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Journal of Experimental Botany - 61 (9), 2010

Volume 61, Number 9, 2 May 2010

Spis treści:

microRNA, seeds, and Darwin?: diverse function of miRNA in seed biology and plant responses to stress
Martin, Ruth C.; Liu, Po-Pu; Goloviznina, Natalya A.; Nonogaki, Hiroyuki

Inflorescence development in petunia: through the maze of botanical terminology
Castel, Rob; Kusters, Elske; Koes, Ronald

Regulation and function of SOC1, a flowering pathway integrator
Lee, Jungeun; Lee, Ilha

Haem oxygenase (HO): an overlooked enzyme of plant metabolism and defence
Shekhawat, G. S.; Verma, Kusum

Methodological framework for functional characterization of plant microRNAs
Chen, Ming; Meng, Yijun; Mao, Chuanzao; Chen, Dijun; Wu, Ping

The importance of nodule CO2 fixation for the efficiency of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in pea at vegetative growth and during pod formation
Fischinger, Stephanie Anastasia; Schulze, Joachim

Natural variation of nitrate uptake and nitrogen use efficiency in Arabidopsis thaliana cultivated with limiting and ample nitrogen supply
Chardon, Fabien; Barthlmy, Julien; Daniel-Vedele, Franoise; Masclaux-Daubresse, Cline

Competition between uptake of ammonium and potassium in barley and Arabidopsis roots: molecular mechanisms and physiological consequences
Hoopen, Floor ten; Cuin, Tracey Ann; Pedas, Pai; Hegelund, Josefine N.; Shabala, Sergey; Schjoerring, Jan K.; Jahn, Thomas P.

Glycine-rich RNA-binding proteins are functionally conserved in Arabidopsis thaliana and Oryza sativa during cold adaptation process
Kim, Joo Yeol; Kim, Won Yong; Kwak, Kyung Jin; Oh, Seung Han; Han, Yeon Soo; Kang, Hunseung

Identification of drought-responsive compounds in potato through a combined transcriptomic and targeted metabolite approach
Evers, Danile; Lefvre, Isabelle; Legay, Sylvain; Lamoureux, Didier; Hausman, Jean-Franois; Rosales, Raymundo Oscar Gutierrez; Marca, Luz Rosalina Tincopa; Hoffmann, Lucien; Bonierbale, Merideth; Schafleitner, Roland

Differential expression of genes identified by suppression subtractive hybridization in petals of opening carnation flowers
Harada, Taro; Torii, Yuka; Morita, Shigeto; Masumura, Takehiro; Satoh, Shigeru

Rubisco activities, properties, and regulation in three different C4 grasses under drought
Carmo-Silva, A. Elizabete; Keys, Alfred J.; Andralojc, P. John; Powers, Stephen J.; Arrabaa, M. Celeste; Parry, Martin A. J.

Proteome profiling of early seed development in Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook
Shi, Jisen; Zhen, Yan; Zheng, Ren-Hua

Importance of the C-helix in the cyclic nucleotide binding domain for the stable channel regulation and function of cyclic nucleotide gated ion channels in Arabidopsis
Chin, Kimberley; Moeder, Wolfgang; Abdel-Hamid, Huda; Shahinas, Dea; Gupta, Deepali; Yoshioka, Keiko

Recondensation level of repetitive sequences in the plant protoplast nucleus is limited by oxidative stress
Ondej, Vladan; Navrtilov, Boena; Protivnkov, Iva; Piterkov, Jana; Sedlov, Michaela; Luhov, Lenka; Lebeda, Ale

Acclimation kinetics of physiological and molecular responses of plants to multiple mechanical loadings
Martin, Ludovic; Leblanc-Fournier, Nathalie; Julien, Jean-Louis; Moulia, Bruno; Coutand, Catherine

Characteristics of the tomato chromoplast revealed by proteomic analysis
Barsan, Cristina; Sanchez-Bel, Paloma; Rombaldi, Cesar; Egea, Isabel; Rossignol, Michel; Kuntz, Marcel; Zouine, Mohamed; Latch, Alain; Bouzayen, Mondher; Pech, Jean-Claude

Comparative transcriptome analysis of green/white variegated sectors in Arabidopsis yellow variegated2: responses to oxidative and other stresses in white sectors
Miura, Eiko; Kato, Yusuke; Sakamoto, Wataru

Proteomic analysis of the effects of ABA treatments on ripening Vitis vinifera berries
Giribaldi, Marzia; Gny, Laurence; Delrot, Serge; Schubert, Andrea

Analysis of five novel putative constitutive gene promoters in transgenic rice plants
Park, Su-Hyun; Yi, Nari; Kim, Youn Shic; Jeong, Min-Ho; Bang, Seung-Woon; Choi, Yang Do; Kim, Ju-Kon

Light controls phospholipase A2? and ß gene expression in Citrus sinensis
Liao, Hui-Ling; Burns, Jacqueline K.

Phenotypic plasticity in cell walls of maize brown midrib mutants is limited by lignin composition
Vermerris, Wilfred; Sherman, Debra M.; McIntyre, Lauren M.

An appraisal of the electrical resistance method for assessing root surface area
Cao, Yang; Repo, Tapani; Silvennoinen, Raimo; Lehto, Tarja; Pelkonen, Paavo

Tobacco seeds simultaneously over-expressing Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase and ascorbate peroxidase display enhanced seed longevity and germination rates under stress conditions
Lee, Young Pyo; Baek, Kwang-Hyun; Lee, Haeng-Soon; Kwak, Sang-Soo; Bang, Jae-Woog; Kwon, Suk-Yoon

The surface charge density of plant cell membranes (): an attempt to resolve conflicting values for intrinsic
Kinraide, Thomas B.; Wang, Peng

GsCBRLK, a calcium/calmodulin-binding receptor-like kinase, is a positive regulator of plant tolerance to salt and ABA stress
Yang, Liang; Ji, Wei; Zhu, Yanming; Gao, Peng; Li, Yong; Cai, Hua; Bai, Xi; Guo, Dianjing


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