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Polish Journal of Ecology - 58 (2), 2010

[Volume 58, No. 2, 2010]


Burkowska A., Walczak M., Donderski W.
The impact of UV radiation on metabolism of neustonic and planktonic bacteria in eutrophic lake

Szmeja J., Bociąg K., Merdalski M.
Effect of light competition with filamentous algae on the population dynamics and development of the moss species Warnstorfia exannulata in a softwater lake

Tu W-G., Gao X-F., Wu N., Liu S-H.
Altitudinal patterns of vascular plant richness in high mountains - applying of Generative Additive Model

Tang M., Yu F-H., Jin X-B., Ge S.
High genetic diversity in the naturally rare plant Taihangia rupestris Yü et Li (Rosaceae) dwelling only cliff faces

Marciniuk J., Marciniuk P., Rymuza K.
Effects of site conditions on sexual dimorphism and sex ratio in lowland populations of Aruncus sylvestris Kostel. (Rosaceae)

Iszkuło G. Success and failure of endangered tree species: low temperatures and low light availability affect survival and growth of European yew (Taxus baccata L.) seedlings

Boratyński A., Marcysiak K., Lewandowska A., Jasińska A., Iszkuło G.
Interrelations among con-generic and co-occurring tree species: asymmetric hybridization and the high success of Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl. regeneration in mixed Q. petreae/Q. robur L. stands

Kopeć M., Zarzycki J., Gondek K.
Species diversity of submontane grasslands: effects of topographic and soil factors

Orczewska A.
Colonization capacity of herb woodland species in fertile, recent alder woods adjacent to ancient forest sites

Hou Y., Luo Z., Jenerette G.D., Qiao Y., Wang K.
Effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on growth and morphology of fir (Abies faxoniana, Rehd. e t Wils.) and native herbs in a treeline ecotone: an experimental approach

Kalinowska K., Ejsmont-Karabin J., Rybak J.I.
The role of lake shore sand deposits as bank of ciliate, rotifer and crustacean resting forms: experimental approach

Gallé R., Torma A., Körmöczi L.
Small-scale effect of habitat heterogeneity on invertebrate assemblages in sandy grasslands (Hungarian Great Plain)

Pastuchová Z., Grešková A., Lehotsky M.
Spatial distribution pattern of macroinvertebrates in relation to morphohydraulic habitat structure: perspectives for ecological stream assessment

Růžička V., Zacharda M.
Variation and diversity of spider assemblages along a thermal gradient in scree slopes and adjacent cliffs

Meissner W., Żołkoś K.
Does the Magpie Pica pica (L.) prefer poplars as a nesting tree in the urban environment?

Wielgat-Rychert M., Rychert K., Ficek D.
Factors controlling pelagic production and respiration in a shallow polymictic lake

Kubacka J., Żmihorski M., Mirski P., Rejt Ł.
Central-place foraging in an urban landscape: body mass of common voles (Microtus arvalis Pall.) caught by breeding Kestrels (Falco tinnunculus L.) is positively correlated with availability of hunting sites

Uzun A., Kopij G.
Effect of colony edge on the clutch size and fledging success in the Little Egret Egretta garzetta (L.)

Barja I., de Miguel F.J.
Chemical communication in large carnivores: urine-marking frequencies in captive tigers and lions


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