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Journal of Experimental Botany - 61 (10), 2010

Volume 61, Number 10, 20 April 2010

Spis treści:

Mechanisms for maintenance, replication, and repair of the chloroplast genome in plants
Nielsen, Brent L.; Cupp, John D.; Brammer, Jeffrey

Intersections between immune responses and morphological regulation in plants
Uchida, Naoyuki; Tasaka, Masao

Precocious flowering in trees: the FLOWERING LOCUS T gene as a research and breeding tool in Populus
Zhang, Huanling; Harry, David E.; Ma, Cathleen; Yuceer, Cetin; Hsu, Chuan-Yu; Vikram, Vikas; Shevchenko, Olga; Etherington, Elizabeth; Strauss, Steven H.

The application of the yeast N-acetyltransferase MPR1 gene and the proline analogue L-azetidine-2-carboxylic acid as a selectable marker system for plant transformation
Tsai, Fei-Yi; Zhang, Xing-Hai; Ulanov, Alexander; Widholm, Jack M.

RecA maintains the integrity of chloroplast DNA molecules in Arabidopsis
Rowan, Beth A.; Oldenburg, Delene J.; Bendich, Arnold J.

Hormonal and transcriptional profiles highlight common and differential host responses to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and the regulation of the oxylipin pathway
Lpez-Rez, Juan A.; Verhage, Adriaan; Fernndez, Ivn; Garca, Juan M.; Azcn-Aguilar, Concepcin; Flors, Victor; Pozo, Mara J.

Inhibition of Golgi function causes plastid starch accumulation
Hummel, Eric; Osterrieder, Anne; Robinson, David G.; Hawes, Chris

Reduced expression of the v-SNAREs AtVAMP71/AtVAMP7C gene family in Arabidopsis reduces drought tolerance by suppression of abscisic acid-dependent stomatal closure
Leshem, Yehoram; Golani, Yael; Kaye, Yuval; Levine, Alex

Dosage effect of the short arm of chromosome 1 of rye on root morphology and anatomy in bread wheat
Sharma, Sundrish; DeMason, Darleen A.; Ehdaie, Bahman; Lukaszewski, Adam J.; Waines, J. Giles

Effect of mineral sulphur availability on nitrogen and sulphur uptake and remobilization during the vegetative growth of Brassica napus L.
Abdallah, M.; Dubousset, L.; Meuriot, F.; Etienne, P.; Avice, J-C.; Ourry, A.

Genome-wide identification, classification, and expression analysis of the arabinogalactan protein gene family in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Ma, Haoli; Zhao, Jie

The physiological importance of photosynthetic ferredoxin NADP+ oxidoreductase (FNR) isoforms in wheat
Moolna, Adam; Bowsher, Caroline G.

Two solanesyl diphosphate synthases with different subcellular localizations and their respective physiological roles in Oryza sativa
Ohara, Kazuaki; Sasaki, Kanako; Yazaki, Kazufumi

Anther-specific carbohydrate supply and restoration of metabolically engineered male sterility
Engelke, T.; Hirsche, J.; Roitsch, T.

Why some stems are red: cauline anthocyanins shield photosystem II against high light stress
Gould, Kevin S.; Dudle, Dana A.; Neufeld, Howard S.

Putrescine differently influences the effect of salt stress on polyamine metabolism and ethylene synthesis in rice cultivars differing in salt resistance
Quinet, Muriel; Ndayiragije, Alexis; Lefvre, Isabelle; Lambillotte, Batrice; Dupont-Gillain, Christine C.; Lutts, Stanley

Functional analysis of a cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase involved in lignin biosynthesis in wheat
Ma, Qing-Hu

Genotype effects on internal gas gradients in apple fruit
Ho, Q. Tri; Verboven, Pieter; Verlinden, Bert E.; Schenk, Ann; Delele, Mulugeta A.; Rolletschek, Hardy; Vercammen, Jef; Nicola, Bart M.

Classification and quantification of leaf curvature
Liu, Zhongyuan; Jia, Liguo; Mao, Yanfei; He, Yuke

Contrasting drought tolerance strategies in two desert annuals of hybrid origin
Rosenthal, David M.; Stiller, Volker; Sperry, John S.; Donovan, Lisa A.

Depletion of cellular brassinolide decreases embryo production and disrupts the architecture of the apical meristems in Brassica napus microspore-derived embryos
Belmonte, Mark; Elhiti, Mohamed; Waldner, Blaine; Stasolla, Claudio

What determines the complex kinetics of stomatal conductance under blueless PAR in Festuca arundinacea? Subsequent effects on leaf transpiration
Barillot, Romain; Frak, Ela; Combes, Didier; Durand, Jean-Louis; Escobar-Gutirrez, Abraham J.

Functional analysis of a novel Cys2/His2-type zinc finger protein involved in salt tolerance in rice
Sun, Shu-Jing; Guo, Shu-Qiao; Yang, Xia; Bao, Yong-Mei; Tang, Hai-Juan; Sun, Hui; Huang, Ji; Zhang, Hong-Sheng

Involvement of phospholipase D and phosphatidic acid in the light-dependent up-regulation of sorghum leaf phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase-kinase
Monreal, Jos Antonio; Lpez-Baena, Francisco Javier; Vidal, Jean; Echevarra, Cristina; Garca-Maurio, Sofa

Identification and differential expression dynamics of peach small GTPases encoding genes during fruit development and ripening
Falchi, Rachele; Cipriani, Guido; Marrazzo, Teresa; Nonis, Alberto; Vizzotto, Giannina; Ruperti, Benedetto

Recovery of heat shock-triggered released apoplastic Ca2 accompanied by pectin methylesterase activity is required for thermotolerance in soybean seedlings
Wu, Hui-Chen; Hsu, Shih-Feng; Luo, Dan-Li; Chen, Shiang-Jiuun; Huang, Wen-Dar; Lur, Huu-Sheng; Jinn, Tsung-Luo



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