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Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 58 (5-6), 2011

Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 58 (5), 2011


Regulation Systems for Stress Responses in Cyanobacteria

A. A. Zorina, K. S. Mironov, N. S. Stepanchenko, M. A. Sinetova, N. V. Koroban, V. V. Zinchenko, E. V. Kupriyanova, S. I. Allakhverdiev, and D. A. Los

Expression of Ferritin Gene in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum Plants under Different Supply with Iron and Different Intensity of Oxidative Stress

N. I. Shevyakova, B. Ts. Eshinimaeva, and Vl. V. Kuznetsov

Effect of Common Sage Plant Treatment with Polyamines on the Contents of Proline and Free and Conjugated Polyamines under Oxidative Stress

N. L. Radyukina, A. V. Shashukova, S. Mapelli, and T. N. Soshinkova

Interactive Effects of Salicylic Acid and Nitric Oxide on Soybean Plants under NaCl Salinity

M. Simaei, R. A. Khavarinejad, S. Saadatmand, F. Bernard, and H. Fahimi

Protective Effect of Exogenously Applied Nitric Oxide on Aluminum-Induced Oxidative Stress in Soybean Plants

M. Z. Cai, S. N. Zhang, F. M. Wang, N. Wang, and S. Y. Xu

Effect of the ipt Gene Expression on Wheat Tolerance to Root Flooding

D. V. Tereshonok, A. Yu. Stepanova, Yu. I. Dolgikh, E. S. Osipova, D. V. Belyaev, G. R. Kudoyarova, L. B. Vysotskaya, and B. B. Vartapetian p. 799 abstract

Fusarium sambucinum Isolate FS-94 Induces Resistance against Fusarium Wilt of Tomato via Activation and Priming of a Salicylic Acid-Dependent Signaling System

L. A. Shcherbakova, T. A. Nazarova, O. D. Mikityuk, and D. R. Fravel

Defense Response of Pine Stem Phloem to Wounding and Treatment with Mycelial Extracts from Ceratocystis laricicola

G. G. Polyakova, V. V. Stasova, and N. V. Pashenova

Effect of Fusaric Acid on Prooxidant and Antioxidant Properties of the Potato Cell Suspension Culture

O. A. Sapko, A. Sh. Utarbaeva, and S. Makulbek

Effect of Copper Excess in Environment on Soybean Root Viability and Morphology

A. L. Kulikova, N. A. Kuznetsova, and V. P. Kholodova

Effect of Water Stress on Leaf Photosynthesis, Chlorophyll Content, and Growth of Oriental Lily

Y. J. Zhang, Z. K. Xie, Y. J. Wang, P. X. Su, L. P. An, and H. Gao p. 844 abstract

Superoxide Radical and Auxin Are Implicated in Redistribution of Root Growth and the Expression of Auxin and Cell-Cycle Genes in Cadmium-Stressed Rice

F. Y. Zhao, F. Hu, M. M. Han, S. Y. Zhang, and W. Liu

Responses of Photosystem II of White Elm to UV-B Radiation Monitored by OJIP Fluorescence Transients

X. L. Pan, D. Y. Zhang, and L. Li

Scots Pine as a Model Plant for Studying the Mechanisms of Conifers Adaptation to Heavy Metal Action: 1. Effects of Continuous Zinc Presence on Morphometric and Physiological Characteristics of Developing Pine Seedlings

Yu. V. Ivanov, Yu. V. Savochkin, and Vl. V. Kuznetsov

Effect of Insertion of Apoplastic Invertase Gene on Photosynthesis of Potato Plants Grown at Various Light Intensities

V. I. Chikov, G. G. Bakirova, S. N. Batasheva, F. F. Zamalieva, G. A. Salyakhova, G. F. Safiullina, M. S. Sinkevich, and L. A. Khamidullina

Effects of the Season and Growth Stage on the Contents of Lipids and Photosynthetic Pigments in Brown Alga Undaria pinnatifida

N. I. Gerasimenko, A. V. Skriptsova, N. G. Busarova, and O. P. Moiseenko

Protection of Growth and Photosynthesis of Brassica juncea Genotype with Dual Type Sulfur Transport System against Sulfur Deprivation by Coordinate Changes in the Activities of Sulfur Metabolism Enzymes and Cysteine and Glutathione Production

N. A. Anjum, S. Umar, M. Iqbal, I. Ahmad, M. E. Pereira and N. A. Khan

Effects of Redox Agents on Protein Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Pea Roots

N. V. Petrova and F. G. Karimova

Salicylic Acid Induces Stomatal Closure by Modulating Endogenous Hormone Levels in Cucumber Cotyledons

J. H. Hao, X. L. Wang, C. J. Dong, Z. G. Zhang, and Q. M. Shang

Activation of Genes Encoding Mitochondrial Proteins Involved in Alternative and Uncoupled Respiration of Tomato Plants Treated with Low Temperature and Reactive Oxygen Species

V. N. Popov, A. T. Eprintsev, and E. V. Maltseva

Stimulation of Defense Responses of In Vitro Potato Plants by Treatment with Steroid Glycosides under Abiotic Stresses

L. A. Volkova, V. V. Urmantseva, A. B. Burgutin, S. N. Maevskaya, and A. M. Nosov

Expression Profiles of a CONSTANS Homologue GmCOL11 in Glycine max

Y. Jiang, Y. Z. Han, and X. M. Zhang

Exometabolites of Bread Wheat and Tomato Affecting the Plant–Microbe Interactions in the Rhizosphere

L. V. Kravchenko, A. I. Shapozhnikov, N. M. Makarova, T. S. Azarova, K. A. L’vova, I. I. Kostyuk, O. A. Lyapunova, and I. A. Tikhonovich p. 936 abstract

Genetically Transformed Roots as a Model System for Studying Physiological and Biochemical Processes in Intact Roots

I. N. Kuzovkina and M. Yu. Vdovitchenko

Erratum: “Effects of Different Conservation Methods on the Genetic Stability of Potato Germplasm”


Russian Journal of Plant Physiology - 58 (6), 2011


Foreword to the Publication of Materials of All-Russian Symposium “Plant and Stress” (Moscow, October 9–12, 2010)

Vl. V. Kuznetsov and V. P. Kholodova

Violaxanthin and Diadinoxanthin Cycles as an Important Photoprotective Mechanism in Photosynthesis

D. Latowski, S. Schaller, M. Olchawa-Pajor, R. Goss, and K. Strzaframe0ka

Role of Chlorophylls and Carotenoids in Seed Tolerance to Abiotic Stressors

G. N. Smolikova, N. A. Laman, and O. V. Boriskevich

The Role of Ca2+, H+, and Cl– Ions in Generation of Variation Potential in Pumpkin Plants

V. A. Vodeneev, E. K. Akinchits, L. A. Orlova, and V. S. Sukhov

Production of Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidant Enzymes of Pea and Soybean Plants under Hypoxia and High CO2 Concentration in Medium

A. N. Ershova, N. V. Popova, and O. S. Berdnikova

Effect of Industrial Air Pollution on Wild Plant Seed Germination and Seedling Growth

I. V. Lyanguzova

Cross Adaptation of Potato Plants to Low Temperatures and Potato Cyst Nematode Infestation

M. I. Sysoeva, V. V. Lavrova, E. M. Matveeva, E. G. Sherudilo, and L. V. Topchieva

Expression Patterns of ABA-Dependent and ABA-Independent Genes during Wheat Cold Adaptation

V. V. Talanova, A. F. Titov, L. V. Topchieva, and N. C. Repkina

Woody Plants of Yakutia and Low-Temperature Stress

K. A. Petrov, V. E. Sofronova, V. V. Bubyakina, A. A. Perk, T. D. Tatarinova, A. G. Ponomarev, V. A. Chepalov, Zh. M. Okhlopkova, I. V. Vasilieva, and T. Ch. Maximov

Processes Hindering Activation of Lipid Peroxidation in Cold-Tolerant Plants under Hypothermia

M. S. Sin’kevich, N. V. Naraikina, and T. I. Trunova

Effect of Sodium Nitroprusside on Heat Resistance of Wheat Coleoptiles: Dependence on the Formation and Scavenging of Reactive Oxygen Species

Yu. V. Karpets, Yu. E. Kolupaev, and T. O. Yastreb

Stress Responses of Wheat Leaves to Dehydration: Participation of Endogenous NO and Effect of Sodium Nitroprusside

A. V. Boyarshinov and E. V. Asafova

Transcriptional and Posttranscriptional Regulation of Chloroplast Gene Expression by Heavy Metals in Barley Seedlings

N. R. Zaripova, V. P. Kholodova, Ya. O. Zubo, V. V. Kusnetsov, and Vl. V. Kuznetsov

Lectin Involvement in the Development of Wheat Tolerance to Cadmium Toxicity

M. V. Bezrukova, R. A. Fatkhutdinova, A. R. Lubyanova, A. R. Murzabaev, V. V. Fedyaev, and F. M. Shakirova

Effect of Leghemoglobin A Gene Expression from Soybean on Tobacco Plant Growth and Antioxidant State under Damaging Action of Cadmium

M. Yu. Dmitryukova, A. Kh. Baimiev, V. V. Fedyaev, and Z. F. Rakhmankulova

Effect of Chronic Irradiation on Plant Resistance to Biotic Stress in 30-km Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Exclusion Zone

A. P. Dmitriev, D. M. Grodzinskii, N. I. Gushcha, and M. S. Kryzhanovskaya

Effect of Weak Pulse Magnetic Fields on Lipid Peroxidation and Activities of Antioxidant Complex Components in Pea Chloroplasts

E. O. Polovinkina, E. A. Kal’yasova, Yu. V. Sinitsina, and A. P. Veselov

Treatment with the Herbicide Granstar Induces Oxidative Stress in Cereal Leaves

A. N. Gar’kova, M. M. Rusyaeva, O. V. Nushtaeva, Yu. N. Aroslankina, and A. S. Lukatkin

Using the Roots as Test Objects for the Assessment of Biological Action of Chemical Substances

V. B. Ivanov

Author Index to Volume 58


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