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The Plant Journal - 63 (3), 2010

Contents [Volume 63, Number 3, August 2010]:

Genome-wide mapping of cytosine methylation revealed dynamic DNA methylation patterns associated with genes and centromeres in rice
Yan, Huihuang; Kikuchi, Shinji; Neumann, Pavel; Zhang, Wenli; Wu, Yufeng; Chen, Feng; Jiang, Jiming

The role of DNA methylation, nucleosome occupancy and histone modifications in paramutation
Haring, Max; Bader, Rechien; Louwers, Marieke; Schwabe, Anne; van Driel, Roel; Stam, Maike

NF-YC3, NF-YC4 and NF-YC9 are required for CONSTANS-mediated, photoperiod-dependent flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana
Kumimoto, Roderick W.; Zhang, Yan; Siefers, Nicholas; Holt, Ben F.

det1-1-induced UV-C hyposensitivity through UVR3 and PHR1 photolyase gene over-expression
Castells, Enric; Molinier, Jean; Drevensek, Stephanie; Genschik, Pascal; Barneche, Fredy; Bowler, Chris

COE1, an LRR-RLK responsible for commissural vein pattern formation in rice
Sakaguchi, Jun; Itoh, Jun-Ichi; Ito, Yukihiro; Nakamura, Ayako; Fukuda, Hiroo; Sawa, Shinichiro

ABO3, a WRKY transcription factor, mediates plant responses to abscisic acid and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis
Ren, Xiaozhi; Chen, Zhizhong; Liu, Yue; Zhang, Hairong; Zhang, Min; Liu, Qian; Hong, Xuhui; Zhu, Jian-Kang; Gong, Zhizhong

Spatio-temporal patterns of genome evolution in allotetraploid species of the genus Oryza
Ammiraju, Jetty S. S.; Fan, Chuanzhu; Yu, Yeisoo; Song, Xiang; Cranston, Karen A.; Pontaroli, Ana Clara; Lu, Fei; Sanyal, Abhijit; Jiang, Ning; Rambo, Teri; Currie, Jennifer; Collura, Kristi; Talag, Jayson; Bennetzen, Jeffrey L.; Chen, Mingsheng; Jackson, Scott; Wing, Rod A.

The metabolic transition during disease following infection of Arabidopsis thaliana by Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato
Ward, Jane L.; Forcat, Silvia; Beckmann, Manfred; Bennett, Mark; Miller, Sonia J.; Baker, John M.; Hawkins, Nathaniel D.; Vermeer, Cornelia P.; Lu, Chuan; Lin, Wanchang; Truman, William M.; Beale, Michael H.; Draper, John; Mansfield, John W.; Grant, Murray

Physiological links among alternative electron transport pathways that reduce and oxidize plastoquinone in Arabidopsis
Okegawa, Yuki; Kobayashi, Yoshichika; Shikanai, Toshiharu

Walls are thin?1 (WAT1), an Arabidopsis homolog of Medicago truncatula NODULIN21, is a tonoplast-localized protein required for secondary wall formation in fibers
Ranocha, Philippe; Denancé, Nicolas; Vanholme, Ruben; Freydier, Amandine; Martinez, Yves; Hoffmann, Laurent; Köhler, Lothar; Pouzet, Cécile; Renou, Jean-Pierre; Sundberg, Björn; Boerjan, Wout; Goffner, Deborah

The Ca2+-dependent protein kinase CPK3 is required for MAPK-independent salt-stress acclimation in Arabidopsis
Mehlmer, Norbert; Wurzinger, Bernhard; Stael, Simon; Hofmann-Rodrigues, Daniela; Csaszar, Edina; Pfister, Barbara; Bayer, Roman; Teige, Markus

The SLO1 PPR protein is required for RNA editing at multiple sites with similar upstream sequences in Arabidopsis mitochondria
Sung, Tzu-Ying; Tseng, Ching-Chih; Hsieh, Ming-Hsiun

The Arabidopsis thaliana FPP synthase isozymes have overlapping and specific functions in isoprenoid biosynthesis, and complete loss of FPP synthase activity causes early developmental arrest
Closa, Marta; Vranová, Eva; Bortolotti, Cristina; Bigler, Laurent; Arró, Montserrat; Ferrer, Albert; Gruissem, Wilhelm

AtCPK1 calcium-dependent protein kinase mediates pathogen resistance in Arabidopsis
Coca, María; San Segundo, Blanca

Hide and seek: uncloaking the vegetative shoot apex of Arabidopsis thaliana
Vanhaeren, Hannes; Gonzalez, Nathalie; Inzé, Dirk

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