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Journal of Experimental Botany - 61 (8), 2010

Volume 61, Number 8, 27 May 2010

Spis treści:

Why work and discuss the basic principles of plant modelling 50 years after the first plant models?
Tardieu, Francois

A method to construct doseresponse curves for a wide range of environmental factors and plant traits by means of a meta-analysis of phenotypic data
Poorter, Hendrik; Niinemets, lo; Walter, Achim; Fiorani, Fabio; Schurr, Uli

Modelling temperature-compensated physiological rates, based on the co-ordination of responses to temperature of developmental processes
Parent, B.; Turc, O.; Gibon, Y.; Stitt, M.; Tardieu, F.

A model for gas transport in pear fruit at multiple scales
Ho, Q. Tri; Verboven, Pieter; Verlinden, Bert E.; Nicola, Bart M.

Development and verification of a water and sugar transport model using measured stem diameter variations
De Schepper, Veerle; Steppe, Kathy

Functionalstructural plant modelling: a new versatile tool in crop science
Vos, J.; Evers, J. B.; Buck-Sorlin, G. H.; Andrieu, B.; Chelle, M.; de Visser, P. H. B.

Constraints of space in plant development
Prusinkiewicz, Przemysław; Barbier de Reuille, Pierre

Root growth models: towards a new generation of continuous approaches
Dupuy, Lionel; Gregory, Peter J.; Bengough, A. Glyn

Model-assisted integration of physiological and environmental constraints affecting the dynamic and spatial patterns of root water uptake from soils
Draye, Xavier; Kim, Yangmin; Lobet, Guillaume; Javaux, Mathieu

To what extent may changes in the root system architecture of Arabidopsis thaliana grown under contrasted homogenous nitrogen regimes be explained by changes in carbon supply? A modelling approach
Brun, Franois; Richard-Molard, Cline; Pags, Loc; Chelle, Michal; Ney, Bertrand

Modelling the crop: from system dynamics to systems biology
Yin, Xinyou; Struik, Paul C.

Adapting APSIM to model the physiology and genetics of complex adaptive traits in field crops
Hammer, Graeme L.; van Oosterom, Erik; McLean, Greg; Chapman, Scott C.; Broad, Ian; Harland, Peter; Muchow, Russell C.

Simulation of wheat growth and development based on organ-level photosynthesis and assimilate allocation
Evers, J. B.; Vos, J.; Yin, X.; Romero, P.; van der Putten, P. E. L.; Struik, P. C.

Improving the use of modelling for projections of climate change impacts on crops and pastures
Soussana, Jean-Franois; Graux, Anne-Isabelle; Tubiello, Francesco N.



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