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Molecular Biology and Evolution - 27 (3), III 2010

(Volume 27, Issue 3, March 2010 )



Sociality Is Linked to Rates of Protein Evolution in a Highly Social Insect
Brendan G. Hunt, Stefan Wyder, Navin Elango, John H. Werren, Evgeny M. Zdobnov, Soojin V. Yi, Michael A.D. Goodisman

Lateral Phage Transfer in Obligate Intracellular Bacteria ( Wolbachia ): Verification from Natural Populations
Meghan E. Chafee, Daniel J. Funk, Richard G. Harrison, and Seth R. Bordenstein


Vertebrate Rhodopsin Adaptation to Dim Light via Rapid Meta-II Intermediate Formation
Tohru Sugawara, Hiroo Imai, Masato Nikaido, Yasushi Imamoto, and Norihiro Okada

Evolutionary Fingerprinting of Genes
Sergei L. Kosakovsky Pond, Konrad Scheffler, Michael B. Gravenor, Art F.Y. Poon, and Simon D.W. Frost

Comparative Gene Evolution in Haemosporidian (Apicomplexa) Parasites of Birds and Mammals
Diana Cumings Outlaw and Robert E. Ricklefs

Compensatory Molecular Evolution of HC-Pro, an RNA-Silencing Suppressor from a Plant RNA Virus
Clara Torres-Barceló, José-Antonio Daros, and Santiago F. Elena

Fast and Consistent Estimation of Species Trees Using Supermatrix Rooted Triples
Michael DeGiorgio and James H. Degnan

Bayesian Inference of Species Trees from Multilocus Data
Joseph Heled and Alexei J. Drummond

Eukaryotic and Eubacterial Contributions to the Establishment of Plastid Proteome Estimated by Large-Scale Phylogenetic Analyses
Kenji Suzuki and Shin-ya Miyagishima

Parallel Evolution of Nacre Building Gene Sets in Molluscs
Daniel J. Jackson, Carmel McDougall, Ben Woodcroft, Patrick Moase, Robert A. Rose, Michael Kube, Richard Reinhardt, Daniel S. Rokhsar, Caroline Montagnani, Caroline Joubert, David Piquemal, Bernard M. Degnan

Comparing Models of Evolution for Ordered and Disordered Proteins
Celeste J. Brown, Audra K. Johnson, and Gary W. Daughdrill

Molecular Evolution in Bacterial Endosymbionts of Fungi
Dean M. Castillo and Teresa E. Pawlowska

Evidence that Localized Variation in Primate Sequence Divergence Arises from an Influence of Nucleosome Placement on DNA Repair
Hua Ying, Julian Epps, Rohan Williams, and Gavin Huttley

Natural Selection on Synonymous and Nonsynonymous Mutations shaps Patterns of Polymorphism in Populus tremula
Pär K. Ingvarsson

Faster-Z Evolution Is Predominantly Due to Genetic Drift
Judith E. Mank, Kiwoong Nam, and Hans Ellegren

Evolution of an X-Linked Primate-Specific Micro RNA Cluster
Jingjing Li, Yu Liu, Dong Dong, and Zhaolei Zhang

Evidence for Multiple Independent Origins of trans -Splicing in Metazoa
Vassilis Douris, Maximilian J. Telford, and Michalis Averof

Polymorphic Competence Peptides Do Not Restrict Recombination in Streptococcus pneumoniae
Omar E. Cornejo, Lesley McGee, and Daniel E. Rozen

Inference and Characterization of Horizontally Transferred Gene Families Using Stochastic Mapping
Ofir Cohen and Tal Pupko

Footprints of X-to-Y Gene Conversion in Recent Human Evolution
Beniamino Trombetta, Fulvio Cruciani, Peter A. Underhill, Daniele Sellitto, and Rosaria Scozzari

Estimates of the Effect of Natural Selection on Protein-Coding Content
Von Bing Yap, Helen Lindsay, Simon Easteal, and Gavin Huttley

Highly Expressed and Slowly Evolving Proteins Share Compositional Properties with Thermophilic Proteins
Joshua L. Cherry


MBE Editor’s Report
Marcy K. Uyenoyama

Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) Council and Business Meetings, 2009, Iowa City, IA

Treasurer’s Report for FY 2008
John M. Archibald

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