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The Plant Journal - 63 (4), 2010

CONTENTS [Volume 63, Number 4, August 2010]:

Benning, Christoph

Hormonal interplay during adventitious root formation in flooded tomato plants
Vidoz, Maria Laura; Loreti, Elena; Mensuali, Anna; Alpi, Amedeo; Perata, Pierdomenico

The small heat shock protein 20 RSI2 interacts with and is required for stability and function of tomato resistance protein I-2
van Ooijen, Gerben; Lukasik, Ewa; van den Burg, Harrold A.; Vossen, Jack H.; Cornelissen, Ben J. C.; Takken, Frank L. W.

Genetic analysis of pathway regulation for enhancing branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis in plants
Chen, Hao; Saksa, Kristen; Zhao, Feiyi; Qiu, Joyce; Xiong, Liming

Evolutionary conservation, diversity and specificity of LTR-retrotransposons in flowering plants: insights from genome-wide analysis and multi-specific comparison
Du, Jianchang; Tian, Zhixi; Hans, Christian S.; Laten, Howard M.; Cannon, Steven B.; Jackson, Scott A.; Shoemaker, Randy C.; Ma, Jianxin

A rice fungal MAMP-responsive MAPK cascade regulates metabolic flow to antimicrobial metabolite synthesis
Kishi-Kaboshi, Mitsuko; Okada, Kazunori; Kurimoto, Leona; Murakami, Shinya; Umezawa, Toshiaki; Shibuya, Naoto; Yamane, Hisakazu; Miyao, Akio; Takatsuji, Hiroshi; Takahashi, Akira; Hirochika, Hirohiko

Alternative splicing expands the repertoire of dominant JAZ repressors of jasmonate signaling
Chung, Hoo Sun; Cooke, Thomas F.; DePew, Cody L.; Patel, Lalita C.; Ogawa, Narihito; Kobayashi, Yuichi; Howe, Gregg A.

Population genomic analysis of Tunisian Medicago truncatula reveals candidates for local adaptation
Friesen, Maren L.; Cordeiro, Matilde A.; Penmetsa, R. Varma; Badri, Mounawer; Huguet, Thierry; Aouani, Mohamed E.; Cook, Douglas R.; Nuzhdin, Sergey V.

Identification of protein stability determinants in chloroplasts
Apel, Wiebke; Schulze, Waltraud X.; Bock, Ralph

GIGANTEA is a component of a regulatory pathway determining wall ingrowth deposition in phloem parenchyma transfer cells of Arabidopsis thaliana
Edwards, Joshua; Martin, Antony P.; Andriunas, Felicity; Offler, Christina E.; Patrick, John W.; McCurdy, David W.

The hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein domain of the Arabidopsis LRX1 requires Tyr for function but not for insolubilization in the cell wall
Ringli, Christoph

The VQ motif protein IKU1 regulates endosperm growth and seed size in Arabidopsis
Wang, Aihua; Garcia, Damien; Zhang, Hongyu; Feng, Ke; Chaudhury, Abed; Berger, Fred; Peacock, William James; Dennis, Elizabeth S.; Luo, Ming

Measuring the turnover rates of Arabidopsis proteins using deuterium oxide: an auxin signaling case study
Yang, Xiao-Yuan; Chen, Wen-Ping; Rendahl, Aaron K.; Hegeman, Adrian D.; Gray, William M.; Cohen, Jerry D.

Exploring plant endomembrane dynamics using the photoconvertible protein Kaede
Brown, Spencer C.; Bolte, Susanne; Gaudin, Marie; Pereira, Claudia; Marion, Jessica; Soler, Marie-Noëlle; Satiat-Jeunemaitre, Béatrice



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