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New Phytologist - 187 (2), 2010

Volume 187, Number 2, July 2010

Spis treści:

The sunny side of greenhouse gas emissions - quantifying the contribution of aerobic methane production to global methane budgets
Paul, Nigel D.

A constructive step towards selecting a DNA barcode for fungi
Eberhardt, Ursula

Plant respiration in a changing world
Atkin, Owen; Millar, Harvey; Turnbull, Matthew

The origin and evolution of lignin biosynthesis
Weng, Jing-Ke; Chapple, Clint

Ongoing coevolution in mycorrhizal interactions
Hoeksema, Jason D.

The Arabidopsis LSD1 gene plays an important role in the regulation of low temperature-dependent cell death
Huang, Xiaozhen; Li, Yansha; Zhang, Xiaoyan; Zuo, Jianru; Yang, Shuhua

Analysis of barley (Hordeum vulgare) leaf senescence and protease gene expression: a family C1A cysteine protease is specifically induced under conditions characterized by high carbohydrate, but low to moderate nitrogen levels
Parrott, David L.; Martin, John M.; Fischer, Andreas M.

Reactive oxygen species-induced release of intracellular ascorbate in plant cell-suspension cultures and evidence for pulsing of net release rate
Parsons, Harriet T.; Fry, Stephen C.

Does abscisic acid affect strigolactone biosynthesis?
López-Ráez, Juan A.; Kohlen, Wouter; Charnikhova, Tatsiana; Mulder, Patrick; Undas, Anna K.; Sergeant, Martin J.; Verstappen, Francel; Bugg, Timothy D. H.; Thompson, Andrew J.; Ruyter-Spira, Carolien; Bouwmeester, Harro

Genetic architecture of zinc hyperaccumulation in Arabidopsis halleri: the essential role of QTL?×?environment interactions
Frérot, Hélene; Faucon, Michel-Pierre; Willems, Glenda; Godé, Cécile; Courseaux, Adeline; Darracq, Aude; Verbruggen, Nathalie; Saumitou-Laprade, Pierre

Quantitative trait loci analysis of mineral element concentrations in an Arabidopsis halleri?×?Arabidopsis lyrata petraea F2 progeny grown on cadmium-contaminated soil
Willems, Glenda; Frérot, Hélene; Gennen, Jérôme; Salis, Pietro; Saumitou-Laprade, Pierre; Verbruggen, Nathalie

Oxalate exudation into the root-tip water free space confers protection from aluminum toxicity and allows aluminum accumulation in the symplast in buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum)
Klug, Benjamin; Horst, Walter J.

Is heterosis in maize mediated through better water use?
Araus, José Luis; Sánchez, Ciro; Cabrera-Bosquet, Llorenç

Leaf life span optimizes annual biomass production rather than plant photosynthetic capacity in an evergreen shrub
Marty, C.; Lamaze, T.; Pornon, A.

Global methane emission estimates from ultraviolet irradiation of terrestrial plant foliage
Bloom, A. Anthony; Lee-Taylor, Julia; Madronich, Sasha; Messenger, David J.; Palmer, Paul I.; Reay, David S.; McLeod, Andy R.

Contrasting effects of elevated CO2 and warming on nitrogen cycling in a semiarid grassland
Dijkstra, Feike A.; Blumenthal, Dana; Morgan, Jack A.; Pendall, Elise; Carrillo, Yolima; Follett, Ronald F.

Phosphorus supply drives nonlinear responses of cottonwood (Populus deltoides) to increases in CO2 concentration from glacial to future concentrations
Lewis, James D.; Ward, Joy K.; Tissue, David T.

The immediate activation of defense responses in Arabidopsis roots is not sufficient to prevent Phytophthora parasitica infection
Attard, Agnes; Gourgues, Mathieu; Callemeyn-Torre, Nicolas; Keller, Harald

DNA barcoding of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Stockinger, Herbert; Krüger, Manuela; Schüßler, Arthur

Co-invasion by Pinus and its mycorrhizal fungi
Dickie, Ian A.; Bolstridge, Nicola; Cooper, Jerry A.; Peltzer, Duane A.

Quantification of effects of season and nitrogen supply on tree below-ground carbon transfer to ectomycorrhizal fungi and other soil organisms in a boreal pine forest
Högberg, Mona N.; Briones, Maria J. I.; Keel, Sonja G.; Metcalfe, Daniel B.; Campbell, Catherine; Midwood, Andrew J.; Thornton, Barry; Hurry, Vaughan; Linder, Sune; Näsholm, Torgny; Högberg, Peter

Phylogenetic and ecological analyses of soil and sporocarp DNA sequences reveal high diversity and strong habitat partitioning in the boreal ectomycorrhizal genus Russula (Russulales; Basidiomycota)
Geml, József; Laursen, Gary A.; Herriott, Ian C.; McFarland, Jack M.; Booth, Michael G.; Lennon, Niall; Chad Nusbaum, H.; Lee Taylor, D.

Multiple evolutionary origins of legume traits leading to extreme rhizobial differentiation
Oono, Ryoko; Schmitt, Imke; Sprent, Janet I.; Denison, R. Ford

Evidence for the involvement of GLOBOSA-like gene duplications and expression divergence in the evolution of floral morphology in the Zingiberales
Bartlett, Madelaine E.; Specht, Chelsea D.

Radiative evolution of polyploid races of the Iberian carnation Dianthus broteri (Caryophyllaceae)
Balao, Francisco; Valente, Luis M.; Vargas, Pablo; Herrera, Javier; Talavera, Salvador


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