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Journal of Experimental Botany - 60 (15), 2009

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(Volume 60, Number 15, 15 November 2009)

New insights on the effects of heat stress on crops
Halford, Nigel G.

Symbolism of plants: examples from European-Mediterranean culture presented with biology and history of art [A]
Kandeler, Riklef; Ullrich, Wolfram R.

Symbolism of plants: examples from European-Mediterranean culture presented with biology and history of art [B]
Kandeler, Riklef; Ullrich, Wolfram R.

Protein targets of tyrosine nitration in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) hypocotyls
Chaki, Mounira; Valderrama, Raquel; Fernndez-Ocaa, Ana M.; Carreras, Alfonso; Lpez-Jaramillo, Javier; Luque, Francisco; Palma, Jos M.; Pedrajas, Jos R.; Begara-Morales, Juan C.; Snchez-Calvo, Beatriz; Gmez-Rodrguez, Mara V.; Corpas, Francisco J.; Barroso, Juan B.

The alternative respiratory pathway allows sink to cope with changes in carbon availability in the sink-limited plant Erythronium americanum
Gandin, Anthony; Lapointe, Line; Dizengremel, Pierre

Polyamine oxidase activity contributes to sustain maize leaf elongation under saline stress
Rodrguez, Andrs Alberto; Maiale, Santiago Javier; Menndez, Ana Bernardina; Ruiz, Oscar Adolfo

Wheat (Triticum aestivum) NAM proteins regulate the translocation of iron, zinc, and nitrogen compounds from vegetative tissues to grain
Waters, Brian M.; Uauy, Cristobal; Dubcovsky, Jorge; Grusak, Michael A.

Axillary bud outgrowth potential is determined by parent apical bud activity
Thomas, R. G.; Hay, M. J. M.

Effects of -1,3-glucan from Septoria tritici on structural defence responses in wheat
Shetty, Nandini P.; Jensen, Jens D.; Knudsen, Anne; Finnie, Christine; Geshi, Naomi; Blennow, Andreas; Collinge, David B.; Jrgensen, Hans J. Lyngs

The trade-off between synthesis of primary and secondary compounds in young tomato leaves is altered by nitrate nutrition: experimental evidence and model consistency
Bot, Jacques Le; Bnard, Camille; Robin, Christophe; Bourgaud, Frdric; Adamowicz, Stphane

Biochemical and proteomic analysis of Dixiland peach fruit (Prunus persica) upon heat treatment
Lara, Mara V.; Borsani, Julia; Budde, Claudio O.; Lauxmann, Martin A.; Lombardo, Vernica A.; Murray, Ricardo; Andreo, Carlos S.; Drincovich, Mara F.

Differences in C metabolism of ash species and provenances as a consequence of root oxygen deprivation by waterlogging
Jaeger, Carsten; Gessler, Arthur; Biller, Steffen; Rennenberg, Heinz; Kreuzwieser, Jrgen

Brassinosteroids interact negatively with jasmonates in the formation of anti-herbivory traits in tomato
Campos, Marcelo Lattarulo; de Almeida, Marclio; Rossi, Mnica Lanzoni; Martinelli, Adriana Pinheiro; Litholdo Junior, Celso Gaspar; Figueira, Antonio; Rampelotti-Ferreira, Ftima Teresinha; Vendramim, Jos Djair; Benedito, Vagner Augusto; Pereira Peres, Lzaro Eustquio

Variability among species in the apoplastic pH signalling response to drying soils
Sharp, R. G.; Davies, W. J.

Regulation of oleosin expression in developing peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) embryos through nucleosome loss and histone modifications
Li, Chenlong; Wu, Keqiang; Fu, Guohua; Li, Yin; Zhong, Yujuan; Lin, Xiaodong; Zhou, Yi; Tian, Lining; Huang, Shangzhi

Arabidopsis L-type lectin receptor kinases: phylogeny, classification, and expression profiles
Bouwmeester, Klaas; Govers, Francine

Functional diversity in gravitropic reaction among tropical seedlings in relation to ecological and developmental traits
Almras, Tancrde; Derycke, Morgane; Jaouen, Galle; Beauchne, Jacques; Fournier, Mriem

Transcriptomic profiling of heat-stress response in potato periderm
Ginzberg, Idit; Barel, Gilli; Ophir, Ron; Tzin, Enosh; Tanami, Zaccharia; Muddarangappa, Thippeswamy; de Jong, Walter; Fogelman, Edna

The amylose extender mutant of maize conditions novel proteinprotein interactions between starch biosynthetic enzymes in amyloplasts
Liu, Fushan; Makhmoudova, Amina; Lee, Elizabeth A.; Wait, Robin; Emes, Michael J.; Tetlow, Ian J.

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