlayer and subsurface water in eutrophic lake

A method for simple assessment of cold sensitivity in insects

Life history strategies of fish: patterns in growth and lifespan of rudd Scardinius erythrophthalmus (L.) in Europe

Nest survival in a large river valley: an experiment using artificial nests on an island and bank of Vistula River (Poland)


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Cactus Adventures International - 45, 2000

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

N°45 (2000):

Le genre Caudanthera
L'Ile de Cerralvo en Basse-Californie
Un Monde Piquant
Book News, New Books
Culture de: Pachycereus
Culture de: Thompsonella
La page des Enfants: Huernia
Des cactées en Islande !
Nouveaux Hybrides et Cultivars
Mémoires du Nouveau-Monde
Cactées colonnaires de Bolivie
Philatélie & Succulentes

Plant, Cell & Environment - 33 (10), 2010

Contents (Volume 33, Number 10, October 2010):

Biotic stress globally downregulates photosynthesis genes

Characterization of two members of the cryptochrome/photolyase family from Ostreococcus tauri provides insights into the origin and evolution of cryptochromes

Co-occurring increases of calcium and organellar reactive oxygen species determine differential activation of antioxidant and defense enzymes in Ulva compressa (Chlorophyta) exposed to copper excess

Differentiation of metallicolous and non-metallicolous Salix caprea populations based on phenotypic characteristics and nuclear microsatellite (SSR) markers

Functional comparison of catalase genes in the elimination of photorespiratory H2O2 using promoter- and 3'-untranslated region exchange experiments in the Arabidopsis cat2 photorespiratory mutant

Photosynthetic responses of two eucalypts to industrial-age changes in atmospheric [CO2] and temperature

Arabidopsis eIF5A3 influences growth and the response to osmotic and nutrient stress

Expression of a Neurospora crassa zinc transporter gene in transgenic Nicotiana tabacum enhances plant zinc accumulation without co-transport of cadmium

The sucrose transporter HbSUT3 plays an active role in sucrose loading to laticifer and rubber productivity in exploited trees of Hevea brasiliensis (para rubber tree)

Xylem phenology and wood production: resolving the chicken-or-egg dilemma

Freeze avoidance: a dehydrating moss gathers no ice

Intraspecific variation in the Populus balsamifera drought transcriptome

Hydraulic limitation not declining nitrogen availability causes the age-related photosynthetic decline in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.)

Sex-related adaptive responses to interaction of drought and salinity in Populus yunnanensis


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New Phytologist - 188 (1), 2010

[Volume 188, Number 1, October 2010 ]

Spis treści:

The Ectocarpus genome sequence: insights into brown algal biology and the evolutionary diversity of the eukaryotes
Cock, J. Mark; Coelho, Susana M.; Brownlee, Colin; Taylor, Alison R.

New light shed on life and death: the role of staygreen in the hypersensitive response
Rogers, Hilary

Function and evolution of saccate pollen
Doyle, James A.

Is tree root respiration more sensitive than heterotrophic respiration to changes in soil temperature?
Högberg, Peter

Deconvolution analysis to quantify autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration and their temperature sensitivities
Luo, Yiqi; Zhou, Xuhui

The priming of storage glucan synthesis from bacteria to plants: current knowledge and new developments
D'Hulst, Christophe; Mérida, Ángel

BRX promotes Arabidopsis shoot growth
Beuchat, Julien; Scacchi, Emanuele; Tarkowska, Danuse; Ragni, Laura; Strnad, Miroslav; Hardtke, Christian S.

Genetic diversity of Ectocarpus (Ectocarpales, Phaeophyceae) in Peru and northern Chile, the area of origin of the genome-sequenced strain
Peters, Akira F.; Mann, Aaron D.; Córdova, César A.; Brodie, Juliet; Correa, Juan A.; Schroeder, Declan C.; Cock, J. Mark

A sequence-tagged genetic map for the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus provides large-scale assembly of the genome sequence
Heesch, Svenja; Cho, Ga Youn; Peters, Akira F.; Le Corguillé, Gildas; Falentin, Cyril; Boutet, Gilles; Coëdel, Solene; Jubin, Claire; Samson, Gaelle; Corre, Erwan; Coelho, Susana M.; Mark Cock, J.

Transcription factor families inferred from genome sequences of photosynthetic stramenopiles
Rayko, Edda; Maumus, Florian; Maheswari, Uma; Jabbari, Kamel; Bowler, Chris

Central and storage carbon metabolism of the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus: insights into the origin and evolution of storage carbohydrates in Eukaryotes
Michel, Gurvan; Tonon, Thierry; Scornet, Delphine; Cock, J. Mark; Kloareg, Bernard

The cell wall polysaccharide metabolism of the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus. Insights into the evolution of extracellular matrix polysaccharides in Eukaryotes
Michel, Gurvan; Tonon, Thierry; Scornet, Delphine; Cock, J. Mark; Kloareg, Bernard

Diurnal oscillations of metabolite abundances and gene analysis provide new insights into central metabolic processes of the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus
Gravot, Antoine; Dittami, Simon M.; Rousvoal, Sylvie; Lugan, Raphael; Eggert, Anja; Collén, Jonas; Boyen, Catherine; Bouchereau, Alain; Tonon, Thierry

Role of endoreduplication and apomeiosis during parthenogenetic reproduction in the model brown alga Ectocarpus
Bothwell, John H.; Marie, Dominique; Peters, Akira F.; Cock, J. Mark; Coelho, Susana M.

Comparative expression pattern analysis of WUSCHEL-related homeobox 2 (WOX2) and WOX8/9 in developing seeds and somatic embryos of the gymnosperm Picea abies
Palovaara, Joakim; Hallberg, Henrik; Stasolla, Claudio; Hakman, Inger

Functional characterization of the tomato cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor SlKRP1 domains involved in protein-protein interactions
Nafati, Mehdi; Frangne, Nathalie; Hernould, Michel; Chevalier, Christian; Gévaudant, Frédéric

Aluminium ions inhibit the formation of diacylglycerol generated by phosphatidylcholine-hydrolysing phospholipase C in tobacco cells
Pejchar, Přemysl; Potocký, Martin; Novotná, Zuzana; Veselková, Štěpánka; Kocourková, Daniela; Valentová, Olga; Schwarzerová, Kateřina; Martinec, Jan

Accumulation of chlorophyll catabolites photosensitizes the hypersensitive response elicited by Pseudomonas syringae in Arabidopsis
Mur, Luis A. J.; Aubry, Sylvain; Mondhe, Madhav; Kingston-Smith, Alison; Gallagher, Joe; Timms-Taravella, Emma; James, Caron; Papp, Istvan; Hörtensteiner, Stefan; Thomas, Howard; Ougham, Helen

Modeling acclimation of photosynthesis to temperature in evergreen conifer forests
Gea-Izquierdo, Guillermo; Mäkelä, Annikki; Margolis, Hank; Bergeron, Yves; Black, T. Andrew; Dunn, Allison; Hadley, Julian; Paw U, Kyaw Tha; Falk, Matthias; Wharton, Sonia; Monson, Russell; Hollinger, David Y.; Laurila, Tuomas; Aurela, Mika; McCaughey, Harry; Bourque, Charles; Vesala, Timo; Berninger, Frank

Climate warming and biomass accumulation of terrestrial plants: a meta-analysis
Lin, Delu; Xia, Jianyang; Wan, Shiqiang

A depth-controlled tracer technique measures vertical, horizontal and temporal patterns of water use by trees and grasses in a subtropical savanna
Kulmatiski, Andrew; Beard, Karen H.; Verweij, Richard J. T.; February, Edmund C.

New insights into the mycorrhizal Rhizoscyphus ericae aggregate: spatial structure and co-colonization of ectomycorrhizal and ericoid roots
Grelet, Gwen-Aëlle; Johnson, David; Vralstad, Trude; Alexander, Ian J.; Anderson, Ian C.

The online database MaarjAM reveals global and ecosystemic distribution patterns in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomeromycota)
Öpik, M.; Vanatoa, A.; Vanatoa, E.; Moora, M.; Davison, J.; Kalwij, J. M.; Reier, Ü.; Zobel, M.

Genetic diversity in domesticated soybean (Glycine max) and its wild progenitor (Glycine soja) for simple sequence repeat and single-nucleotide polymorphism loci
Li, Ying-Hui; Li, Wei; Zhang, Chen; Yang, Liang; Chang, Ru-Zhen; Gaut, Brandon S.; Qiu, Li-Juan

Diversification and biogeography of Juniperus (Cupressaceae): variable diversification rates and multiple intercontinental dispersals
Mao, Kangshan; Hao, Gang; Liu, Jianquan; Adams, Robert P.; Milne, Richard I.

Flotation preferentially selects saccate pollen during conifer pollination
Leslie, Andrew B.

Root cadmium desorption methods and their evaluation with compartmental modeling
Buckley, Wayne T.; Buckley, Katherine E.; Huang, Jianzhong (John)

454 Pyrosequencing and Sanger sequencing of tropical mycorrhizal fungi provide similar results but reveal substantial methodological biases
Tedersoo, Leho; Nilsson, R. Henrik; Abarenkov, Kessy; Jairus, Teele; Sadam, Ave; Saar, Irja; Bahram, Mohammad; Bechem, Eneke; Chuyong, George; Koljalg, Urmas



Cactus Adventures International - 44, 1999

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

Spis treści (N°44) :
Voyage en Basse-Californie
In-Situ: Agave Guadalajarana
Rebutia Albiflora
Book News, New Books
Culture de: Gymnocalycium
Culture de: Pelargonium
La page des Enfants: Lithops
Mammillaria humboldtii
Aloe vera: Analyse d'une plante-miracle
Succulentes: ont-elles vraiement disparu?
Philatélie & Succulentes

Cactus Adventures International - 43, 1999

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

Spis treści (N°43):
Le genre Astrophytum
Graptopetalum amethystinum
Culture de Mediocactus megalanthus
Culture de: Astrophytum
Culture de: Reschteineria
La page des Enfants: Gymnocalycium
Un Caudex utile: Pterodiscus
Le Conservatoire Botanique de Brest
Agave isthmensis
Cannibalisme chez les Cactacés
Book News, New Books

Cactus Adventures International - 42, 1999

Cactus Aventures International
(Cactus Adventures International)

Spis treści (N°42) :
Introduction au genre Wilcoxia
Inondations au Namaqualand
In Situ: Notocactus sellowii
Culture de: Haageocereus
Culture de: Graptopetalum
La page des enfants: Haworthia
ISI 1999
Un monde piquant
Pourquoi récolter des graines dans l'habitat
Helianthocereus bertramianus
Philatélie & Succulentes

Polish Journal of Ecology - 57 (4), 2009

[Volume 57, No. 4, 2009]


The influence of shadow created by adjacent plants on phenotypic plasticity of endangered species Trollius europaeus L. (Ranunculacea)

Carbon storage of cycad and other gymnosperm ecosystems in China: implications for evolutionary trends

LU T., MA K., ZHANG Y., NI H., FU B.
- Species similarity - distance relationship in wetlands: effect of disturbance intensity

Isometric scaling relationship between leaf number and size within current-year shoots of woody species across contrasting habitats

Invariant allometric relationship between above- and below-ground biomass along a moisture gradient in North - West China

Ecological adaptation strategies in alien species: effects of salinity, temperature and photoperiod on Spartina alterniflora Loisel. seed germination

Combined effects of earthworms and diurnal temperature fluctuations on successional changes of litter nematode community

Influence of agricultural landscape structure on diversity of insect communities

Demography of a common butterfly on humid grasslands: Argynnis aglaja (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) studied by markrecapture

Relict invertebrates in lacustrine habitats: life history of Pallaseopsis quadrispinosa (Sars, 1867) (Amphipoda: Gammaridae) in a deep mesotrophic lake

Land snails as indicators of soil humidity in Danubian woodlands (SW Slovakia)

Long-term changes in the size, structure and location of whiskered tern, Chlidonias hybrida (L.) nests in deteriorating environmental conditions of a North African lake

Bats at small subterranean winter roots: effect of forest cover in the surrounding landscape

Yak (Bos grunniens L.) grazing effects on vegetation of alpine meadow with Potentilla fruticosa L. (Rosaceae) shrub in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Protective function of foliar anthocyanins: in situ experiments on a sun-exposed population of Iris pumila L. (Iridaceae)

Milipede (Diplopoda) communities in mixed oak-hornbeam forest stands - effect of selected site factors

The importance of peat excavation water bodies for biodiversity and conservation: a case of three Unionidae (Bivalvia) mussel species

Influence of low temperatures on behaviour of mallards (Anas platryhynchos L.)

Short-term effects of prescribed forest fire on soil mites (Acari)

Response of soil nematodes to climate-induced melting of antarctic glaciers

Impact of local air temperatures on the brood size in starling (Sturnus vulgaris L.)