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Willdenowia - Annals of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem - 41 (2), 2011

A molecular phylogenetic study of the Ephedra distachya / E. sinica complex in Eurasia
Kakiuchi, Nobuko; Mikage, Masayuki; Ickert-Bond, Stefanie; Maier-Stolte, Maria; Freitag, Helmut

Typification of plant names in Suaedoideae (Chenopodiaceae) published by P. Pallas, C. A. Meyer and A. Bunge
Lomonosova, Maria; Freitag, Helmut

Typification of Salicornia perennans Willd. (Chenopodiaceae/Amaranthaceae) and the significance of names by Pallas
Freitag, Helmut

Typification of Ranunculus binatus Kit. ex Rchb. (Ranunculaceae)
Dunkel, Franz G.

The Euro+Med treatment of Apiaceae
Hand, Ralf

Type material of names based on plants from Namibia collected by F. Schäfer and kept at the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History, Görlitz (GLM)
Otte, Volker; Fleischer, Birgit; Stoll, Alexandra; Bräutigam, Siegfried

Cousinia saloukensis Asteraceae, Cardueae), a new species from NE Iran
Mehregan, Iran

Notes on six endemic or rare species of Euphorbia subg. Esula (Euphorbiaceae) in Iran
Pahlevani, Amir Hossein; Maroofi, Hossein; Reza Joharchi, Mohammad

Theophrastaceae cubanae novae IV
Lepper, Lothar; Amaro, Jorge Gutiérrez E.

Calycogonium pseudofloribundum, a new species of Melastomataceae, Miconieae, from eastern Cuba
Bécquer, Eldis R.

Three new species of the genus Takulumena (Orchidaceae, Epidendrinae) from Ecuador and Peru
Szlachetko, Dariusz L.; Mytnik-Ejsmont, Joanna; Dudek, Magdalena; Górniak, Marcin

The discovery, naming and typification of Euphorbia pulcherrima (Euphorbiaceae)
Lack, H. Walter

Med-Checklist Notulae, 30
Greuter, Werner; Raus, Thomas

Contributions to the flora of Albania, 3
Barina, Zoltán; Pifkó, Dániel; Mesterházy, Attila

Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus VII.
Hand, Ralf

A synopsis of the Bromeliaceae of Panama, including new records for the country
Cáceres González, Daniel A.; Schulte, Katharina; Schmidt, Marco; Zizka, Georg

FloraGREIF - virtual guide and plant database as a practical approach to the flora of Mongolia
Rilke, Sabrina; Najmi, Ulrike

Wolfram Schultze-Motel (1934 - 2011)
Hiepko, Paul

Buchbesprechungen / Book reviews

Index to new names and combinations appearing in Willdenowia 41(2)

Index to typifications of names in Willdenowia 41(2)

Open Access Reviewers of manuscripts submitted for publication during 2010


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