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The Plant Journal - 69 (4-5), 2012



A leucine-rich repeat receptor-like kinase gene is involved in the specification of outer cell layers in rice roots (pages 565–576)

Chao-Feng Huang, Naoki Yamaji, Kazuko Ono and Jian Feng Ma


The SOC1-SPL module integrates photoperiod and gibberellic acid signals to control flowering time in Arabidopsis (pages 577–588)

Jae-Hoon Jung, Yun Ju, Pil Joon Seo, Jae-Hyung Lee and Chung-Mo Park

ACCELERATED CELL DEATH 2 suppresses mitochondrial oxidative bursts and modulates cell death in Arabidopsis (pages 589–600)

Gopal K. Pattanayak, Sujatha Venkataramani, Stefan Hortensteiner, Lukas Kunz, Bastien Christ, Michael Moulin, Alison G. Smith, Yukihiro Okamoto, Hitoshi Tamiaki, Masakazu Sugishima and Jean T. Greenberg

PFT1, the MED25 subunit of the plant Mediator complex, promotes flowering through CONSTANS dependent and independent mechanisms in Arabidopsis (pages 601–612)

Sabrina Inigo, Mariano J. Alvarez, Bárbara Strasser, Andrea Califano and Pablo D. Cerdán

AtRbohF is a crucial modulator of defence-associated metabolism and a key actor in the interplay between intracellular oxidative stress and pathogenesis responses in Arabidopsis (pages 613–627)

Sejir Chaouch, Guillaume Queval and Graham Noctor

Transient gibberellin application promotes Arabidopsis thaliana hypocotyl cell elongation without maintaining transverse orientation of microtubules on the outer tangential wall of epidermal cells (pages 628–639)

Susanna Sauret-Güeto, Grant Calder and Nicholas P. Harberd

The Arabidopsis concentration-dependent influx/efflux transporter ABCB4 regulates cellular auxin levels in the root epidermis (pages 640–654)

Martin Kubeš, Haibing Yang, Gregory L. Richter, Yan Cheng, Ewa Młodzińska, Xia Wang, Joshua J. Blakeslee, Nicola Carraro, Jan Petrášek, Eva Zažímalová, Klára Hoyerová, Wendy Ann Peer and Angus S. Murphy

The fruit cuticles of wild tomato species exhibit architectural and chemical diversity, providing a new model for studying the evolution of cuticle function (pages 655–666)

Trevor H. Yeats, Gregory J. Buda, Zhonghua Wang, Noam Chehanovsky, Leonie C. Moyle, Reinhard Jetter, Arthur A. Schaffer and Jocelyn K. C. Rose

An ABA-regulated and Golgi-localized protein phosphatase controls water loss during leaf senescence in Arabidopsis (pages 667–678)

Kewei Zhang, Xiuying Xia, Yanyan Zhang and Su-Sheng Gan

Expression and manipulation of PHOSPHOENOLPYRUVATE CARBOXYKINASE 1 identifies a role for malate metabolism in stomatal closure (pages 679–688)

Steven Penfield, Sarah Clements, Karen J. Bailey, Alison D. Gilday, Richard C. Leegood, Julie E. Gray and Ian A. Graham

Phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C9 is involved in the thermotolerance of Arabidopsis (pages 689–700)

Shu-Zhi Zheng, Yu-Liang Liu, Bing Li, Zhong- lin Shang, Ren-Gang Zhou and Da-Ye Sun

The chloroplast division mutant caa33 of Arabidopsis thaliana reveals the crucial impact of chloroplast homeostasis on stress acclimation and retrograde plastid-to-nucleus signaling (pages 701–712)

Klára Šimková, Chanhong Kim, Katarzyna Gacek, Aiswarya Baruah, Christophe Laloi and Klaus Apel


An efficient Agrobacterium-mediated transient transformation of Arabidopsis (pages 713–719)

Kenichi Tsuda, Yiping Qi, Le V. Nguyen, Gerit Bethke, Yayoi Tsuda, Jane Glazebrook and Fumiaki Katagiri

Establishment of a Lotus japonicus gene tagging population using the exon-targeting endogenous retrotransposon LORE1 (pages 720–730)

Eigo Fukai, Takashi Soyano, Yosuke Umehara, Shinobu Nakayama, Hideki Hirakawa, Satoshi Tabata, Shusei Sato and Makoto Hayashi

Genome-wide LORE1 retrotransposon mutagenesis and high-throughput insertion detection in Lotus japonicus (pages 731–741)

Dorian Fabian Urbański, Anna Małolepszy, Jens Stougaard and Stig Uggerhoj Andersen


The Plant Journal - 69 (5), 2012



The SCO2 protein disulphide isomerase is required for thylakoid biogenesis and interacts with LCHB1 chlorophyll a/b binding proteins which affects chlorophyll biosynthesis in Arabidopsis seedlings (pages 743–754)

Sandra K. Tanz, Joachim Kilian, Christoffer Johnsson, Klaus Apel, Ian Small, Klaus Harter, Dierk Wanke, Barry Pogson and Verónica Albrecht


A common plant cell-wall protein HyPRP1 has dual roles as a positive regulator of cell death and a negative regulator of basal defense against pathogens (pages 755–768)

Seon-In Yeom, Eunyoung Seo, Sang-Keun Oh, Ki Woo Kim and Doil Choi

Sphingolipid ?8 unsaturation is important for glucosylceramide biosynthesis and low-temperature performance in Arabidopsis (pages 769–781)

Ming Chen, Jonathan E. Markham and Edgar B. Cahoon

Loss of AtPDR11, a plasma membrane-localized ABC transporter, confers paraquat tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana (pages 782–791)

Jing Xi, Ping Xu and Cheng-Bin Xiang

Elongator complex is critical for cell cycle progression and leaf patterning in Arabidopsis (pages 792–808)

Deyang Xu, Weihua Huang, Yang Li, Hua Wang, Hai Huang and Xiaofeng Cui

AKIN10 and FUSCA3 interact to control lateral organ development and phase transitions in Arabidopsis (pages 809–821)

Allen Yi-Lun Tsai and Sonia Gazzarrini

A switch in Ca2+ spiking signature is concomitant with endosymbiotic microbe entry into cortical root cells of Medicago truncatula (pages 822–830)

Björn J. Sieberer, Mireille Chabaud, Joëlle Fournier, Antonius C.J. Timmers and David G. Barker

HPR1, a component of the THO/TREX complex, plays an important role in disease resistance and senescence in Arabidopsis (pages 831–843)

Huairong Pan, Simu Liu and Dingzhong Tang

LEAFY controls Arabidopsis pedicel length and orientation by affecting adaxial–abaxial cell fate (pages 844–856)

Nobutoshi Yamaguchi, Ayako Yamaguchi, Mitsutomo Abe, Doris Wagner and Yoshibumi Komeda

A tonoplast-localized half-size ABC transporter is required for internal detoxification of aluminum in rice (pages 857–867)

Chao-Feng Huang, Naoki Yamaji, Zhichang Chen and Jian Feng Ma

Functional characterisation of HvCO1, the barley (Hordeum vulgare) flowering time ortholog of CONSTANS (pages 868–880)

Chiara Campoli, Benedikt Drosse, Iain Searle, George Coupland and Maria von Korff

Uncovering genetic and molecular interactions among floral meristem identity genes in Arabidopsis thaliana (pages 881–893)

Valentina Grandi, Veronica Gregis and Martin M. Kater

Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching reveals high cycling dynamics of plasma membrane aquaporins in Arabidopsis roots under salt stress (pages 894–905)

Doan-Trung Luu, Alexandre Martiniere, Mathias Sorieul, John Runions and Christophe Maurel

The half-size ABC transporters STR1 and STR2 are indispensable for mycorrhizal arbuscule formation in rice (pages 906–920)

Caroline Gutjahr, Dragica Radovanovic, Jessika Geoffroy, Quan Zhang, Heike Siegler, Marco Chiapello, Leonardo Casieri, Kyungsook An, Gynheung An, Emmanuel Guiderdoni, Chellian Santhosh Kumar, Venkatesan Sundaresan, Maria J. Harrison and Uta Paszkowski


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