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Molecular Biology and Evolution - 27 (9), 2010

(Volume 27 Issue 9 September 2010)


Constrained Intron Structures in a Microsporidian
Renny C.H. Lee, Erin E. Gill, Scott W. Roy, and Naomi M. Fast

Improved Phylogenomic Taxon Sampling Noticeably Affects Nonbilaterian Relationships
K.S. Pick, H. Philippe, F. Schreiber, D. Erpenbeck, D.J. Jackson, P. Wrede, M. Wiens, A. Alié, B. Morgenstern, M. Manuel, G. Wörheide


Robustness of Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction to Phylogenetic Uncertainty
Victor Hanson-Smith, Bryan Kolaczkowski, and Joseph W. Thornton

Combined EST and Proteomic Analysis Identifies Rapidly Evolving Seminal Fluid Proteins in Heliconius Butterflies
James R. Walters and Richard G. Harrison

Population-Level Analyses Indirectly Reveal Cryptic Sex and Life History Traits of Pseudoperkinsus tapetis (Ichthyosporea, Opisthokonta): A Unicellular Relative of the Animals
Wyth L. Marshall and Mary L. Berbee

Evolution of Characterized Phosphorylation Sites in Budding Yeast
Alex N. Nguyen Ba and Alan M. Moses

Using Time-Structured Data to Estimate Evolutionary Rates of Double-Stranded DNA Viruses
Cadhla Firth, Andrew Kitchen, Beth Shapiro, Marc A. Suchard, Edward C. Holmes, and Andrew Rambaut

Evolution and Cytological Diversification of the Green Seaweeds (Ulvophyceae)
Ellen Cocquyt, Heroen Verbruggen, Frederik Leliaert, and Olivier De Clerck

Biosynthesis of Wyosine Derivatives in tRNA: An Ancient and Highly Diverse Pathway in Archaea
Valérie de Crécy-Lagard, Céline Brochier-Armanet, Jaunius Urbonavićius, Bernard Fernandez, Gabriela Phillips, Benjamin Lyons, Akiko Noma, Sophie Alvarez, Louis Droogmans, Jean Armengaud, Henri Grosjean

The Enamelin Genes in Lizard, Crocodile, and Frog and the Pseudogene in the Chicken Provide New Insights on Enamelin Evolution in Tetrapods
Nawfal Al-Hashimi, Anne-Gaelle Lafont, Sidney Delgado, Kazuhiko Kawasaki, and Jean-Yves Sire

Compositional Heterogeneity and Phylogenomic Inference of Metazoan Relationships
Maximilian P. Nesnidal, Martin Helmkampf, Iris Bruchhaus, Bernhard Hausdorf

The Effect of Mobile Element IS 10 on Experimental Regulatory Evolution in Escherichia coli
Daniel M. Stoebel, Charles J. Dorman

Parallel Genetic and Phenotypic Evolution of DNA Superhelicity in Experimental Populations of Escherichia coli
Estelle Crozat, Cynthia Winkworth, Joël Gaffé, Peter F. Hallin, Margaret A. Riley, Richard E. Lenski, Dominique Schneider

The Influence of Anticodon – Codon Interactions and Modified Bases on Codon Usage Bias in Bacteria
Wenqi Ran, Paul G. Higgs

Evolution in Regulatory Regions Rapidly Compensates the Cost of Nonoptimal Codon Usage
Dolors Amorós-Moya, Stéphanie Bedhomme, Marita Hermann, Ignacio G. Bravo

Evolutionary Pattern of Gene Homogenization between Primate-Specific Paralogs after Human and Macaque Speciation Using the 4-2-4 Method
Kiyoshi Ezawa, Kazuho Ikeo, Takashi Gojobori, and Naruya Saitou

Adaptation and Constraint at Toll-Like Receptors in Primates
Gabriela Wlasiuk and Michael W. Nachman

The Evolution of Thrombospondins and Their Ligand-Binding Activities
Amber A. Bentley and Josephine C. Adams

Low-Complexity Regions in Plasmodium falciparum : Missing Links in the Evolution of an Extreme Genome
Martine M. Zilversmit, Sarah K. Volkman, Mark A. DePristo, Dyann F. Wirth, Philip Awadalla, Daniel L. Hartl


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