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The Plant Journal - 63 (5), 2010

CONTENTS [Volume 63, Number 5, September 2010]:

Time of day shapes Arabidopsis drought transcriptomes
Wilkins, Olivia; Bräutigam, Katharina; Campbell, Malcolm M.

Cytoplasmic phylogeny and evidence of cyto-nuclear co-adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana
Moison, Michaël; Roux, Fabrice; Quadrado, Martine; Duval, Romain; Ekovich, Muriel; Le, Duc-Hoa; Verzaux, Marie; Budar, Françoise

Characterization of an intact two-component high-affinity nitrate transporter from Arabidopsis roots
Yong, Zhenhua; Kotur, Zorica; Glass, Anthony D. M.

ABA overly-sensitive?5 (ABO5), encoding a pentatricopeptide repeat protein required for cis-splicing of mitochondrial nad2 intron?3, is involved in the abscisic acid response in Arabidopsis
Liu, Yue; He, Junna; Chen, Zhizhong; Ren, Xiaozhi; Hong, Xuhui; Gong, Zhizhong

A DEAD box protein is required for formation of a hidden break in Arabidopsis chloroplast 23S rRNA
Nishimura, Kenji; Ashida, Hiroki; Ogawa, Taro; Yokota, Akiho

Phospho-site mapping, genetic and in planta activation studies reveal key aspects of the different phosphorylation mechanisms involved in activation of SnRK2s
Vlad, Florina; Droillard, Marie-Jo; Valot, Benoît; Khafif, Mehdi; Rodrigues, Americo; Brault, Mathias; Zivy, Michel; Rodriguez, Pedro L.; Merlot, Sylvain; Lauriere, Christiane

BAK1 is required for the attenuation of ethylene-inducing xylanase (Eix)-induced defense responses by the decoy receptor LeEix1
Bar, Maya; Sharfman, Miya; Ron, Mily; Avni, Adi

The origin of the non-recombining region of sex chromosomes in Carica and Vasconcellea
Wu, Xia; Wang, Jianping; Na, Jong-Kuk; Yu, Qingyi; Moore, Richard C.; Zee, Francis; Huber, Steven C.; Ming, Ray

Analysis of secondary growth in the Arabidopsis shoot reveals a positive role of jasmonate signalling in cambium formation
Sehr, Eva M.; Agusti, Javier; Lehner, Reinhard; Farmer, Edward E.; Schwarz, Martina; Greb, Thomas

Pleiotropic physiological consequences of feedback-insensitive phenylalanine biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
Huang, Tengfang; Tohge, Takayuki; Lytovchenko, Anna; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Jander, Georg

Overexpression of yeast spermidine synthase impacts ripening, senescence and decay symptoms in tomato
Nambeesan, Savithri; Datsenka, Tatsiana; Ferruzzi, Mario G.; Malladi, Anish; Mattoo, Autar K.; Handa, Avtar K.

A plant DNA ligase is an important determinant of seed longevity
Waterworth, Wanda M.; Masnavi, Ghzaleh; Bhardwaj, Rajni M.; Jiang, Qing; Bray, Clifford M.; West, Christopher E.

The proline 160 in the selectivity filter of the Arabidopsis NO3-/H+ exchanger AtCLCa is essential for nitrate accumulation in planta
Wege, Stefanie; Jossier, Mathieu; Filleur, Sophie; Thomine, Sébastien; Barbier-Brygoo, Hélene; Gambale, Franco; De Angeli, Alexis

High-resolution elemental localization in vacuolate plant cells by nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry
Smart, Katharine E.; Smith, J. Andrew C.; Kilburn, Matt R.; Martin, Barrie G. H.; Hawes, Chris; Grovenor, Chris R. M.

A platform of high-density INDEL/CAPS markers for map-based cloning in Arabidopsis
Hou, Xianhui; Li, Linchuan; Peng, Zhiyu; Wei, Baoye; Tang, Saijun; Ding, Maoyu; Liu, Jingjing; Zhang, Fangxian; Zhao, Yunde; Gu, Hongya; Qu, Li-Jia


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