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New Phytologist - 187 (4), 2010

[Volume 187, Number 4, September 2010 ]

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Parlez-vous effectors?
Martin, Francis

Mining for nutrients - regulatory aspects of cluster root function and development
Neumann, Günter

The right stuff: evidence for an `optimal' genome size in a wild grass population
Beaulieu, Jeremy M.

What is the speed of link between aboveground and belowground processes?
Kayler, Zachary; Gessler, Arthur; Buchmann, Nina

On light bulbs and marbles. Transfer times and teleconnections in plant fluid transport systems
Mencuccini, Maurizio; Hölttä, Teemu

Ecology and evolution on the banks of the St Lawrence
Stinchcombe, John R.

Ectomycorrhizal fungi and interspecific competition: species interactions, community structure, coexistence mechanisms, and future research directions
Kennedy, Peter

Host-selective toxins, Ptr ToxA and Ptr ToxB, as necrotrophic effectors in the Pyrenophora tritici-repentis-wheat interaction
Ciuffetti, Lynda M.; Manning, Viola A.; Pandelova, Iovanna; Betts, Melania Figueroa; Martinez, J. Patrick

Molecular traits controlling host range and adaptation to plants in Ralstonia solanacearum
Genin, Stéphane

Towards population genomics of effector-effector target interactions
Terauchi, Ryohei; Yoshida, Kentaro

Specific resistances against Pseudomonas syringae effectors AvrB and AvrRpm1 have evolved differently in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), soybean (Glycine max), and Arabidopsis thaliana
Chen, Nicolas W. G.; Sévignac, Mireille; Thareau, Vincent; Magdelenat, Ghislaine; David, Perrine; Ashfield, Tom; Innes, Roger W.; Geffroy, Valérie

The use of FLP-mediated recombination for the functional analysis of an effector gene family in the biotrophic smut fungus Ustilago maydis
Khrunyk, Yuliya; Münch, Karin; Schipper, Kerstin; Lupas, Andrei N.; Kahmann, Regine

Two virulence determinants of type III effector AvrPto are functionally conserved in diverse Pseudomonas syringae pathovars
Nguyen, Hanh P.; Yeam, Inhwa; Angot, Aurelie; Martin, Gregory B.

Functional characterization of the Xcs and Xps type II secretion systems from the plant pathogenic bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv vesicatoria
Szczesny (Szczęsny), Robert; Jordan, Matthias; Schramm, Claudia; Schulz, Steve; Cogez, Virginie; Bonas, Ulla; Büttner, Daniela

Dual roles for the variable domain in protein trafficking and host-specific recognition of Heterodera glycines CLE effector proteins
Wang, Jianying; Lee, Chris; Replogle, Amy; Joshi, Sneha; Korkin, Dmitry; Hussey, Richard; Baum, Thomas J.; Davis, Eric L.; Wang, Xiaohong; Mitchum, Melissa G.

The Pseudomonas syringae effector protein HopZ1a suppresses effector-triggered immunity
Macho, Alberto P.; Guevara, Carlos M.; Tornero, Pablo; Ruiz-Albert, Javier; Beuzón, Carmen R.

Intracellular expression of a host-selective toxin, ToxA, in diverse plants phenocopies silencing of a ToxA-interacting protein, ToxABP1
Manning, Viola A.; Chu, Ashley L.; Scofield, Steven R.; Ciuffetti, Lynda M.

Promoter elements of rice susceptibility genes are bound and activated by specific TAL effectors from the bacterial blight pathogen, Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae
Römer, Patrick; Recht, Sabine; Strauß, Tina; Elsaesser, Janett; Schornack, Sebastian; Boch, Jens; Wang, Shiping; Lahaye, Thomas

Suppression of the AvrBs1-specific hypersensitive response by the YopJ effector homolog AvrBsT from Xanthomonas depends on a SNF1-related kinase
Szczesny (Szczęsny), Robert; Büttner, Daniela; Escolar, Lucia; Schulze, Sebastian; Seiferth, Anja; Bonas, Ulla

Arabidopsis thaliana plant defensin AtPDF1.1 is involved in the plant response to biotic stress
De Coninck, Barbara M. A.; Sels, Jan; Venmans, Esther; Thys, Wannes; Goderis, Inge J. W. M.; Carron, Delphine; Delauré, Stijn L.; Cammue, Bruno P. A.; De Bolle, Miguel F. C.; Mathys, Janick

Molecular and chemical mechanisms involved in aphid resistance in cultivated tomato
Digilio, Maria Cristina; Corrado, Giandomenico; Sasso, Raffaele; Coppola, Valentina; Iodice, Luigi; Pasquariello, Marianna; Bossi, Simone; Maffei, Massimo E.; Coppola, Mariangela; Pennacchio, Francesco; Rao, Rosa; Guerrieri, Emilio

A new method for measuring relative growth rate can uncover the costs of defensive compounds in Arabidopsis thaliana
Paul-Victor, Cloé; Züst, Tobias; Rees, Mark; Kliebenstein, Daniel J.; Turnbull, Lindsay A.

Nitric oxide is involved in phosphorus deficiency-induced cluster-root development and citrate exudation in white lupin
Wang, B. L.; Tang, X. Y.; Cheng, L. Y.; Zhang, A. Z.; Zhang, W. H.; Zhang, F. S.; Liu, J. Q.; Cao, Y.; Allan, D. L.; Vance, C. P.; Shen, J. B.

Production of ectomycorrhizal mycelium peaks during canopy closure in Norway spruce forests
Wallander, Hakan; Johansson, Ulf; Sterkenburg, Erica; Brandström Durling, Mikael; Lindahl, Björn D.

Thirteen decades of foliar isotopes indicate declining nitrogen availability in central North American grasslands
McLauchlan, Kendra K.; Ferguson, Carolyn J.; Wilson, Iris E.; Ocheltree, Troy W.; Craine, Joseph M.

The challenge of tree height in Eucalyptus regnans: when xylem tapering overcomes hydraulic resistance
Petit, Giai; Pfautsch, Sebastian; Anfodillo, Tommaso; Adams, Mark A.

MicroRNAs, the epigenetic memory and climatic adaptation in Norway spruce
Yakovlev, Igor A.; Fossdal, Carl Gunnar; Johnsen, Oystein

Origin and expansion of the allotetraploid Aegilops geniculata, a wild relative of wheat
Arrigo, Nils; Felber, François; Parisod, Christian; Buerki, Sven; Alvarez, Nadir; David, Jacques; Guadagnuolo, Roberto

Genome-wide gene expression changes in genetically stable synthetic and natural wheat allohexaploids
Chagué, Véronique; Just, Jérémy; Mestiri, Imen; Balzergue, Sandrine; Tanguy, Anne-Marie; Huneau, Cecile; Huteau, Virginie; Belcram, Harry; Coriton, Olivier; Jahier, Joseph; Chalhoub, Boulos

Stabilizing selection on genome size in a population of Festuca pallens under conditions of intensive intraspecific competition
Šmarda, Petr; Horová, Lucie; Bureš, Petr; Hralová, Ivana; Marková, Michaela


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