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Australian Systematic Botany - 22(1), 2009

Contents (Volume 22, Number 1, 2009):

Systematics and Biogeography

A molecular phylogenetic analysis of Diuris (Orchidaceae) based on AFLP and ITS reveals three major clades and a basal species.
James O. Indsto, Peter H. Weston and Mark A. Clements

Polyaperturate pollen types and ratios of heteromorphism in the monocot genus
Conostylis (Haemodoraceae).
Nuri B. Pierce and Michael G. Simpson

Phyllometric parameters and artificial neural networks for the identification
of Banksia accessions.
Giuseppe Messina, Camilla Pandolfi, Sergio Mugnai, Elisa Azzarello, Kingsley Dixon and Stefano Mancuso


The truffle genus Cribbea (Physalacriaceae, Agaricales) in Australia.
Teresa Lebel and Pamela S. Catcheside


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