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Molecular Biology and Evolution - 27 (6), VI 2010

(Volume 27, Issue 6, June 2010)



Maternal – Fetal Conflict: Rapidly Evolving Proteins in the Rodent Placenta
Edward B. Chuong, Wenfei Tong, and Hopi E. Hoekstra


On the Utility of Short Intron Sequences as a Reference for the Detection of Positive and Negative Selection in Drosophila
John Parsch, Sergey Novozhilov, Sarah S. Saminadin-Peter, Karen M. Wong, and Peter Andolfatto

Sperm Proteomics Reveals Intensified Selection on Mouse Sperm Membrane and Acrosome Genes
Steve Dorus, Elizabeth R. Wasbrough, Jennifer Busby, Elaine C. Wilkin, and Timothy L. Karr

Transcriptional Diversification and Functional Conservation between DELLA Proteins in Arabidopsis
Javier Gallego-Bartolomé, Eugenio G. Minguet, Jaime A. Marín, Salomé Prat, Miguel A. Blázquez, David Alabadí

Principal Component Analysis under Population Genetic Models of Range Expansion and Admixture
Olivier François, Mathias Currat, Nicolas Ray, Eunjung Han, Laurent Excoffier, and John Novembre

Monogamy Evolves through Multiple Mechanisms: Evidence from V1aR in Deer Mice
Leslie M. Turner, Adrian R. Young, Holger Römpler, Torsten Schöneberg, Steven M. Phelps, and Hopi E. Hoekstra

Human Variation in Short Regions Predisposed to Deep Evolutionary Conservation
Gabriela G. Loots and Ivan Ovcharenko

Performance of Relaxed-Clock Methods in Estimating Evolutionary Divergence Times and Their Credibility Intervals
Fabia U. Battistuzzi, Alan Filipski, S. Blair Hedges, and Sudhir Kumar

Analysis of Host – Parasite Incongruence in Papillomavirus Evolution Using Importance Sampling
Seena D. Shah, John Doorbar, and Richard A. Goldstein

Rodent Evolution: Back to the Root
Gennady Churakov, Manoj K. Sadasivuni, Kate R. Rosenbloom, Dorothée Huchon, Jürgen Brosius, Jürgen Schmitz

A Simple Multiallele Model and Its Application to Identifying Preferred – Unpreferred Codons Using Polymorphism Data
Kai Zeng

Escherichia coli rpoB Mutants Have Increased Evolvability in Proportion to Their Fitness Defects
Jeffrey E. Barrick, Mark R. Kauth, Christopher C. Strelioff, and Richard E. Lenski

Evolution of Outer Membrane b -Barrels from an Ancestral b b Hairpin
M. Remmert, A. Biegert, D. Linke, A. N. Lupas, and J. Söding

The Evolutionary Fate of the Genes Encoding the Purine Catabolic Enzymes in Hominoids, Birds, and Reptiles
Alaine C. Keebaugh and James W. Thomas

Gene Capture from across the Grass Family in the Allohexaploid Elymus repens (L.) Gould (Poaceae, Triticeae) as Evidenced by ITS, GBSSI, and Molecular Cytogenetics
Václav Mahelka and David Kopecký

ND6 Gene “Lost” and Found: Evolution of Mitochondrial Gene Rearrangement in Antarctic Notothenioids
Xuan Zhuang and C.-H. Christina Cheng

The Rate of Establishment of Complex Adaptations
Michael Lynch and Adam Abegg

Schizosaccharomyces pombe Possesses Two Paralogous Valyl-tRNA Synthetase Genes of Mitochondrial Origin
Wen-Chih Chiu, Chia-Pei Chang, Wei-Ling Wen, Shao-Win Wang, and Chien-Chia Wang

Bayesian Inference of the Demographic History of Chimpanzees
Daniel Wegmann and Laurent Excoffier

Insights into the Evolution of Mitochondrial Genome Size from Complete Sequences of Citrullus lanatus and Cucurbita pepo (Cucurbitaceae)
Andrew J. Alverson, XiaoXin Wei, Danny W. Rice, David B. Stern, Kerrie Barry, and Jeffrey D. Palmer

Identification and Genomic Analysis of Transcription Factors in Archaeal Genomes Exemplifies Their Functional Architecture and Evolutionary Origin
Ernesto Pérez-Rueda and Sarath Chandra Janga


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