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Taxon - 59(3), 2010

[Volume 59, Number 3, 2010]

Paraphyly and the origin and classification of angiosperms
Stuessy, Tod F.

Stopping the stutter: Improvements in sequence quality from regions with mononucleotide repeats can increase the usefulness of non-coding regions for DNA barcoding
Fazekas, Aron J.; Steeves, Royce; Newmaster, Steven G.; Hollingsworth, Peter M.

Molecular systematics of Echinops L. (Asteraceae, Cynareae): A phylogeny based on ITS and trnL-trnF sequences with emphasis on sectional delimitation
Sánchez-Jiménez, Ismael; Lazkov, Georgy A.; Hidalgo, Oriane; Garnatje, Teresa

The origins of Eleocharis (Cyperaceae) and the status of Websteria, Egleria, and Chillania
Hinchliff, Cody E.; Lliully A., Ariel Ernesto; Carey, Timothy; Roalson, Eric H.

Phylogeny and evolutionary diversification of Adenocarpus DC. (Leguminosae)
Cubas, Paloma; Pardo, Cristina; Tahiri, Hikmat; Castroviejo, Santiago

A molecular phylogeny of Solanum sect. Pteroidea (Solanaceae) and the utility of COSII markers in resolving relationships among closely related species
Tepe, Eric J.; Bohs, Lynn

Melaleuca revisited: cpDNA and morphological data confirm that Melaleuca L. (Myrtaceae) is not monophyletic
Edwards, Robert D.; Craven, Lyn A.; Crisp, Michael D.; Cook, Lyn G.

Molecular systematics of tribe Rubieae (Rubiaceae): Evolution of major clades, development of leaf-like whorls, and biogeography
Soza, Valerie L.; Olmstead, Richard G.

Systematics and character evolution of Tabernaemontaneae (Apocynaceae, Rauvolfioideae) based on molecular and morphological evidence
Simoes, André O.; Endress, Mary E.; Conti, Elena

Evolution and taxonomy of aquatic species in the genus Rhynchostegium (Brachytheciaceae, Bryophyta)
Huttunen, Sanna; Ignatov, Michael S.

A molecular phylogeny, morphology and classification of genera of Ranunculeae (Ranunculaceae)
Emadzade, Khatere; Lehnebach, Carlos; Lockhart, Peter; Hörandl, Elvira

Species-level phylogeny of Allium subgenus Melanocrommyum: Incomplete lineage sorting, hybridization and trnF gene duplication
Gurushidze, Maia; Fritsch, Reinhard M.; Blattner, Frank R.

Morphological disparity in Cladoniaceae: The foliose genus Heterodea evolved from fruticose Cladia species (Lecanorales, lichenized Ascomycota)
Parnmen, Sittiporn; Rangsiruji, Achariya; Mongkolsuk, Pachara; Boonpragob, Kansri; Elix, John A.; Lumbsch, H. Thorsten

Evolution and systematic value of fruit and seed characters in Adoxaceae (Dipsacales)
Jacobs, Bart; Huysmans, Suzy; Smets, Erik

The reproductive biology of Voyria (Gentianaceae) species in French Guiana
Hentrich, Heiko; Kaiser, Roman; Gottsberger, Gerhard

Geometric morphometrics: A powerful tool for the study of shape evolution in Menispermaceae endocarps
Jacques, Frédéric M.B.; Zhou, Zhekun

Taxonomic revision of Sargassum sect. Acanthocarpicae (Fucales, Phaeophyceae)
Mattio, Lydiane; Payri, Claude E.; Verlaque, Marc; de Reviers, Bruno

A new tribal classification of Nyctaginaceae
Douglas, Norman; Spellenberg, Richard

Phylogeny and taxonomy of Leucotrichum (Polypodiaceae): A new genus of grammitid ferns from the Neotropics
Labiak, Paulo H.; Rouhan, Germinal; Sundue, Michael

Multi-authored interactive identification keys: The FRIDA (FRiendly IDentificAtion) package
Martellos, Stefano

Who amends the International code of botanical nomenclature?
Smith, Gideon F.; Figueiredo, Estrela; Moore, Gerry

Typification and nomenclature of Podocarpus angustifolius Griseb. and Podocarpus aristulatus Parl. (Podocarpaceae)
Mill, Robert R.; Stark Schilling, Darian M.

Lindenia Benth. (Rubiaceae) was not effectively published in 1841: or, What is an indelible autograph?
Veldkamp, J.F.

Typification and characterization of Orobanche santolinae Loscos & J. Pardo (Orobanchaceae)
Pujadas-Salva, Antonio J.

Reinstatement of Thyrsacanthus Moric. (Acanthaceae) and taxonomic novelties in the genus
Côrtes, Ana Luiza A.; de Borges, Ricardo L.B.; Rapini, Alessandro

(1936) Proposal to conserve the name Rhynchostegium against Eriodon (Bryophyta: Brachytheciaceae)
Ignatov, Michael S.; Huttunen, Sanna

(1937) Proposal to conserve the name Podocarpus aristulatus (Podocarpaceae) with a conserved type
Stark Schilling, Darian M.; Mill, Robert R.

(1938) Proposal to reject the name Torreya bogotensis (Gymnospermae, ?Podocarpaceae)
Mill, Robert R.

(1939) Proposal to conserve the name Orchis occidentalis against O. kerryensis (Orchidaceae)
Bateman, Richard M.; Chase, Mark W.; Denholm, Ian; Fay, Michael F.; Hedrén, Mikael; Pedersen, Henrik .; Sayers, Brendan

(1940) Proposal to reject the name Anthericum flagelliforme (Eriospermum flagelliforme) (Eriospermaceae)
Whitehouse, Christopher M.

(1941-1942) Proposals to conserve the names Acidocroton and A. adelioides (Euphorbiaceae) with conserved types
van Ee, Benjamin

(1943) Proposal to conserve the name Trientalis europaea (Myrsinaceae) with a conserved type
Anderberg, Arne A.; Manns, Ulrika; Jarvis, Charlie

(1944) Proposal to conserve the name Polygonum hydropiper (Polygonaceae) with a conserved type
Reveal, James L.; Gandhi, Kanchi N.; Jarvis, Charles

(138) A proposal on the designation of cultures of fungi and algae as types
Nakada, Takashi

(139) Proposal on how to avoid the impossibility of rejection of types when in conflict with the protologue
Proćków, Jarosław; Jakubska-Busse, Anna

(140) Proposal to amend Art. 23 by adding examples of correct usage of Latin compounds
Niederle, Josef

(141) Proposal to clarify Article 23 for the case of Greek epithets ending in -ma
Arcadia, Linda in

(142-148) A few proposals on cultivated plants
van Rijckevorsel, Paul

(149-150) Proposals to amend Art. 30 by adding a condition of effective publication and an associated Recommendation
Niederle, Josef

(151) Proposal to add a new paragraph to Recommendation 31A
Pathak, Mithilesh K.; Ghoshal, Partha Pratim; Bandyopadhyay, Subir

(152-153) Proposals to add two new recommendations in Recommendation 37A
Ohashi, Hiroyoshi; Ohashi, Kazuaki

(154) Proposal on the gender of generic names ending in -ites
Barker, Christine; Brummitt, R.K.

New Names and Combinations

Free Content Plant Systematics World

Reviews and Notices of Publications
Schmid, Rudolf


New names and combinations appearing in Taxon 59 (3):

Ambelaniinae (Pichon ex Boiteau & al.) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, stat. nov.
Caribeeae Douglas & Spellenb., tr. nov.
Donrichardsia bartramii Ignatov & Huttunen, sp. nov.
Eleocharis fluctuans (L.T. Eiten) E.H. Roalson & C.E. Hinchliff, comb. nov.
Halerpestes uniflora (Phil. ex Reiche) Emadzade, Lehnebach, Lockhart & Hörandl, comb. nov.
Hedenaesia Huttunen & Ignatov, gen. nov.
Hedenaesia austrina (Hook. f. & Wilson) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Hedenaesia muriculata (Hook. f. & Wilson) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Leucotrichum Labiak, gen. nov.
Leucotrichum mitchellae (Baker ex Hemsl.) Labiak, comb. nov.
Leucotrichum mortonii (Copel.) Labiak, comb. nov.
Leucotrichum organense (Gardner) Labiak, comb. nov.
Leucotrichum pseudomitchellae (Lellinger) Labiak, comb. nov.
Leucotrichum schenckii (Hieron.) Labiak, comb. nov.
Oxyrrhynchium bergmaniae (E.B. Bartram) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Rhynchostegium brevinerve Huttunen & Ignatov, sp. nov.
Rhynchostegium conostomus (Mont.) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Rhynchostegium fuegianum (Cardot) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Rhynchostegium mutatum (Ochyra & Vanderpoorten) Huttunen & Ignatov, comb. nov.
Sargassum sect. Binderianae (Grunow) Mattio, Payri, M. Verlaque & Reviers, stat. nov.
Sargassum sect. Ilicifoliae (J. Agardh) Mattio, Payri, M. Verlaque & Reviers, stat. nov.
Tabernaemontana abbreviata (J.F. Morales) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana allenii (Woodson) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana brasiliensis (Leeuwenb.) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana eubracteata (Woodson) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana hannae (M. Méndez & J.F. Morales) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana oaxacana (L.O. Alvarado-Cárdenas) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana odontadeniiflora A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, nom. nov.
Tabernaemontana pauli (Leeuwenb.) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana robinsonii (Woodson) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana simulans (J.F. Morales & Q. Jiménez) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana stenoptera (Leeuwenb.) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana tomentosa (Greenm.) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Tabernaemontana venusta (J.F. Morales) A.O. Simoes & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.
Thyrsacanthus boliviensis (Nees) A. Côrtes & Rapini, comb. nov.
Thyrsacanthus microphyllus A. Côrtes & Rapini, sp. nov.
Thyrsacanthus ramosus (Nees) A. Côrtes & Rapini, comb. nov.
Thyrsacanthus secundus (Leonard) A. Côrtes & Rapini, comb. nov.

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