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The Plant Journal - 68 (4-6), 2011

The Plant Journal - 68 (4), 2011



Gibberellin partly mediates LANCEOLATE activity in tomato (pages 571–582)

Osnat Yanai, Eilon Shani, Dor Russ and Naomi Ori


An EAR-motif-containing ERF transcription factor affects herbivore-induced signaling, defense and resistance in rice (pages 583–596)

Jing Lu, Hongping Ju, Guoxin Zhou, Chuanshu Zhu, Matthias Erb, Xiaopeng Wang, Peng Wang and Yonggen Lou

A cellular expression map of the Arabidopsis AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR gene family (pages 597–606)

Eike H. Rademacher, Barbara Möller, Annemarie S. Lokerse, Cristina I. Llavata-Peris, Willy van den Berg and Dolf Weijers

Detailed characterization of mechanical properties and molecular mobility within dry seed glasses: relevance to the physiology of dry biological systems (pages 607–619)

Daniel Ballesteros and Christina Walters

Arabidopsis thaliana GEX1 has dual functions in gametophyte development and early embryogenesis (pages 620–632)

Monica Alandete-Saez, Mily Ron, Samuel Leiboff and Sheila McCormick

DRD1-Pol V-dependent self-silencing of an exogenous silencer restricts the non-cell autonomous silencing of an endogenous target gene (pages 633–645)

Li Dong, Meng Liu, Yuan-Yuan Fang, Jian-Hua Zhao, Xiang-Feng He, Xiao-Bao Ying, Yi-Yue Zhang, Qi Xie, Nam-Hai Chua and Hui-Shan Guo

The E2F transcription factor family regulates CENH3 expression in Arabidopsis thaliana (pages 646–656)

Stefan Heckmann, Inna Lermontova, Barbara Berckmans, Lieven De Veylder, Helmut Bäumlein and Ingo Schubert

The Arabidopsis MERISTEM DISORGANIZATION 1 gene is required for the maintenance of stem cells through the reduction of DNA damage (pages 657–669)

Yuma Hashimura and Chiharu Ueguchi

Barley mildew and its elicitor chitosan promote closed stomata by stimulating guard-cell S-type anion channels (pages 670–680)

Sandra Koers, Aysin Guzel-Deger, Irene Marten and M. Rob G. Roelfsema

LATE, a C2H2 zinc-finger protein that acts as floral repressor (pages 681–692)

Magdalena Weingartner, Christa Subert and Norbert Sauer

Arabidopsis ARP endonuclease functions in a branched base excision DNA repair pathway completed by LIG1 (pages 693–702)

Dolores Córdoba-Canero, Teresa Roldán-Arjona and Rafael R. Ariza

Characterization of Linaria KNOX genes suggests a role in petal-spur development (pages 703–714)

Mathew S. Box, Steven Dodsworth, Paula J. Rudall, Richard M. Bateman and Beverley J. Glover

Combined activity of LACS1 and LACS4 is required for proper pollen coat formation in Arabidopsis (pages 715–726)

Dirk Jessen, Andrea Olbrich, Jessica Knüfer, Antje Krüger, Michael Hoppert, Andrea Polle and Martin Fulda

Arabidopsis MAP kinase phosphatase 1 and its target MAP kinases 3 and 6 antagonistically determine UV-B stress tolerance, independent of the UVR8 photoreceptor pathway (pages 727–737)

Marina A. González Besteiro, Sebastian Bartels, Andreas Albert and Roman Ulm

Arabidopsis RUGOSA2 encodes an mTERF family member required for mitochondrion, chloroplast and leaf development (pages 738–753)

Víctor Quesada, Raquel Sarmiento-Manús, Rebeca González-Bayón, Andrea Hricová, Rubén Pérez-Marcos, Eva Graciá-Martínez, Laura Medina-Ruiz, Eduardo Leyva-Díaz, María Rosa Ponce and José Luis Micol


The Plant Journal - 68 (5), 2011



Functional anatomy of the Arabidopsis cytokinesis-specific syntaxin KNOLLE (pages 755–764)

Sonja Touihri, Christian Knöll, York-Dieter Stierhof, Isabel Müller, Ulrike Mayer and Gerd Jürgens


Chitinase III in pomegranate seeds (Punica granatum Linn.): a high-capacity calcium-binding protein in amyloplasts (pages 765–776)

Haixia Yang, Tuo Zhang, Taro Masuda, Chenyan Lv, Lei Sun, Guiqin Qu and Guanghua Zhao

Rice 14-3-3 protein (GF14e) negatively affects cell death and disease resistance (pages 777–787)

Patricia M. Manosalva, Myron Bruce and Jan E. Leach

ANGUSTIFOLIA, a plant homolog of CtBP/BARS, functions outside the nucleus (pages 788–799)

Naoko Minamisawa, Mayuko Sato, Kiu-Hyung Cho, Hanako Ueno, Katsuaki Takechi, Masataka Kajikawa, Katsuyuki T. Yamato, Kanji Ohyama, Kiminori Toyooka, Gyung-Tae Kim, Gorou Horiguchi, Hiroyoshi Takano, Takashi Ueda and Hirokazu Tsukaya

Sulfinylated azadecalins act as functional mimics of a pollen germination stimulant in Arabidopsis pistils (pages 800–815)

Yuan Qin, Ronald J. Wysocki, Arpad Somogyi, Yelena Feinstein, Jessica Y. Franco, Tatsuya Tsukamoto, Damayanthi Dunatunga, Clara Levy, Steven Smith, Robert Simpson, David Gang, Mark A. Johnson and Ravishankar Palanivelu

SPATULA and ALCATRAZ, are partially redundant, functionally diverging bHLH genes required for Arabidopsis gynoecium and fruit development (pages 816–829)

Michael Groszmann, Teodora Paicu, John P. Alvarez, Steve M. Swain and David R. Smyth

NIMA-related kinase NEK6 affects plant growth and stress response in Arabidopsis (pages 830–843)

Bo Zhang, Hao-Wei Chen, Rui-Ling Mu, Wang-Ke Zhang, Ming-Yu Zhao, Wei Wei, Fang Wang, Hui Yu, Gang Lei, Hong-Feng Zou, Biao Ma, Shou-Yi Chen and Jin-Song Zhang

The role of the transmembrane domain in determining the targeting of membrane proteins to either the inner envelope or thylakoid membrane (pages 844–856)

John E. Froehlich and Kenneth Keegstra

TaMYB13 is a transcriptional activator of fructosyltransferase genes involved in ß-2,6-linked fructan synthesis in wheat (pages 857–870)

Gang-Ping Xue, Maarten Kooiker, Janneke Drenth and C. Lynne McIntyre

System responses to long-term drought and re-watering of two contrasting alfalfa varieties (pages 871–889)

Yun Kang, Yuanhong Han, Ivone Torres-Jerez, Mingyi Wang, Yuhong Tang, Maria Monteros and Michael Udvardi

A member of the mitogen-activated protein 3-kinase family is involved in the regulation of plant vacuolar glucose uptake (pages 890–900)

Karina Wingenter, Oliver Trentmann, Irina Winschuh, Imke I. Hörmiller, Arnd G. Heyer, Jörg Reinders, Alexander Schulz, Dietmar Geiger, Rainer Hedrich and H. Ekkehard Neuhaus

Induction and detoxification of maize 1,4-benzoxazin-3-ones by insect herbivores (pages 901–911)

Gaétan Glauser, Guillaume Marti, Neil Villard, Gwladys A. Doyen, Jean-Luc Wolfender, Ted C.J. Turlings and Matthias Erb

Two high linolenic mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana contain megabase-scale genome duplications encompassing the FAD3 locus (pages 912–918)

Carmel M. O’Neill, David Baker, Gawain Bennett, Jonathan Clarke and Ian Bancroft

Repression of shade-avoidance reactions by sunfleck induction of HY5 expression in Arabidopsis (pages 919–928)

Romina Sellaro, Marcelo J. Yanovsky and Jorge J. Casal


Localized egg-cell expression of effector proteins for targeted modification of the Arabidopsis genome (pages 929–937)

Liron Even-Faitelson, Aviva Samach, Cathy Melamed-Bessudo, Naomi Avivi-Ragolsky and Avraham A. Levy



The Plant Journal - 68 (6), 2011



The future is bright for The Plant Journal, now in its 20th year (pages 939–940)

Christoph Benning


Cellulose synthesis via the FEI2 RLK/SOS5 pathway and CELLULOSE SYNTHASE 5 is required for the structure of seed coat mucilage in Arabidopsis (pages 941–953)

Smadar Harpaz-Saad, Heather E. McFarlane, Shouling Xu, Uday K. Divi, Bronwen Forward, Tamara L. Western and Joseph J. Kieber


Medicago truncatula mtpt4 mutants reveal a role for nitrogen in the regulation of arbuscule degeneration in arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis (pages 954–965)

Hélene Javot, R. Varma Penmetsa, Florence Breuillin, Kishor K. Bhattarai, Roslyn D. Noar, S. Karen Gomez, Quan Zhang, Douglas R. Cook and Maria J. Harrison

Cyclic electron flow around photosystem I via chloroplast NAD(P)H dehydrogenase (NDH) complex performs a significant physiological role during photosynthesis and plant growth at low temperature in rice (pages 966–976)

Wataru Yamori, Naoki Sakata, Yuji Suzuki, Toshiharu Shikanai and Amane Makino

Functional HAK/KUP/KT-like potassium transporter encoded by chlorella viruses (pages 977–986)

Timo Greiner, José Ramos, Maria C. Alvarez, James R. Gurnon, Ming Kang, James L. Van Etten, Anna Moroni and Gerhard Thiel

Glucose and ethylene signalling pathways converge to regulate trans-differentiation of epidermal transfer cells in Vicia narbonensis cotyledons (pages 987–998)

Felicity A. Andriunas, Hui-Ming Zhang, Hans Weber, David W. McCurdy, Christina E. Offler and John W. Patrick

Combined transcription factor profiling, microarray analysis and metabolite profiling reveals the transcriptional control of metabolic shifts occurring during tomato fruit development (pages 999–1013)

Johannes Rohrmann, Takayuki Tohge, Rob Alba, Sonia Osorio, Camila Caldana, Ryan McQuinn, Samuel Arvidsson, Margaretha J. van der Merwe, Diego Mauricio Riano-Pachón, Bernd Mueller-Roeber, Zhangjun Fei, Adriano Nunes Nesi, James J. Giovannoni and Alisdair R. Fernie

Comparative deep transcriptional profiling of four developing oilseeds (pages 1014–1027)

Manuel A. Troncoso-Ponce, Aruna Kilaru, Xia Cao, Timothy P. Durrett, Jilian Fan, Jacob K. Jensen, Nick A. Thrower, Markus Pauly, Curtis Wilkerson and John B. Ohlrogge

Sequence divergence and loss-of-function phenotypes of S locus F-box brothers genes are consistent with non-self recognition by multiple pollen determinants in self-incompatibility of Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) (pages 1028–1038)

Hiroyuki Kakui, Masaki Kato, Koichiro Ushijima, Miyoko Kitaguchi, Shu Kato and Hidenori Sassa

A plastid protein NUS1 is essential for build-up of the genetic system for early chloroplast development under cold stress conditions (pages 1039–1050)

Kensuke Kusumi, Chikako Sakata, Takahiro Nakamura, Shinji Kawasaki, Atsushi Yoshimura and Koh Iba

Domain loss has independently occurred multiple times in plant terpene synthase evolution (pages 1051–1060)

Matthew L. Hillwig, Meimei Xu, Tomonobu Toyomasu, Mollie S. Tiernan, Gao Wei, Guanghong Cui, Luqi Huang and Reuben J. Peters

An Al-inducible MATE gene is involved in external detoxification of Al in rice (pages 1061–1069)

Kengo Yokosho, Naoki Yamaji and Jian Feng Ma

The pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase regulatory proteins of Arabidopsis are both bifunctional and interact with the catalytic and nucleotide-binding domains of pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase (pages 1070–1080)

Holly M. Astley, Kate Parsley, Sylvain Aubry, Chris J. Chastain, Jim N. Burnell, Michael E. Webb and Julian M. Hibberd

Overexpression of Arabidopsis thaliana PTEN caused accumulation of autophagic bodies in pollen tubes by disrupting phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate dynamics (pages 1081–1092)

Yan Zhang, Sha Li, Liang-Zi Zhou, Emily Fox, James Pao, Wei Sun, Chao Zhou and Sheila McCormick

Chromosomal rearrangements between tomato and Solanum chilense hamper mapping and breeding of the TYLCV resistance gene Ty-1 (pages 1093–1103)

Maarten G. Verlaan, Dóra Szinay, Samuel F. Hutton, Hans de Jong, Richard Kormelink, Richard G.F. Visser, John W. Scott and Yuling Bai

NAC domain function and transcriptional control of a secondary cell wall master switch (pages 1104–1114)

Huanzhong Wang, Qiao Zhao, Fang Chen, Mingyi Wang and Richard A. Dixon

Specific delivery of AtBT1 to mitochondria complements the aberrant growth and sterility phenotype of homozygous Atbt1 Arabidopsis mutants (pages 1115–1121)

Abdellatif Bahaji, Francisco José Munoz, Miroslav Ovecka, Edurne Baroja-Fernández, Manuel Montero, Jun Li, Maite Hidalgo, Goizeder Almagro, María Teresa Sesma, Ignacio Ezquer and Javier Pozueta-Romero


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