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Taxon - 59 (2), 2010

[Volume 59, Number 2, 2010]

Beyond cladistics: Extending evolutionary classifications into deeper time levels
Hörandl, Elvira

The oaks of western Eurasia: Traditional classifications and evidence from two nuclear markers
Denk, Thomas; Grimm, Guido W.

A molecular phylogeny reveals frequent changes of growth form in Carlina (Asteraceae)
Wahrmund, Ute; Heklau, Heike; Röser, Martin; Kästner, Arndt; Vitek, Ernst; Ehrendorfer, Friedrich; Hagen, K. Bernhard von

A comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of Eriocaulaceae: Evidence from nuclear (ITS) and plastid (psbA-trnH and trnL-F) DNA sequences
de Andrade, Maria José Gomes; Giulietti, Ana Maria; Rapini, Alessandro; de Queiroz, Luciano Paganucci; Conceiçao, Adilva de Souza; de Almeida, Paulo Ricardo Machado; van den Berg, Cássio

Phylogenetics and cytology of a pantropical orchid genus Polystachya (Polystachyinae, Vandeae, Orchidaceae): Evidence from plastid DNA sequence data
Russell, Anton; Samuel, Rosabelle; Rupp, Barbara; Barfuss, Michael H.J.; Šafran, Marko; Besendorfer, Visnja; Chase, Mark W.

Molecular phylogeny of the genus Arum (Araceae) inferred from multi-locus sequence data and AFLPs
Linz, Jeanine; Stökl, Johannes; Urru, Isabella; Krügel, Tamara; Stensmyr, Marcus C.; Hansson, Bill S.

Phylogenetic relationships within the tropical clade of Orobanchaceae
Morawetz, Jeffery J.; Randle, Christopher P.; Wolfe, Andrea D.

The evolutionary history of Beringian Smelowskia (Brassicaceae) inferred from combined microsatellite and DNA sequence data
Carlsen, Tor; Elven, Reidar; Brochmann, Christian

A phylogeny of the Areae (Araceae) implies that Typhonium, Sauromatum, and the Australian species of Typhonium are distinct clades
Cusimano, Natalie; Barrett, Matthew D.; Hetterscheid, Wilbert L.A.; Renner, Susanne S.

Systematic position of the enigmatic liverwort Mizutania (Mizutaniaceae, Marchantiophyta) inferred from molecular phylogenetic analyses
Masuzaki, Hiroaki; Shimamura, Masaki; Furuki, Tatsuwo; Tsubota, Hiromi; Yamaguchi, Tomio; Majid, Haji Mohamed Abdul; Deguchi, Hironori

Intercontinentally disjunct species are derived rather than relictual in the moss genus Daltonia (Bryophyta)
Yu, Jing; Devos, Nicolas; Majestyk, Piers; Shaw, A. Jonathan

Geographical speciation related to Pleistocene range shifts in the western Mediterranean mountains (Reseda sect. Glaucoreseda, Resedaceae)
Martín-Bravo, Santiago; Valcárcel, Virginia; Vargas, Pablo; Luceno, Modesto

Evolutionary dynamics across discontinuous freshwater systems: Rapid expansions and repeated allopolyploid origins in the Palearctic white water-lilies (Nymphaea)
Volkova, Polina A.; Trávníček, Pavel; Brochmann, Christian

Out of China: Distribution history of Ginkgo biloba L.
Zhao, Yunpeng; Paule, Juraj; Fu, Chengxin; Koch, Marcus A.

The South American Biogeographic Transition Zone: An analysis from Asteraceae
Urtubey, Estrella; Stuessy, Tod F.; Tremetsberger, Karin; Morrone, Juan J.

The phylogenetic significance of vestured pits in Boraginaceae
Rabaey, David; Lens, Frederic; Smets, Erik; Jansen, Steven

A re-examination of the type specimens of Yuania H.C. Sze 1953 and its junior synonym Russellites Mamay 1968 (Noeggerathiales)
Wang, Jun; Chaney, Dan

Chromosomal evolution in Mediterranean species of Ophrys sect. Pseudophrys (Orchidaceae): An analysis of karyotypes and polyploidy
García-Barriuso, Mónica; Bernardos, Sonia; Amich, Francisco

A revised classification of Santalales
Nickrent, Daniel L.; Malécot, Valéry; Vidal-Russell, Romina; Der, Joshua P.

Discovery of a new, recurrently formed Potamogeton hybrid in Europe and Africa: Molecular evidence and morphological comparison of different clones
Zalewska-Gałosz, Joanna; Ronikier, Michał; Kaplan, Zdenek

New tribal delimitations for the early diverging lineages of Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae
Magee, Anthony R.; Calvino, Carolina I.; Liu, Mei (Rebecca); Downie, Stephen R.; Tilney, Patricia M.; Wyk, Ben-Erik van

Plant DNA barcoding: A test using Macaronesian taxa of Tolpis (Asteraceae)
Mort, Mark E.; Crawford, Daniel J.; Archibald, Jenny K.; O'Leary, T. Ryan; Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo

A rapid and cost-efficient DMSO-based method for isolating DNA from cultured lichen photobionts
del Campo, Eva M.; Hoyo, Alicia del; Casano, Leonardo M.; Martínez-Alberola, Fernando; Barreno, Eva

Species abundance, distribution and diversity in time and space after centuries of botanical collecting in the Guianas
Haripersaud, Padmattie; Steege, Hans ter; Granville, Jean-Jacques de; Chevillotte, Hervé; Hoff, Michel

The Madeiran plants collected by Sir Hans Sloane in 1687, and his descriptions
de Sequeira, Miguel Menezes; Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo; Jarvis, Charles E.; Oberli, Andreas; Carine, Mark A.; Maunder, Michael; Francisco-Ortega, Javier

The conservation of Acacia with A. penninervis as conserved type
McNeill, John; Turland, Nicholas J.

Latin diagnosis: Time to let go
Figueiredo, Estrela; Moore, Gerry; Smith, Gideon F.

A point of view on Article 30.5. of the Vienna Code concerning effective publication of theses
Teppner, Herwig

Making a case for the original spelling of an epithet: 'Correction' of the original spelling of Agaricus rachodes to Agaricus rhacodes (Basidiomycota) is unjustified
Vellinga, Else C.; Pennycook, Shaun R.

Nomenclatural synopsis of the Old World's “manna” lichens (Aspicilia, Megasporaceae)
Sohrabi, Mohammad; Ahti, Teuvo

The typification of Zamia erosa and the priority of that name over Z. amblyphyllidia
Calonje, Michael; Meerow, Alan W.; Stevenson, Dennis W.

(1926) Proposal to conserve Cladia against Heterodea (Ascomycota)
Lumbsch, H. Thorsten; Ahti, Teuvo; Parnmen, Sittiporn

(1927) Proposal to conserve the name Agaricus rachodes (Basidiomycota) with that spelling
Vellinga, Else C.; Pennycook, Shaun R.

(1928) Proposal to conserve the name Veratrum against Melanthium (Melanthiaceae)
Zomlefer, Wendy B.; Judd, Walter S.; Gandhi, Kanchi N.

(1929-1930) Proposals to conserve Macbridea Elliott (Lamiaceae) and Seutera (Asclepiadaceae) against Macbridea Raf. (Asclepiadaceae)
Reveal, James L.; Gandhi, Kanchi N.

(1931) Proposal to conserve the name Pertya against Myripnois (Asteraceae, Pertyeae)
Freire, Susana E.

(1932) Proposal to conserve the name Boechera against Borodinia (Cruciferae)
Al-Shehbaz, Ihsan A.; German, Dmitry A.

(1933) Proposal to conserve the name Malus domestica against M. pumila, M. communis, M. frutescens, and Pyrus dioica (Rosaceae)
Qian, Guan-Ze; Liu, Lian-Fen; Tang, Geng-Guo

(1934) Proposal to reject the name Eryngium trifidum (Apiaceae)
Wörz, Arno

(1935) Proposal to conserve the name Eusphenopteris Gothan ex Simson-Scharold against Eusphenopteris Kidst. (fossil Lyginopteridales)
Cleal, Christopher J.

(104-108) Proposals to amend Article 9.15, add an example to Article 37, and make additions to Appendices III and IV
Yu, Wen-Bin; Wang, Hong; Li, De-Zhu

(109) Proposal to add a new paragraph to Recommendation 9A
Basu, Soumen Kumar; Ghoshal, Partha Pratim; Bandyopadhyay, Subir; Aziz, Md. Nehal

(110-114) Proposals to delete Articles 18.5, 18.6 and 19.7, replacing them with three Notes, and to provide consequent changes to App. IIB and to Articles 10.6, 11.1, 18.1, and 19.4
Alfarhan, Ahmed H.; Sivadasan, M.; Thomas, Jacob; Samraoui, Boudjema

(115-116) Proposals to eliminate the Latin requirement for the valid publication of plant names
Figueiredo, Estrela; Moore, Gerry; Smith, Gideon F.

(117-119) Proposals to make the pre-publication deposit of key nomenclatural information in a recognized repository a requirement for valid publication of organisms treated as fungi under the Code
Hawksworth, David L.; Cooper, Jerry A.; Crous, Pedro W.; Hyde, Kevin D.; Iturriaga, Teresa; Kirk, Paul M.; Lumbsch, H. Thorsten; May, Tom W.; Minter, David W.; Misra, Jitendra K.; Norvell, Lorelei; Redhead, Scott A.; Rossman, Amy Y.; Seifert, Keith A.; Stalpers, Joost A.; Taylor, John W.; Wingfield, Michael J.

(120) Proposal to replace Article 46 Example 10 with a more appropriate example
Arcadia, Linda in

(121) Proposal to permit acknowledgement to be given to an author whose designation is validated by another without ascription
Hawksworth, David L.; Eriksson, Ove E.

(122-134) Some proposals on orthography
van Rijckevorsel, Paul

(135-137) With a bow to ICZN, proposals for a new approach to the typification of fossil palynomorph names
Traverse, Alfred

New Names and Combinations

Plant Systematics World

Reviews and Notices of Publications
Schmid, Rudolf

New names and combinations appearing in Taxon 59 (2):

Amphorogynaceae (Stauffer ex Stearn) Nickrent & Der, stat. nov.
Amyeminae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Annesorhizeae Magee, C.I. Calvino, M. Liu, S.R. Downie, P.M. Tilney & B.-E. van Wyk, trib. nov.
Aspicilia fruticulosofoliacea (Elenkin) Sohrabi, comb. nov.
Carlina sect. Carlowizia (Moench) U. Wahrmund, M. Röser & K.B. Hagen, comb. nov.
Carlina sect. Racemosae U. Wahrmund, M. Röser & K.B. Hagen, sect. nov.
Cervantesiaceae Nickrent & Der, fam. nov.
Choritaenieae Magee, C.I. Calvino, M. Liu, S.R. Downie, P.M. Tilney & B.-E. van Wyk, trib. nov.
Comandraceae Nickrent & Der, fam. nov.
Dendrophthoinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Emelianthinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Ileostylinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Lichtensteinieae Magee, C.I. Calvino, M. Liu, S.R. Downie, P.M. Tilney & B.-E. van Wyk, trib. nov.
Ligarinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Marlothielleae Magee, C.I. Calvino, M. Liu, S.R. Downie, P.M. Tilney & B.-E. van Wyk, trib. nov.
Nanodeaceae Nickrent & Der, fam. nov.
Notantherinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Paepalanthus ser. Dimeri (Ruhland) Giul., stat. nov.
Paepalanthus ser. Leptocephali (Ruhland) Giul., stat. nov.
Paepalanthus ser. Rosulati (Ruhland) Giul., stat. nov.
Phlyctidocarpeae Magee, C.I. Calvino, M. Liu, S.R. Downie, P.M. Tilney & B.-E. van Wyk, trib. nov.
Potamogeton ×assidens Z. Kaplan, Zalewska-Gałosz & M. Ronikier, nothosp. nov.
Sauromatum brevipilosum (Hett. & M. Sizemore) Cusimano & Hett., comb. nov.
Sauromatum diversifolium (Wall. ex Schott) Cusimano & Hett., comb. nov.
Sauromatum giganteum (Engl.) Cusimano & Hett. comb. nov.
Sauromatum hirsutum (S.Y. Hu) Cusimano & Hett., comb. nov.
Sauromatum tentaculatum (Hett.) Cusimano & Hett., comb. nov.
Scurrulinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Tapinanthinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Tupeinae Nickrent & Vidal-Russell, subtr. nov.
Yuania chinensis (Mamay) J. Wang & D.S. Chaney, comb. nov.
Yuania magnifolia (Mamay) J. Wang & D.S. Chaney, comb. nov.


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