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Journal of Experimental Botany - 60 (10), 2009

Spis treści (Volume 60, Number 10, 23 July 2009):

Halford, Nigel G.

Crops and climate change: progress, trends, and challenges in simulating impacts and informing adaptation
Challinor, Andrew J.; Ewert, Frank; Arnold, Steve; Simelton, Elisabeth; Fraser, Evan

Identifying target traits and molecular mechanisms for wheat breeding under a changing climate
Semenov, Mikhail A.; Halford, Nigel G.

Genomic approaches for designing durum wheat ready for climate change with a focus on drought
Habash, D. Z.; Kehel, Z.; Nachit, M.

Mutation discovery for crop improvement
Parry, Martin A. J.; Madgwick, Pippa J.; Bayon, Carlos; Tearall, Katie; Hernandez-Lopez, Antonio; Baudo, Marcela; Rakszegi, Mariann; Hamada, Walid; Al-Yassin, Adnan; Ouabbou, Hassan; Labhilili, Mustapha; Phillips, Andrew L.

Integrating pests and pathogens into the climate change/food security debate
Gregory, Peter J.; Johnson, Scott N.; Newton, Adrian C.; Ingram, John S. I.

Climate change and tropical marine agriculture
Crabbe, M. James C.

Physical effects of soil drying on roots and crop growth
Whitmore, Andrew P.; Whalley, W. Richard

Elevated CO2 effects on plant carbon, nitrogen, and water relations: six important lessons from FACE
Leakey, Andrew D. B.; Ainsworth, Elizabeth A.; Bernacchi, Carl J.; Rogers, Alistair; Long, Stephen P.; Ort, Donald R.

Raines, Christine; Sahrawy Barragan, Mariam; Merida Berlanga, Angel

Exploiting the potential of plants with crassulacean acid metabolism for bioenergy production on marginal lands
Borland, Anne M.; Griffiths, Howard; Hartwell, James; Smith, J. Andrew C.

Potential of Jatropha curcas as a source of renewable oil and animal feed
King, Andrew J.; He, Wei; Cuevas, Jess A.; Freudenberger, Mark; Ramiaramanana, Danile; Graham, Ian A.

Eukaryotic starch degradation: integration of plastidial and cytosolic pathways
Fettke, Joerg; Hejazi, Mahdi; Smirnova, Julia; Hchel, Erik; Stage, Marion; Steup, Martin

Changing sugar partitioning in FBPase-manipulated plants
Serrato, Antonio Jess; de Dios Barajas-Lpez, Juan; Chueca, Ana; Sahrawy, Mariam

Unravelling the regulatory mechanisms that modulate the MEP pathway in higher plants
Cordoba, Elizabeth; Salmi, Mari; Len, Patricia

Elevated CO2 significantly delays reproductive development of soybean under Free-Air Concentration Enrichment (FACE)
Castro, Joseph C.; Dohleman, Frank G.; Bernacchi, Carl J.; Long, Stephen P.


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