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Journal of Experimental Botany - 60 (14), 2009

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(Volume 60, Number 14, 18 October 2009)

Symbolism of plants: examples from European-Mediterranean culture presented with biology and history of art
Kandeler, Riklef; Ullrich, Wolfram R.

Phagotrophy in the origins of photosynthesis in eukaryotes and as a complementary mode of nutrition in phototrophs: relation to Darwin's insectivorous plants
Raven, John A.; Beardall, John; Flynn, Kevin J.; Maberly, Stephen C.

Is it good noise? The role of developmental instability in the shaping of a root system
Forde, Brian G.

Rubisco activase and wheat productivity under heat-stress conditions
Ristic, Zoran; Momilovi, Ivana; Bukovnik, Urka; Prasad, P. V. Vara; Fu, Jianming; DeRidder, Benjamin P.; Elthon, Thomas E.; Mladenov, Novica

Subunit of soybean -conglycinin forms complex with rice glutelin via a disulphide bond in transgenic rice seeds
Motoyama, Takayasu; Maruyama, Nobuyuki; Amari, Yoshiki; Kobayashi, Kanna; Washida, Haruhiko; Higasa, Takahiko; Takaiwa, Fumio; Utsumi, Shigeru

Partial phenotypic reversion of ABA-deficient flacca tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) scions by a wild-type rootstock: normalizing shoot ethylene relations promotes leaf area but does not diminish whole plant transpiration rate
Dodd, Ian C.; Theobald, Julian C.; Richer, Sarah K.; Davies, William J.

Tobacco rattle virus mediates gene silencing in a plant parasitic root-knot nematode
Dubreuil, G.; Magliano, M.; Dubrana, M. P.; Lozano, J.; Lecomte, P.; Favery, B.; Abad, P.; Rosso, M. N.

Accumulation of soluble sugars in peel at high temperature leads to stay-green ripe banana fruit
Yang, Xiaotang; Pang, Xuequn; Xu, Lanying; Fang, Ruiqiu; Huang, Xuemei; Guan, Peijian; Lu, Wangjin; Zhang, Zhaoqi

Aquaporin gene expression and apoplastic water flow in bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa) leaves in relation to the light response of leaf hydraulic conductance
Voicu, Mihaela C.; Cooke, Janice E. K.; Zwiazek, Janusz J.

Rubisco in planta kcat is regulated in balance with photosynthetic electron transport
Eichelmann, H.; Talts, E.; Oja, V.; Padu, E.; Laisk, A.

Metabolic responses to salt stress of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars, Sahara and Clipper, which differ in salinity tolerance
Widodo,; Patterson, John H.; Newbigin, Ed; Tester, Mark; Bacic, Antony; Roessner, Ute

Insect peptide metchnikowin confers on barley a selective capacity for resistance to fungal ascomycetes pathogens
Rahnamaeian, Mohammad; Langen, Gregor; Imani, Jafargholi; Khalifa, Walaa; Altincicek, Boran; von Wettstein, Diter; Kogel, Karl-Heinz; Vilcinskas, Andreas

A single gene, AIN, in Medicago truncatula mediates a hypersensitive response to both bluegreen aphid and pea aphid, but confers resistance only to bluegreen aphid
Klingler, John P.; Nair, Ramakrishnan M.; Edwards, Owain R.; Singh, Karam B.

An inducible, modular system for spatio-temporal control of gene expression in stomatal guard cells
Xiong, Tou Cheu; Hann, Cliona M.; Chambers, John P.; Surget, Marie; Ng, Carl K.-Y.

Function of Arabidopsis hexokinase-like1 as a negative regulator of plant growth
Karve, Abhijit; Moore, Brandon d.

Identification of genes related to germination in aged maize seed by screening natural variability
Revilla, P.; Butrn, A.; Rodrguez, V. M.; Malvar, R. A.; Ords, A.

An integrated strategy to identify key genes in almond adventitious shoot regeneration
Santos, Ana Margarida; Oliver, Melvin John; Snchez, Ana Maria; Payton, Paxton Robert; Gomes, Joo Paulo; Miguel, Clia; Oliveira, M. Margarida

Onion epidermis as a new model to study the control of growth anisotropy in higher plants
Suslov, Dmitry; Verbelen, Jean-Pierre; Vissenberg, Kris

Chlorella saccharophila cytochrome f and its involvement in the heat shock response
Zuppini, Anna; Gerotto, Caterina; Moscatiello, Roberto; Bergantino, Elisabetta; Baldan, Barbara

Molecular dissection of the pea shoot apical meristem
Liang, Dacheng; Wong, Chui E.; Singh, Mohan B.; Beveridge, Christine A.; Phipson, Belinda; Smyth, Gordon K.; Bhalla, Prem L.


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