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The Plant Journal - 69 (1-3), 2012

The Plant Journal - 69 (1), 2012



A peroxisomal carrier delivers NAD+ and contributes to optimal fatty acid degradation during storage oil mobilization (pages 1–13)

Kristin Bernhardt, Sabrina Wilkinson, Andreas P. M. Weber and Nicole Linka


Arabidopsis DRB4 protein in antiviral defense against Turnip yellow mosaic virus infection (pages 14–25)

Anna Jakubiec, Seong Wook Yang and Nam-Hai Chua

A rice calcium-dependent protein kinase OsCPK12 oppositely modulates salt-stress tolerance and blast disease resistance (pages 26–36)

Takayuki Asano, Nagao Hayashi, Michie Kobayashi, Naohiro Aoki, Akio Miyao, Ichiro Mitsuhara, Hiroaki Ichikawa, Setsuko Komatsu, Hirohiko Hirochika, Shoshi Kikuchi and Ryu Ohsugi

Arabidopsis glabra2 mutant seeds deficient in mucilage biosynthesis produce more oil (pages 37–46)

Lin Shi, Vesna Katavic, Yuanyuan Yu, Ljerka Kunst and George Haughn

Multiple Arabidopsis genes primed for recruitment into C4 photosynthesis (pages 47–56)

Kaisa Kajala, Naomi J. Brown, Ben P. Williams, Philippa Borrill, Lucy E. Taylor and Julian M. Hibberd

Removing allosteric feedback inhibition of tomato 4-coumarate:CoA ligase by directed evolution (pages 57–69)

Moti Alberstein, Miriam Eisenstein and Hagai Abeliovich

Dynamic evolution of herbivore-induced sesquiterpene biosynthesis in sorghum and related grass crops (pages 70–80)

Xiaofeng Zhuang, Tobias G. Köllner, Nan Zhao, Guanglin Li, Yifan Jiang, Liucun Zhu, Jianxin Ma, Jörg Degenhardt and Feng Chen

The rice transcription factor IDEF1 directly binds to iron and other divalent metals for sensing cellular iron status (pages 81–91)

Takanori Kobayashi, Reiko Nakanishi Itai, May Sann Aung, Takeshi Senoura, Hiromi Nakanishi and Naoko K. Nishizawa

A tomato LysM receptor-like kinase promotes immunity and its kinase activity is inhibited by AvrPtoB (pages 92–103)

Lirong Zeng, André C. Velásquez, Kathy R. Munkvold, Jingwei Zhang and Gregory B. Martin

Cucumber mosaic virus suppressor 2b binds to AGO4-related small RNAs and impairs AGO4 activities (pages 104–115)

Sadia Hamera, Xiaoguang Song, Lei Su, Xiaoying Chen and Rongxiang Fang

The TFL1 homologue KSN is a regulator of continuous flowering in rose and strawberry (pages 116–125)

Hikaru Iwata, Amelia Gaston, Arnaud Remay, Tatiana Thouroude, Julien Jeauffre, Koji Kawamura, Laurence Hibrand-Saint Oyant, Takashi Araki, Béatrice Denoyes and Fabrice Foucher

Genome-wide transcriptome dissection of the rice root system: implications for developmental and physiological functions (pages 126–140)

Hinako Takehisa, Yutaka Sato, Motoko Igarashi, Tomomi Abiko, Baltazar A. Antonio, Kaori Kamatsuki, Hiroshi Minami, Nobukazu Namiki, Yoshiaki Inukai, Mikio Nakazono and Yoshiaki Nagamura

The homologous HD-Zip I transcription factors HaHB1 and AtHB13 confer cold tolerance via the induction of pathogenesis-related and glucanase proteins (pages 141–153)

Julieta V. Cabello, Agustín L. Arce and Raquel L. Chan

Two glycosyltransferases involved in anthocyanin modification delineated by transcriptome independent component analysis in Arabidopsis thaliana (pages 154–167)

Keiko Yonekura-Sakakibara, Atsushi Fukushima, Ryo Nakabayashi, Kousuke Hanada, Fumio Matsuda, Satoko Sugawara, Eri Inoue, Takashi Kuromori, Takuya Ito, Kazuo Shinozaki, Bunyapa Wangwattana, Mami Yamazaki and Kazuki Saito

ABERRANT PANICLE ORGANIZATION 2/RFL, the rice ortholog of Arabidopsis LEAFY, suppresses the transition from inflorescence meristem to floral meristem through interaction with APO1 (pages 168–180)

Kyoko Ikeda-Kawakatsu, Masahiko Maekawa, Takeshi Izawa, Jun-Ichi Itoh and Yasuo Nagato


FRET-based genetically encoded sensors allow high-resolution live cell imaging of Ca2+ dynamics (pages 181–192)

Melanie Krebs, Katrin Held, Andreas Binder, Kenji Hashimoto, Griet Den Herder, Martin Parniske, Jörg Kudla and Karin Schumacher


The Plant Journal - 69 (2), 2012



‘Living stones’ reveal alternative petal identity programs within the core eudicots (pages 193–203)

Samuel F. Brockington, Paula J. Rudall, Michael W. Frohlich, David G. Oppenheimer, Pamela S. Soltis and Douglas E. Soltis


Dynamic behavior of clathrin in Arabidopsis thaliana unveiled by live imaging (pages 204–216)

Emi Ito, Masaru Fujimoto, Kazuo Ebine, Tomohiro Uemura, Takashi Ueda and Akihiko Nakano

Roles of target site location and sequence complementarity in trans-acting siRNA formation in Arabidopsis (pages 217–226)

Changqing Zhang, Danny W.-K. Ng, Jie Lu and Z. Jeffrey Chen

The Arabidopsis APC4 subunit of the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C) is critical for both female gametogenesis and embryogenesis (pages 227–240)

Yanbing Wang, Yingnan Hou, Hongya Gu, Dingming Kang, Zhangliang Chen, Jingjing Liu and Li-Jia Qu

The trafficking protein SYP121 of Arabidopsis connects programmed stomatal closure and K+ channel activity with vegetative growth (pages 241–251)

Cornelia Eisenach, Zhong-Hua Chen, Christopher Grefen and Michael R. Blatt

Subcellular localization of the Hpa RxLR effector repertoire identifies a tonoplast-associated protein HaRxL17 that confers enhanced plant susceptibility (pages 252–265)

Marie-Cécile Caillaud, Sophie J. M. Piquerez, Georgina Fabro, Jens Steinbrenner, Naveed Ishaque, Jim Beynon and Jonathan D. G. Jones

AtIRE1A/AtIRE1B and AGB1 independently control two essential unfolded protein response pathways in Arabidopsis (pages 266–277)

Yani Chen and Federica Brandizzi

The phytochelatin transporters AtABCC1 and AtABCC2 mediate tolerance to cadmium and mercury (pages 278–288)

Jiyoung Park, Won-Yong Song, Donghwi Ko, Yujin Eom, Thomas H. Hansen, Michaela Schiller, Tai Gyu Lee, Enrico Martinoia and Youngsook Lee

Light-harvesting antenna composition controls the macrostructure and dynamics of thylakoid membranes in Arabidopsis (pages 289–301)

Tomasz K. Goral, Matthew P. Johnson, Christopher D. P. Duffy, Anthony P. R. Brain, Alexander V. Ruban and Conrad W. Mullineaux

The plastid-specific ribosomal proteins of Arabidopsis thaliana can be divided into non-essential proteins and genuine ribosomal proteins (pages 302–316)

Nadine Tiller, Magdalena Weingartner, Wolfram Thiele, Eugenia Maximova, Mark A. Schöttler and Ralph Bock

Isolation of the floral morph-related genes in heterostylous flax (Linum grandiflorum): the genetic polymorphism and the transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulations of the S locus (pages 317–331)

Koichiro Ushijima, Ryohei Nakano, Mayu Bando, Yukari Shigezane, Kazuo Ikeda, Yuko Namba, Saori Kume, Toshiyuki Kitabata, Hitoshi Mori and Yasutaka Kubo

CONSTANS and ASYMMETRIC LEAVES 1 complex is involved in the induction of FLOWERING LOCUS T in photoperiodic flowering in Arabidopsis (pages 332–342)

Young Hun Song, Ilha Lee, Sang Yeol Lee, Takato Imaizumi and Jong Chan Hong

Casein kinase II ? subunits affect multiple developmental and stress-responsive pathways in Arabidopsis (pages 343–354)

Jidnyasa Jayant Mulekar, Qingyun Bu, Fulu Chen and Enamul Huq

Arabidopsis lonely guy (LOG) multiple mutants reveal a central role of the LOG-dependent pathway in cytokinin activation (pages 355–365)

Hiroki Tokunaga, Mikiko Kojima, Takeshi Kuroha, Takashi Ishida, Keiko Sugimoto, Takatoshi Kiba and Hitoshi Sakakibara

Gene network reconstruction identifies the authentic trans-prenyl diphosphate synthase that makes the solanesyl moiety of ubiquinone-9 in Arabidopsis (pages 366–375)

Anne-Lise Ducluzeau, Yashitola Wamboldt, Christian G. Elowsky, Sally A. Mackenzie, Robert C. Schuurink and Gilles J. C. Basset


The Plant Journal - 69 (3), 2012



Next-generation sequencing and syntenic integration of flow-sorted arms of wheat chromosome 4A exposes the chromosome structure and gene content (pages 377–386)

Pilar Hernandez, Mihaela Martis, Gabriel Dorado, Matthias Pfeifer, Sergio Gálvez, Sebastian Schaaf, Nicolás Jouve, Hana Šimková, Miroslav Valárik, Jaroslav Doležel and Klaus F.X. Mayer

Plastid stromules are induced by stress treatments acting through abscisic acid (pages 387–398)

John C. Gray, Michael R. Hansen, Daniel J. Shaw, Katie Graham, Rosemary Dale, Philippa Smallman, Senthil K.A. Natesan and Christine A. Newell


Exclusion of plastid nucleoids and ribosomes from stromules in tobacco and Arabidopsis (pages 399–410)

Christine A. Newell, Senthil K. A. Natesan, James A. Sullivan, Juliette Jouhet, Tony A. Kavanagh and John C. Gray

The F-box protein CPR1/CPR30 negatively regulates R protein SNC1 accumulation (pages 411–420)

Mingyue Gou, Zhenying Shi, Ying Zhu, Zhilong Bao, Guoying Wang and Jian Hua

Raa4 is a trans-splicing factor that specifically binds chloroplast tscA intron RNA (pages 421–431)

Stephanie Glanz, Jessica Jacobs, Vera Kock, Arti Mishra and Ulrich Kück

Maternal control of seed oil content in Brassica napus: the role of silique wall photosynthesis (pages 432–444)

Wei Hua, Rong-Jun Li, Gao-Miao Zhan, Jing Liu, Jun Li, Xin-Fa Wang, Gui-Hua Liu and Han-Zhong Wang

Two AP2 family genes, SUPERNUMERARY BRACT (SNB) and OsINDETERMINATE SPIKELET 1 (OsIDS1), synergistically control inflorescence architecture and floral meristem establishment in rice (pages 445–461)

Dong-Yeon Lee and Gynheung An

Roles of DCL4 and DCL3b in rice phased small RNA biogenesis (pages 462–474)

Xianwei Song, Pingchuan Li, Jixian Zhai, Ming Zhou, Lijia Ma, Bin Liu, Dong-Hoon Jeong, Mayumi Nakano, Shouyun Cao, Chunyan Liu, Chengcai Chu, Xiu-Jie Wang, Pamela J. Green, Blake C. Meyers and Xiaofeng Cao

The turbulent life of Sirevirus retrotransposons and the evolution of the maize genome: more than ten thousand elements tell the story (pages 475–488)

Alexandros Bousios, Yiannis A. I. Kourmpetis, Pavlos Pavlidis, Evangelia Minga, Athanasios Tsaftaris and Nikos Darzentas

A dual regulatory role of Arabidopsis calreticulin-2 in plant innate immunity (pages 489–500)

Yongjian Qiu, Jing Xi, Liqun Du, Sanja Roje and B.W. Poovaiah

Polar development of preprophase bands and cell plates in the Arabidopsis leaf epidermis (pages 501–509)

Jessica Regan Lucas and Fred David Sack

Arbuscule-containing and non-colonized cortical cells of mycorrhizal roots undergo extensive and specific reprogramming during arbuscular mycorrhizal development (pages 510–528)

Nicole Gaude, Silvia Bortfeld, Nina Duensing, Marc Lohse and Franziska Krajinski

Cold acclimation induces changes in Arabidopsis tonoplast protein abundance and activity and alters phosphorylation of tonoplast monosaccharide transporters (pages 529–541)

Waltraud X. Schulze, Thomas Schneider, Sabrina Starck, Enrico Martinoia and Oliver Trentmann


Direct mapping of morphological distribution of syringyl and guaiacyl lignin in the xylem of maple by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (pages 542–552)

Kaori Saito, Yoko Watanabe, Manabu Shirakawa, Yasuyuki Matsushita, Takanori Imai, Takayoshi Koike, Yuzou Sano, Ryo Funada, Kazumi Fukazawa and Kazuhiko Fukushima

Quantitative analysis of venation patterns of Arabidopsis leaves by supervised image analysis (pages 553–563)

Stijn Dhondt, Dirk Van Haerenborgh, Caroline Van Cauwenbergh, Roeland M. H. Merks, Wilfried Philips, Gerrit T. S. Beemster and Dirk Inzé


Correction (page 564)


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