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Journal of Experimental Botany - 60 (11), 2009

Spis treści (Volume 60, Number 11, July 2009):

The way the dioecious plant Actinidia deliciosa attracts bees: critical role of volatile terpenes released from kiwifruit flowers of both genotypes
Hartmann, Marie-Andre

Symbolism of plants: examples from European-Mediterranean culture presented with biology and history of art
Kandeler, Riklef; Ullrich, Wolfram R.

Role of coevolution in generating biological diversity: spatially divergent selection trajectories
Laine, Anna-Liisa

Role of aquaporins in leaf physiology
Heinen, Robert B.; Ye, Qing; Chaumont, Franois

Scientific and technical challenges in remote sensing of plant canopy reflectance and fluorescence
Malenovsk, Zbynk; Mishra, Kumud Bandhu; Zemek, Frantiek; Rascher, Uwe; Nedbal, Ladislav

The loss of DNA from chloroplasts as leaves mature: fact or artefact?
Rowan, Beth A.; Bendich, Arnold J.

Cloning and functional characterization of carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 4 genes
Huang, Fong-Chin; Molnr, Pter; Schwab, Wilfried

Mesoporosity as a new parameter for understanding tension stress generation in trees
Chang, Shan-Shan; Clair, Bruno; Ruelle, Julien; Beauchne, Jacques; Di Renzo, Francesco; Quignard, Franoise; Zhao, Guang-Jie; Yamamoto, Hiroyuki; Gril, Joseph

Transient winter leaf reddening in Cistus creticus characterizes weak (stress-sensitive) individuals, yet anthocyanins cannot alleviate the adverse effects on photosynthesis
Zeliou, Konstantina; Manetas, Yiannis; Petropoulou, Yiola

Evidence for a positive regulatory role of strawberry (Fragariaananassa) Fa WRKY1 and Arabidopsis At WRKY75 proteins in resistance
Encinas-Villarejo, Sonia; Maldonado, Ana M.; Amil-Ruiz, Francisco; de los Santos, Berta; Romero, Fernando; Pliego-Alfaro, Fernando; Muoz-Blanco, Juan; Caballero, Jos L.

Isolation and identification of ubiquitin-related proteins from Arabidopsis seedlings
Igawa, Tomoko; Fujiwara, Masayuki; Takahashi, Hirotaka; Sawasaki, Tatsuya; Endo, Yaeta; Seki, Motoaki; Shinozaki, Kazuo; Fukao, Yoichiro; Yanagawa, Yuki

Wortmannin induces homotypic fusion of plant prevacuolar compartments
Wang, Junqi; Cai, Yi; Miao, Yansong; Lam, Sheung Kwan; Jiang, Liwen

Diversity and activity of sugar transporters in nematode-induced root syncytia
Hofmann, Julia; Hess, Paul H.; Szakasits, Dagmar; Blchl, Andreas; Wieczorek, Krzysztof; Daxbck-Horvath, Sabine; Bohlmann, Holger; van Bel, Aart J. E.; Grundler, Florian M. W.

Medicago truncatula improves salt tolerance when nodulated by an indole-3-acetic acid-overproducing Sinorhizobium meliloti strain
Bianco, Carmen; Defez, Roberto

The role of respiratory burst oxidase homologues in elicitor-induced stomatal closure and hypersensitive response in Nicotiana benthamiana
Zhang, Huajian; Fang, Qin; Zhang, Zhengguang; Wang, Yuanchao; Zheng, Xiaobo

Plantpathogen interactions and elevated CO2: morphological changes in favour of pathogens
Lake, Janice Ann; Wade, Ruth Nicola

Pollen grain development is compromised in Arabidopsis agp6 agp11 null mutants
Coimbra, Slvia; Costa, Mrio; Jones, Brian; Mendes, Marta Adelina; Pereira, Lus Gustavo

Evolutionary change in flowering phenology in the iteroparous herb Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima: a search for the underlying mechanisms
Van Dijk, Henk

A novel di-acidic motif facilitates ER export of the syntaxin SYP31
Chatre, Laurent; Wattelet-Boyer, Valrie; Melser, Su; Maneta-Peyret, Lilly; Brandizzi, Federica; Moreau, Patrick

Canopy CO2 exchange of two neotropical tree species exhibiting constitutive and facultative CAM photosynthesis, Clusia rosea and Clusia cylindrica
Winter, Klaus; Garcia, Milton; Holtum, Joseph A. M.

AtRAB-H1b and AtRAB-H1c GTPases, homologues of the yeast Ypt6, target reporter proteins to the Golgi when expressed in Nicotiana tabacum and Arabidopsis thaliana
Johansen, Jorunn Nergaard; Chow, Cheung-Ming; Moore, Ian; Hawes, Chris

Tobacco plastid transformation using the feedback-insensitive anthranilate synthase []-subunit of tobacco (ASA2) as a new selectable marker
Barone, Pierluigi; Zhang, Xing-Hai; Widholm, Jack M.

Two terpene synthases are responsible for the major sesquiterpenes emitted from the flowers of kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa)
Nieuwenhuizen, Niels J.; Wang, Mindy Y.; Matich, Adam J.; Green, Sol A.; Chen, Xiuyin; Yauk, Yar-Khing; Beuning, Lesley L.; Nagegowda, Dinesh A.; Dudareva, Natalia; Atkinson, Ross G.

Positive feedback regulation of maize NADPH oxidase by mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade in abscisic acid signalling
Lin, Fan; Ding, Haidong; Wang, Jinxiang; Zhang, Hong; Zhang, Aying; Zhang, Yun; Tan, Mingpu; Dong, Wen; Jiang, Mingyi

Remobilization of leaf S compounds and senescence in response to restricted sulphate supply during the vegetative stage of oilseed rape are affected by mineral N availability
Dubousset, L.; Abdallah, M.; Desfeux, A. S.; Etienne, P.; Meuriot, F.; Hawkesford, M. J.; Gombert, J.; Sgura, R.; Bataill, M-P.; Rez, S.; Bonnefoy, J.; Ameline, A. F.; Ourry, A.; Dily, F. Le; Avice, J. C.

Subcellular localization and expression of multiple tomato -aminobutyrate transaminases that utilize both pyruvate and glyoxylate
Clark, Shawn M.; Di Leo, Rosa; Van Cauwenberghe, Owen R.; Mullen, Robert T.; Shelp, Barry J.

Hypersensitive response to Aphis gossypii Glover in melon genotypes carrying the Vat gene
Villada, Emilio Sarria; Gonzlez, Elisa Garzo; Lpez-Ses, Ana Isabel; Castiel, Alberto Fereres; Gmez-Guillamn, Mara Luisa

The beneficial endophyte Trichoderma hamatum isolate DIS 219b promotes growth and delays the onset of the drought response in Theobroma cacao
Bae, Hanhong; Sicher, Richard C.; Kim, Moon S.; Kim, Soo-Hyung; Strem, Mary D.; Melnick, Rachel L.; Bailey, Bryan A.


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