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Journal of Plant Ecology - 3 (3), 2010

(Volume 3, Number 3, September 2010)

Experiment meets biogeography: plants of river corridor distribution are not more stress tolerant but benefit less from more benign conditions elsewhere
M. Fischer, M. Burkart, V. Pasqualetto, M. van Kleunen

Tornado effects on damage, resprouting and spatial heterogeneity in the Cross Timbers ecotone of Oklahoma, USA
R. W. Myster, M. P. Malahy

A comparison of species composition and stand structure between planted and natural mangrove forests in Shenzhen Bay, South China
Z. Luo, O. J. Sun, H. Xu

Soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen in forest ecosystems of Northeast China: a comparison between natural secondary forest and larch plantation
K. Yang, J. Zhu, M. Zhang, Q. Yan, O. J. Sun

Compensatory effects between Pinus massoniana and broadleaved tree species
Q. Li, Y. Liang, B. Tong, X. Du, K. Ma

Using coloured roots to study root interaction and competition in intercropped legumes and non-legumes
G. Tosti, K. Thorup-Kristensen

Natural 15N abundance in soils and plants in relation to N cycling in a rangeland in Inner Mongolia
Y. Xu, J. He, W. Cheng, X. Xing, L. Li

Changes in soil microbial biomass and community structure with addition of contrasting types of plant litter in a semiarid grassland ecosystem
H. Jin, O. J. Sun, J. Liu

Mating system and pollination biology of a high-mountain perennial plant, Rhodiola dumulosa (Crassulaceae)
L. Zhu, A. Lou


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